Generation 3 Heir Poll

So, the moment is finally here to choose the next leader for the Svartulv clan! Knox and Javon have had a really successful generation, but they are ready to let one of their kids take the reins of the legacy, and as usual, it’s your job to choose who’s gonna be!

As usual, I totally adore all of this kids and I’m on board to have any of them as heir, so just choose your favorite, dear readers! You have my complete trust!

Now let’s meet the contestants:

New Letters: H, I Q (6 Pregnancies)

First up, we have Khal, the cool oldest brother. I love Khal, he has been a really fun sim to play, I really like how Javon and Knox’s genetics mixed with him, he has a very unique face but very stylish! Also, que has a Q in his name! It would be really cool to finally get rid of that letter, it’s a hard one to come by lol.

His traits aren’t particulary interesting, but Leader of the Pack is one of those aspirations I haven’t really tried, so that could be fun to do! Overall a pretty good option all around, I love him.

New letters: I, T, Z (5 Pregnancies)

Second born and only girl of this generation, we have Nitza! Gotta go and say it: I love her name lol I don’t know, I just like how it sounds. Also, she has blue hair! I think it may be time to change it up a little bit on the hair color department, all our MS so far have had brown hair, and what better to spice it up than blue? lol!

Like Khal, I gotta admit her traits aren’t really interesting, but I do really like Good sims for some reason lol Her aspiration though, doesn’t really do it for me lol It’s one we have already completed twice in past generations, and with all her brothers having new aspirations, that does take a couple points from her.

New letters: Z, B, J (5 Pregnancies)

Third born and our first ever lettered alien baby! Oz is adorable, I gotta say that straight up lol He’s such a cute kid and has been a lot of fun so far. Speaking of names that help us get rid of rare letters, he actually gives us 3 straight away! the J specially, is one I would love to see gone from the game already lol also, his name is cool, gotta throw that out there.

Again, not much to see about his traits, but he does bring a new aspiration that I don’t tend to play a lot, so it could be fun and also give us some extra points for sure lol. Also, he’s an alien~

New letters: Z, V, I (5 Pregnancies)

And finally, the baby of the family, Xzavi. He has been a kid for around 4 hours so far, so I can’t say a lot about his personality, but he does have that stricking blue hair going for him so far lol. His name will get us to get rid of the V, not as problematic as other letters, but still a pretty good one! also with him having both an X and Z in his name, he would give us a ton of points lol.

He probably has the most interesting traits out of the bunch and a great aspiration to go with them, but I gotta admit: I suck at the World-Famous celebrity aspiration lol I never seem to be able to complete it! It could make for a fun challenge to try it thought lol maybe I’ll finally get the hang of it.

And that’s all of them! Now, to the vote:

As usual, I’m gonna leave this open for around a week, maybe a little more, so take your time but don’t forget to vote!

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