4.5: Graduation!

Hey there everyone! After a long time since our last name game update, I have come back! Man, this is always one of the families I miss the most, I really love these guys! And it's because of that that I'm updating today. I'm missing my Svartulv family so I thought "sooner I post this … Continue reading 4.5: Graduation!

4.4: Rabbits

Hey there everyone! How are things? It's been a while with my terrible internet making it hell to upload pictures lol but it's finally time to charge back into the Svartulv Name Game! I've been missing this family so much lately! So, last time, Xzavi and Ellen surprised me by getting pregnant almost inmediatly after … Continue reading 4.4: Rabbits

4.2: It’s not like I had plans or anything

Hey there everyone! As promised, I'm back to bring another update! So, last time we started generation 4 of this challenge! Man, this is like... the second longest lasting family I've had in this game! I'm very proud abour myself! Anyways, our new main sim Xzavi started his university course at Britchester, and also finally … Continue reading 4.2: It’s not like I had plans or anything