4.2: It’s not like I had plans or anything

Hey there everyone! As promised, I’m back to bring another update!

So, last time we started generation 4 of this challenge! Man, this is like… the second longest lasting family I’ve had in this game! I’m very proud abour myself!

Anyways, our new main sim Xzavi started his university course at Britchester, and also finally married his girlfriend Ellen Zest. Our surprise alien baby Astro grew into a teenager, and we slowly made some progress in the new generation’s goals. I think we have a pretty solod base for this generation, so let’s just enjoy the ride now, shall we? 😀

Let’s dive in!

We start the day with Xzavi having an Eureka! Moment about his homework lol good for him!

Astro back there is still getting used to his new status as a teenager, he doesn’t seem impressed lol and Ellen is working on her daily task by cooking breakfast.

Astro is out again making some friends, he still strikes me as a super social kid so I want him to meet people.

… it’s also good that he got out of the house because Ellen and Xzavi seriously can’t take their hands off eachother. I didn’t initiate this! I barely had then talking and flirting a little!

More meeting people~ this girl is Alyssa Pancakes, she’s kinda cute and has that lovely red hair from Eliza, so we maaay try to romance her~?

Looks like Agatha Crumplebottom aprobes lol that, or she wants to thirdwheel them like she did with Arryn and Morgan in my ISBI lol better wait a little before romancing.

Daily picture of me thinking Xzavi is good-looking… I may like women, but can recognize nice looking men ok?! Lol.

And also to say he just came back from doing his final presentation for one of his classes, things seems to be going great for him.

Ellen keeps working on baking, she made this fish pie today… Yummy?? lol <- doesn’t even like fish, nor she can bake at all, so she has no right to talk.

The family seem to like it though, so Ellen must be doing good.

Back to painting~ because at this point we’re only waiting for the last classes/exams and Xzavi’s grades.

So far I like Uni, I’ll probably start using it more when my challenges allow it. Also looks like it’s not too hard, we’ll probably start with the babies this weekend if everything goes alright, that gives me time to take Xzavi to the Magic realm and turn him into a spellcaster before~ we want occult babies!

Astro literally made it to level 3 piano in like, 3 hours. Is it always this fast? I don’t remember it being this fast lol.

I know he has a bunch of reward traits that help, but damn!

And Khaliq came to visit again~ he’s the one we have around the most. Which is great because I love him~ I like to believe that he came to tell Xzavi all about his newborn.

We also saw Keisha passing by the house, I wonder who’s taking care of Kingsley then lol. Also, that’s not an outfit I gave to her… I’m sure about it because I didn’t even own the Incheon arrivals kit when I fixed her outfits…what the hell?

Anyways, I inmediatly got distracted with the news that Ellen got another promotion~ she’s doing amazing with this, she’ll have no trouble maxing this out.

That night we got the news that Tracy, Rupert’s widow decided to marry again, congrats! I’m still sad about Rupert passing, he was the baby </3

Nina came to haunt us that night, and went straight to cry in the closet. i’m guessing she’s also sad about Rupert </3

Wait… Where does that moodlet come from Ellen?! Why do you have a pregnancy moodlet?!

Ellen: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Ugh … That’s goodbye for my plans for the weekend … I’m annoyed 😤 and also happy because babies.

Xzavi is blissfully unaware that he and his wife just ruined my plans…

Xzavi: “I have no idea what you’re talking about… So I’m gonna pretend I don’t hear you.”

Knox visites that night, and he’s also very sad about his brother passing, so Astro conforts his dad. I still believe ghosts should get a happy moodlet from death tho, don’t they technically get to reunite with their loved ones?

Yep, I guess I can’t pretend I don’t know anymore… baby on the way… lol.

I just caught Morgyn strutting around in this awesome hot weather attire… I’m in love with his malebun and booty shorts combo! He looks awesome lol.

I sent Ellen to San Myshuno’s karaoke bar to see if she could ‘borrow’ their bar to practice mixology since we don’t have a bar back home. Note to self: she can’t, gorra buy her a bar at home.

Ellen: “Ugh… Since when traveling gets you so sick?”

*sighs* we know Ellen, you’re pregnant, we get it.

Ellen: “I’m what?!”

She then inmediatly ran to the toilet with a very mean case of morning sickness. Poor girl, not the best way to find out.

Ellen: “it’s also not the best place to take a pregnancy test … I feel as I were a teenager hiding from her parents.”

She does have a point lol I thought about it after having her take it. but I mean… She was already there lol.

We returned home right as Xzavi was back from Uni, so Ellen gave her the news, and he had a very overreacted responde lol Love it!

Then he decides that practicing acting is the way to celebrate, so they put at show for miss Agnes Crumplebottom over there lol I thought it was funny she was the only one watching.

This was right around when we got the Story progression update, so Nitza was my first SP call! We told her to find her dream job, and later she let us know she became a Painter ❤ I think it suits her.

lmao! I send Ellen to research parenting because I was curious, and she ended with this moodlet lol poor Ellen, don’t listen to them Ellen, you’re gonna be a great mom!

She distracts herself by trying some painting. After all, somebody’s gonna have to paint Xzavi’s portrait, and I really love this skill lol.

She’s also kept in good company ❤ I love having Jellybean’s ghost around~

It also kinda makes me want to get the family another dog lol but I said I was gonna take a break from dogs in this save… I may look into it after I make sure Xzavi and Ellen don’t have twins lol because if they do, we’re gonna need the space.

I’m trying to keep the picture count not that high…but Jellybean haunting her toy burger is just so cute!!!

Family news that night! Jaleesa and Oz have twins now! They will be renamed as Zinnia and Zayn.

Also Atticus, Lia’s third kid has turned into an adult! we’re gonna have to flag him soon!

This is the final product of Ellen’s try at painting~ it’s another one I haven’t seeb before, and I like it, we keep it!

It’s lottery day~ it’s not like we need money or anything, but I like to buy tickets anyway lol just for fun.

Xzavi’s video backup is running a little low,so he spent the morning recording and editing a couple more. I’m honestly having fun playing with this thing lol I like experimenting new things.

*sighs* I can’t even stay mad at them because they’re so adorable! They seriously are on their way to become my favorite sim couple so far… and I do really love all my couples in this save.

He managed to reach level 9 Charisma while in class! Can you give some tips about that to Trina in my Baby Boom? lol She could really use them.

Back home again, and these two continue to be unable to keep their hands to themselves lol But I mean, they are already expecting, so I just let them be lol.

LMAO!! Ismael please no!! I don’t want you to be part of Yvaine’s black widow challenge lol!

So, Ellen needs to throw a Dinner party for aspiration purposes, so that’s what we’re doing now. Nitza and Alyssa are the first to arrive.

They stay chatting outside along with Xzavi who just came home from taking his final exam.

Looks like things went pretty well with his classes in the end! Except for that optative lol I have no idea how the grades are decided, but hey, I consider this a success for my first time trying Uni.

I signed him up for three more classes next term. I want to see how much difference three classes make from four, and there wasn’t any optatives really catching my eye this time. I installed a mod that reduces the number of credits to graduate too, so Xzavi should still be finishing his degree in three weeks. I’ll probably erase the mod after hes done tho, 4 clases a week and 3 weeks to graduate is not actually that bad!

Anyways, Ellen get’s started on her dishes for the party. As you can see, she already has the cute chef uniform, she’s moving on nice with her work too!

Pictures from the party~ It went great! Oz and Jaleesa even brought Olive with them. Sadly, Ellen doesn’t know Nitza’s kids, we’re gonna have to go meet them soon so we can invite them for future parties.

Oh, wow, it’s nice to have a ghost helping us repair something instead of making it worse! lol. Thanks Salem

She actually got the pop-up for liking handiness after this lol maybe that will motivate her to keep fixing stuff when se visits!

Uni really is the homework life lol He just completed one course, and is already working on his homework for the next one lol.

Oh no! Awstin has passed! This leaves Yvaine as the last elder sibling alive… And I’m guessing she doesn’t have much time either.

As with Rupert last time, bad news come along with some good news too, this time, that Xzavi has gotten his fame up to two stars! with this, he completed the first stage of his aspiration!

His grandma appears that night to congratulate him.. but Xzavi is still working on his homework lol. Sorry Skye!

…. I had Xzavi work on his homework all night, and then I discovered that next day was harvesfest so he doesn’t have to go to school… damn lol I gotta pay a little more attention.

Anyways, we have a cute bunny gnome today~ this is one of my favorites!

Also, Ellen is about to enter third trimester… So I guess we just keep playing until we meet the first baby, that seems like a good point to leave the chapter lol.

… WHAT?! She won?!

… So yeah, this is officially my second time ever winning the lottery… and like the first time, I have no idea what to say lol! it’s not like we need the money with how much we’ve been making every generation with painting… but yaaaay? lol

At least I don’t feel guilty this time because we dont get points for money in this challenge lol.

Anyways… Astro let us know that growing up doesn’t mean he stopped wanting to be a merman lol I love how much this kid likes the pool. Also now I’m curious if he can sunbathe since he’s an alien, but with human skin… I gotta try that when I play again.

Oh, and we start with the ridiculous fame calls lol yes Oz, Xzavi would love to keep being your brother. Please come visit us more often lol.

He did came to visit that same day, so he even had the chance to partake in Ellen’s grand feast! Smart guy, comming to eat the professional chef’s meal!

Also I’m still laughing at Xzavi’s eating lol.

Khaliq also decided to visit! He didn’t came for dinner, but stayed a while to chat with Astro and Xzavi!

Looks like Ophelia and Dallas are expecting again! congrats!

Also that night the ghosts got really obsessed with the main bedroom lol They look very impressed, but I’m not sure about that… this was Knox’s room just a couple weeks ago lol.

Woow! This is the highest Singing skill that I’ve earned so far! And funfact: at least 80% of that skill comes only from “Singing in the shower” lol I love that interaction.

A little later that morning, and while “air guitaring” like the queen she is, Ellen goes into labor! That’s pretty epic! lol

Xzavi panics as a good father… all the way on the other side of the wall lol.

Xzavi: “I can’t see this! I know she’s gonna be okey but I can’t see this!”

… And then he literally panicked all the way to his Uni class lol!!!!! Great support there Xzavi!

Xzavi: “If I don’t show up for class I won’t get a good grade!”

I think there are more important things right now boy lol! But anyways… I guess it”s up to me to take care of them… So everyone:

Meet our first baby of the generation, baby girl Xifeng Svartulv!

I was having some trouble comming up with some X names that would give us new letters, and then I remembered chinese names lol I feel like with Xzavi being famous and all that, they can get away with it. So that’s +8 for Feng’s X name!

And as said before, this is the perfect place to leave this chapter, so that’s what I’ll do! Next time, Feng is growing into a toddler! Also, probably we’ll have more babies lol since it already started, I prefer to keep the kids more or less close together for future heirpolls.

Anyways, for now I’ll leave you be! Have fun, and happy simming!

Family Update:

Perry Duggan, Ophelia’s second baby is now a toddler, looks like he got mom’s hair!

Ayden, Neville’s rogue kid as child~ I still think he looks pretty cute! Really rocks the green skin!

The we have little Kingsley, Khal’s son! I feel like he’ll be a very good mix of his parents, can’t wait to see him grow up!

Also, one of Khal and Keisha’s dogs passed, and since those two don’t really seem to be in a rush to have babies and the love dogs, I decided to give them another one lol. I named this little cutie Bea, after the Animal crossing villager I had just gotten in my island at the time lol. Now Kingsley will have a dog-sister to keep him company.

And finally, here we have Olive after her child makeover! She’s a very cute alien!

Points so far: 487

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