4.4: Rabbits

Hey there everyone! How are things?

It’s been a while with my terrible internet making it hell to upload pictures lol but it’s finally time to charge back into the Svartulv Name Game! I’ve been missing this family so much lately!

So, last time, Xzavi and Ellen surprised me by getting pregnant almost inmediatly after their first baby was born lol! I’ve come to accept this is just how things are gonna be with these two, they clearly love eachother too much. We also saw our first toddler of the generation, beautiful Xifeng <3, and worked on getting Xzavi through Uni and Ellen through her job and aspiration! It’s been a very productive start to the generation, and things are only gonna get bussier for us as more babies keep joining the family, so let’s not lose more time and jump right into the action!

This was the first update for this family that I played after changing pcs, so like with many other families I had to change a couple things in CAS. Main thing was giving Feng a new hair since I have no idea where her last one is lol it’s a shame because I love that hair, but this one looks quite cute on her too, and in her everyday outfit she has piggytails ❤ but she spends 90% of her time in either pijamas or cold weather outfit, so we’ll see if you get the chance to see her lol.

She’s also not gonna be a toddler for long, so it’s not the biggest lose ever lol.

Remember how I was calling the girl who Astro started dating Cleo all of last chapter? Well, I was mistaken lol This short-haired girl is actually Cleo. She’s also one of Ellen’s sisters, so that’s where my confusion came from. Astro is actually dating their younger sister Fernanda.

Astro taking care of little Feng ❤ I seriously adore having teens and toddlers at the same time.

Speaking of Fernanda, she came to visit and looks like Astro’s other family decided to say to her lol have fun with the aliens Fernanda! Tell them Astro is doing great! I hope they don’t scare her off.

Anyways, I decided to take Xzavi to the Magic Realm right away, I’ve been waiting too long and if I wait any more I know he and Ellen will get pregnant again before I know it lol I want my occult baby points!

Xzavi was súper tired at the moment tho, so remembering the time I turned Trina in my BabyBoom, I had him drink a motive solver to avoid pass outs lol.

And then he asks Morgyn to turn him~ time for another mote hunt!

That I didn’t take any pictures of because I got distracted with the notification that Oz’s new baby was born! Again the game didn’t let me name her, old stuff by now lol.

Also what the hell is Jaleesa wearing in that picture? That’s definitely not one of the outfits I gave her before moving her out!

But anyways, Xzavi collected the motes and is quickly turned into a spellcaster~ time to have some magic babies and magic fun!

I sent Xzavi to check on the vendors and while he was doing that I noticed this gorgeous teen??? I’m guessing She’s a half alien for the skin and ears, I love her!

So I went into CAS to save her and confirmed that she’s the daughter of L Faba and an alien. She’s also apparently a spellcaster even if her traits don’t show it for some reason? Probably a thing with being an alien hybrid, interesting.

Anyways, with that stuff out of the way, time to go back home~

On the way back we stopped to flag Isaac and Isander that just grew up. Good to see you kids! Enjoy not having kids!

Isaac&Isander: “Wait, what?!”

Bye-bye boys!

Back home, Ellen keeps baking us stuff and I keep loving playing with the skill, I need to use it a lot more. I also downloaded a mod that makes it so all cakes in game are considered baking skill, because I feel it makes way more sence that way lol.

That means Xzavi is on children duty now, and he doesn’t look happy that he was tasked with potty training lol I can’t blame him, I’m honestly happy that I didn’t have to deal with potty training with my nieces even when I used to babysit the oldest as a two years old.

I got really confused when I got the notif about Ellen gaining Dancing skill. Turns out she can Air guitar to metal while cooking lol that’s awesome! She also really seems to love metal music, I remember it’s what she was listening to when Feng was born!  Wait, was it Feng or Zu? This happens when you have all the kids so close together and you spend a long time away from your save lol.

Speaking of having all the kids too close together, we’re going for baby A! Knowing these two it was just a matter of time, so why not speed up the process? lol hopefully we’ll have spellcaster babies now!

They sent out for some fun at the observatory, because it’s still one of my favorite woohoo spots ever lol.

I feel cheated! Toddler Sims can’t eat cupcakes? C’mon~ I was even hoping to deal with a sugar rush moodlet for today~ sims are not fun… Lies, sims are way too much fun. Just not with this.

Also if you notice I got this pictures out of order lol up there you can see Ellen telling Xzavi about baby #3 being on the way…

…And here’s the pic of when she first found out about them lol. I could put them in order, but I’m feeling lazy and I already wrote this whole commentary…

… So here’s a better shot at Xzavi’s reaction to the news. I’m laughing at Ellen’s face tho lol she looks like she’s telling him she doesn’t know how it happened. But they have already had two kids without any help of mine, may I add so they both clearly know how this happens!

See? This is a baby you two currently have Ellen. You can’t tell me You don’t know where she came from!

Ellen: “But I can tell you that you’re weird!”

…I can’t really say she’s wrong. But why does that matter now? … Let’s just keep going with the chapter.

So back to our heir, Xzavi is starting on his magic studies to become a master spellcaster on top of everything else he’s already doing lol! But hey, if You have the Powers, use them! He just learnt his first spell~ (It was the zipzap one lol so nothing too usefull).

Feng really, reaaaaaally lives up to her trait! I’ve had angelic-like fussy toddlers, but not her lol She’s always refusing things and throwing tantrums, she Even rejects her mom’s comfort lol. At least we can be sure she has a lot of personality.

So I think Xzavi must be happy to be free of child duty for the day lol he’s still working on his fame. And look, cousin (technically uncle lol) Seth came to watch the performance!

Mmm Ellen? I don’t think you should be drinking that. It can’t be good for the baby.

Ellen: “What do you mean? Kids drink juice all the time!”

Well, yeah. But I don’t think it’s that kind of juice lol.

Thankfully, Oz came to visit and Ellen got distracted talking to him. Let’s hide the juice while she’s not around~

Apparently it was social day in the Svartulv house, because Fernanda also came to visit a little later, so we take the chance to work on her relationship with Astro~

Fernanda: “So yeah the spaceship was pretty cool and all that. Your family all have these amazing weird skin colors too! How come you’re not green or blue?”

Oh, don’t even remind me he glitched into a human skin lol I love Astro, but I’m still dissapointed about that.

Anyways, glitchy alien stuff aside, Astro and Fernanda reached first kiss territory! They’re a very cute couple ❤ and I guess Astro’s other family also approved her, so that’s extra.

Xzavi is practicing his acting because I think it’s getting a little behind his other skills. Practicing acting with the mirror is a lot more boring than just acting tho, so we don’t do it for long lol.

Xzavi’s first masterpiece is so majestic… I’m impressed with his Artistic talent… Lol.

Ellen took over Louis in loving this rainbow floatie lol if I leave her unsupervised and Xzavi isn’t around for her to flirt with she goes to the floatie! She looks so relaxed too<3

…I mean, I guess you can say that Feng is growing very fast~? lol. At least Astro doesn’t look worried about it, not at all.

We don’t have space for the cauldron inside the house, so I put out here lol but anyways, Xzavi keeps working on his magic stuff, I think he was just experimenting, as it’s a good way to discover new potion recipes.

Which means Ellen is on child duty again, but hey, she got the best part today, cute toddler bathime! Also, there’s Feng with her piggytails<3 adorable.

Seriously, adorable ❤ also this was taken a couple months ago, and now I gotta say that lately I’ve been having trouble with my sims reading to my toddlers in other saves, does anyone knows if it’s a bug or something? I miss story time!

The floatie is apparently very loved by the family lol I’m happy this is not my ISBI, I can already imagine how many headaches the costant napping in the pool would get me.

I still laugh everytime I see these two pictures lol it totally looks like Fernanda is being mean to Astro and making him cry, but I promise they were just watching a movie together, and Fernanda didn’t like it a lot lol!

Khal invited us to the Spice festival! It’s always nice to see Khal, so we went~ Just Xzavi tho, Ellen was at work and Astro was too tired.

Technically Khal invited us to try the bubble blower at the festival, but as soon as I send them to do it, he got up again lol I’m gonna guess he didn’t like it.

I also had the boys try the curry challenge, and they both failed lol I love this challenge! Also I’ve never eaten curry but I’m curious, is it really that spicy? lol asking as a person who’s idea of candy is basically sugar mixed with crushed peppers lol gotta love mexican candy!

And then Xzavi went back to earning fame by singing in front of the bar. Apparently he’s becoming famous enough that Lord Voldemort himself came to watch him lol! (But seriously, that townie! Lol).

And then it was time for another birthday and another toddler! So we better rush back home!

Xzavi: “Are we sure she’s not a spellcaster? I don’t think babies usually float like this.”

They do in the Sims lol it’s only weird that I caught her mid-jump from the bassinet.

But anyways, happy birthday Zu!

We have another blue-baby~ but Zu got Ellen’s green eyes, so that’s a good start for the mixing genetics ❤ she rolled the trait Independent, isn’t she adorable~? She got the Angelic trait, so totally opposite to her older sister lol.

She also grew up exhausted, so Xzavi inmediatly took her upstairs and read her to sleep, skilling will have to wait.

And then Xzavi went back into doing schoolwork along his little bro ❤

Later that night, Ellen came home with her branching promotion! Man, that’s impressive! And it’s so weird to think her husband isn’t even working yet lol Uni is weird. Anyways, congrats Ellen! You’re the best!

Lmao! These two just finished “messing around” in the shower, and the first thing both  did was to take selfies lol! What’s that about? Teenagers!

Anyways, after they finished updating their status or something lol they finally became official!

Lmao! Sometimes I forget that Astro is a clumsy sim and then stuff like this happens lol I love clumsy sims.

Look at Ellen reading stories to her two girls ❤ ugh, I really love this interaction, I feel like it’s a little slept-on in terms of toddler cuteness ❤ 

And meanwhile Xzavi works on another fame opportunity with a vídeo~ I’m having a lot of fun playing with this thing lol.

Looks like story progression is gonna give Nitza another baby! I wonder if this time they’ll have a boy, it would be very cute having a little boy between all these girls!

I was feeling lucky so I sent Xzavi to get us more microscope prints. Surprisingly, he actually got us two of the four we were missing! The other two required a Fossil sample, so at first I thought we would have to wait because neither him or Ellen have good Logic to take the samples, but then I remembered that Astro does! So he was summoned dowstairs~

And again, he surprised me by inmediatly finding the two prints we were missing! Yaaaaay! I honestly still can’t believe it with how many duplicates we were having before lol.

Here are some pics of the completed collection~ I’m so happy!!!

And that’s +1!

Two toddlers eating on the bed~ I love these two already ❤ heirpoll is not gonna be easy for you guys!

At first I saw this and I was like “what?! How the hell is Yuki her family?!” …and then I remembered that Yuki is actually Candy’s sister and Candy was Ellen’s mother lol. I always think Yuki is Miko’s sister because the similar names + dyed hair lol!

Knox got a new haircut because of the change of pcs. Sadly You can’t see it very well because of his cold weather hay, but I think he looks handsome lol. Also, love when Louis and Knox haunt together ❤ they we’re always very close.

Yikes, looks like this pregnancy is no joke for Ellen lol it’s so strange when my sims make poor food! Thankfully, because it looks terrible.

Also look at Zu’s skills there ❤ she’s a champ~ and I love her bunny t-shirt ❤

The bad thing about ghosts is always the constant broken plumbing, but hey, I remember that some comercial gigs require Xzavi to have some points on Handiness, so he’s gonna be a pretty well-rounded actor by the time he  starts working!

It’s a sisters dance party~ the girls are getting into the mood for the real party we’re gonna have later today!

It’s a double birthday party! Both Xifeng and Astro Will be growing today, so since it was a low activity day, I decided to throw them a party~ that way Ellen also can keep working on her aspiration since she needs to cook three gourmet meals at a social event.

Here are some pics of the party. We invited as many cousins as we knew and also Xzavi’s siblings and Fernanda. Ellen took the roll of caterer and baked two gourmet cakes for her aspiration and the family had a lot of fun together~

And then we got the news that a surprise guest is joining us lol I thought Ellen would give birth later that night, but I can’t debt

Xzavi started to freak out as usual, but the rest of the presents didn’t care at all lol! They’re just enjoying the party.

So anyways, looks like we have a triple birthday now! Both Astro and Feng blow their candles and spin into the next life stage~

And the unexpected third birthday sim is also born~ and look at that, it’s another girl! Everyone welcome baby Agatha to the family! +1 for A name!

And the after birthday pics~ as usual, Astro looks basically the same, he just got a little bit taller lol. I feel bad that I Lost My note with his trait… But you know…I suck at notes lol

Feng, on the other hand, looks very diferent, and totally adorable! She got her very first trait, squeamish, from her mom, and her aspiration is Whiz kid. Let the chess games begin~

Also, she completed all of her toddler skills, so that’s +5!

Xzavi has been experimenting with his magic now and then, and looks like it’s was enough to earn him his first spellcaster level! I don’t remember which perk I gave him, we’ll have to see next time lol.

Now that Astro is all grown up, I decided it was time for him to leave the nest, so we called Fernanda to join us in an important trip to Sulani~

They had a very beautiful wedding taking advantage of the Sulani scenary, just look at thos backgrounds! I gotta do more weddings in here, I just never get tired of seeing how gorgeous this world is!

And after Fernanda got her family makeover, I moved them to this cute house in Mt. Komorebi and left them to their own~. Enjoy life together guys! I’m gonna miss you! Have babies~

Back in the house, Xzavi looks very pleased with himself that he’s teaching Zu to talk, but she doesn’t look impressed lol she has other stuff to do, ok dad?

Family notifications!

First up, apparently I also forgot to flag Briella, Rupert’s adopted child *facepalms* I’m getting really bad at this flag thing lol then, Ophelia decided to adopt a girl, I love she even went with an E-name to follow her letters lol welcome to the family Elyse! Also, Khal and Keisha finally decided to have a second kid! I was sure Kingsley was gonna be an only child at this point lol.

Whoops, looks like work has been a little too hard on Ellen lol it’s been a while since I had a sim pass out in this savefile! Just don’t ask me about my ISBI file lol.

So Ellen goes back to bed, and Xzavi steps in to take care of baby Agatha instead ❤ cute little daddy-baby picture ❤

Feng is going out for her first day of school~ have a good day and make friends Feng! She looks so cute in that outfit ❤

WHAT TH-?? ELLEN!!!! Are you two serious? When did this happen?! How?!

Ellen: “Oh? I thought you already knew how these things happen.”

Haha! That’s not what I meant and then You know it! Are you two part rabbits or something? Geez! Joke broke to you by this Studio C sketch lol I love Studio C

Yup, it’s official. Baby V Will be joining us for next chapter… I still can’t believe it lol.

Ellen: Guess what? We totally made a fool out of the watcher!

Xzavi: Awesome! That’s just what we wanted to do!

Xzavi: “That wasn’t at all what we were saying. You know it!”

It was what I heard!! I’m not actually annoyed or anything lol at this point is just…hilarious lol!

And then she tries to make me happy again by going and maxing her cooking skill… It works, +1!

adorable toddler bathtime picture~ because I always need one of those! Also, Ellen being an awesome mom so I can’t be annoyed at her anymore lol which again, I really can’t,

I mean, seriously how could I really be mad when they make babies this cute? ❤ I love the girls already.

Xzavi is back at painting to keep his fame up, and little Zufash follows him around to watch him. As you may guess, they were the only ones in the house (along with Aggy, but she’s a baby), so it was daughter-father time ❤

And then, after Zu was sleeping and Feng had returned from school, Xzavi also helped her with her chess games for her aspiration.

And then they even become good friends while doing homework together ❤ it’s nice to see the toddler grudge is a thing of thepast now.

And then since Xzavi doesn’t really have much to do as we wait for his final week of Uni to be done, and Feng is a whiz kid so she’s gonna be needing her A, I sent them to work on her school project, it came out excellent quality!

Ellen comes back that night with a promotion~ she’s seriously doing an awesome job! I’m very proud of her!

Xzavi and I travel back to the magic realm to get more books and stuff. technically the magical stuff also counts as a collection right? I think I’ve seen in inside the collections tab, so I guess I should try to complete it too.

He also tries his hand at his first magic duel, and gives his best to win some new spells, but nope, his spellcaster level is still not high enough lol.

Aaaaand the time to spouse hunt for the kids is back again~ this kid is an Akiyama, I really love the Akiyama genes, so we’ll see how things work between him and Feng in the next chapters~

Oooooh this is a new one! I haven’t used a drone up until now, so I guess it’s time to try it! *proceeds to spend a very long time inside buy/build mode because she has no idea where the drones are lol*

But I managed to find it in the end, so Xzavi turns it on and gets cooking! with his back to the drone the whole time lol! That doesn’t look like the best way to make a video… but hey, his sponsors liked it somehow lol! #SimsLogic

He finished his livestream just in time for Aggy’s birthday! time to meet our next toddler before ending this chapter!

OMG look at that cutie! Funny how she looks basically how I expected her big sis Feng to look lol! I love her already ❤ Agatha got the Independent trait, and is wearing one of my favorite toddler outfits ❤ she looks so pretty. Surprisingly, she’s not a spellcaster, but she’s just as special anyways ❤

As said before, this is where we’re stopping for today’s update! We’ve been making some pretty good progress with this generation, and I think next chapter we should be meeting the last two babies we’re gonna need! Also, we should be finally get started on Xzavi’s career and get his graduation! which is gonna be, also, my first ever college graduation, I’m curious about it!

I hope you join us next time for more name game adventures! until the, happy simming!

Family updates:

Fist of, we have Ophelia’s new adopted daughter, Elyse

And this is Ophelia’s current youngest, whose name has now been fixed to Harley lol I gotta say she does have a certain Harley Quinn vibe, I think it’s because of the buns lol.

Then we have Keisha and Khal’s child Kingsley. He has some pretty interesting genetics, I’m curious how he’s gonna grow up. Also excited to meet his little sibling!

And moving to Oz’s family, his and Jaleesa’s twins Zyon and Zinnia are now kids!

And finally, Oz’s youngest, who we renamed Blossom~ she’s a cutie! She’s also al alien hybrid instead of full alien!

Points so far: 506 (and we broke the 500 mark! yay!)

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