2.6 Time to say goodbye

Title provided thanks to this amazing song xD I'm just too hyped about new season next month~ Hey there! Time for another update in the Svartulv household! Last time we got the birth of two more babies into the household, went in a date with Max and Westley, and worked hard for some promotions! It was a … Continue reading 2.6 Time to say goodbye


2.5 Am I going to regret this? Yeah, probably

Hey there! We're back into the Svartulv Name Game! Last chapter we had a lot of birthdays! The twins finally move out to start their YA lives, and Nina and Salem turned into elders! (and I'm not ready to see them go!) We also learnt that we're expecting baby K, so we should be meeting … Continue reading 2.5 Am I going to regret this? Yeah, probably