4.3: I give up!

Hey there everyone! It’s time for more name game adventures!

Last time, we worked on work stuff with Ellen and uni stuff with Xzavi.both of them seem to be doing great with their future goals. We also started on the next generation just a little before I had thought, but my sims clearly had plans on their own, and little Xifeng joined us at the end of the chapter, starting us on generation 5 officially!

This time, we’re going back to toddlers, so expect my toddler spamming to return lol! other than that, I’m not sure what we’re gonna be doing because I played this like… in January? lol so better go and find out right away! Let’s dive in~

We start right where we left last time, Ellen just gave birth to baby Feng. She looks extremely happy about it lol.

Ellen: “Oh yes!! A baby!! What’s better than a baby?!”

As a girl who is not currently ready to have kids, I probably can name a few things. But I do like that she’s so excited lol. Specially because she’s gonna need to have 4 more of those lol.

The other side of Feng’s genetic code is back home, looking extremelly proud of himself for missing his daughter’s birth.

Xzavi: “But I did great at school! Ask me about school!”

Your daughter was being BORN!

He also didn’t go see Feng, he sat to work on his term papers lol.

But I guess I can’t blame him, better not to wake up the baby when she just went to sleep. Ellen is also taking a well deserved nap after being ~amazing~ it’s very tiring.

Xzavi: “You’re playing favorites!! And I’m your heir!!”

Hey! I’ve never hidden the fact that I love Ellen! You know it!

Anyways, I do love Xzavi, honestly. Specially now that he’s being such a good student~ also, I had to show he’s making a presentation that includes Judith Ward somehow? I love it, are presentations different depending on what you’re mayoring in? I gotta play more with university lol.

*sighs* Astro broke our tv. And while I would normally have him fix it because he broke it, I’m still very wary of electrocution lol so he gets off the hook.

Also Handiness is another useful skill for Xzavi so there’s that too.

Alyssa was passing by the house so I sent Astro to say hi to her, and while in the middle of it Astro autonomously used some of his alien powers and culled their whole relationship. What the hell Astro?

Astro: “I would like to meet some other people.” 

I guess he does makes his point clear… So looks like we’re looking for some other sims for Astro lol. Sadly Alyssa was not for him.

Khaliq visited us randomly and he decided to fix our tv for us, thanks Khal, you’re the best and I’m very happy you didn’t die doing it. Looks like Xzavi won’t have to fix it after all.

Which is probably good because, after almost 24 full hours, he’s finally spending time with his little girl. 

Xzavi: “Hey, it was you who said I shouldn’t wake her up! And it’s not my fault Ellen is such an awesome mom too.”

He does have a point or two there.

So, how you like this one Astro?

Astro: “I think her mental powers are melting my knees into the ground.”

I don’t think Sims have mental powers, but noted then lol we’ll keep looking.

While Astro is not allowed to fix electronics, he help us with the plumbing ghosts insist on breaking *sighs* I love my ghosts, but I could totally live without broken plumbing.

Ophelia!!! Hi Ophelia!!! It’s always nice to see you!

*sighs* seriously she’s probably my favorite spare ever… I just love her! She also has the extra points from being my first alien baby, but still, she’s just the best ❤

Xzavi greets our Día de muertos celebrator for today, taking advantage of his Polite introduction to make friends with her. It works! She finally gives us a new one! We’re been having repeats at least four times in a row!

And then Xzavi practices his presentation in front of Astro, I wanna see if we can get him better grades than last time with all this.

Ah, young love. These two keep following eachother around as soon as I leave one of them on free Will. I’m really enjoying them as a couple, so I tend to just let them flirt lol it’s cute.

And then they did this… Autonomously…

Like… I was literally waiting until the end of this uni term to have Xzavi go to the Magic realm and then start trying for spellcaster babies once Feng was a little older… But you guys do what you want I guess….

Guys… Guys Astro and Feng are right there!! Do you really have to do it right now and right there???? 

Them: *ignore*

Apparently they did. At least they waited until Astro left the room, not much to do about Feng tho lol.

And after the deed is done, Xzavi is back to homework for school, and Astro is back to meeting people. This is one of Ellen’s sisters, I think her name is Cleo… But it’s been a while.

Astro: “Why do you remember my other friend’s name but not hers?”

Because I’m a terrible watcher with terrible memory 😀 Anyways, do you like this one, Astro?

Astro: “I like her, yes.”

Ok, that’s good!

I was gonna have Ellen take the test right away, but they literally finished woohooing and she went to work lol still, the very useful pregnancy moodlets let us know she is indeed pregnant again… You just couldn’t wait a couple days more right? *Sighs* I give up, they’re clearly doing whatever they want lol.

Oh, looks like we’re not the only ones having a new baby! Congrats Oz!

Aaaand looks like our Z-baby brought Ellen good luck! She’s doing pretty great with promotion stuff!

As a celebration I finally bought Ellen a bar so she can level up her Mixology lol I don’t know why, but even with how many bars we have in the game, it’s still the one item I always forget to put in my builds lol I guess I’m not much of a party girl.

I also moved our portraits to their places. We don’t get points for Astro, but it’s great to see that generation completed~ and we get +1 for Ellen! I still have to make Xzavi’s adult portrait though.

I always love when Skye comes to haunt because she always paint us something! Also, mother-daughter haunting ❤ another thing I always love.

Mmm no, Nitza, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to get to know your brother. Who in their sane mind would want to do that???

Nitza: “Wh- really?!”

Ellen: “Ignore the disembodied voice! Xzavi is a great guy! It is weird that you asked though…

That’s all I am saying!

Anyways, letting Nitza’s weird ask behind… We got Feng’s birthday notification! Time to see if my baby prediction is right lol for some reason I always pictured her as a blonde with Xzavi’s dark eyes.

And I couldn’t be more wrong, looks like Javon’s blue gene is still going strong! But just look at that cutie ❤ I love her already. And she did get Xzavi’s dark eyes, so she’s all daddy so far~

Anyways, Feng’s toddler trait is Fussy, so we’re having an interesting start for the new generation already lol.

As usual, we get started on skills right away with some stories ❤ so cute.

Ellen looks really angry about going to work today lol. 

Ellen: “Why do I have to work and they get to stay with my baby?”

Because you’re awesome and we need your promotions? 😀 Specially because Xzavi has like a week more before he can start working lol. Xd

Ellen seems to be a very family-oriented sim lol she was súper excited about Xifeng’s birth and now she doesn’t wanna leave her. That’s why we love Ellen.

I hope knowing she was just missing potty training will help making it easier on her lol.

Astro: “Why am I doing this? She’s not my kid!”

Because family :3 also I know you love your niece~

It was sunday, and I miraculously remembered to go to the Awards ceremony! On the way, we stopped at Rupert’s former house to flag Phillip who grew up… But we discovered that when his mom re-married she took him and Raeleigh with her and now I have no idea where they live lol I guess I’m gonna have to track him down later.

Also this was when I realized Xzavi still had the festival t-shirt as his cold weather outfit lol so I went and got him a jacket again. It may not snow in Oasis Springs, but winter time is still winter time!

But anyways, we finally made to the Starlight Accolades (or something like that I think lol), where apparently the ‘hip’ thing to do is kneel in the floor instead of sitting on the expensive looking chairs lol good for you Megumi.

Guys… He won! This is my first time winning an award! Mainly because I always forget to go to the ceremony lol.

I love how they talk so high about his vídeo, it was literally a make up tutorial lol! But you do you game Awards.

LMAO! I literally was like ‘they give awards for that??’ And then I read the rest of the message and died lol. Well played sims, well played.

Also we saw cousin Iker as the mixologist at the bar! And he made me remember his little brother Neville and his rogue kid…

… And so I remembered to go find Phillip and flag him! Thanks Iker!

Phil: “I am displeased with this. I’m not thanking Iker.”

Meh, you’ll get over it kid.

Back in the house, we discover that Feng already has a grudge against her dad… *Big-ass sigh* Gotta love Fussy toddlers for this.

I recently got a mod that supposedly lets You get rid of sentiments like this one, but I haven’t played with this family ever since so not sure if it works. But I hope it does lol.

For now, though, Feng is shadowing her mom instead of her dad for skilling. It’s not like Ellen is gonna complain about having her girl around lol.

Feng is still so cute tho… I can’t really be mad while looking at all that cuteness lol.

Oh, looks like Yvaine’s days as a black widow have come to an end! We’re gonna miss you Yvaine! You outlived like, five husbands, and were al all-around cool sim!

With this, all the Sims from Knox’s generation are officially gone </3 it’s always bittersweet to see the generations pass like this. But I guess we now have new generations to worry about, and enjoy.

So we keep working on Feng’s skills. Tonight she’s watching tv with great-great-grandma Nina. So strange to think we’re already five generations in! This is the farthest I’ve gotten with any Legacy, ever lol.

Next day, Astro comes home with raised grades! Congrats Astro! You’re growing up so much 😭 *Salem enters nostalgic mode, sorry, keep reading*

Feng is still not a fan of daddy~ but I’m making her spend time with daddy because Xzavi keeps having whims about her, and she needs attention. So two birds one stone and all that.

She looks happy during bathtime at least. Buy hey, you can’t be angry while splashing around in the water lol it’s just not possible.

But she’s still sad back again while playing dolls… And she’s still adorable while sad.

Also, I just realized I gave her the same haircut Ophelia used to have

This is probably not gonna help with the grudge lol I thought about it just as Xzavi came to tell to stop.

We still try tho, so flashcards for Feng it is~ she’s doing great with skill all around, this gets easy once you have like, a hundred toddlers practice lol.

I mean, at least this makes it a little better to level up the skill. Mixology is probably as bad as Charisma, just with the difference that you need Charisma way more for work and stuff lol.

Oh yeah, that moment where you’re literal millionairies and you still get your power cut out lol! I’m so bad at sims bills.

I saw blue hair outside and inmediatly went to check if it was family, but it’s not lol. Nice to see the unnatural haired Sims I plopped down in the save are having families lol.

More skilling for Xifeng~ and toddler spamming because it’s not a Salem update if we’re not spamming either pets, or babies lol.

Astro invited over maybe-Cleo. She’s very cute, and they seem to hit it off great.

Also as you can see Astro is wearing his swimsuit, because he’s still deadset into becoming a merman lol I don’t know what’s with my aliens and mermaids/Sulani stuff.

Looks like these two started to dive into romance with no problems. Now we just hope that the game doesn’t decide to cull our relationships again *sighs*

Looks like our second baby is growing up strong, and their parents are excited to meet them. At this point I’m not even annoyed anymore lol I mean, I do like to keep kids more or less close together for the heir polls and stuff.

Skye!! Breaking our doll castle is not a reason to get happy! Though i gotta admit I always find it funny tat they get that happy moodlet lol but I kinda feel it should be restricted to Evil/Hates children sims maybe…

Anyways, Skye’s way to say sorry to us was to leave us a couple paintings as usual… it works, I forgive her. I really like that one on the right.

Also, Ellen is already into the last tier of her aspiration! Man, she’s going strong with it! We’re gonna have to make a party sometime soon to get those dishes done.

Also, it’s Founder’s day again! Time to have some people over.

Ellen invited her sisters over, and Xzavi invited Ismael too. We’re no dealing with the “Playing games” tradition.

And then Xzavi told a couple group stories too. I rarely use this interaction, but it’s kinda fun.

And then we make sure that Feng also takes part into the traditions she can too.

Also, we got Xzavi’s grades! This term was a little bit better than last one for sure, and we only have one more to go. This is when I realize that I thought I had dowloaded the “10 credits to graduate mod” but nope, it was the 8 one… so basically we’re gonna have to go into another whole week of Uni just to do one classs lol this wasn’t my brightest moment.

Anyways, I guess we’ll play this next week with that mod and then just get rid of it now that I know for sure Uni isn’t that bad with 4 classes a week lol I can totally live with that.

Going back to the family fun, Ellen was just finishing this plate of bagels when she went into labor! Life of a chef am I right? lol.

So, it was time to meet our next baby! A girl who we named Zufash, or Zu for short. +10 for Z name!

Man, I think this is the first time girls take the lead like this with this family! I wonder if we’re gonna have a girl-mayority generation this time. Xzavi does strike me like a guy who would have a lot of daughters… I guess we’ll have to see next time!

Because this is where my backlog of pictures end, so now I gotta go and play more of this family so I can keep updating lol. I hope you’ve been liking this generation so far, I’ll try not to dissapear for too long, specially with SimNaNo just around the corner, so hopefully we’ll see eachother soon!

Next time: I’m finally turning Xzavi into a spellcaster lol I’ve been waiting for too long now! We’ll also probably just continue with the babies, have Feng’s child birthday, and hopefully have Xzavi graduate! It’s gonna be an eventful chapter, so hopefully we’ll see you then!

Until then, Happy simming everyone!

Family Updates:

This is Raeleigh, Rupert’s youngest as a teen~ he definitely reminds me of his dad.

Ocean Duggan, Ophelia’s eldest, is a teen already too. I included a pic of her disguised version too because I wanted to see how diferent they look. She’s quite pretty in both versions honestly.

And speaking of pretty, his little brother Perry is now a chilld! He looks like a pretty cool kid.

Katherine, Yaritza’s kid as a teen! I’m still seriously considering not to flag her so she keeps spreading her genetics lol we’ll see.

And finally, we have Nitza’s girls! Namaari rocking that short dreadlocks style~

Her not-twin Imelda with the awesome highlights~

And their little sis Trixie with the awesome red sweater~ I love Nitza’s family! the girls all look diferent from one another, but still you can’t deny they’re sisters, it’s pretty cool!

Points so far: 498 (on the verge of 500~)

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