4.1: Start of a new era

Hey there guys! How’s everything? I hope you’re doing great!

It’s been a while again since we last saw the Svartulvs, I was feeling a little uninspired so I decided to take a sim-break and play some other stuff. Buuut I recendly finally saved enough money to get myself a new, gamer oriented laptop, and that certainly inspires you to go back to playing!

The thing is, I have a couple updates worth of pictures from before my break, so my idea was to try and complete said updates before my new PC arrived… But then it came like a week earlier than I expected lol oh, well, I still have to wait for the game to download and all that stuff, so I think we can still use this time to update! Wish me luck to be productive!

Anyways, story time aside, I think it’s time to dive in with the family! If you remember, last time we had the last chapter of Knox’s generation…featuring no Knox since sadly our founder passed away from old age </3 I still miss him. Today, our new MS Xzavi has just celebrated his YA birthday, and he’s ready to take on the legacy! Let’s see how he does now!

We come back to the main house after dropping Oz and his family into their new house, and aparently Xzavi’s first action as MS is to grill some stuff just like Oz used to love lol I still don’t get why sims get so obsessed with grills, but at least Xzavi has some cooking skill for starters.

Sadly starting in romance between him and Ellen is gonna have to wait, since Ellen decided to go to bed early today early as in… it’s like 3 AM lol.

Hey! Keisha and Khal finally decided to expand their family! Can’t wait to meet their kid!

Now that Xzavi is an Adult, it was finally time to start learning how univerity works, so I got him signed to 3 classes + a fitness optative since fitness is a good skill to have as an actor. Let’s see how this works.

First Ghost of the new generation is Jellybean ❤ it’s gonna be a great generation it seems.

Knox is also here to say hi~ I miss him a lot honestly, I think him and Javon have been my favorite couple so far.

Let’s see if Ellen and Xzavi manage to top that now! They are up to a good start with how much I adore Ellen lol.

Nitza had another baby girl with her wife~ and again the game didn’t let me name her. I later rename her as Trixie, after Jake’s friend from Jake Long American Dragon. I loved Trixie! I also used to have the biggest crush on Rose lol.

Next day Ellen is making breakfast when we learn that her mom Candy has passed. Yikes, I guess romancing is gonna have to wait a liiiiittle longer.

For now, she gets to know Astro a little better. It’s so weird having the family just being these two plus Xzavi! I usually would start working on kids right away since we have the space, but I wanna get used to uni before so I don’t bite more than I can chew.

So far Uni doesn’t look that hard. Just a loooot of homework, so Xzavi works on it as much as he can while the other two are off of the house.

Speaking of being out of the house, these are the clothes Ellen is wearing for her job. Has this always been one of the culinary outfits and I just dont remember or is my game being weird again? lol I don’t remember Trina dressing like this.

This is a random pic to say I didn’t knew doing homework/final work actually increassed the skill of the class it’s about! But uni has become much cooler now lol.

A couple updates ago we had Baby Lobo, and now we have Princess Shirley lol these townies just have the best name ideas ever!

Ellen keeps being the best and brings us a promotion that same afternoon! We’re starting with the right foot today!

Inside the house, Xzavi is working on his final presentation for one of the classes, and since I’ve never seen sims do this, I’m very entertained lol I love how it changes when you send them to polish it up!

3-people family picture~ seriously it’s been a while since I had a family this little in this save lol. Also we have even more grilled food lol at least this one helps Ellen with her daily task for work.

I mean… Who am I to deny the love?

Also thanks for waiting for Astro to go inside before getting into the romance mood lol he doesn’t need to hear this.

I love how Ellen is the one seducing Xzavi here lol it suits them. And so they are now officially a couple again~

And they celebrate it by fulfilling Ellen’s whim~ just normal risky woohoo, as said before, we’re waiting before having kids~

Then, since Ellen’s schedule is a little weird for her work and she’s not tired still, she starts to fix a couple broken things around the house to pass time. I prefer all My sims to have at least a little handiness in case something electric breaks.

Next morning, Xzavi finishes polishing his presentation! I wasn’t sure how much time we had to complete it, so I kind rushed it a little lol. But hey, now he has more time for homework and skilling~

Xzavi: “and fun???”

… I mean, yeah, and fun too lol.

I appreciate you trying to help keeping the house clean Salem… But we wouldn’t have puddles in the bathroom if You hadn’t broken the shower!

Btw, our bed got glitched lol see the covers floating on Xzavi’s side? I would reset it but that would wake up Ellen, so it can wait lol.

Next morning it’s Season premiere, so the family watches it together before school/work. I actually really like this random ‘holiday’ lol it’s simple but fun to me.

*sighs* I knew this would happen with all his schoolwork, but I’m counting with him earning lots of fame once he starts working, so I’m not gonna worry too much about it… I’ll try to keep his fame noderately up a little better tho lol

While fixing another broken plumbing, Ellen decided she likes Handiness, that’s gonna be useful with how many ghosts we have around here lol!

Xzavi takes a break from homework to paint a little since he was feeling inspired, let’s hope this helps with his fading fame a little~

Astro came back with an A today! Congrats Astro!

Lmao sometimes I forget Xzavi is glutton and then I see him eating like this lol it’s such a fun trait for a famous sim, I can only imagine the paparazzi pictures lol.

This is one of those pictures I honestly don’t remember why I included lol it’s probably Astro and Xzavi about to do homework together or something like that lol.

This was the first time Xzavi and Ellen actually slept together lol their schedules seriously clash a lot right now.

Speaking of weird schedules, for some reason Astro was not tired today, so he stayed up playing with the blocks table for a little while. I always love seeing kids playing with this thing, it’s pretty cute!

So, today Javon visites… And he decided to mourn Nina for some reason lol.

I have no complains tho, Nina was the best, and amazing spouses have to support/respect eachother!

We have another invisible monster attacking lol the anti-monster light is right there over the bed! C’mon game!

Btw, I entered build/buy mode to Buy something and I just had to show this… Why is it so big? 😭 It makes no sence!

Anyways, going back to happiest things… Can I just say how cute these two are? They are always rolling whims for eachother, and if left to their own devices they always end up following eachother around.

We decided to take advantage of it this time though, Xzavi had the whim to get engaged for a little while and I mean… You guys know I want Ellen in the family!

She, of course, said yes! I’m planning on having then have a proper wedding this weekend, so we just need to wait a little longer now~

After Ellen went to work, we spotted Khal around the neighborhood and I sent Xzavi to say hi to his brother ❤ I really love Khal, he’s a sweetheartb<3

They also played with Xzavi’s soccer ball. This gives Xzavi fame, fitness skill and also social with his brother, so one of ny current favorite ítems lol.

3 things about this:

1. Xzavi, you’re currently excersicing! Literally!

2. And you’re not even Active!! Ellen is the active one, I had to double check after this! I guess they are reaaaally close lol.

3. Hey Nitza! It’s always nice to see Xzavi’s siblings around~

Another promotion for Ellen! This girl is on fire~!

Later that night Xzavi’s friend Ismael invited him to the Spice festival, so off to San Myshuno we went!

Both Ellen and Xzavi tried the Spice Challenge, but they both failed it lol better luck for the next one guys!

Since the outing’s goal was to buy festival t-shirts, so Xzavi did that, and then pulled out his guitar to play and try to keep earning some fame.

He’s not pretty good with guitar so far tho, so we quickly changed to acting a little romance scene for tips~

They managed quite a crowd with this! And now time to go back home~

Looks like Jaleesa and Oz are finally having that second kid Jaleesa wanted! Congrats!

This is where I found Astro after loading up ❤ I love this kid so much! He’s also making some great progress with her Artistic aspiration!

Ophelia had her second baby! Congrats Ophelia~ and welcome little Perry to the family!

Ellen: “Hey, disembodied voice, somebody broke our stove!”

I know Ellen, it was you!

Ellen: “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

*sigh* At least she completed those pancakes before breaking it lol but she’s gotta fix it after breakfast!

Khailq came to visit to spend some time with his little bro<3 so cute. Also I believe that girl is one of Ellen’s sisters, she also came to visit and Astro is trying to make friends with her. Astro just strikes me as a super social and outgoing kid for some reason lol

Xzavi got another fame oportunity with a video, so we try to squeeze some editing before our plans tonight~ he’s getting real good with his videos! A shame that the skill is the same as with the music mixer, so we’re just gonna get one point with it lol.

Seriously this kid is aaaaalways talking to someone!

Anyways, we were just waiting for Ellen to be done with work, and she just came back so…

It’s wedding time!

Saddly since Xzavi was the one planning the event we couldn’t invite Ellen’s sisters… Is this one of those things that get added with My wedding stories? I haven’t bought the pack for all the bugs and stuff, but I gotta admit I’m curious. Also Tartarosa is so beautiful.

Hey, looks like it’s wedding night for the family lol Wolfgang passed a couple nights ago and Awstin has decided to move on, good for him!

And I totally lost count of Yvaine’s husbands by now, but damn this girl is just going for the black widow challenge lol! Again, good for her!

Anyways, the wedding went beautifully, and now Ellen is officially an Svartulv! Welcome to the family!

Since Ellen needs some Mixology skill for future promotions, she also took the chance to make some drinks for the reception. I’m not sure how happy she is with working on her wedding night tho lol.

But hey, in the end everybody had fun~ we decided to end the party a little early though, it was pretty late at night and both Ellen and Astro were super tired.

Sadly, we end up the night in kind of a sad note with the news that Rupert, Knox’s baby brother, has passed. That leave us with just 3 siblings left, Yvaine, Awstin, and of course Ophelia who’s a lot younger than them.

But with every Bad news, there’s also something good to come, Keisha and Khal had their baby!

As usual the game keeps not wanting me to name them lol but he’ll be renamed Kingsley once he grows up.

Back at home, Xzavi does a couple chores around the house since he’s not as tired as the other two, and Khal drops by for a visit, when I see that somehow he’s already a full grown adult! That can’t be true! Where has time gone?!

I mean… I know Xzavi was a lot younger than him but… really? It feels way too soon!

I decide to try and distract me from my existencial crisis by following Xzavi around a little more but seriously, how?! Since the gardener doesn’t come on the weekend and some plants needed a little attention, Xzavi earns his first points of gardening. Funfact: I’m missing just two crops from the base game ones: the alien fruit… and the potato lol! I’m not sure how comes I still haven’t gotten a potato this far into the game!

We’re also missing a ton of EP plants… but that’s to expect with how many they are lol.

Ugh, Astro is so cute I can’t! I’m really gonna miss him being this little a cute…

But I mean, the world must keep on turning, and today it’s time for his birthday~ happy birthday little troublemaker alien!

And here we have him all grown up! I didn’t write what trait or aspiration he got because I’m a terrible watcher and even more terrible note-taker but I’m preeeetty sure he got the Clumsy trait from Javon, something I’m ecstatic abour because I adore clumsy sims lol. I also think he got one of the nature aspirations, I wanna say Outdoor enthusiast, but I’m not sure about it lol I’ll check when I go back into the game.

Anyways, I really like Astro a lot! Just like with Ophelia, I think it´s a shame that he wasn’t elegible as heir, but hey, we still love him just the same!

And since this was the moment I was waiting for to end the chapter, it’s time to say goodbye until the next update! We didn’t get any new points this time, but I think we’re setting up things fine for the future! Also, now that I’m feeling a little more confident with university I think we’ll be ready for kids soon, I hope I’m not the only one excited about that!

Anyways, I’m hoping to bring the next chapter sometime next week, so hopefully we’ll see eachother soon! Until then, happy simming everyone!

Family Updates:

Yvaine’s youngest are now teens! That’s Isaac on the left and Isander on the right.

This is Nitza’s third little girl, Trixie~ I love how all her family are just girls lol maybe this is finally gonna be a girl generation~?

Also, I tracked down Ayden, Neville’s rogue kid lol he’s pretty cute!

Points so far: 479

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