3.11 We did it!

Hey there! Welcome back to my name game!

So, as said last chapter, this is gonna be the final chapter before the heir poll. And knowing that, I got extremelly excited and couldn’t wait anymore before going straight for this update lol honestly, I’m even impressed I managed to update two other stories before going for this one!

Anyways, recap before chapter. Last time we had some birthdays, Nitza turned into a teen and Xzavi into a toddler. We finally saw Louis completing his lifetime aspiration, saddly right before he had to finally leave us to reunite with Skylar. We celebrated Winterfest, made some aspiration advances, and Knox started a new career as an engineer! It was quite an eventful chapter.

This time, more birthdays and aspiration stuff! Probably new friends! And also, Heir poll! Let’s get right into it!

We start the day/night with Khal getting his homework done for the day~ We’re still working on making sure he gets his high school A.

Nitza meanwhile is keeping our youngest entertained, She’s a great big sister! Also blue-haired kiddos have to stick together lol.

And Oz keeps working on his mental skill, just a little bit more to complete his aspiration!

Oh, hey! We have the first young adult of the generation!

I decided to follow on Mojo’s footsteps and flag cousins for no marriage and no offspring, to try and keep the population a little controlled. So we made a very quick stop on Del Sol Valley!

Veeeeeery quick, because it was thunderstorming lol is it ever actually sunny in this place?

Hey Seth! You’re not having kids! *flagged*

Seth: “Well, that sucks!”

I mean, in this save, I’m definitely saving you as a spouse for some other legacy, I like you a lot.

Seth: “Oh, sweet! I like that trade off!”

That’s what I like to hear! Now back to the main house!

Back at the house and here’s where I found Xzavi and Jellybean ❤ They’re both precious!

Y’know? Xzavi reminds me a lot of Max from the first generation lol he’s the youngest, obviously spoiled kid who always have somebody around to keep him entertained.

Also seriously this is one of the closest sets of siblings I’ve ever had! Kids are always looking for eachother and having whims together, so cute! ❤

Whoops! Looks like I forgot to put the cake into the fridge after Nitza’s birthday lol. Guess we’re having a new cake for next birthday.

Hey Nitza! What’s with that expression? Lol.

Nitza: “That bunny is looking at me funny. I don’t trust it.”

… okeeeey? Moving on!

No, but seriously, no idea why I have this picture lol.

Hey, I’m pretty sure I had already sent somebody to take Xzavi to bed! Maybe he was a little more tired than I though…

But nope, I tried again and again and it turned out the game was saying my sims couldn’t access the toddler beds… That we’ve been using since Khal was a toddler… And we haven’t moved an inch in all this time…

Why do The Sims have to always be drunk?

At this point I decided to close the game for the day lol usually this stuff gets resolved with the ancient method of ‘turn it off, then turn it on again’, and yeah next time I played Xzavi could be read to sleep with no problem.

Nope, it’s not Love day still, it’s actually Spring Fest! I added the’giving flowers’ tradition, so Knox takes the opportunity to be cute with Javon and gives him a rose.

Just as in love as the day they started dating~

We get the notification that Sinbad is already an elder, it seems like just yesterday when he was a toddler 😭

Again, I got the notification that we completed the Eggs collection…but O looked into my collections tab and it shows we’re missing two… The game keeps being drunk.

I made the holliday on sunday in this save. that way kids have more time to meet the Flower Bunny. I love how excited Khal looks to be talking to him lol.

Seriously Jellybean is the happiest doggie to go outside I’ve ever had ❤ She’s so adorable~

So, since one of the traditions for the day is to clean, I sent sims to clean plates and as usual, they couldn’t wash them for some reason.

I started to go through the whole house getting every plate left on random places, and also got every plate out of the family inventory and personal inventories to see if that had something to do with the problem, and we ended up with this impressive pile of dishes in front of Khal… That he’s still not able to wash… I give up, I guess we’re not having clean plates in this savefile lol.

Knox is back at identifying some of our missing artifacts. I still believe we’re gonna need another couple trips to Selvadorada to get the rest of the collection, but we’ll take care of that in another generation.

Random cute teen walking by the house~ so I sent Nitza to say hi. This is Brandi Pancakes, I believe she managed to get the cutest bits of both of her parents!

Teen bonding over funny videos lol love it.

Also Brandi came to hang out with us, she’s already getting along with the family it seams! Very proud of her.

Awstin and Wolfgang adopted another kid! Welcome to the family Ivan! Also I just noticed there’s an Ivan and an Ivanna in this generation separes lol.

Aliens are getting really curious about the special sims lately, first Father Winter, and now they also came for the Flower Bunny lol.

Next day, a quick shot at Javon doing work stuff. His promotions have been going slowly lately, I get distracted easily and forget to have him skill logic lol.

And back home to keep skilling with Xzavi~ birthday is getting close, but at this point I’m very confident with maxing skills lol.

Knox has enough robotics skill to build toy robots! We’re having fun with the skill~

Kids back home from school and getting their fun up before Khal has to go to work.

Me? Spouse hunting for my kids and having them meet kids I see randomly pass by the house? It’s more likely than you think lol.

Oh, yeah, I remembered that Nitza hadn’t got a job, so she’s now in the retail career~

She’s also going around the neighborhood meeting some more teens, just to have options, though I really like Brandi so far.

Oz isn’t the only one being social today lol. I was looking for Jellybean, and discovered that she’s apparently Friends with this vendor girl, she went here and waited for the girl to come out and pet her, then ran back home lol.

More work from Javon~ but this time we take the chance to explore the cave looking for some mermadic kelp. I’ve been toying with the idea of having a future heir turn into a mermaid for the occult points, but we’ll see. Specially because we didn’t get any kelp this trip lol.

Also this is actually my first time seeing that mural, it’s so cool looking!

Again, back home to more skilling with Xzavi! At this point most of his skills are ready, but his movement is still a little behind.

Family breakfast~ though what Khaliq is eating doesn’t look like breakfast to me lol.

Also Almost all family picture!

Only Xzavi is missing because he’s just. This is also the moment he maxed the potty skill! A very importante milestone.

Jellybean keeps going around the neighborhood and attacking people lol! I love it.

Kids back home~ Khal still has a B *sighs* but he’s really, reaaaaally close to the A, we can do it Khal!

Oz brought home that girl from the other day from school! Her name is Jaleesa Moreno, and she’s really cute. They also seem to get along really good! They are now working on becoming best friends because Oz is gonna be doing the social butterfly aspiration once he completes Whiz Kid.

Speaking of best friends, Khal also invited Keisha over. I seriously love them guys! They’re so cute!

Even though their kids are gonna be complete beanpoles lol I already know it.

Another update, another super cute picture of a toddler getting a bath~ I can’t help it!

Lol this is so weird. Nina married Izzy in this savefile and they’re having a baby…at the same exact time their kids/grandkids from another dimension are also having a baby lol!

Also yay for another baby from Yvaine and Nixon!

A little later that night we find out that Track and Rupert had their newest… And the game still doesn’t let me name his babies for some reason lol but anyways, he will later be renamed to Phillip.

So, remember how I said I haven’t had the chance to play enough with DU? I took the decision that to change that, our next gen heir is gonna go to Uni! And since we don’t know if Khal is gonna be the heir or not, I went ahead and made him try to get in.

He got a tense moodlet the next few days lol I love it.

Xzavi goes through the ‘ask why’ phase lol and meanwhile, Jellybean asks why she can’t have all of Javon’s attention, because doggies are like that and we love them for it lol.

Kids are back home and we have an A! That’s +1 from the A, +1 from the aspiration, and +1 from maxing the mental skill earlier!

Man, Oz is on fire!

As said before, he’s now working on social butterfly, si he’s gonna go around meeting people today.

Have I mentioned how much I love toddlers “reading” books? Because I do!

Awwwwwn look, Jellybean got old! *hugs* I don’t know how but you look even more huggable now Jellybean! Please stay with us for a long time still!

Our teens have a homework session together~

Also I gotta say I have no idea how Khal doesn’t have an A by this point! I was 100% sure he was gonna earn it today with how little he was missing last time, but nope, his performance barely went up!

Oz and Jaleesa keep working on becoming best friends. I believe in this shot they actually became Partners in crime lol which I still love.

Jellybean reminds me so much of my dog lol he used to sleep like this all the time when he was younger! He’s also a old, fluffy doggie who always wants attention lol just much smallen than her.

Since Khal seems to be needing a little extra push with his grades, I decided to get this project done to see if that helps him. Also because I never do the teen projects and I’m curious about them lol.

Ugh, Oz is sooooo cute! Can we talk about how cute he is? I love him!

Robot project done! it’s super cute!! Let’s hope it helps Khal with his grades now!

Not even death can stop Louis from being the best grandad! I love that Xzavi can ask him for a bedtime story!

Promotion for Javon! I believe this one is level 9, so only one more to go! Not bad at all!

Finally best friends! Another milestone completed!

Oh, no! Looks like Jellybean got sick! Time for a quick trip to the vet!

Wait a minute, what?! Rupert won the lottery!

Everyone, we made the wrong heir choice! We should’ve chosen Rupert! lol!

Back to the important stuff lol Jellybean gets checked up, and it’s given the expensive treatment to fix her right up!

Ugh, I really wish things were this easy in real life! It would make the world so much better lol.

Knox let’s her know how happy he is that she’s okey. We want our doggies healthy and happy as much as possible!

Back home and Javon keeps chanelling his true dad form lol he’s always at the grill when I leave him alone.

And here we have an amazing kid completing his last skill before his birthday! Congrats Xzavi! And also thanks for that +5!

And Happy birthday Xzavi! With this, we have oficially completed another whole generation of toddlerhood, so +1 for that too!

Yay, the robot worked! that´s another +1 for today!

After that quick interruption, here we have Xzavi as a child! He’s really cute, I think he’s a pretty good mix from his parents!

He got Creative as his first trait, and I gotta admit I can’t remember his aspiration because it’s been a couple months since I played this family lol I guess we’re gonna be finding that out next chapter lol.

Ozbej is still working on making friends with some neighbors. His gonna be cutting it close to complete this before his birthday, but we’re doing our best! lol.

Brandi came with Nitza again today! At this point I think I can’t see Nitza with anyone else lol Brandi seriously knew how to get into our lives!

I mean, she gets along so well with the family! Nitza had to go to work today, but she stayed home chatting with Oz and Xzavi, I thought it was cute.

And Knox becomes the first sim if this savefile to earn a lifestyle! One that I can totally see for him of course lol .

At first my idea was playing until Khal’s adult birthday today, but honestly, I think this chapter is already a little too long to resist another three days lol And I mean, what’s another mini chapter in case he’s chosen heir, right? So this is where we are stopping today!

And now of course, the only thing left to do is go to the heir polls! So feel free to go vote in the WordPress Poll or the Boolprop Poll! Or even both if you want!

These are gonna be open for around a week, so we’ll see after that to announce our next Main sim! Until then, Happy simming!

Family Updates:

Val is officially a teen! he must be one of my favorite spare’s kids from this generation, he’s really cute!

Next we have little Atticus, the youngest from Lia and Holly~

Next we have Anthony, Awstin’s first kid. He has a pretty interesting face, I think his bottom half is more Awstin, and the top and coloring is definitely Wolfgang’s. I quite like him.

And here is his newest brother, Ivan! He’s really cute.

We move to Rupert’s family, with Rowan having also turned into a teen already!

And his little brother Uriel is a child.

Points so far: 439

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