2.13 Going out with a Bang!

Hello there! After resting from this family for the lenght of our heir poll, we’re now ready to go back in!

But, who was chosen as generation 3 leader you ask? Well, after counting all the votes from both Boolprop and here, our winner was…


Honestly, I’m super surprised about this! I didn’t think he would win, specially taking into account he’s the one with the shortest name lol but looks like you like him as much as me, no complaining!

Knox got 4 votes, followed closely by Yvaine with 3, and then Sinbad with 2! None of the youngest got votes this time, I guess you all knew well who you likes *winks*

So, this means we have a little while longer to play before changing generations~ probably just one more chapter, so we better start right now!

And we are starting today with a trip to the Stargazer Lounge. If You Remember, last chapter ended right at Simbad’s birthday, so now it’s time for him to get a good start at life before moving out…

Marisol was aged to to Young adult too, so time to turn up the charm and see if we can get them together~ Sinbad starts by giving her a romantic gift. I think it was a space print, I love those.

Awwwwwn that message is adorable! She’s a keeper Sinbad, you’ll be happy together~

I think I chose a good place to do this, just look at that view! Though there could be some better lightning lol.

Things were going great between them, so we took the courage to ask the big question!

And Marisol said yes! You have no idea how happy I am that Sinbad found her!

A quick elopement a voilá! Everyone, meet mr and mrs Svartulv-Brantley! Now yo hope they have tons of cute kids~ Imma try to keep an eye on the extended family this generation.

And after giving both of them some quick make-overs, they move together to this cute home at Del Sol Valley! It made sence for them to live there since Sinbad wants to be an actor. Their cute little home was found in the gallery, made by CleverCuttleFish!

And then is back to the main house! Where Louis welcomed us with the news he just mastered the cooking skill!! This is a pretty good start for us. +1

Yvaine is working on getting the last point of fitness skill to get a promotion, hopefully she will tomorrow~

And Rupert is looking really pleased with himself because he apparently just completed our Easter eggs collection!

At least I got the pop up that it was completed, but I remember there being two rare eggs…So then I looked on the collections tab and it shows that I’m missing two so… I’m confused… I’m not sure if I should count the points.

Also, while looking at the collections tab I also noticed that apparently all of our collections disapeared from there somehow, it marks me as 0 collections completed and just like 3 started… I’m frustrated!! It doesn’t really matter with the ones I already completed because I have the pictures to prove it, but like the MySim trophies where I was only missing one or the space prints? How am I gonna keep track of progress there?

Well, anyways. Lia is trying to get her relationship with Holly to best friend status. Honestly. I doubt she’s gonna complete this aspiration because this relationship is going up slowly lol but we’re trying~

She did at least got to level 10 social skill, so yay for that +1!

Loki keeps being best boy and looking adorable as ever~ I love this dog.

And looks like Awstin decided to wake up at 5 AM because he had the revelation that he’s been  a bear all along lol I support you Awstin, you’re an adorable bear!

Awstin: “Bear aren’t adorable! They’re big and scary!”

I love this kid, he’s a cutie~ He was honestly my second favorite to heirship lol.

And speaking of heirship, where is our current heir in all of this?

He’s apparently very invested in enjoying his breakfast lol How’s it going Knox? Do you have something to say to the readers?

Knox: “Yes! With the help of this spoon I will bring glory to this family!”

I think he kinda lost it with the excitement of winning lol I’m having a blast because this pic just reminds me of this:

Yeah, I know I’m super dumb and easily amused lol.

I wanted to take a pic of these sibblins sharing breakfast, but apparently Knox think he’s now too cool to hang out with his sisters.

Knox: “Sorry, I have very important heir-things to do.”

… I really think this is getting too much into his head lol.

Louis needed to give a speach uptown, so we took our two social butterflies so they can meet some people for their aspiration.

I was tooootally gonna keep working on the kids skills when this call entered Knox’ phone… and I mean, who am I to deny our future main couple some time to themselves? Of course we had to say yes!

Looks like Knox isn’t the only one who’s really happy with the outcome of the poll lol.

Javon: “I want to say thanks to all the people who voted to let me inside this legacy, you made the right choice.”

They really make such a cute couple, even with styles so diferent!

The date was short because Knox had work that day, and I really wanted him to go to work because if he doesn’t get a promotion today he’s not topping it. So we went back to the house, and found that apparently the rain is the perfect weather for the kids to enjoy the playground lol #SimsLogic.

But speaking of promotions, Yvaine actually came home with one today! +1 for that, I love you Yvaine! Also, that’s a really cool new swimsuit~

Aric came to visit and Skye is really happy to meet her brother! I’ve been really missing this guys lately, another reason I want to keep more in touch with the extended family in future generations.

Awwwn looks like they’re holding hands in this picture! Awstin is working on becoming Rupert’s best friend for his aspiration~ that hopefully is gonna be quicker than Lia with Holly.

And Knox did managed to top his career later that night!! +1 more points for today~ Know he has completed all of his teenage goals, so we’re just waiting for his birthday~

Salem haunted that night and decided to pick up Yvaine’s guitar, I totally didn’t expect that!

Also this picture reminded me to erase the experimental food pictures that got bugged lol since the collection got re-started anyways, it doesn’t matter if I keep them.

Aaaaand then this happened. Funfact: while Sinbad moving out put us back to 8 sims in the household, I totally forgot to take out that extra space from MCCC, so this abduction could actually result in pregnancy!

A part of me is super excited at the posibility of my first alien baby, and the other is a little annoyed that it’s gonna be an “oops” baby after we finished with all the lettered kids for the generation lol!

Salem is in a dstructive mood today, she also broke two sinks and a shower on the second floor *sighs*

Louis came back from his trip with the aliens, and pregnant or not, he still can’t escape his pet owner duties! so he’s taking Loki out for a jog.

Knox is gonna be in charge of our garden next gen, so he’s starting with the skill. He loves outdoors so apparently he really likes the responsability, good for him!

*sighs* I really love Winderburg and really love this house, but this neighborhood is suuuuper annoying when it comes to jog or taking dogs for a walk! It’s so big that my sims always end up getting lost and it takes them forever to get back home, hence Louis’ little accident here. I’m determinated to stay here at least for another generation, but we’ll see I guess…

Playing videogames to have a good start on his aspiration. I love that his aspiration/work actually ask him to play games lol that’s my kind of life.

Oh yeah, we added Yvaine’s portrait to the wall today! I think it’s a really good portrait! +1

This two are seriously adorkable lol I ship them so hard you have no idea.

And things seem to be going great between them, we finally made it to first kiss territory!

Meawhile that was happening, Lia was having a birthday on the next room! She didn’t managed to complete her second aspiration, but oh, well, she’s still doing great!

And here we have her after her makeover~  I modelled her after one of my OCs and decided to keep her non-fully transitioned, unlike Artemis King will be. I think she looks very stylish!

Her new trait is Vegetarian yikes, and her adult aspiration is Joke star!

And then this play session got into a sad note as Loki decided it was his time to lay down *cries and hugs him* I’m not ready to see you go buddy…

Oh, yeah, we’re in the middle of the sadness here and everything, but I randomly caught Louis’ stomach glowing and we know what that means right? We’re finally getting an alien baby!!

I wanted to try to plead for Loki’s life, but the option never appeared, maybe you can’t do it with pets? Or maybe is just my game being dumb… but anyways, there was nothing else to do… you will be missed Loki, you were the best boy for this family.

So of course we laid him to rest in the maussoleum, someday Louis and Skye are gonna join him here. For now, he has Nina and Salem to keep him company.

The strange lights appeared again that night. I guess the aliens wanted to make sure there’s a baby in there? lol  well, nothing to do about it, he’s not gonna get any more pregnant.

Rupert and Awstin are finally best friends! Now Rupert is finally free to go back to working on his own aspiration lol thanks for your work Rup!

A cute sister hug! Because the only girls of the family have to be together!

Also, seeing Yvaine waring her work uniform made me remember to give Lia a job too, so she’s now working on the retail career because she seems to be the extrovert and stylish type~

And this is how our heir goes to school lol I’m not impressed with his ability to take care of himself lol.

Because we now have a vegetarian in the house, we’re working on filling the frdge with vegetarian-safe meals. Because Lia already tried to eat meat twice and she has been a teen for a day. Dumb sims.

I took my eyes out of Louis for a couple minutes and this is where I found him next thing. He’s mourning Loki and it honestly breaks my heart… I miss him too Louis *hugs*

Javon came home today and we found out he’s apparently already a young adult! I’m surprised, I was convinced that he was younger than Knox lol. We flagged him for no marriage and no kids until Knox grows up, I’m not risking to lose him due to MCCC!

Yvaine has been really struggling to get her high school A. She already has the needed skills and always does her homework, and lately she has even been working hard at school, so no idea why. Today she’s gonna work extra hard by doing her extra credit, because if she doesn’t come with an A tomorrow, we’re officially not getting those points from her!

Heeeey we didn’t need to wait too long for Loki to pay a visit! Hello again buddy! stay as long as you want! And please behave better than Salem and Nina do, we don’t need more broken plumbing lol.

We got the notification for Knox’ birthday!! And I’m wondering if I should let him sleep until morning or if I’m too impatient and I’m gonna make him age up at 4 AM again lol.

Awwwn I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t sold Loki’s stuff, I always forget ghost dogs also need food and all that. I’m wondering if I should get another dog for next gen because Knox is also a dog lover, but I’m not sure so far, what do you guys think?

And yeah, I’m definitely too impatient to wait until morning lol so Knox is blowing his candles right know! At least he has Loki to celebrate with him, Loki is a good boy.

And thisis where we are gonna stop for today, because we’re officially over with generation two! Knox has grown up adding Loner as his final trait, and next time his reign as main sim starts! I’m super excited, I already looked up names for all his kids lol.

So anyways, next time we’re having many birthdays! maybe a wedding with Javon? And of course, we’re having the birth of Louis’ alien baby! Who else is excited?!}

Knox: “So I become heir just to be eclipsed by my half-sister? Not fair!”

Well, sorry, but it’s my first alien baby ever! Let me enjoy! And speaking of the alien baby, should they count for points like all the other kids? I was thinking about not counting them for the letter points because I already have all six lettered children, but what about helicopter parent or portrait points? I don’t want them to feel excluded lol they’re part of the family.

I’m gonna reflect on that until next update lol for now, I hope you enjoyed this one and the end of Skye’s generation! Who I just noticed is pictured too little in this update lol I’m sorry Skye! She was mostly doing work stuff so it was not really interesting but…now I feel bad lol. We’ll see eachother soon!

Until then, take care and happy simming!

Points so far: 317

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