2.16: Seriously, stop!

Aaaand we’re back for today’s double feature! I really felt like writting about these guys, so here we are!

We’re picking up right were we left next time, after Astro having had his child birthday! Let’s see how much we can advance today, there should be just one more chapter after this for next generation! Who else is excited?!

Well, we better go right into it~

… This is not how I wanted to start this update!!

*sighs* so, yeah, Knox’s time came (again). This time I let it happen. As said before I just wanted him to be around until Astro had become a child, and well, he has. Thanks for staying with us that extra time Knox.

He now lays next to Jellybean and waits for his love to join him (hopefully much later </3).

RIP Knox Svartulv, father of five amazing kids and the top notch heir we could’ve asked for!

I usually prefer to end updates after a death because well… Losing a heir is hard. But ending an update here would be really dumb so… let’s be brave and keep going. The show must go on~

Again, Grim stays around after doing his job to watch some tv. I think he just really likes Knox’s work reward tv, which I don’t blame him about, it’s pretty cool.

Xzavi tries to get his sadness down with tons of classical music and diary writting *sighs* at least he’s gonna be getting his Emotional control up.

Oz throws himself into learning more Logic. He’s actually doing great with the skill, I think he may max it this chapter!

And Javon keeps working on our missing collections to pass time. He’s, of course, double sad about everything because he also lost his soulmate </3

Since we’re down here, you guys get a shot of our current Sugar skulls~ we’re doing pretty good with this one!

Since Javon is working on the Painting aspiration we had him continue by doing a sad painting. How’s that a sad painting I’m not really sure, but I mean, I’ve never been good at art lol.

And Astro tries to distract himself by working on his aspiration too. He had a whim to go swimming since it’s still summer, and I’m glad the pool is finally getting some more use~

Hey, look, it’s Dallas! As un Ophelia’s husband Dallas!

Inmediatly sent Oz to meet him! I want him to be able to come to some family parties and stuff!

Astro finally managed to get playful enough for it to override the sadness for a little while, so he completes the first tier of his aspiration now!

And then he stops playing to go meet this kid that was walking by, because it’s good for kids to make some friends~ her name is Athena, they seem to get along really well so far.

While Xzavi already got his A in high school, he’s been strugling a little with getting promoted at the club, and the sad moodlets weren’t gonna help, so the decision to let him take a vacation day so we can concentrate on that was taken. First getting his needs all up!

And then work as much as possible in reducing those sad moodlets!

Meanwhile, Nitza is visiting! Hey Nitza! Can’t wait to see how your little girls look!

Of course Oz gives her a key to the house so she can keep visiting us.

And then he helps us harvest a couple vegetables and fruits to stock up the fridge~ He also decides he likes Gardening. I’m guessing is an outdoors loving sims thing? I like how this stuff is a little influenced by traits!

We still need to make Xzavi’s protrait match his sibling’s, but I just had to show you the great expression we caught with him lol! I love it, he was in the middle of singing at the time.

Also, +1!

… Ozbej I swear if you come back pregnant-!

Oz: “Don’t tell me! Tell them!!”

*grumbles under breath*

So, I entered the family tree, mainly because I wanted to make sure Oz wasn’t gonna end up having Astro’s half sibling if he does end up pregnant (thankfully nope, looks like Astro’s mom has already passed.. or been culled by the game, not sure), and noticed Salem and Nina don’t show up on the tree somehow, how strange.

They still come to haunt, so I’m not really worried, I just thought it was weird lol.


… Listen, I’m not really mad or anything, but this is getting ridiculous! I know I uped the pregnancy porcentage to 50 with MCCC… But seriously why are the aliens suddenly so obssesed with this family?!

Anyways, we’re having yet another alien baby… And yet another O-named alien… Wow.

So yeah, we’ll keep thinking about that later. For now, Jellybean was haunting today, and Javon had the option to give her a ‘comforting hug’ which, if you have a dog, you know are the best thing ever when your sad about something, so he did ❤ I miss Jellybean a lot.

And speaking about cute hugs, look at Astro being all cute with our Uni ❤ aliens, so much trouble, but so cute!

Looks like the laundry area is the place to get the baby lights lol anyways, it’s now completely official, I guess.

Sad breakfast for my two pouty blueheads </3 at least Xzavi’s moodlets are wearing out later today, but Javon is still a day away.

Also, since today they’re both home in the morning, we’re gonna take a little trip for aspiration purposes with them~

And here we are, at the Future’s past museum! Javon got to that part of his aspiration, I wanna see if we can manage to complete it before he goes too.

And Xzavi takes the chance to keep building fame by juggling the ball while waiting~ he actually makes a pretty high record here, I think it’s something like 114! And he finally earns his first Star! Not bad!

Astro comes back from school and we invite him over too so he can make Friends with this kid, I think her name is JoAnna. They’re both pretty sad though, so we don’t get that much progress on it.

Looks like our plan with Xzavi worked out! He still has another level of the club to go, but it’s progress~!

He celebrates inviting Ellen over to give her a key in case she wants to visit!

And then they both have a little fun messing around upstairs, gotta enjoy the romance while we can~

Oz gets us another +1 by maxing the Logic skill! Thanks Oz!

This is probably not what he was thinking for a celebration lol but aliens are seriously obsessed with this family! As said before when it was Louis’ turn… At least he’s not gonna get any more pregnant now lol.

Awwwn look at Nitza being a good sister and helping Xzavi with his homework~ gotta keep those grades up for college!

Aaaand then I remembered to go flag the newly grown ups lol! First up: we finally caught Neville!

Neville: “Crap! I thought I had escaped it!”

Lol you did good, but nope, can’t escape it!

And then Wren~ the first one of Awstin’s adopted children! I decided to do this straight away, and then next day we got the notification for Tommy too *sighs* I could’ve saved me a trip waiting a little bit.

Xzavi is going through the ‘Loud phase’, and Javon is not interested lol he’s just painting.

Javon: “I mean what’s wrong with him wanting to play music and scream a little? It’s very healthy of him!”

Touché, you’re a very wise man Javon~ also it’s good that he’s painting, because hes having the hardest time with painting Excelente paintings I’ve ever had! I can’t even imagine how are we gonna do with Masterpieces! Lol.

Since Xzavi is feeling musical, and I have no idea what happened to our last guitar, I got him another one… And I didn’t knew it did this while you play it but now I love it even more lol! Are you playing music or summoning a demon Xzavi?

Xzavi: “no reason I can’t do both!”

Very true indeed lol.

Javon finally made an excelent painting~ it’s an Illustrative painting and I think it’s really cute, we’re keeping it!

Aaaand looks like Ellen is officially an adult now! Let’s hope MCCC doesn’t marry her or something… Maybe I should flag her for no marriage/offspring too… Is that cheating? lol.

Ozbej is getting pretty big, so we thought it was around time we told Jaleesa about the new adittion to the family. So after the kids were off to school, he called her to invite her out for lunch!

Of course, Jaleesa took the news pretty well! She was already dating an alien, why would she have any problems having an alien kid too?

They had a lovely date in no time, which means progress for Oz’s aspiration~

Even though she spend part of it talking to Orange of the table behind her lol.

And on the way back home, we stopped to flag cousin Tommy!

And cousin Ansel too. None of them look very happy about it lol.

But if someone is happy right now, is Oz! We took Jaleesa home with us because I wanted to go for another date for aspiration, and Oz took the chance to officially propose! Of course Jaleesa said yes~ these two are just so sweet ❤

Heeeey second promotion came easy for Xzavi this time! +1

Man, you look really angry about getting promoted kid.

Xzavi: “I’m not angry! I’m just HAPPILY screaming about my promotion because I’m LOUD!”

Oh yeah, I always forget that action has the same animation than the ‘shout forbbiden words’ thing lol.

Anyways, he better heads inside, because I don’t think he wants to see Oz and Jaleesa’s date progressing lol let’s leave them to it.

I mean, you’re almost level 9 on the skill, so I really hope you like it Javon lol!

Since he already has his A, after school activity done and also his skills are doing well, Xzavi is ready to start his University process! He’s still too young to actually sent his application, but he can look into the info and scholarships!

Astro is becoming quite the little merman lol he always wakes up with a whim to go swimming, I think it’s pretty cute!

Another day night actually, another Day of the Death celebrator~ this one hace us a duplicate *sighs* I’m actually kinda surprised it took this long to get one.

Oh, no! No no no no no! Don’t go saying bye to me like that Javon!

Javon: “My time has come! I’m coming Knox!”


*sighs* well, it was bound to happen, I just really, really wished it would wait a little longer… No pleading for his life, honestly, he had already done everything he needed to, it was his time to rest.

It is gonna be really hard on Astro though *sighs* I just think is kinda sad he comes up with rising grades just as his remaining dad passes away…

But anyways, Javon is set to rest next to Knox and Jellybean, and with that generation 3 has technically been finished.

We still need to wait for Xzavi’s birthday before generation 4 can officially begin, but I think we’re gonna leave that for a final update next time… Now I really need a little rest before coming back to this save lol.

So yeah, next time: the final update where we’re gonna play until Xzavi’s birthday! We’ll see what shenanigans my sims get into then. For now, have fun and take care guys!

Happy simming~

Family updates:

Just a short ine this time~ first, this is Lia’s Atticus as a teen! He’s very interesting lookin’, I like him!

And this is Rupert’s Briella, also as a teen! She’s also really cute! Loving the piggytails on her~

Points so far: 479

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