3.10 A successful family

Hello Again!

Yep, I took another break from updating *sighs* work has been kicking my ass, and my internet as been acting up a lot lately, it hasn’t been fun, I assure you lol. But enough of that, you’re here to read some more about the Svartulv name game, aren’t you? So that’s exactly what I’m gonna give you!

Last time we say Khaliq turn into a cool looking teen, Oz grew into an adorable kid, and we also saw the birth of our last baby; a boy called Xzavi! With all the kids of the generation already born, now it really feels like we’re aproaching the end of the generation, and I’m still super excited about that! So, why wait? let’s jump into it and take another step closer to our third heir poll!

Knox, still fresh from the hospital as the gown he’s wearing shows, welcome us back while taking care of the newest and last baby of his generation, baby Xzavi!

And the idea was that Javon would continue to bother Alice with mischief, but when we went to talk to her, turns out their relationship got culled lol MCCC has the weirdest culling system.

So anyways, less relationship means more time to annoy ver with mischief lol so let’s get to work~

Louis is in free will most of the time, and he has taken a liking for autonomous painting on his free time. Also, as you can see, Jellybean still adores following him around, she’s the best dog~

Oz was the only kid home because his siblings were at school, and since he and Javon both need to play some chess for aspiration/work, of course they do it together. Thankfully chess was already fixed by the time I played this update, no more interminable games like Nitza’s lol.

And then Javon did some extra reading with him so he can get over that first aspiration tier.

Kids are back home! And Nitza has her A! That’s +1 for the A, and +1 for completing her aspiration!

She’s now working on rambuctious scamp~ because that’s the aspiration I thought she had before lol!

Oh, yeah, Nitza also brought home a friend! Her name is Jaleesa, she’s super pretty!

She’s also a little young to to date Nitza actually, she’s more of Oz’s age…so yeah, I may introduce her to Oz instead lol.

And then while I was pondering about that, the notification of Louis completing his aspiration popped up! Am I dreaming? I seriously stopped hoping for him to do it like two updates algo! Lol!

But I’m not complaining, congrats Louis! +5 for new aspiration!

And of course, +5 for Knox getting to level 10 of his career! These points were a team effort from these guys!

Gotta be honest, I don’t remember if I made him quit his job right after this or if I waited, but I think it was right away… I guess we’ll eventually find out lol I only remember he’s working on the engineer career in future updates.

Sometimes is weird to notice you’re in the middle of winter in Oasis Springs. I sent Nitza and Jaleesa to swim without thinking much about it, and apparently the water was freezing lol. Sorry girls.

Khal is still on charge of meals around. I love having sims with the Artistically gifted trait cook, they always fly through the levels!

Wait…here is actually when Louis completed the Pet training skill, not last chapter lol! I only remembered that he had completed it, sorry about the confusion.

Of course not counting the points now, they are already in the score lol.

I got distracted with completing Knox’s work and forgot to have him finish his reading for the new aspiration, so we catch up now that he has some extra time.

Somebody who doesn’t have extra time, though, is Louis. Apparently, his time has finally come.

Louis: “Skye, I’m finally coming love!”

Aww, yeah, honestly they deserves to be together again after all this time. Goodbye Louis, you were the best from start to finish!

So no pleading for him, just waiting for Grim to show up. Also Knox did you really had to bring food to your father’s death moment? Disrespectful!

Knox: “You’re the one who told me to come up while I was eating!”

Yeah, but that didn’t mean you had to bring the food with you! Again; disrespectful!

*sighs* well, after that moment with Knox, Louis was moved into the maussoleum, he can now rest along with Skye, Loki and our founders. I have no doubt we’re gonna be seeing him again soon!

Oh, yeah, and while I was in build mode organizing, I decided to build this little room in the basement to fit a microescope. Now we can start working on that collection too.

Ophelia got married! So sad Louis couldn’t see his last daughter get her happy ending, but se congratulate her on his name!

Also we’ll meet her new husband at the end of the chapter, I’m really curious about him!

Owwwwn Jellybean is so sad about Louis’ death! Poor girl, they were best friends after all, it makes sence.

After I saw that Nitza was inmediatly sent to cheer her up a little, as you can see, she’s saying thanks with some licks to her face ❤ so cute.

Nina was angrily haunting us tonight, but looks like Khaliq is not afraid of angry ghosts, that’s my boy lol. Nothing is stopping him from getting to know his great grandma!

Specially because we’re celebrating Winterfest today, and we know Winterfest is a time to spend with family!

Javon is starting us on the traditions by cooking some great breakfast for the whole family.

And a family breakfast is had~ I love this generation, they’re all so close and so cute together!

Decorating the tree after breakfast~

Oh! And here is when I made Knox change careers! I remember now, I was waiting until he needed diferent careers for the Rennaissense sim aspiration! He went for hot minute into the Manual labor part time job, and then he got into engineering because I haven’t tried the DU careers so far, and it has a computer branch, so it fits him.

I’ve heard the robotics skill is kinda of a pain to level up though, so we’ll see how we do about that lol.

Funfact time: I checked Khal’s school performance and noticed he’s a C student… Whoops! Looks like I forgot to have him get an elementary school A lol. We’re gonna try to correct that right away, so he’s doing his homework and extra credit right away.

Khal: “Oh yeah, spending Winterfest doing homework, that was just my dream!”

Hey! Not my fault you have school tomorrow lol! Here we usually get two weeks of vacations around christmas, but ya’know, sims.

You know, I kinda would love another baby from these two, their genetics are so interesting and mix really cool, but nope, we’re staying with the smaller household while we can lol!

Also this was the moment I cancelled the maid service. I still have no idea why my sims can’t clean up plates in this house, so the maid would just stand around for hours before going away lol.

Oh yeah, and since Knox needs to gain robotics skill now, we got the robotics table as kind of a Winterfest present. He had fun creating some mechanisms, and then got electrocuted lol! Definitely won’t be the last time.

Gotta be honest… I have no idea why I took this picture lol but hey, another pic of Khaliq! I love Khaliq, he’s a fun sim. And as you can see, he’s now free of homework lol he can enjoy the rest of his afternoon.

Just like his siblings are doing. I ADORE when kids play with this thing, it’s so adorable! Also Oz would be a good doctor, I’m gonna consider it if he’s chosen heir lol.

And Nitza works on getting a high score un her videogame. I kinda love this is a way to train motor skill, it makes sence, but it’s videogames lol that’s my kind of stuff.

We finally got a new space print! Boy do these come rare lately lol. It’s a really pretty one too. I love space prints.

And it was finally time for Father Winter to visit! So the whole family took turns to ask for a present, and then they followed Jellybean’s lead and went to bed lol.

And Winterfest ended up with a Bang when Father Winter was abducted by aliens a little later lol. I wonder if he’s gonna be having an alien baby.

Skye visits that night! And she decides to put food out from the fridge and leave it on the counters lol.

Then she went and lit up the fire pit for some reason lol. I’m glad she didn’t broke anything today though, so no complains from me!

Have I mentioned how much I love doggies sleepimg/laying down on their beds? So cute!

Though to be fair I do love doggies sleeping in any places. And doggies in general lol.

Apparently Knox needs to listen to a robotics class for his work task today, so we crashed Foxbury Institute. This is actually my first time here lol for the type of challenges I tend to play, and the fact I’m in the middle of generations in most of them, I haven’t really had time to play around university lol can you believe it?

While he took care of that, we also brought Javon here so he can complete his work task of spreading conservation awareness around. He’s chatting up Tane Ngata right now.

And then he took the chance to clog the drains ay the cafeteria before going back home! Another thing checked off from his aspiration.

Knox’s class was very long though, and we got the notification for Xzavi’s birthday while waiting, so Javon and I went back to the house, Knox is gonna have to catch us later lol.

Time to meet our last possible heir! Happy birthday Xzavi!

Here we have him! Sporting the same stricking no-hair look than his father! What? They do have hair but it just looks too similar to the wall’s color? Could’ve fooled me lol!

Well, tes, Xzavi was the second baby to inherit Javon’s blue hair! That alone gives him a ton of extra points already lol. He has Knox’s brown eyes to keep things even, and grew up with the Charmer trait! It really suits him!

Growing up out of the way, he starts his toddlerhood by joining dad to watch the season’s tv premiere. That doesn’t really look like the kind of stuff a toddler should be watching!

Javon: “What? He likes it!”

Xzavi: “mummy! Mummy!”

Well… I guess he is right about that.

Tradition completed, Javon is free to be distracted by his adorable doggie ❤ it’s so adorable when they jump like this to their owners!

And once Jellybean has all the attention she wanted, Javon starts skilling mischief on the PC while Xzavi gets a headstart on thinking skill by watching him. A very productive first couple of hours for this toddler!

The rest of the kids are finally back home! And Khal managed to bring us his high school B today! Still a long way to the A, but we have more than enough time.

Also, as you can see the kids are still sad about Louis passing away. Can’t blame them.

They also all needed fun desperately, so a party game session was in order for them.

And then we got an invite call from Lia asking to hang out at her home, and I said “why not?” so here we are!

Knox stayed outside catching up with his sister, and meanwhile the kids and Javon met the rest of the family, and took the chance to watch the season premiere together.

Nitza specially enjoyed making friends with cousin Isobel. It’s nice having the kids spend time with the extended family!

Whoops lol Xzavi was wearing a CC hat I got and apparently is broken right now, so he turned into a shadow baby lol.

A quick trip into CAS fixed him quick at least, I guess we’ll have to wait before using that cc again.

Knox helps Oz with his homework so he can get the “do homework while focused” part of his aspiration checked out~

Oh yeah, this was my first time getting a sentiment since getting Snowy escape, so I had to document it! Sentiments are really cool, but I do hope there was a way to make negative ones go away quicker *sighs* they are wrecking some good havoc in some of my saves lol.

Ozbej works on making his emocional potions, and Xzavi keeps going around the house watching people. I believe Thinking was the first skill he mastered, which is not bad, is usually one of the last ones I get lol.

Khal comes home from school and has to go to work almost inmediatly, so usually his fun need is tanked by the time he’s back, and his other needs are pretty bad too lol it’s not easy working fast food!

Thankfully multitasking is a think in this game lol I don’t remember what I used to do when I couldn’t have them watch tv and eat at the same time.

And then some chatting with his sister to get both of them social need up. He’s kneeling on the floor because he was also doing his homework, multitasking for the win!

It’s Louis’ first night haunting! He decides to stay true to his geek self and plays on the computer lol.

The laundry machines are bugged *sighs* I love having laundry, but it’s so annoying how much they bug. Thankfully I read online that putting them in your inventory and taking them out again fix this, because I really didn’t want to go through their upgrades again lol.

The reunion we all wanted to see, Jellybean has the chance to spend time with her best bud Louis again! This melted my heart ❤

Promotion for Javon! Now he needs even more Logic skill lol wish us luck with that.

Mmmm game? Can you explain me why it looks like Knox doesn’t know his own big brother who he was also best friends with? No? Anything to say for yourself?

*sighs* seriously the relationship culling is ridiculous lately lol.

Thankfully the boys were able to get their relationship back with the help of the Polite introduction lol. Still annoying though.

Bath time with toddlers is the best time of the day~

Keisha came to visit today, but saddly it was while Khal was at work, so Ozbej takes the task to entertain her while his older brother comes back.

Jellybean takes the task to make sure she’s safe for Oz to be around lol we love a protective doggie.

Can I say how much I loooooove this cute little outfits that came with snowy escape? Specially this rainbow one! It’s now on the list of ‘clothing I gotta make sure I don’t give to all my kids’ lol.

Xzavi really doesn’t like being alone up in his room. I took the food up there so he didn’t need to go the whole way downstairs to grab ir, and he still decided to go down so he could eat with the rest of the family, I think it’s adorable! And also it helps with his movement skill.

Khaliq has maxed his teen career! +1 for that, thanks a lot Khal!

He’s now just missing his A!

To celebrate he invited Keisha, who was still hanging around the house, to play some videogames.

And also Khal finally went ahead and tried some flirting with her this time, I think he was telling her a flirty joke lol he’s such a dork, I love him.

Obligatory toddler cuteness picture~ gotta love roughousing with the little ones!

Traci and Rupert are expecting again! Love how the family keeps giving us more and more cousins lol.

I would love if Ophelia would have some kids of her own soon though, I wanna see her genetics carry on!

Khal and Keisha still hanging around. Did I mention how much I like them together? I think they’re my most shipped couple for thi generation! I know that doesn’t say a lot to you since they’re the only couple you’ve seen so far, but I know who the rest of the kids are gonna be dating later, and these two are still just special lol.

Another night, another try at the robotics table that ends up with electrocution lol this thing is really dangerous.

Holly and Lia had their third baby! Welcome to the family, Atticus!

Louis used to be the one always un charge of Jellybean’s baths, so now the responsability falls onto Javon’s shoulders. Also not sure why Javon is in charge when Jellybean is technically Knox’s dog… Gotta remember that next time lol.

Today it’s Nitza’s birthday! She’s still missing just a quarter of a point to max the motor skill though, so we’ll work on that after breakfast and then she can blow the candles!

Keeping up with the skills I want Knox to max out, I had totally forgetting about the music protuction one lol thankfully I believe this one is only 5 levels, and he’s already on level 4.

Aaaand skill maxed with the power of dancing! That’s +1 for the skill, and +1 for the aspiration! You’re the best Nitza~

And now we move on with the shoe~ it’s cake time!

Apparently I got distracted and didn’t take a pic of her blowing her candles, so you get the glowie age up pic instead lol.

And after a makeover, here she is! Man she looks totally like a female Javon/Malcolm Landgraab! Those genes are really strong apparently lol.

Nitza oficially gained the Digo Lover trait, so more love for Jellybean! And her adult aspiration will be Fabulously wealthy.

And this is were we are stopping for today! This was a pretty long and pretty eventful update, so I hope you had fun with us! Next chapter, we’re meeting Nitza’s future SO lol we’re also meeting little Xzavi as a kid, and of course, ending with our next heir poll! I hope you’re ready to help us decide who’s gonna take over the legacy, I can’t wait to know!

For now, take care, have fun, and happy simming everyone!

Family Updates:

This is Dallas, Ophelia’s new husband! He’s a pretty handsome guy so I hope we get to see some kids from this two soon!

Marison and Sinbad’s first set of twins, Iker and Ivanna, are teens! They definitely got Sinbad’s face there! that wide face and strong jaw comes directly from Salem, and those puffy lips are definitely Nina’s! It’s great to see the original genes are going strong in the family!

Next we have Ansel Fabulous, Yvaine’s youngest, he surely gives honor to his name, he’s a pretty fabulous kid.

And we finish today with Awstin and Wolfgang’s kids. This is Wren.

Then Tommy…

And their younger sister, Stella! She’s a fussy toddler, so I think the red shirt it’s pretty on point with her lol I usually dress my fussy toddlers on red.

Points so far: 429 (I wonder if we can get to 450 before next generation, gotta work on that!)

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