2.12 Into the unknown~

Hey there! And welcome back to what may be the last chapter of the generation!

Last chapter we celebrated Winterfest, which came along with Knox’ teen birthday! And we also saw Skye finally turning into and adult and Awstin into a child!

We’re having our second heir poll at the end of this chapter, but first we’ll have to play all the way to Sinbad’s adult birthday! that should be around a week if I remember correctly, so we have quite a while to go. Better start off because this is gonna be a loooong update!!

We start this update with Yvaine giving some autonomous love to Loki! It’s great having si many dog lovers un the house, there’s always someone to play with the puppy~

Said puppy was getting restless, so since Knox was already up, he was tasked yo take him on a jog~

Meanwhile, Yvaine got to work on her aspiration, She’s already on the final tiene of this one, but still a little short on creativity.

Yikes, this kitchen is a mess! I hate how it looks when the oven gets dirty lol it’s really disgusting

The house was so much of a mess that we decided to hire a one-time maid. I should think about getting them and scheduled one for next generation, but usually the kids are good at cleaning their own messes and that help with character values so… I’ll think about it.

It’s friday, and Awstin doesn’t have school until monday, so we give him a good start on his aspiration meanwhe.

Louis came to join them soon after. I think Awstin probably enjoyed a lot having his parents attention all for himself for a change!

Yeah Rupert is also in the house, but he was sleeping xD.

The kidscalways come home bored yo death from school! I mean, I get them, school sucks, but it’s so weird that is all of them, every day! So a quick videogame party is in order as soon as they come, specially because Sinbad has only 30 minutes before going to Drama club.

Also yeah the maid is hanging around too lol Louis befriended her to try and get her vote and she decided to stay for a while. She also won’t vote for Louis…that’s rude!

Oh yeah, Yvaine brought Nixon home from school today! I really love him guys, they make a pretty cute couple and seriously he hasn’t even been mean to her so far!

That blackhaired kid is Roger and he came home with Sinbad, I’m considering him as his spouse but I’m not sure so far…

Look at Louis being a amazing dad and playing dolls with Rupert! I love when they play together.

Friday night, and because I still haven’t been working enough in Skye’s aspiration, we went into a small trip yo Selvadorada!

Skye needed a little nap before going to explore, so Louis is using that time to help Rupert with his skills. His birthday is aproaching and the trip probably won’t help to get them him ready xD

We made a quick stop at the plaza to buy some extra suplies, and Skye took the chance to try a meal from the secret menu. I didn’t knew that was a thing!

And then time to go exploring~

I think this is the first time I go to the plane crash area! It looks awesome like everything from this pack! I love it!

Also Skye finally got attacked by insects! And because she has Selvadoradian culture maxed, she was able to get rid of them with some local ritual and got a happy moodlet from it!

These planta took me by surprise when que made it to the temple! The ones I visit with my random legacy family never have something like this, but apparently, is because this is a Temple of Abundance, that’s nice! I didn’t knew there we’re different types!

This was one of those really lucky trips, Skye was able to get throught all of the traps without siffering any curses, even if she didn’t discover the right switch with the examine option!

She also got a blessing! I think I’ve seen this before, it pass from one sim to another and makes them happy if I remember correctly.

Also, yeah we’re missing New year’s Eve, it’s a shame but I really want to complete this temple today so we’re home tonorrow for Yvaine’s birthday.

Making friends with “Boneita” and loving the pun btw lol Bonita is the spanish word for Pretty.

This wall decor looked important. so I had Skylar investigate it before going for the tresure chests. Not sure if it was actually important, but it did help her to gain another level in archeology, so yay!

And exploration completed! Skye got quite a few cool things! We’re slowly advancing with the selvadoradian collections!

Sadly, she still needs another chance to defend herselft from the jungle dangers, so we’re still far from completting her aspiration, but progress is progress!

So it was time to go back home! Where it looks like spring is finally settling in~ Also look at all those seed packages that were under the snow lol! I finally sold them all after this pic.

Skye chatted with Larry while taking care of the garden! I miss Larry, he was a ot of fun!

I just love to see the kids interacting, specially when I have a teen interacting with a toddler, so cute!

Welcome to another chapter of “Salem being excited because she finally has Outdoor retreat” lol I’m just enjoying that Skye can now cook new recipies, I think she was making cobler.

This is Yvaine completing her five hours of playing the violing, and with that completing her aspiration! +2 points and now she’s ready for hey birthday! Just waiting for the notification.

Skye works on uncovering the stuff she found on the trip. Saddly, she got two duplicates, but we also got some new stuff!

Then I decided to take a brave step, and let Knox try his hand ay cooking…

Knox: “What are you talking about? I’m only making a salad!”

Well, yeah. I’m being brave, not stupid! #KeepTheTeensAwayFromStovesAndGrills.

Louis secured Knox’ vote, so far that’s 2/2!

So, looks like I never got Yvaine’s notification, but when I went to check on her simology panel her age bar was already bubbling, better not lose more time!

I had to take this pre-make over pick just to show Yvaine’s terrible fashion choices lol this just made me laugh when I saw her with those big sunglasses and the printed kneesocks and shorts xD

But anyway, a quick trip to CAS quick is just a saying, it took my at least 30 minutes, as always xD here we have Yvaine all grown up! I tried to gave her a cool and sport-y look because she gained the Active trait, and got back the curly hair she had as a kid. I love her honestly! I think so far she’s the one who has inherited more of Louis’ genes! Her aspiration is gonna be Musical Genius!

She got a job as a lifeguard because she’s active, so I think she’s gonna enjoy gaining fitness skill for her promotions.

Look at Louis sharing a moment with all his teen kids! I just love when the family hangs around the table xD

Yup, Skye’s blessing is that one that keeps passing from sim to sim lol that’s good I think! At least it gives them an extra happpy moodlet!

I decided to have the kids start on their adult skills in case any of them gets chosen heir, so Knox started programing and Yvaine is learning guitar.

Looks like the kids were not the only ones getting birthdays this play session! That’s right, our beloved Loki is now an elder, it’s gonna hurt to see him go!

Hi Salem! I like you a lot more when you’re cleaning instead of breaking my stuff!

Of course she ended up breaking stuff afterwards… but I think it’s funny that she haunted her favorite bathtub first thing lol.

Then she decided to spend some time with her grandkids, this is one of the positive parts of ghost in the game!

Mathias, Aric’s husband, turned out into Louis’ 20th vote secured! He now meets almost every requirement for his last promotion! he’s only missing half a point on Charisma skill!

Which he got just a little bit later! +5 points from being the first sim maxing the charisma skill! He now should be getting his last promotion within the following days!

Today was an amazing day for points! This is the day that Sinbad, Knox and Lia all came home with As! +3 points for that!

And also because Lia had the Whiz kid aspiration, this also completed that for her! +2 more points!

Random pic of Yvaine taking Loki out for a jog, just because I wanted to say that I love that athletic outfit from her lol.

Lia is now working on the Social butterfly aspiration, so I had Knox invite the girl he met last chapter, Holly, so Lia can start working on becoming her friend. And maybe something more later, she’s pretty!

We got the notification that it’s almost Rupert’s birthday, so we’re hard at work to get him his last points! After this he’s only missing Imagination and Thinking!

And Louis topped his career!! This is another first time for me, and +5 More points for him today!

Knox woke up early and his needs we’re pretty good today, so he’s being a good brother and reading a couple stories to Rup before going to school. Seriously he strikes me as a good caretaker for some reason lol.

He was still missing a liiiiittle bit more, but sitting to read a book did the trick! another top notch toddler ! +5

I lost the pic of him blowing up his candles because I suck at being a watcher got distracted, so instead here’s a pic of his growing up screen!

But here is him all grown up! He’s keeping the same hairstyle he had as  a toddler because I feel it suits him, and he’s a total cutie~

He starts working on his aspiration right away with Louis help. This actually completes another goal in Louis’ aspiration! I think at this point he only needs to have a kid top a career and he’ll be done with this aspiration!

Yvaine brought Nixon from school again, and looks like he’s all grown up too! He’s a little skinnier than I expected, but I like him, and most importantly, Yvaine does too! We learnt that his new trait is Loner

Which doesn’t make much sence because he always ends up looking for the other kids in the house lol I think Nixon has all his traits mixed up.

Oh yeah, and he wasn’t the only visitant we had! Blue-haired kid from the park came home with Knox! And I already love them as a couple guys, they look like that slightly awkward and wholesome type of couple in this pic!

But anyways, this is a slightly better shot of him I got! His name is Javon Landgraab, in case his face wasn’t enough to make it clear he’s Malcolm’s son! Seriously, he has his dad’s whole face!

I finally got to make good paintings of Sinbad and Knox! +2

And yes, Sinbad is sleeping in his painting because it was seriously the only way I caught a good shot at him lol I tried to paint him like three times before and I just couldn’t make him turn towards the painter lol.

Oh, come on!! Why Louis only gets abducted now that we don’t even have space in the house for an alien baby?!! Dumb aliens… *keeps mumbling in annoyance*

Wow, Sinbad’s chance cards are really something lol honestly, I had him steal to make a nice ser, I just feel like he’s the kind of guy who would do anything for art, and after all, teenagers are pretty reckless xD it worked out pretty well for him too!

I really love to cook for the pets xD I would do it in real life for my dog too, but honestly, real life Salem sucks in the kitchen xD

Sinbad got another promotion at the Drama club!! I was super excited because I thought that meant he had topped the career and we could count his points, but nope! apparently Drama club has four levels, that’s good to know to prepare better in the future xD

I checked on Louis’ skills to see if he had some other ones that he could master soon, but so far looks like cooking and pet training are his closest ones. So now he’s back at training some tricks to Loki in his apare time, he’s currently trying to get him to roll!

And Loki doesn’t look very excited in this shot lol but don’t worry, he gets a lot of cuddles and prizes everytime he learns something new.

We had a quick outing to the park, and while Lia was working on meeting five sims for her aspiration, Sinbad finally met a really pretty teen! Her name is McKinley, and I loved her…until we found one of her traits was Evil…

…And contrary to Nixon’s Mean trait, hers showed up really quickly! So we better said goodbye to her, not dealing with that in a realtionship!

Then, right as we were ready to go, a second teen appeared! Everyone, meet Marisol! Sinbad went to say hello to her before we returned home, and looks like her traits are Love outdoors and Geek! that’s definitely a lot better than Evil! She also responded quite well to Sinbad’s flirting, so looks promising so far! We’ll see if things keep moving foward in the next couple of days.

Not the best picture of Knox I have taken lol but I just wanted to say that I’m happy to see someone enjoying the pool! We’ve been in cold climate most of this generation so I haven’t got enough time to use it!

Yes! We got a trashplant! that’s one less to get that full collection! And yes the plant is inside a fence so nobody would try to clean the trash lol.

While everyone was at school, I spotted this girl walking in front of the house and I sent Skye to meet her because pink hair! I think she could be a great spouse candidate for either Awstin or Rupert if they get chosen!

Right now we know that her name is Lilith, and she’s a klepto lol and with that I already love her!

Sinbad got a call from Marisol iviting him out on a date! So just like it happened with Skye and Louis, I took it like a sign that she must be the one!

God they’re a really cute couple!

They even made it to First kiss territory! I’m so happy that Sinbad finally met the right person!

The invisible monster is attacking again… So annoying *sighs*

Today is Springfest~ and apparently the Flower Bunny also thinks that this little niche behind the fireplace is the perfect place to hang out lol.

Awstin came home with his A and completed his first aspiration! +3 points for us!

At this point se already had recieved Sinbad’s birthday notification, but he was just soooo close to getting his last promotion at the Drama club, that I decided to risk it and sent him to the final session~

And he did it! He got his final promotion! Thanks for that +1 extra point Sinbad!

Also Louis is outside too because apparently Sinbad was gonna act in a play and the game told me to send family with him, I thought it was adorable.

And with that, it was finally time for Sinbad to blew out his candles! And I think this shot is right where we are gonna stop! We made it to the mark I wanted to reach!

So anyways, this marks the Heir poll point! This time I’m including both a WordPress Poll and a Boolprop one, so go to your prefered version and make your voice heard! 😀 They’re both gonna be open for a week, I’m super curious about who’s gonna win this time!

Points so far: 313 (That’s a great place to finish this up! This chapter was points gallore!)

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  1. Wow, look at those points!!! You’ve done great!!!! Wonderful job so far, very excited to go pick an heir, although it’s going to be a little bit hard to decide who. 🙂 I have an idea though.


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