3.1 The extra baby

Hello again! I hope you’re having a great day!

Me? Well, I’m super excited because today we’re starting generation 3 of this game! I honestly suck at legacy playstiles so it’s a great step to me to go past generation 2 lol and with how much I like this family, looks like we’re on good track for more!

So anyways, last time we said goodbye to Sinbad as he grew up and got married, we also said goodbye to Loki as he was laid to rest in the maussoleum, got the news we’re having an alien baby! And finally, got to Knox’s adult birthday!

Wheew, that really was an exciting chapter, so time to see if this one manages too! Let’s find out~

Here we have our guy Knox after his quick make over to start. I couldn’t bring myself to change his hair because I just love how this one looks on him, so I just updated a couple of his outfits to give him a business casual/entrepreneur vibe.

I also took a quick trip to build mode to update the Previous main sim room with Skye&Louis’ style.

And the main room also got a make over to make it look more…modern I guess? I think it suits a Tech guru pretty well!

Speaking of Tech gurus, Knox’s first action was to get a job in the tech guru career. I’m still not sure if I want him to go into Entrepreneur or E-sports Gamer, but thankfully we have time to decide since it branches at level… 7 I think? xD

So anyway, for now he works on getting up his programing skill. I love that he can make plugins and mods with this skill btw! I don’t play that much with it for some reason and I’ve been missing out lol.

Skye is getting pretty high in the Handiness skill! She already can make our consoles unbreakable!

… It’s Louis who I’m currently worried about. Louis, honey, is that spoiled food?

Louis: “It is? Oh, well, it’s still tasty I think!”

…and I think whatever the aliens did to him really messed up his head lol.

Oh, look at that! I haven’t tried a lot of the Ilustrative paintings so far, but that one looks awesome! We’re keeping it!

The kids are back from school, and sadly Yvaine didn’t get her A today! That makes her The first kid in the challenge who won’t be getting us high school A points.

Yvaine: “Well, I wanted to be different, I’m gonna be a star after all.”

I guess someone is really into her music career lol.

This little guy on the other hand, did bring us an A today! +1 for Rupert!

And not only that, but this picture shows him completing the last picture he needed for his aspiration! +2 more! Rupert really wants to be MVP this chapter!

He’s now gonna work on Rambunctious Scamp, we’ll see if he completes it too!

Lia brought Holly from school today again, and damn this girl grew up pretty! I love her, they’re definitely becoming girlfriends lol.

Yvaine also brought home Nixon. They’re hanging out in the toddler room because Nixon’s loner trait was making him tense outside. As soon as they got inside here he returned to be the sweetest Mean sim ever lol.

Just a random pic of Knox and Rup hanging out, because I just love this family~

Seriously? Again Louis?! Where are You getting all that spoiled food anyways?!

We later find out it somehow was in his inventory and throw it away, hopefully he now decides to eat fresh food again.

LOL! While working on getting Awstin and Rupert to best friends, I made them partners in crime too, and I noticed they had the option to “plan to shove jocks in the lockers” ir something like that, and I thought it was hilarious and fitting because they’re both geeks. I love that he even got money from this lol Awstin is a bully!

Louis is back to making Friends with a mixologist for his work stuff. I feel I’m probably gonna start sending him to work instead of having him work from home, the kids are mostly grown up by now and Skye is also in the house, so it may be less of a hassle than having to travel all the time for his work tasks.

For now, he enjoyed trying the bubble blower at San Myshuno, because that’s totally what a pregnant dude should do lol.

Austin keeps working on his second aspiration. Today he brought home cousin Cliff to make friends! He’s one of Larry’s kids, I think he looks a lot like his dad!

Awstin’s birthday is getting close, so dad went ahead and baked him a cake. Now we’re ready, but I think we can manage the second aspiration first!

So I had Awstin take a vacation day from school to keep working. Thankfully, the “Chat with…” Option in the PC is great to build relationships for this aspiration! At this point I think he just needs one child friend and one adult friend.

But then we got the notification that someone is in labor~ wake up Louis is time to meet our alien baby!!

Louis: “Time to meet our what?!”

Oh yeah, I probably should have told him sooner lol.

I love this picture lol Louis looks so dramatic!

Louis: “Oooooow Doctor! It hurts so much!!!”

Skye: “You’r a baby! I had to go throught that six times and you didn’t hear me complaining!” 

But even with that, Skye did freak out like a good “father” lol I love the role reversal!

Doctor: “Ok! The baby is almost here!”

*Holds breath*

It’s a girl!!! And if I’m not mistaken she has the purplish blue skin tone! Everyone, say hi to our little girl Ophelia Svartulv! She was named after one of Uranus’ moons, and her name starts with O to follow with Louis’ letters. Yes, this implies I consider Loki as one of Louis’ kids, no I don’t regret that and I don’t take criticism lol.

Awwwn look at Louis, he loves his little girl.

Louis: “I mean, alien or not, she’s beautiful and she is mine.”

That’s the spirit Louis! You’re always a great dad!

Ophelia got her super cool alien bassinet and was placed in Skye and Louis’ bedroom. They’re her parents, they take care of her!

Or at least that was the idea, but both of them had work sooo big brother Knox steps up to feed her.

Knox: “You know, I wouldn’t mind having a couple of these of my own.”

Do you mean having kids… Or having alien kids? Because honestly the plan before your father was abducted was to have you or Javon get pregnant with an alien baby.

Knox: “… Honestly, at this point I feel like I’m ok with any of the options.”

Yay! I knew I liked Knox for a reason~

And meanwhile, in the next room Awstin finally made his second adult friend, completing the Social Butterfly aspiration! +2 more points for today.

So now it’s finally time for his birthday~! I’m super excited for him to be a teen!

Because he’s such a cute teen! I don’t know why but I just love his looks lol I think he’s a handsome boy! He added the Snob trait and the Party Animal aspiration to his simology, so I tried to give him this “snobby rich kid” vibe to his appearance, but don’t worry, he’s still a sweetheart on the inside!

And his first teen action is to take a nap lol I don’t blame him, I did wake him up early to keep working.

Besides, Knox had to work too and Skye had an art class to give, so Awstin was in charge of the new baby for a couple hours.

Skye is back~ and when I sent her to take care of the garden she actually maxed her Gardening skill!! That’s a new one, so +5 points for Skye!

I just noticed that Lia doesn’t hace a level 3 skill for school lol so we’re working on that by having her use the observatorio. Hopefully se get some new space prints too!

Knox came back with a promotion! He’s doing as good as his mother did.

And he celebrated by inviting Jabón over for a MySims racing session. #RelationshipGoals.

Oh yeah, before I forgot about it I got Awstin a job on the retail career because it fits him lol. He’s now co-workers with Lia!

Goodness this two just keep being adorable! I can’t wait for Javon to move in once Yvaine grows up!

Lia invited Holly over but then she had to go to work, so Holly decided to chat with Rupert while they wait for her return, it’s nice to see Holly is already bonding with the family!

Javon was caught on his way to either the grill, or the maussoleum lol none of the options sound great to me, so we better distract him. Knox is trying the “kiss in the rain” interaction.

Awstin gets his Charisma up to level 2 for work~ he already has level 3 Videogaming for school, si he’s good to go!

And, it’s Love day! The perfect moment to give some extra attention to our previous Main couple!

With all the kids (aside from Ophelia) at school or work, it’s the perfect moment for a date!

Skye was hungry, and we’re still slowly working on getting non-bugged versions of the Experimental food pictures, so to the restaurant it is!

These two are still so cute together! I barely had to make them interact because they just kept automously flirting with eachother while they waited their food.

Look! Oliana and Leila are also having their Love day date here! Oliana looks great on that dress by the way, look at those buff arms and legs!

Ok, I’ll tune down the gay now, sorry lol.

Apparently talking about the meal raises Gourmet cooking somehow? I didn’t knew that lol but hey, that’s another point for us so no complaining. +1

We also got the notification that the girls brought As home! We’re only counting Lia’s +1, but I’m happy Yvaine got one too, I want her to succed in like lol I sound like a parent.

Back at home, and inmediatly back at parent mode for Louis lol that’s having kids~

Also, can I just say how much I hate the “send back to homeworld” option on Ophelia’s bassinet? Lol like, I get why it’s there, but I’m super scared I’m gonna accidentally press it everytime I interact with her and we won’t have alien baby anymore lol.

I still love when the family hangs out around the table! It’s so cute!

Man, Skye is just on fire this update! O Guess she wants to make sure I take plenty of pics of her after last chapter!

Anyway, +5 for a new skill mastered!

And +2 more because we added Lia and Awstin to the Portraits wall! We also rearranged the portraits so Ophelia has a place too. I re-read the rules and looks like she doesn’t count for points because she isn’t a “lettered children”, but she’s still gonna get her portrait along her siblings!

But that will be later. For now, Knox has a couple Love day objectives to complete!

So we’re having a date at Orchid-A-Go-Go (that’s the name right?) Mainly because I feel I’ve already been a lot yo most of these places for dates and I wanted something new lol.

Giving flowers~ Javon didn’t like the bluebell. I think Sims never like the bluebell in my experience lol but it was the only flower Knox had in his inventory.

At least the disliked presente didn’t put a damp on the date! I love them guys, they’re always so sweet with eachother!

Things actually went so well that Knox took the chance to propose! I love it when I manage to get the cute heart un the shot lol. Of course, Javon said yes!

Oh yeah, and while I was looking around this guy caught my attention! He’s quite a handsome teen if you ask me.

So we called Awstin to join us and meet him! I didn’t write down his name, but I’m sure that we’ll be seeing him again.

Specially because things worked great between them! That’s my Awstin!

Well, for now, time to go back home!

You know? Artistic Prodigy is My favorite aspiration because it’s so easy to complete, but honestly Rambunctious Scamp is probably the second just because I love how cute kids look playing with the playground equipement!

And then he looks not-so-cute when he breaks our second computer *sighs* well, I was gonna upgrade it soon anyways, so I guess it’s time for another unbreakable pc.

And while I was in buy mode to get it I also remembered we unlocked the “Rare seeds” with Skye’s level 10 Gardening! So I bough some of those too.

And we got a bunch of cool stuff from them! We’re only missing one more magic bean to complete that collection! And we also got a ton of rare plants for that other collection, and I’m extremely happy about it because honestly: grafting is super annoying since the seasons update! I tried it, and I hate it lol I don’t reccomend it to anyone.

I heard Ophelia crying, and before I could get someone to tend to her needs Yvaine was already there. She’s a great big sister.

I think she felt that Ophelia’s birthday was close and She’s wanted to be the one to be with her! How cute~

Also, I was totally convinced that Ophelia’s birthday was a day after Yvaine’s instead of the same day lol four days out of work and I totally forget how to math (?

But anyway, happy birthday Ophelia!

Here is she all grown up! I know I’m biased because She’s my first alien baby but… Isn’t she the most adorable alien toddler ever?

She rolled the Silly trait, that’s gonna be fun!

We took a quick peak at her disguised form, and I’m sooooo happy that we finally got a redhead from Louis! Just look at that cute little girl!

But she’s probably gonna stay undisguised, at least for now! I totally was gonna leave her with no hair on her alien form, but then I saw how cute she looked with that haircut in her disguise and couldn’t help myself to give it to her again lol.

Wooow, this is an interesting choice! A lot harder to take than the one in the Entertainer career that rocketships you to the top lol. I ended up chosing to ‘remain independent’, it felt like what Knox would do.

Louis proving he’s as good as a father for her youngest as he was with all his other kids! Ophelia is totally gonna be the spoiled princess of the family~

Yvaine and Nixon shared their first kiss! I’m still surprised about how well this relationship is going lol Nixon has been mean to Yvaine maybe once ir twice, the rest of the time they’re just the most adorable couple ever.

And then they decided to “mess around” in the observatory lol I love that teens can do that.

They were not the only ones making advances in their relationship. Lia and Holly are going slow and steady! I love them so much ❤

Yvaine’s age bar is bubbling! Si birthday time! She added Gloomy as ver final trait! Quite an interesting combination lol.

Nixon was also promptly aged up and Yvaine didn’t lose time to pop the big question! Thankfully, Nixon said yes!

And a quick elopement~ I kind of regret that it wasn’t a romantic setting like Sinbad’s, but it was still pretty cute!

They got some quick make overs, and moved into this pretty modern house at Oasis Springs. The house was creates by Merouby, and can be found on the gallery.

And as you can see, they’re not starting alone! Both Yvaine and Nixon have the Dog lover trait, so I went ahead and got them a couple doggies as company!

The dalmatian on the left is a male called Pax. He’s technically Yvaine’s because they’re both active. The cute rottweiler lady on the right is Nixon’s doggy, Nicky~

Oh yeah, and while I was doing this I remembered that I never gave Sinbad a doggy, so I went and got him a cute bulldog! His name is Paccino, and he saddly blinked in his picture, but he has some really pretty amber eyes.

And that’s all for today! Next time Javon is finally moving in! Rupert is turning into a teen, maybe Lia is moving out? Maybe we start working on next generation?! Or maybe we just get a dog lol not sure whgat will come first, but we’ll see!

For now, I hope you had fun with us today, join us next time for more name game adventures!

See ya soon!

Points so far: 336 (and this generation starts with the right foot!)

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