4.5: Graduation!

Hey there everyone! After a long time since our last name game update, I have come back!

Man, this is always one of the families I miss the most, I really love these guys! And it’s because of that that I’m updating today. I’m missing my Svartulv family so I thought “sooner I post this update, sooner I can go back to playing them!”

So this is what we’re doing today! Let’s just jump right into and see what the family was doing a couple months ago~ and wish that I remember all of that too lol.

We start with the family hanging the Winterfest decorarions around~ And I still think the weather in Oasis Springs is funny because this looks like spring, not winter lol.

Ellen prepares some amazing turkey grand meal for breakfast lol turkey for breakfast, that sounds awesome.

And in exchange Xzavi took the task to help Feng decorate the tree~ we went for a yellow and red theme so it matches our living room.

And then we got a whole family picture for the first time since we were a family of there lol! I love these girls ❤ I wouldn’t be opposed to an all-girls generation honestly. Specially with how many boys are born in this save.

Fernanda came to visit, and I don’t remember what Xzavi was asking her here lol it probably was semi important…maybe … Oh! I think he was asking her to say for dinner since she came all the way from Mt. Komorebi!

That explains why we see her in these pics during the celebration! It’s cute to have her along ❤ but maybe next time we should invite Astro and the older kids too lol but I’m not very good at social gatherings.

Gifts were exchanged and grand meals had, this Is one of my favorite holidays as always ❤

Also while we were celebrating we got Xzavi’s last grades! With this he finished uni, and will be starting on his job as an actor once his graduation passes.

Again, I’ve been having a lot of fun with uni, I’m probably gonna try to use it more with future generations and challenges.

Nina came to visit that night, and apparently she got embarrassed that I caught her haunting the popcorn machine lol. Don’t worry about it Nina! You know I like you even more when you’re not breaking our plumbing!

…Like her daughter Is doing lol. Skye broken the shower and then tried to play it off by mopping the endless puddles that won’t stop because the shower is broken! You’re not fooling anyone Skye!

Skye: *ignores me by whistling happily*

It’s rare for me to see adult sims using their diaries, so I was happy when Xzavi took out his. I think his emotional bomb quirk makes him feel a little too much and he needs some help with It sometimes<3

With two toddlers in the house it’s always time for skilling. The girls are working on their movement skill today, and un Zu’s. A good thing about having the toddler bedroom upstairs is that those stairs give them a lot of practice, but I still think I prefer it downstairs for easy access.

As a side note, I miss the toddler slide!! Apparently Is broken since the Growing together update and it doesn’t give movement skill anymore *sighs* that slide is such a life saver usually!

Big sis Feng came home a little later with raised grades! She’s now one step closer to getting her aspiration done. Getting the A Is always the part that takes the longest for whiz kid lol. This is why I don’t like starting with this aspiration.

For now she keeps working on the rest of her requirements. It’s always skill time in the Svartulv household!

See? Even the adults are skilling! We need to make sure we’re ready for portraits once the kids start growing up! And now that uni is over we also need to get serious with Xzavi’s aspiration. I’m only worried about the ‘be asked for a selfie’ part. I’ve seen it can take a lot.

Feng had to stop he Science-ing when I spotted this guy tho! Look at him! He has aqua hair! So we had to meet him! His name is Dakota, whicj Is also awesome!

Aaaand then we immediatly learnt that he’s mean lol. I know things worked well with Yvaine and Nixon, but I’m still not super into Mean sims, and he’s also very close to being a teen so he’s quite older than Feng. They seemed to hit it off well enough tho, so we’ll keep Dakota in mind.

Back into the house we find the toddlers playing together with the dollhouse ❤ this is always an interaction I love and don’t use enough honestly. But I mean, every toddler interaction is precious lol.

And after a long day of skilling and meeting people, It was time for bed for the little ones. Strangely enough all of the family is in the same sleep schedule at this point. That almost never happens to me when I have toddlers lol.

Speaking of precious things, Jellybean visited that night to nap on the couch ❤ I love this dog so much!

Mmm nope. Ellen, you’re definitely not flirting with your husband’s sister! Bad Ellen!

See? You should be more like Fernanda. Just a cute childish sim happily playing dolls.

I say that and then immediatly after Fernanda decides to walk in Xzavi taking a bath *facepalms* these sims everyone! I still love you Fernanda ❤

And just in time to keep with the drama, it was baby time! Let’s meet our next nooboo!

I think it’s kinda adorable that Fernanda stayed with Ellen during the birth, even though she didn’t look like she was much help lol.

Ellen: *heavy breathing while trying to push*

Fernanda: *eyes glued to the TV* “You can do it sis! Almost there!”


But help or not aside, Ellen did a great job as usual, and our baby #4 was born! Everyone, meet baby boy Vaughn!

I think it’s funny we got our first boy right after I said I liked the idea of an all-girls generation lol the world loves to troll me.

Ellen had barely had time to settle Vaughn into his bassinet when we were whisked away for Xzavi’s graduation ceremony lol poor guy didn’t even meet his baby! We went ahead tho, this is my first graduation so I want pictures to remember!

I do wish it was a little more involved tho, but alas~ 乁( •_• )ㄏ

And then we were back home and Xzavi finally got to spend time with little Vaughn ❤ he didn’t even miss time chaging his robe lol.

And then It was finally time for him to start with his job! I seriously love the acting career<3 we’re gonna be having fun with it!

He signed with the agency that seemed to specialize in the highest gigs, since we want to maximize on fame gains. He has his first audition tomorrow!

So for now, we keep fame up with some more painting~ this one is pretty cool, I was kinda tempted to keep it, but fame! Lol besides, we have more than enough wall decor with the space prints, specially now that they added more of those!

I saw an Akiyama kid passing by the house, and I just had to send Feng to meet him! I’ve been wanting to marry into the Akiyama family since Jenna became friends with Diamon in my perfect genetics.

This kid’s name is Francis, and he seem to get along pretty well with Xifeng. He’s also more around her age, so that’s another plus! We’ll see who she ends up liking more.

Back in the house, we have one of my favorite moments as usual, toddler bath time! ❤ I love Agatha, I think she’s adorable ❤

Soooo looks like Feng very quickly picked her choice! She wants to be friends with Francis, so we deliver! time for some cloudgazing~

Even though this guy decided to be reaaaaally rude and step on Feng’s hair for some reason lol.

Feng: “Excuse me sir. I think your shoe is inside my eye!”


Later that night, we got the notification that Oz and Jaleesa are giving us another little cousin! This will be their baby E, not bad!

Xzavi decided not to let his brother outshine him tho, so he had an important question to ask Ellen!

And the answer, of course, was yes lol these two really can’t take their hands of eachother, so why wait to have our final baby?

Success! Baby I will be joining us shortly! Let’s see if Vaughn ends up the only boy of this generation, or we have a comeback maybe? I’m honestly very surprised we haven’t had any multiples this gen lol.

And a little after that, we got the notif that Khal and Keisha had their new nooboo! Welcome little Henry!

what’s better than one toddlet bathtime picture? two! I love having toddlers ❤

Awwwwwn ❤ Feng was on her way to the bathroom to take out the laundry and she met her new baby brother. I love it when they get the happy moodlet!

Xzavi got another opportunity with the video station, so I decided to try the angry rant option, but we needed Xzavi to be angry for that…

… So I sent him to be mean with this poor vendor outside to see if having a fight would make him angry.

But nope, he just became embarrassed because he has the good manners trait lol and then I felt bad for making him be rude…so instead we used a video he already had saved and forgot the angry rant lol.

Ellen made cupcakes! And she doesn’t look happy about it lol you don’t have to eat them if you don’t want to Ellen!

Looks like not going with the angry rant was a good choice for Xzavi! Let’s see I remember to go to the awards ceremony this time lol I seriously suck at remembering.

Nitza got her A!!!! that’s +1 for us!

I don’t remember if this already completes her whiz kid aspiration, but I remember she did completed it, so I’m gonna go ahead and count that +2!

Yay Nitza! Have more babies Nitza! All the babies you want!

We said yes, but never got a notification that she was having a baby tho, such a shame *shrugs*

Going back to the family, the toddlers are having a dance party~ Zu needed a liiitle more of movement skill, so now she’s ready for her birthday!

And it was a double birthday today! Happy birthday to Zufash and her daddy Xzavi!

It’s hard to believe Xzavi is already an adult and he stil hasn’t worked a day lol but hey, he has been an amazing heir so far!

Anyways, here we have our guys after their makeover! Zu looks absolutely adorable ❤ I love her already. If I remember correctly she got Ellen’s cheerful trait as her first, and she has the Whiz kid aspiration. Also she completed all of her toddler skills, so +5 for that!

With Xzavi I ended up deciding to give him back the bun he had as a teen lol I just really liked how he looks with that hair! He also updated a couple of her outfits and got a cool tattoo~ I think he looks great! Also, he’s currently on his phone because we’re going out~

time for a quick dinner date! It was Night out on town if I remember correctly, and since only Ellen and him wanted to celebrate, I took them on a date.

They got a table outside as usual, and during a blizzard lol I know you can choose a specific table at the restaurant, but I love it when they randomly take these dumb decisions.

Xzavi looks like he’s not having a good time lol I think Ellen should be the one complaining! At least Xzavi has a coat for this weather! lol.

But we had a great date, and added two more pictures to the experimental food collection! Not bad~

And going back home this is where we find little Agatha lol I love it when toddlers play in the trash.

I love how it looks like Feng is giving some tips to Zu here ❤ since she already completed this aspiration I think it makes sense for her to teach he little sis.

Also I think I forgot to mention before, but after Whiz kid I gave Feng Social butterfly as her next aspiration. This was before the new aspirations dropped, but I’m excited to try the new ones in future chapters!

Looks like things stayed calm for a little while, and then it was time for Vaughn’s birthday! Time to see who our liittle boy is gonna look like!

He’s such a cutie!!! He’s also a mini-Ellen so far, which I love lol! He got both Ellen’s blonde hair, and her green eyes ❤

He also rolled the Clingy trait, which is a good balance with Aggy’s Independent one.

As usual, first order of bussiness was to read him a couple stories to get a head start on Imagination~

He’s so chubby btw ❤ I love him.

And then Ellen decided that she wanted some me-time enjoying her punching bag, so both toddlers work on Thinking instead.

During all of this Xzavi was out for his first audition, which he passed! He’s gonna be acting on a medical drama for his debut!

Since Feng needs a best friend for her aspiration, we invited Francis over! I like Francis, he’s very cute ❤

And Zu already completed her 3 chess games with her sister, so now Xzavi helps her with the “doing home while focused” part of her aspiration. Progress everywhere for the family!

Aaaaand best friend status achieved ❤ I already ship them. I hope they make a good match once they grow up.

Ithas been a very eventful week for the Svartulvs. Tonight we were celebrating New year’s eve too! The girls stated up late to see the countdown!

Instead of going for the kiss at mdnight, Ellen went to hug Zu lol I love how confused Xzavi looks in the back, I think he was expecting his kiss.

We got Knox and Nina visiting for the holiday ❤ Ellen actually stayed up talking to Nina about how great spouses both are ❤

Springfest next day and as usual, I got the notification that we completed the eggs collection, but it’s not completed! lol why does this keep happening??

Since one of the traditions for today is giving flowers, Ellen gives a rose to Xzavi ❤ I adore these two.

And of course things had to escalate between them, you know how it is lol. But it gave me an excuse to try out newest woohoo spot! With how much money the family has since Ellen won the lottery, I decided to give them a vault down by the maussoleum lol. It was a very fun new spot to try!

And since they were down there already, Xzavi summoned a day of the death celebrator~ I think he did gave us a new one, but we’re still not close to completing that collectiion.

Also, it was a day for Sinbad’s kids to hang around the neighborhood lol Seth was passing by (and I’m still sad he’s already an elder </3) and looks like cousin Nora is now working on the vendor stan! I hope we didn’t bully the last vendor into quitting or something o.o sorry!

The Spring Bunny is here for the kids ❤ I love this sim honestly, the bunny suit is just so cute ❤ Also they just leave flowers everywhere, it’s just cute.

If you doubt I have been playing way too long, here’s the third toddler bathtime for the update lol this time for Vaughn!

Feng is working on making friends for the last tier of her aspiration, so we have visitors~ that guy on the right is actually a teen, which I believe doesn’t count for the aspiration, I was so sad when he grew up since she met him as a child just yesterday lol!

But we got interrupted by Xzavi’s first gig! Time to get our acting done and our fame up!

The gig went great! I seriously love acting ❤ I also need to get Xzavi that fame perk that makes it so he doesn’t need to go through hair and make up lol He looked ok as a redhead, but I think his blue hair was a much cooler choice there!

And he finished the gig with a promotion to level 8 already! Uni is definitely worth it lol he’s basically at same level with Ellen already!

Back to the house and back to working on painting to help with the fame, while Ellen cooks some more food for her job. I was only waiting for the last baby to be born to finish this update, so we’re just chilling while the time comes.

And it looks like it didn’t take that long!

Since the toddlers were sleeping at the time and I dind’t want to wake them up, we had another home birth, and we welcome the second boy of the generation to close this of! This is baby Ingulf!

Since this is exactly where I stopped playing this save at the time, Ingulf is gonna be the first Svartulv infant next time! As I’mm already in love with infants, I can’t wait for that!

I’ll try not to take too long to bring another update. For now, I hope you had fun with us today! As usual, have fun, and happy simming everyone!

Family Updates:

Harley Duggan, Ophelia’s youngest, as a child ❤ I love her, I think she looks a lot like her mom, and you guys know I love Ophelia!

I visited Khal’s household but little Henry still hadn’t grow up, so instead, have pics of their many, many doggies lol! first up is Bea, the puppy I gave them last time, all grown up!

Bea has been having puppies I think. This is one of them, Sammy

And I think Beryl is Sammy’s littermate~

while little Teppei was part of another litter! At least, that’s what I think lol.

Moving to Nitza’s family, her daughter Trixie is now a teen!

And also the family also adopted a new doggy! this is Brenda

And moving to the last family of the update, Oz’s Olive as a teen! She’s suuuper pretty ❤ also I can’t look at the brown space buns and not think Anne Boleyn so if I end up calling her Anne is because of that lol! Sorry not sorry!

Points so far: 514

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