3.13: Are you kidding me?!

I just noticed this is chapter 13 of the generation… now it makes sence… you’ll see.

Hey there guys! Time to get into more name game adventures!

We’re still in the last strain to get to generation four, with Xzavi still being a child and his older brothers starting to grew up and move out of the house, this is a bittersweet time for the family, I always miss my kids when they move out, but it’s part of the legacy life *sighs*

Anyway, last chapter whe ended with Oz turning into a teen and also Khal and Keisha getting married and leaving to start their lives together, so let’s just pick up right there, shall we?

We start today with a very sad Ozbej doing his homework. I checked again and Oz was the only one affected by Unique EA Sim’s death, which finally made me realize it wasn’t Sinbad who died, but probably Ozbej’s mom.

Knox is still working hard on his skills for the Renaissanse sim aspiration. Painting is still one of my favorite skills, I just don’t get tired of it lol.

Heeeey! Look got us the first point of the chapter! +1

I love this outfit of Nitza btw, I think she looks cute! And also, she gets a reward now for getting her A:

It’s a date with Laurel! Congrats!

I send them to the karaoke bar, and they don’t look all that sure about it lol I think they’re nervous.

Nitza: “I think you would be nervous too if there was a watcher taking so many close ups to your date!”

Ha! Wrong! I would get absolutely terrified about anything regarding a date lol I suck at people. Anyways, let’s move on…

These two make a really cute couple, and they had a very fun date in the end!

And right by the end of the night, Nitza scored her first kiss!

I keep checking on the local mixologists every time I go out lol most of the time they’re quite good looking like this guy! I like him, he has a kinda boyish charm! He’s also a young adult and already married, so we can’t marry him *sighs*

Oz is always grilling food when we come back home, always! Lol I think his inner dad energy is already Shining through. I hope he and Jaleesa have a ton of cute babies once they move out.

I like to believe Knox is congratulating Xzavi for becoming heir in this picture. Nothing like some heir-heir bonding :’3

And that’s a maxed skill and a future maxed job! Thanks Javon! +1

Now we can focus in maxing his Mischief skill!

Arts and crafts is the last skill Oz needs to complete the scouts! So we channel his sadness on some sad paintings.

Knox is also working on hus gourmet cooking skill for some easy points, he looks pretty impressed with himself about those Montecristo sandwiches lol.

Lance is now a young adult, so time to flag him!

Lance: “I’m one with the fridge. You can’t see me~”

Lol sorry kid! *Flagged*

Lance: damn!

And then we take the chance to go work on Javon’s work stuff at Sulani since the kids are at school. We’re also still trying to find the magic algae, so I want to try exploring tbe cave some more.

Xzavi kinda strikes me more as the spellcaster type though, so maybe we’ll turn him into one instead now that I got that pack.

Anyways, Knox takes some time to clean the ocean while Javon explores the cave…

And then they change places when the cave throws out Javon after a couple minutes lol.

No algae so far, but I just thought this message was cute! I haven’t made friends with a dolphin yet, so maybe that’s something to put on my list.

While we were here kids came home, and I had Xzavi work on his creativity skill, which he finally maxed, thus completing his first aspiration! +2 for that!

Also we saw Ophelia hanging around the island, hey Ophelia! I miss you! Also have some babies girl!

As usual, Oz is grilling when we arrive home lol.

And Xzavi is now working on the Social butterfly aspiration, so hes out saying hi to people.

We’re just keeping the points coming today! Nitza maxes her teen job! +1

Aaaand then the playsesion gets into a sad note, when we find out Jellybean’s time has come </3 -hugs- you were an amazing doggie Jellybean, we’re gonna miss you.

… Javon this is not the time! You need to be with your dog!

Javon: “I’m not impressed about it either!”

These aliens! So disrespectful… *grumbles*

I had to at least send Knox out to be with Jellybean, I wasn’t gonna leave her go all alone! But kids were sleeping…

Also I think it was really cute that Louis came to haunt us tonight too, he was really close to Jellybean. Promise you’ll take good care of our ghost doggie Louis!

Louis: “You know I will.”

Yeah, I know, he’s awesome.

Oh, come on! Are you kidding me right now?! It’s this gonna become some kind of tradition now or something? “Have an alien baby right before the next generation is about to take over”? *Keeps grumbling*

So, anyway. For now, we set Jellybean down at the maussoleum. She will be missed </3

Also, we count the +1 for Nitza’s portrait.

Javon and Knox were supossed to age up together today, but now Javon won’t be aging for a couple more days *still annoyed* so… Happy birthday to Knox for now! I can’t believe he’s now an elder!

I went into CAS to give him an elder makeover, and out if curiosity I took a peek at Ozbej’s desguise. There’s a lot of Javon in this versión of him! Pretty interesting how different he looks from his normal self!

And here’s Knox after his makeover! I decided to give him a kinda distinguished grandpa vibe since he’s our tech genious. I also gave him a beard, I think he looks really good with it! A complete Silver-Fox am I right?

Another collection completed! We were just missing the angry bean for so long, and I finally remembered to look for it lol. +1!

You know how much Oz has been grilling lately when you look at how dirty the grill has gotten lol. That looks awful.

Javon: “W-what?!”

*sighs* we know, we know Javon, Oz isn’t gonna be the only alien around for long.

Javon: “Seriously, WHAT?!”

Oh, I forgot to break the news to him lol! Sorry Javon!

Sinbad’s first set of twins aged up! Off to flag~

Ivanna: “Stand still Neville! Maybe if I hide behind you she won’t see me!”

Lol sorry kid, no babies for you! *Flags*

And no babies for you!

Iker: “whatever, I’m watching tv.”

That’s the spirit!

Javon takes the chance to terrorize Seth a little lol we gotta keep working on that Mischief!

Then the kids are back home from school, so we return because we have important stuff to do today.

Guys, meet Ellen Zest! I had Xzavi meet kids at school for a couple days for aspiration purposes, and while looking around his relationship panel I fell in love with this kid. She’s a daughter of Johnny Zest and Candy Berr, both some of my favorite premades, so guess who just won the right to become our next legacy spouse~?

Xzavi goes out to chat with her and see if they actually get along. So far so good, and we learn that Ellen’s trait is Active! That’s a favorite of mine!

Then I leave them to stargaze together to make friends.

The only bad thing about this relationship is that Ellen is like a week older than Xzavi, which is quite a lot… But she would have the babies…which means she wouldn’t age that fast…which is good. I’ll think about it, they’re cute!

Nitza invited Laurel over again! Speaking of cuties~

They took the chance to become official! I’m really excited about this couple!

Looks like Rupert and Traci decided to adopt! Welcome to the family, Briella!

And Holly and Lia had their Q baby a little later! Welcome Qianna!

Lol while she and Xzavi where hanging out Ellen started her homework, and then she went home without it. Now we have this homework book sitting on the table because the game doesn’t let me move it because we don’t own it lol. It’s gonna stay there until I go into buy mode for something.

Xzavi had the whim to put on a puppet show, so I sent Knox to watch it. I don’t play a lot with this object, but it’s cute!

Oh, so I was right about last death being Oz’ mom! Good to know. Also, Generation 3 is starting to go </3 Knox isn’t so far behind his brother actually. He has like 9 days as an elder according to MCCC </3

This pregnancy has Javon really stressed. he’s been spending a lot of time on this floatie, relaxing.

Javon: “we’re too old to have another baby! Of course I’m stressed!”

Well, yeah, you two are a little too old and we hadn’t been expecting any more babies from you, but don’t worry, Xzavi and I will take good care of him. Have no worries!

Javon: “I guess that makes it better.”

That’s what I’m talking about! Now that you’re better, we have some work to do!

Javon: “Excuse me, the voice inside my head told me to ask if I can take your grandkid to meet my son and see if they would like to date when they’re older.”

Hey! Don’t make it sound all that weird! We don’t want to scare them!

Octavia: “I… Guess that’s ok?”

Really? o.o oh, well, thanks Octavia! I knew I love you for a reason! Also, that kid is Ismael Bailey-Moon, Orange’s kid. He’s around Xzavi’s age and has some really pretty blue eyes, so he’s another good option for a spouse!

Oh, I didn’t knew the local policies that Javon has to consult for work actually did something! Now that the organic food is active, all the meals give my sims an energized moodlet. Which is kinda annoying honestly lol sometimes we don’t need an energized moodlet!

Knox’s task today uncluded crashing an engineering course again, so we went to do that, and I noticed there’s also the option to take a skill clases for $250, so I decided to try it and sent Javon for a Mischief class. It didn’t do much honestly lol but it’s an interesting feature to have.

Back home, Xzavi gets to know both Ismael, and a newly teenaged Ellen. Yup, she’s already a teen lol.

We learn that Ellen’s new trait is cheerful, and Ismael’s first trait is Creative, which is the same one as Xzavi… This is gonna be hard. What do you think Xzavi?

Xzavi: “I think this is awkward, and I don’t like you eevesdropping at my conversations!”

Well, you better get used to that lol is part of the heirship deal! And nop, you can’t reject heirship! But I’ll let you get to know them on your own now…

Xzavi: “Wow, thanks!”

You’re welcome kid! Even if you’re being sarcastic lol.

In the end, Xzavi decided he likes Ellen more and they kept following eachother. I’m all about that decision! So yay for Ellen! They quickly become best friends after this, for aspiration!

Khaliq came to visit later that day! I miss you Khal! Also give us babies! I always sound like an stereorypical grandma when the kids start to move out lol.

Oz and Xzavi follow eachother around a lot lately, they’re being good brother a and doing home together~ Nitza was always closer to Khal since they were the oldest, so these two are left to make eachother company.

Knox keeps skilling~ he actually already has Handiness at level 8, but stuff keeps breaking, and we still get one point for maxed skills, so let’s go for it!

Oh, hey! This is Keisha’s twin sister! Remember I meantioned her last chapter? Well, she’s having a baby before her evil sister lol She also gets married to Matteo here.

Nina!! Hi Nina ❤ I’ve been missing you lately! I just had to take a picture lol.

Javon has maxed his career!!! +5 for a new career done! I’m so proud!

More skilling! I remembered this is judt a five-levels skill and Knox is already level 4, so let’s get the points while we can!

Awwwwwn this is really sad. Javon had a chance card about some important action that needed to be taken at work, and I told him to talk about it because he’s good. Man I feel for him now…

Better go back to the fun stuff!

Like this! We have another new maxed skill and another +5! We’re on fire!

Definitely on fire! Another +1 thanks to Oz~

And he knows he deserves a reward now, so he invited Jaleesa over after school! Jaleesa grew up really pretty!

It was also Love Day, and since I don’t feel like having three dates today, the teens are gonna give flowers’ and romance at home, and then later I will take our main couple out for dinner.

It was a good day for Oz, since Jaleesa and him have their friendship already maxed, romance came easy for them!

Jaleesa accepted to go steady with him! Oz is our Soulmate guy, so I’m sure he’s ecstatic about it!

I had like a million screeshots for this update if you can’t tell by how long it is, and I think Nitza’s growing up picture got lost in there Somewhere. But today was Indeed her birthday! She’s now a YA, and her final trait is Good, just like Javon!

She just came from work and is starving, but she inmediatly calls Laurel to join her.

Laurel is already an adult too, so they have some quick romance, and become girlfriends again! For some reason I don’t have more pictures of their love day,but it’s probably for the best, I already have too many pictures lol.

And so, with the kids taken care of, Knox takes a break from painting so Javon can ask him on a date.

They go back to this restaurant I downloaded at the start of the generation, so we can keep working on the Experimental food pictures.

And they get a nice cozy table at the back. This works pretty good for loner Knox here.

They have a Lively date, though sadly Love day ends before they can complete and and so it doesn’t count for the holiday and they’re both sad *sighs* you can’t win them all.

We added Ozbej’s portrait to our wall! Also as you can see, we already made some space for the new baby’s too.

Next day Laurel gets invited over again so she and Nitza can keep romancing. Look at that hot weather outfit lol I love her.

And romance indeed they do! Nitza had a whim to woohoo, so she asks if Laurel is interested.

We make a quick interruptiom to show that Knox is now level 6 in this career! Not bad for his second one!

After they have their fun, Nitza decides to pop the big question!

Laurel says yes! And they’re very excited about it!

Outside, our little heir keeps working on his second aspiration. Ismael may not become his boyfriend, but they are now friends!

Man, I took my eyes of the newly engaged couple for a couple minutes and this is where I found them lol as a funfact, they are randomly trying for a baby, I guess they’re really excited about starting a family lol.

Laurel is, indeed, now pregnant! So I decided it’s time for them to get married and leave the nest!

Laurel gets a quick, minor makeover, and both girls get plopped into the My. Komorebi starter Home! Along with a tiny cutie of a dog because of Nitza’s trait! He’s a mixed breed, and his name is Lucky Charm, may him being good luck to these girls!

Usually this would be the perfect place to stop the chapter, but I’m excited about the new baby and I want to see what color is he gonna be, so just bear with me a liiiiitle bit longer!

Back home, Xzavi runs out to meet this girl that walked by and turn her into her third child friend for his aspiration!

And that’s another completed one for Xzavi! +2

Not sure if he’s gonna be able to complete another, but I gave him Rambunctious Scamp for the boost on fitness skills. He’s gonna need it for some gigs.

Ophelia is FINALLY having a kid!! Yaaaaay! Now I can be at peace lol.

Also, I forgot to flag Yaritza 🤦I was really confused at why we hadn’t got any notifications for her after Sinbad’s twins aged up, but then I totally forgot to check… Oh, well, I guess I’m just gonna flag her for no offspring now, I would feel bad about breaking her marriage, so she can keep her husband lol. Also his name is Rohan Han lol I love it.

Lol looks like Javon is in labor here, but nope, he was just laughing at something Knox said to him. These two are adorable ❤ definitely one of my favorite sim couples.

Oh, but now he really is in labor lol time for the hospital!

Knox: “So yeah, aliens abducted my husband and now he’s having a baby. It’s not the first time that it happens though, so I know everything will be okey.”

Glad to see you’re so calm about it Knox lol. Javon is already in the operation room right now!

Knox: “Oh, God…”

And he goes back to panic lol!

Anyways… Alien baby time~

Aaaand he’s a human-skinned alien! Yep, human-skinned. I did some research and looks like this happens because some conflicts with MCCC modules. Remember how I said Oz’s mom died? The game generated another pollination technician, but since I had active ‘desguise all aliens’, she was generated with a desguise’. I tried to repair the game but it didn’t change anything for this specific alien baby or his alien mom, so I guess he just wanted to be extra special lol.

+1 because he’s an alien~ and also his name is Astro~

And with this is finally moment to stop this update, this was getting preeeetty long lol! Next time, Astro turns into a toddler! Xzavi finally reaches teen! And probably some more birthdays all around! Join us to find out!

Happy simming everyone!

Family Updates:

First up we have Ansel, Yvaine’s third kid.I think he’s the one who looks the most like Nixon so far!

We’ll have to wait and see how these two look though. This is Isaac on the left and Isander on the right. They’re both cuties as toddlers usually are~

Moving onto Lia’s family, Atticus sadly blinked at his picture *sighs* you can still see he’s a cute kid though, I love how his glasses match his jacket.

Adn here’s his little sister Qianna! I already love her!

Moving on to Awstin’s adoptive kids, they have all turned into teenagers! First up is Wren.

Then Tommy.

And finally, Ivan. I think Ivan is probably my favorite from them all, I really like him for some reason.

And, moving to Rupert’s kids! Phillip is now a kid, He’s pretty handsome!

And this is his new sister, Briella. She’s cute!

Points so far: 465!

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