2.11 Chaotic birthdays

Hey there! And welcome to one of the final chapters of generation 2 of the Svartulv Name Game! Just this one and another chapter before our second heirpoll! Who else is excited?!

Last chapter we saw the final baby of the generation, Rupert, being born and turned into a toddler, we had some birthdays, finally won more points, and met a couple potential spouses for the kids! Things are slowly wrapping up, so it sounds like we should keep working on this! Let’s get back into the game~

We start this play session with a funny bug: Remember I had Louis try the “Kiss baby” interaction on Rupert last time? Well, aparently Rupert now shares that happy moodlet with his dad lol I believe he’s a little too young to worry about political aproval, but I guess I’m wrong xD.

… Louis, honey, what are you doing?

Louis: “What do you mean? You told me to take Loki on a jog!”

Yeah, to take him on a jog, not to get him under the house! Poor dog!

He wasn’t actually under the house lol he was just outside by the pool, they have a ridiculously long leash apparently lol.

Look at how cutely Rup is looking at Knox! Looks like somebody really admires his big brother!

Rupert: “Imma be big and cool like Knox too!”

This always happens with my toddlers: Skye finally got Rupert to bed, just as Awstin is getting up lol. Good thing about it? It gives me some time to focus  on each kid’s skills so both of them are getting the job done!

See? Awstin can enjoy breakfast with mom and annoy her to no end asking why lol I really love that interaction, so toddler-ly.

Then it was time to go out with Louis. His work task for today included to make a friend at the fashion district, so he decided to befriend the local mixologist!

Also my game is still at it with the sexy mixologists lol.

Sinbad came back from Drama club with a promotion! So looks like this activity is gonna count for points like the part-time jobs do! Good to know!

I had Knox trying to get his motor skill up because I noticed his birthday is tomorrow and I was little panicked that we hadn’t completed his second aspiration… then hours later I remembered that he indeed already completed it lol this is his third aspiration and I was overworking him, I’m sorry Knox!

Since the other work gigs were being annoying (apparently that’s the point of them according to what I read about and honestly I’m not impressed? Like, O get wanting realism for the job, but I’m not repeating a painting 10 times just because the clients are picky!), Skye took a gig as a substitute art teacher, She’s now going to meet with the class!

Spoiler: It goes MUCH better than the other gigs, so I’m only getting her these ones from now on lol.

Apparently, Loki’s obsession is the fireplace, that’s so cute! Enjoy it little buddy!

Lia still needed help with her chess games, so Yvaine is helping her with the last one. #GirlsTime.

Awstin really loves to imitate Loki lol I think he’s the toddler I’ve seen doing this more often.

This was actually me trying to paint Sinbad’s portrait, but it wasn’t the best moment to do it apparently lol oh well, at least it made it for a very cute picture of him reading to Rupert.

I swear Salem only comes here to use our bathtubs lol every single time she haunts her first action is to take a bath.

But thanks to her Knox managed to randomly master his social skill! That’s an unexpected +1!

Winterfest rolled around! So we got out all the needed items~ we’re prepared!

Louis is securing Sinbad’s vote, he said yes, which is a shame because it would have been hilarious if he didn’t lol. New goal: try to secure every kid’s vote just to see if one of them rejects him lol.

Seriously getting sims to decorate the tree together is one of my favorite winterfest actitivities!

Knox is being a great big brother today and helping Rupert with the blocks~ I think Rupert is gonna be in the same place as Max last generation; he’s gonna be the spoiled baby of the family!

Oh no! Loki, winterfest is not time to get sick! Not like there’s actually a good time for pets to get sick of course.

Sinbad was chosen to take him on a quick trip to the vet, partly because I wanted to try for him to meet some teens, but no luck so far. At least he also bought him a wellness treat while they were there!

Just a quick check and an expensive treatment, and we were ready to go back home!

This is were I found Rupert when we got back to the house, so cute!!

With loki healthy again, it was finally time for the grandfeast! And this exact Grandfeast actually got Skye’s cooking ability up to level 10! so that’s another +1 for us!

Also I just noticed the dirty oven…yikes.

I probably should have gotten one of the kids to set the table, but since I didn’t we saddly didn’t get a family picture this time xD better luck next time.

For once, both toddlers are going to bed at the same time! this is gonna be a quiet night in the Svartulv house!

Also, Nina came to haunt for Winterfest! And she broke like…three showers I think lol But I still love her.

She also had a pretty cute moment cuddling with Lia, but saddly looks like I didn’t get to talke a pic of that, I’m still a bad watcher *sigh*

We got the notification for Knox’ birthday around 4 AM, and because I’m too impatient and I really wanted to see him as a teen, I woke him up to blow yo his candles at 4 AM lol.

Anyway, happy birthday Knox!! I can’t wait to see you all grown up!

And here is him! I really love the geeky but kinda… hippie vibe he gives lol it’s the first time I use that hairstyle and that shirt and I just feel like it suits him so much! His new trait is Loves outdoors, and his adult aspiration is Computer Whiz! that’s a fun one!

So, history time and funfact I didn’t knre because I don’t normally play with household of more than eight sims lol

Right after this picture, I sabed and closed my game because it was late and I had work next day, and then when I turned up the game next day, i founf out that somehow, Lia had dissapeared from the family when I was giving Knox his makeover, I nearly had a heartattack! Thankfully, i was able to access one of my previous saves before he blew his candles, and I had to runa  couple experiments to see why that was happening.

Su apparently, is because I have a nine sims family, so entering CAS normally automatically removes the extra sim from the household (I’m still not sure why Lia is the extra sim btw lol I feel it would make more sence for Rupert to ve the extra because he’s the newest sim), so I had to access CAS from MCCC menu, good to know now, but it really messed things up for a while lol during all this, my family became kind oa chaos again honestly, because I spent a lot of time without checking ehat they were doing lol sorry guys!

But anyway, once we finally got everything in order with this aging up, it was time for Knox to get his teen job. He’s going into the Babysitter one, because I just feel like he would be good with kids y’know? He has this responsible yet funny vibe to me for some reason xD

And where is the problematic child you ask? Right here, sleeping like an angel. Well, she’s actually napping, because apparently grandma Nina was using her bed, so while I wasn’t looking she decided to nap on the couch, she’s a smart child, she has school in like, two more hours now so she needs all the rest she can get lol.

Knox is lucky to be the only kid in the house because he grew up to late to go to school, so he has time to get his needs in shape before tomorrow lol In exchange he’s making us the favour yo go introduce himself to this girl that passed by the house. Her name is Holly and I think she’s pretty and also around Lia’s age! We learnt that her trait is Lazy, that’s not so bad either!

This two are having birthdays today! So we’re just squeezing the last thinking point for Awstin before that!

And now it’s time! Happy birthday Skye! You’re now gonna be an adult!

And then we had to bake a whole new cake because last one went bad right when I had sent Skye yo bring Awstin to blow his candles lol it was a little epic honestly, but mainly annoying.

But we finally got Awstin to the cake! A pretty dance cake because Skye is now working on the Gourmet cooking skill.

Happy birthday Awstin! And thanks for that +5 for maxing all of your skills!

Whoops toddler down! I’m sorry Rupert! I honestly forgot to take him to bed between all the birthdays chaos, I’m a bad mom/grandma/watcher.

But anyways, everyone meet child Awstin! As you can see, he’s a pretty cool kid. His first rolled trait was Geek and his first aspiration Whiz kid! And by the way, I love him!

And I think we’re finishing this update with this show of Skye getting into bed after her makeover! I finally gave her a non-dyed hair since she’s an adult now, and just updated a couple of her outfits, but she’s still mostly the same, she’s too awesome to change a lot!

So anyways, next chapter is gonna be the final one before the next heir poll! I’m super excited about it so I’m gonna try to get it all ready for the next two days! Wish me luck with  that, because there’s still around a week before Sinbad’s birthday xD

Hopefully we’ll see eachother again soon! So happy simming until then everyone!

Points so far: 285

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3 thoughts on “2.11 Chaotic birthdays

  1. Knox looks GREAT after his make-over. I love it! Also little Awstin is also adorable as a kid! 1 more to go and then I’m finally caught up and can go vote. 😀


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