3.12 Social Weekend

Hello everyone! I hope your doing good!

I’m great! Really happy to go back into this savefile after I had played months ago until the heirpoll lol I’ve been missing my guys! And yeah, speaking of heirpolls, are you ready to know how won this one?

Who’s gonna be the sim to carry us into generation 4 then? Well, after counting all the votes both from here and boolprop…

Our newest heir is…

It’s Xzavi! The competition was extremelly close, and he ended up winning for just one vote over Ozbej! That was really fun to follow! I was already planing on having My sister chose between them if it ended in a draw lol.

Anyways, Xzavi being the heir means se have a long way until generation 4 starts, but I have no doubt that we’re gonna have a lot of stuff to do around here! So let’s see what our newest heir is doing…

…He’s currently sleeping lol I know, anticlimatic, but it’s the middle of the night, so he needs his sleep.

The one person who’s not sleeping is Knox, for some reason lol apparently before I stopped playing I had him go offer a sugar school at one of the urns. I have absolutely no memory of this lol it’s been a while.

But since we’re already down here, I’ll take the chance to get the +1 from Khaliq having his portrait painted!

Knox has this work task today. However, since he’s already level 10 un programing, he actually can’t practice more than a couple seconds, and so this task doesn’t get checked…annoying.

Skye visit us tonight! Hey Skye, I still miss you around here~

Oh, and a random picture of Jellybean because you guys know I adore Jellybean ❤

Two days until our first teen is an adult~ man, the house is gonna feel so empty by the time Xzavi takes over lol.

I’m doing some thinking about keeping Oz in the house after his birthday, because Knox and Javon are already pretty close to their elder birthdays and I’m not sure if they’re gonna survive four more weeks… But we’ll see when the time comes I guess.

Next morning, Xzavi is up and already working! I remember I couldn’t remember his childhood aspiration last chapter, so I’ll say it now: he’s an artistic prodigy lol. That’s gonna be useful because I’m planning on having him go into Acting and paint/write on the side to help him gain some fame.

Also I love this aspiration, it’s so quick to complete lol today is friday, and I can assure you the aspiration is gonna be almost completed by monday.

Random pic of siblings having breakfast before school together~

Knox is making Crown roast, and it’s a very important one…

Because it’s the one that oficially made him master cooking! +1 for that!

Javon still needs a couple skills to complete his last objectives. He needs to master Logic for work (currently level 8) and also get more Charisma (currently level 5) and finally, Master Mischief for his aspiration (currently also level 8), so we’re working on that as much as we can.

But, since kids are already all school age, and I don’t wanna go to Sulani for work stuff everyday, he’s now oficially going to work lol. Have a good day Javon!

Knox on the other hand, is working from home. I want him to have some extra time to skill and complete Rennaissense sim.

Since Knox was the only one home, it was time for people watching lol here’s a picture of Yvaine walking by the house heavily pregnant lol. I miss Yvaine, she was another really fun sim<3

Kids are back home with their fun tanked, si they all share a games session~

Also Nitza brought Brandi with her today, and Brandi chose a very weird spot to show her sick dance moves lol.

After the fun was back into the green, everyone went to take care of their other needs, and the girls got some time to talk. Sadly, this conversation actually went reaaaaally bad! Brandi was in a bad mood and kept screaming and being mean to Nitza!

Also Xzavi managed to slip into the picture lol our heir wants his attention.

Javon is now level 6 Charisma! That’s what he needs for his last promotion! Now just a lot more Logic to skill lol.

Xzavi works on the second tier of his aspiration by playing with some toys. I’ve been experimenting around with this part and looks like Dollhouses count for the task, but the blocks table and doctor sets do not.

Jellybean may be an elder, but she still enjoys going out for a jog with Knox ❤

Nina was angry tonight and she took it on the dollhouse… Just as I was thinking my Dollhouses usually have some pretty ok luck lol!

Then she got so happy about breaking it, that she even tried to wash the dishes lol tried, because this house keeps not letting sims wash dishes for some reason.

Jellybean is avenging our dollhouse! Go Jellybean! Go!

Nina: “Hey! I thought you liked me!” 

I love you Nina! But this was just too funny lol.

Saturday, and since Oz is doing the Social butterfly aspiration, I had the kids invite over some cousins so he can befriend. Here we have him meeting cousin Ansel.

Oh, of course he is Mean lol! I don’t know if you remember this but Ansel’s dad, Nixon, was also a Mean kid lol he just was also very sweet to Yvaine.

Ansel, on the other hand, was no sweet at all lol so just for this time I used the photography cheat for building their friendship lol we tried to do it normally, but they would talk for like 15 minutes and then Ansel would say something mean and we had to start again.

I sent Khal to talk to the day of the death celebrator, and here’s how he did it lol. Also, the celebrator didn’t want to give us any sugar skulls today *sighs* better luck next time.

Now that Oz befriended cousins Ansel and Ivan (who I don’t have pictures of for some reason! I could swear I took a couple while they were playing chess!), His third child friend is gonna be this girl I found in his contacts. I can’t recall her name, but she’s cute and has some pretty hair, so we’re gonna keep her in mind in case things don’t work between Oz and his best friend Jaleesa.

Xzavi broke the keys while working on his 5 hours of music lol nos we’re stuck with some awful violin music until Knox is free to fix it.

Since Khal’s birthday is around the corner, we invited Keisha home again tonight to make sure they’re still in the same page~ Keisha is a couple days older than Khal, so they can’t romance right now, but their friendship level is almost maxed out already!

Also, funfact about Keisha: she grew up with Evil as her last trait, and funilly enough, she has an identical sister who has the Good trait lol! I had a blast when I saw that! Khal is technically dating the Evil twin lol.

Since Brandi pretty much ruined her relationship with Nitza during the las chapter, I decided to have her meet with some other people. This girl is Laurel, and she was also really angry when we called her lol. The difference with Brandi? Laurel actually calmed down when Nitza tried to talk to her!

Once Laurel was feeling better, they actually had a great conversation! So I’m keeping my eyes on her.

With this, Ozbej has finally made his third child friend and completed his second aspiration! +2 for that!

I believe I have him Artistic Prodigy next, but since his birthday is like two days away, we aren’t really gonna try lol. He has done enough.

More babies in the family! This will be Lia’s Q baby!

Laurel looks super unimpressed in this picture lol but she actually accepted Nitza’s flirts without a hitch! They now have a tiny pink bar to nurture in the following days~

Jellybean was randomly barking a lot tonight, and

Louis is haunting tonight, and Knox autonomously goes to talk to him, how sweet ❤

Knox: “Dad, you’re a ghost, why are you eating our food?”

Louis: *ignores him.*

Yvaine had I-twins! Can’t wait to see them grow, Yvaine and Nixon make some very pretty babies!

Sunday morning brought us Khaliq’s birthday! Javon celebrates with him~ Happy birthday Khal!

His last trait is Art Lover.

He looks mostly the same as an adult, still a very handsome boy~ And as you can see, he’s already calling over Keisha, gotta snatch her before the game does!

Romance came easy for these too, which I’m really happy about!

And they got to First kiss in no time!

Then they autonomously did this lol no trying for a baby, just some regular woohoo lol love it.

After this Keisha went back home, and since we don’t need the house space right now and so we can take things a little slower with them, we’ll keep romancing tomorrow (?

Xzavi is getting started in his duties as future MS. He has been in charge of laundry the whole weekend lol.

Xzavi: “so far, being heir isn’t a lot of fun.”

Sorry kid lol it’s just we need to keep on top of the laundry!

Since Oz isn’t working on any more aspirations he’s been left mostly on free will, and he has decided he wants to be a mess maker *sighs* at least I can make him clean after.

Remember I had Khal try to enter university before the heir poll? I had him check the response today and he was accepted in eeeeverything lol that’s cool! He’s not gonna attend since I won’t be controlling him, but we’ll see if Xzavi is just as lucky later.

Apparently some Unique EA Sim died… I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be Sinbad’s notification, remember how he got bugged recently? I know he died because some members of the family got sad moodlets, but the game is weird lol.

Homework session~ This screenshot makes me notice Oz and Nitza follow eachother around a lot lol it’s very cute.

Some love for our favorite doggie~ I love how doggies give you kisses when you hug them ❤ so cute.

Xzavi is working on his five drawings. After this he’s gonna still be missing 2-3 points of creativity, but the aspiration is gonna be practically completed, just as predicted!

I was confused over what had woken up Nitza when I looked at her portrait, and turns out she was getting abducted lol have fun I guess~? Say hi to Oz’s mom for us!

Knox was actually out working at the robotics table at the time, so he technically saw it all, but apparently wasn’t worried lol.

Knox: “I’ve seen more than enough abductions in my lifetime, I know she’ll be fine! A little angry at most…”

He does make a good point lol but still funny.

Skye came haunt and decided to help us with the laundry ❤ She’s the best.

Monday morning and I realized Oz was gonna be growing up during school hours, I decided to have him take a vacation day instead. He’s gonna be hanging around for a couple hours, probably making more messes lol.

Khal invited Keisha over again today, and they are now oficially boyfriend and girlfriend!

Knox got another promotion! Again, he’s not gonna top this career, but I’m having fun seeing how far he’s gonna get.

Aaaand birthday time! I’m really curious how Oz is gonna look grown up!

Here we have him! He’s pretty cute! He also looks strangely good with that haircut lol I don’t know, I like it.

Oz added Loves the Outdoors to his trait, after his dad Knox, and his adult aspiration will be Soulmate.

I was gonna stop playing for today after this, but I decided to go just a little extra:

And see how things continue between these two~ Khal proposed and Keisha gladly accepted!

So they had a cute elopement here in our play área lol I should consider getting a wedding arch sometime.

Anyway, votes are exchanged and rings are given~ and Keisha is now part of the family! Now they are ready to move out into the world together~

So they were plopped on this lot in Willow Creek~ and they got a nice little house built by LailaMery on the gallery!

And as usual, since Khaliq is a Dog Lover, they get a cute little doggy! Her name is Ruby, She’s a mixed breed I randomly generated in CAS, I love her ❤

And so, this is where we’re gonna stop for today! I seriously need to learn to take less pictures lol at this rate, I believe we’re gonna end up with like, 5 updates before next generation lol. But what can I say? I love playing slow and taking pictures lol.

Anyways, next time, probably Nitza joining Khal in the world of young adults! Also probably Knox and Javon turning into elders 😭 I don’t think I’m ready for that. And hopefully, Xzavi meeting some cool people to keep us entertained~

See ya soon guys! Happy simming!

Family Updates:

Neville and Nora, Sinbad’s youngest twins, are now teens! They both look pretty interesting! I actually like Neville a lot!

Isobel, Lia’s daughter, is also a teen~ looks like she’s going throught a cool girl phase with that nulticolored hair, love it!

Next we have Stella, from Awstin and Wolfgang! You can already tell she inherited those mousey features the Münches have, I’m really curious how she’s gonna grow!

And finally, we have Phillip, Rupert and Traci’s third boy!

Points so far: 443

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