3.17: The heirless interlude

Hey there! it’s been a while! I hope you’re ready to read the last chapter of the generation of this challenge!

Last time, we sadly had to say goodbye to both Knox and Javon. They both were great main sims for us, but we Xzavi being their youngest child, time was really against us to keep them longer! It was sad, but at least we have the promise of another generation of Svartulvs coming very soon! I’m very excited about it, so let’s no lose any more time and jump right into the update! Time to have fun!

This message welcomed us back. Honestly, I don’t think it’s the best moment for a play for this family lol.

But I mean, we’re a supporting family in the end. So it may be a pretty gloomy parade, but they will be there for Xzavi!

Again, Grim decides to stay behind for a while lol chatting with Astro’s friend who was still visiting.

I mean you were hanging out in our technically empty home Grim, but you do you lol. Also I love you, but I really Hope we don’t see you for a long time after this! Very, veeeery long time! Lol.

Owwwn Val called to offer his condolences ❤ I gotta admit Val is probably my favorite cousin from this generation. I don’t know, I just really like him. Saves in gallery.

Even with the low spirits we had today, Xzavi got a happy moodlet because his family was with him, and apparently Astro really liked the play! That’s what I calle success!

Also, Xzavi is finally old Enough to send his college application, so we’ll see how he does with that! Of course, we’re wishing for a distinguished Drama degree at Britchester!

Xzavi finally got his first fame quirk! Emotional bomb, of course lol not complaining, that’s gonna really help him with the death moodlet.

Random townie pic to say that her eye make up is amazing lol! I really enjoy stalking townies with poor fashion choices.

Astro and Athena are becoming very good friends! She’s coming home with him almosy everyday. I really like her too, she’s a cute kid.

I got Xzavi that fame perk that helps him earn extra cash and fame making videos, so we’re experimenting lol. Today he made a Make-up tutorial.

Family updates time! Nitza and Laurel expect another baby! Also, Holly remarried now that Lia passed, and Yvaine surprise us by outliving a second husband and going for the third lol You go Yvaine!

Awwwwn look at our pouty Xzavi </3 poor Boy is having a hard teenhood. But also, I’m still surprised about how good he looks guys! This boy is handsome!

Speaking of pouty sims, Oz isn’t having a great pregnancy either *sighs* but hey, at least it’s getting close to the end!

Oh yeah, random pic to show the start of our Shell collection. We still have some generations to go, so I’m hoping to move to Sulani sometime so we can work on it a little better. Right now my main focus is space and microscope prints!

Hey, look! Our Day of the death celebrator today is Val! I think he’s also sad about Knox passing, those phone updates are pretty brutal lol.

Aaand looks like Xzavi finally got his breakdown! Good thing about this is now his sad moodlet is gone, he can go back to being productive!

Also just wanted to let you guys know that Astro still believes he’s a little mermaid lol. This kid is just in love with the pool!

Oz was out chatting cousin Val to get us another skull when we recieved the first business proposal for Xzavi! It’s my first time trying this,and it’s a lot of fun honestly! Also we’re lucky: Xzavi already had a suitable video filmed! He just needs to edit it!

… Oz, that doesn’t seem very safe for you, or the baby.

Oz: “Well, it was you who sent me to cook! You could always send my non-sad, non-pregnant brother!”

Touché, touché …but hey, Xzavi was bussy!

Because Ellen is visiting! I can’t wait until Xzavi is old enough to marry her ❤ She’s the cutest!

Astro is being a little unoficial Social butterfly and running around meeting kids. I don’t know why but he just strikes me as a very social kid, I want him to have lots of friends!

Speaking of friends, look who’s visiting! It’s Ismael! He also grew up really cute! If I wasn’t so dead set on Ellen, I would be reconsidering lol But I just adore Ellen ❤

This is a pretty social day around the Svartulv residence, Oz’s girlfriend Jaleesa is also visiting~

Jaleesa is really getting into the motherhood thing ❤ She’s excited about her little alien.

Xzavi had to go to Drama club I think, but Ellen decided to stay behind and randomly decided to help Astro with his homework ❤ She’s already making herself part of the family.

Later that day we got the noticed that the romance festival is being celebrated, so of course, of for some Sakura tea and romance we went!

I also took Xzavi with us and just for fun had him consult the guru lol I think her response makes sence since his girlfriend is a couple days older than him, but hey, at least he didn’t get the ‘bleak future’ answer!

My goal for this outing from the start was to get Ozbej and Jaleesa married, when I got the notification I just had to do it! I love the impulsive festival weddings lol!

And meanwhile, Xzavi got to keep working on his fame! He’s learning to sing, because I’ve never had a good singer in all my sims saves, so it’s time to try it lol.

And then we went home and welcomed our newest member for the next couple of days! And discovered that Jaleesa apparently has the Public Enemy aspiration lol I feel like it doesn’t suit her, but I love it!

And just a couple hours later, Oz went into labor! And of course, he was grilling something lol! I don’t get why he got so obsessed with the grill lately!

Anyways, time to go to the hospital! And also enjoy Jaleesa’s pre-parental panic lol never gets old.

And then it started to rain and she stopped panicking to play in the rain lol! That’s our Public enemy everybody!

Ophelia was a patient today lol hey Ophelia ❤ I miss you a lot~ also don’t be sick! You’re too pretty to be sick!

Whoops! Looks like we had another tiny escapee from the flagging lol! I’m gonna have to track down Neville’s kid now too.

Wth now game? o.o!

Doctor: “Isn’t this how alien birth works? I’m pretty sure it is!”

Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s not mister! I’ve had plenty of alien births now and they weren’t like this!

Doctor: “Oh… Crap.”

Very comforting…

But anyways, weird birth and everything, baby Olive was finally born, and Oz was just happy to have his baby girl with him ❤

Jaleesa settles down into parenthood right away back home ❤ doesn’t she look adorable with the baby?

Xzavi has another partnership vídeo today~ let’s bring in that fame!

And little Astro keeps chugging away his aspiration~ he just needs another couple skill points to complete it!

Lol hey! They actually got her the job she needs for her aspiration! I had her accept it, she’s gonna be moving out soon, but no reason to not give her something to do until then.

Also, the person who got her the job was her little sister lol I’m guessing Jaleesa comes from a ‘dangerous’ family or something lol.

Awwwwn these two were just meant to be! It’s so cute she gets this moodlet! Oz’s geek relatives would approve!

Ellen is visiting again! Xzavi is getting to know her better. My plan was to have him invite her to move in already to avoid MCCC marrying her off, but for some reason he couldn’t get the option. Maybe it’s because he’s a teen?

Again, Jaleesa is gonna leave us soon, and we also don’t get points from her accomplishments, but with not mucho else to do there was no reason to not work on her aspiration, so She’s now terrorizing this guy lol. I love mischief sims.

Just two more days to go~!

Ellen stayed home a little while after Xzavi went to sleep, and since Oz was awake I checked to see if he had the option to ask her to move in, and he did! Victory~!

Lol! Ellen came into the family with one of the tutorial aspirations! I didn’t know this could happen lol!

Anyways, first things first: makeovers! I know you’re already tired of me saying how mucho I love Ellen… But just look at her! ❤ She’s so cute!!

Also the look I gave her kinda reminds me of Rachel Amber from LiS, and that definitely doesn’t help with my love for her lol.

I also took the chance to give Jaleesa her makeover too ❤ isn’t she also gorgeous? I definitely wouldn’t have complained about having her as our gen 4 spouse either!

I rolled for Ellen’s new aspiration and she got Master chef, so of course, she signed of for a Culinary job right away~

And she moved in into the Master bedroom too, which got redecorared to match its new occupants right away! I really like how it turned out, I think it looks very stylish in these colors!

As usual, it’s nightime when the new sim joined the household so Ellen wasn’t really tired while everyone else was sleeping, so we’re following her around as she does stuff around the house.

Lol I bough Ellen a punching bag since she’s Active, and Salem inmediatly went to break it in lol Sim-Salem likes fitness, so it doesn’t really surprise me.

Ellen got the chance to get to know some of the Svartulv ancestors. Here we have her chatting with Louis. I miss Louis, he was a great spouse ❤

And then she spends some time with her punching bag, which is kinda funny to see because she’s so slim and tiny lol. Those Zest genes are strong.

Xzavi: “Oh, hey Ellen, I didn’t expected to see you here so early!”

Ellen: “I moved in last night! Your house is awesome!”

Xzavi: “Moved in?!”

Lol yeah boy, I think your brother has more game than you!

Ellen: “Hey! Don’t be mean!”

Lol sorry! These two are such a great couple ❤

I sent Ellen to repair this bathtub that the ghosts broke last night, but she kept saying she couldn’t access it for some reason. I ended up replacing it instead and then I sent her to take a bath, and apparently THAT she could do lol. Just say you didn’t want to work girl!

I’ve actually been having this problem in future chapters and with other tubs, so I’m guessing there’s some kind of bug involved… Or my game wants another save move or something lol we’re not save moving! Too much of a hastle!

Looks like Oz is getting into the baby fever lol I mean, why not? I’m really hoping these two have at least a couple kids of their own!

Sent Ellen to collect the mail and looks like Xzavi’s college letter is here!

For now, time to skill with some cooking chanel~ I love how easy to level up this skill is lol.

I decided to fulfill that Try for baby whim Oz had, but I didn’t have Jaleesa take a pregnancy test, so we’ll see if they’re having another baby already by tomorrow~

Right after doing that Jaleesa rolled a whim to go play on a leaf pile lol I never play with these things, so why not? She looks really happy about it lol.

And Oz was sent to continue on Louis’ legacy by trying to get us some new fish. I’m gonna need to start looking which ones we’re missing and where to find them if I really want to complete this collection lol. I’m not sure if I want it, it’s so much trouble lol.

Since her parents were having fun outside, aunt Ellen stepped into action to take care of Olive. She looks really good with a baby, right?

Ellen: “You weren’t kidding about the baby fever. Way too soon for that!”

I know, I know, but babies! Yours and Xzavi’s babies are bound to be beautiful!!

Ellen: “Still way too soon.”


Well, I can still have fun with the ‘babies’ we already have~ I really adore when kids play with the monkey bars ❤ they look adorable.

Oz has been a pretty impressive spare so far lol he did this all on his own! I’m,? Gonna miss Oz when he moves out~

Guys! We got our distinguished Drama degree! You go Xzavi!! I can’t wait to try uni!

*Sighs* Aliens are still obsessed with this family lol I wonder if the abductions will go down once Oz and his family move out. I’ve always found that aliens in the household tend to attract more aliens.

Since we didn’t have much else to do while waiting for Ellen to come back, I took Jaleesa to flag cousin Uriel. Gotta try to keep those Oops babies to the minimum lol.

And literally as we were back and Ellen had just come back too… The aliens took Jaleesa lol now I’m thankful Xzavi isn’t old enough to have kids, they’re probably gonna go after him any moment now lol.

Oh, hey, Ophelia is having another baby! Maybe that’s why she was at the hospital the other night?

Ellen came home safe and sound~ and I just adore her so we have another cute picture of her working on her aspiration~ Slowly, because I always forget I don’t have Chef’s kitchen in this house (I got Homey instead for the skill gains) so she doesn’t have the automatic inspired moodlet while cooking I’m used to lol.

We got the notification for Olive’s birthday! Time for another alien toddler~

Here she is! She looks a lot like Oz when he was a toddler ❤

Aaaand here is she after her makeover ❤ She’s a cutie, I’m living for the pointy ears~

Remember how I said I got Xzavi another guitar because I couldn’t find the last one we had? Well… I found it! And I have no idea how it ended up inside the shower lol!


Astro finally gets his last Motor skill point, and completes his first aspiration! Congrats Astro!

I give him Artistic Prodigy next, I want something easy and relaxed we can enjoy~

Feels good having a toddler home again ❤ I’m an impatient woman and having my heir being the youngest brother not counting Astro of course it’s starting to give me Baby Fever lol!

I’m not sure if I’m gonna have Xzavi and Ellen start with the babies right away, I wanna see how much work uni is before taking any decisions.

Oz also got a job offer on the phone, and I had him take it because I love the secret agent career lol I also like the idea of an Alien secret agent. I can see his mental Powers giving him an advantage on the field!

Lol Yvaine was passing by the house and I noticed an option that said something like ‘ask the way to the beach’, and she did this! I’m guessing she moved to Sulani when she remarried lol? I had never seen that interaction before, but it honestly suits her lol Yvaine is a very cool elder.

Lol! Xzavi got kicked out of the Drama club!! I mean, I get it, but as some of my teather kid ocs would say: “If you’re not kicked of Drama club, do you even really like drama?” lol.

Also not worried about it because a) He already maxed the club, and b) this is literally his last day as a teen lol he was gonna be out tonight anyways.

Baking is one of those skills I barely use because my sims already have so much food lol but I mean, if Ellen is gonna be a Master chef, I guess it makes sence she also knows how to bake~ now let me go find my mod to make cupcakes without the cupcake machine lol I hate that thing.

Random little pic of Olive eating her dinner because she’s a cutie~ I’m gonna miss having her around~

And I guess miss her I’m gonna do, because we finally got the birthday notification!! Astro and Ellen both are there to celebrate with Xzavi! Time to move into generation 4!

I gave him a minor makeover as his birthday gif~ he now has a beard and looks real goon on it!

Xzavi’s last trait is Glutton, that’s gonna be funny for a famous sim lol he also got the Good manners trait…and surprisingly only that lol I was sure he was gonna get Emotional control! Oh, well, at least he still has his Emotional bomb to help out lol.

And before going out of the save, we had Oz and family move into this empty house here at Oasis Springs. They’ll be close home~ also Jaleesa missing in the picture because she was at work at the time lol.

And with this, we’re officially completing generation 3 and moving into Xzavi’s reign! Next time, we’re trying uni! Also we see if I’m patient enough to wait for babies lol but don’t count on it (? And also, Astro should be getting his teen birthday! Join us then for some more name game adventures!

Family Updates:

Philip, third boy of Rupert and Tracee, is now a teen! He’s cute!

And this is his youngest, full alien, brother Raeleigh~

Speaking of aliens, Ophelia’s daughter Ocean is now a child! She’s beautiful!

The we have Katherine, Yaritza’s surprise baby lol.

And finally, Nitza’s not twins lol Namaari…

And Imelda! Gen 4 is having a pretty good start on cute kids!

Points so far: 479 (no changes this time, but let’s hope next chapter is more productive!)

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