3.15: Acting up

Hey there guys! I’m back to brought you some more name game adventures!

Last chapter our newest family member, Astro the alien grew into an adorable, though glitchy toddler. And of course, our her Xzavi had his teenager birthday, meaning we’re already on the last strain for next generation!Can’t wait to get to it! so let’s just jump back into the game and keep going!

We start right away with some family updates!

Lia has a new baby girl we called Ariana. As usual the game doesn’t let us name Rupert’s kid for some reason, but we’re gonna call him Raeleigh once he grows up. And also, this time the game did let me name Nitza’s baby, how strange, but no complaining! I named her Imelda like my favorite character from Disney’s Coco~ I then realized I have two Disney names on her babies now lol maybe I’ll keep it up.

Javon is working on getting a new penpal. We’re still missing like 5 postcards for that collection… + The ones from my first pet stuff that I’m not sure we need for it… I don’t even know how you get those lol.

Astro is being a cutie as usual~

I sent Knox to water the magical stump because I didn’t knew what it does…and man, didn’t expect it to get so big! We barely had space out in the garden already lol!

But anyways, the tree also has this cave thing like the entrance to the Sylvian Glade in Willow Creek, so Knox went to explore~

And meanwhile inside, Xzavi keeps working on his heir duties and earning Handiness for future gigs by repairing the stuff our ghosts keep breaking around here.

Again, I’m just… Surprised that Xzavi got so handsome lol. I don’t know, I just really like him.

Oooooh so that’s where you get the plantsim stuff! Good to know!

Yup, it’s now in his inventory! Good yo know! Also I don’t know if we needed it for a collection or something, but at least now we have it lol.

We randomly saw cousin Issac passing by the house, and he doesn’t look impressed about that smug kid behind him lol I just found it funny, they were talking a minute ago and then Isaac left looking like this.

And we keep working on some more collections~ I hate how you just keep getting the same ones after a while lol so frustrating, but that’s how collecting works so… We’ll get through it.

Knox also upgrades our washing machine so it stops breaking so often, that thing was making me go crazy with how much laundry this family produces lol.

I believe Xzavi has a bit of stage fright, he insists on performing to the house walls lol it’s kinda adorable.

And while we wait for him to come back from Drama Club, we work on some paintings with Javon. I remember now that I gave him the Painter Extraordiniare aspiration, so we’re seeing how we do with that. For now he needed Emotional paintings.

Xzavi came back from Drama Club, and it was Night out on Town, so our little family takes a trip to The Fallen Star for dinner and more collections work. Also, I totally forgot how extravagant I dressed the boys, and I kinda love it lol.

Xzavi is wearing one of the Realm of Magic suits because I wanted him to look out of ordinary since he’ll get famous. I really believe he has the Spellcaster vibe, I may turn him into one for his generation.

They got a table pusiste and enjoyed some nice chatting while waiting for their food. I really like taking my sims out for dinner, I should probably do it more often~

And food’s here~ those are 4 more pictures for our wall!

As a random fact, Becca and Erwin were simming together tonight, and I just had to say they make cute a fun couple, with impressive noses lol. I actually really like Becca.

Family dinner out of the way, and we come back home for some more Astro cuteness~ this kid is adorable ❤ I love my glitchy little alien.

Xzavi got food poisoning, so I had him call to the restaurant to complain. They paid him like $270 as compensation and I kinda feel bad about it because we ate there for free lol. Like, I know he deserves it but… They paid us for our free dinner lol.

Oh no, we’re starting with these notifications… Man, it’s gonna be so weird to start next gen without the grandparents around…

Still not gonna think about it, so let’s just focus on how adorable Astro is skilling with his dad~

One of our family-created holidays came around next day! It’s a Summer BBQ!

The traditions are grilling stuff, water fun, party spirit, having drinks and fireworks! I may end up exhanging that last one for inviting people home though, we’ll see next time.

Lol I wanted to see if playing in the toilet would count for Astro’s tradition: it does lol we’re not gonna do that, but I was curious lol.

Oz, of course, starts right away with his favorite thing: grilling some food lol seriously this kid’s best friend is the grill.

And Xzavi goes out to lounge at the kiddie pool, that sure looks relaxing!

We ended up deciding to invite family anyways, so we threw a house party and invited tons of family~

Here are a couple pictures of the party. Since I had Oz organize it we didn’t had all the family attending, but there were still quite a few of them and they had a great time. Xzavi got to know aunt Lia and uncle Rupert, and it was also great to see Khal and nitza again.

Khal and Keisha still don’t seem to be wanting to have any kids, i think they’re just happy with their dogs lol Ruby had a puppy, so now they have two of them.

And then after the party was over some people stayed behind, so I had the young adults have a water balloon fight with Oz, he was still missing the ‘Water fun’ part of the holiday, and I love water balloon fights!

Meanwhile Xzavi was at the front saying hi to Ellen who, though was invited to the party, had just arrived as it was done lol.

I really ship these two, look how cutely Xzavi looks at her~

They finally had a chance to start working on that romance~ their friendship is already maxed, so this stuff goes easy for them.

Xzavi: *tries a sexy pose but ends up just looking like a dork*

Ellen: *impressed gasp*

Man, they remind me of Salem and Nina all the way back to that first chapter lol seriously, they’re an adorable couple!

Man, both Khaliq and Oz are ripped somehow! I’m impressed, they look good! If a little too skinny lol.

Now that Xzavi is a teen he can start officially gaining Acting skill, so that’s what’s he’s doing now~ gotta get on top of things!

Astro had been taking a nap for most of the party, but now that he’s awake we make sure he also has a great holiday. Isn’t he adorable playing in the kiddie pool? ❤

Xzavi made it to level 2 Acting, which let’s him practice with another sim, si we recluted Ellen to practice the scene with us. Have I mentioned I love acting? lol I know get famous was a bit of a let down in some things, but this career is definitely one of my favorite things in game.

Look! Whole family picture! These get a lot easier as the family gets smaller between generations lol.

And then later that night we got to work on earning fame with some paintings, a very good way to get started on this.

Looks like Nina was randomly working out tonight, which may explain why she’s so uncomfortable right now lol.

Some cute reading time for Astro~

And right after I took last picture… The notification that Knox was dying came in! Knox nooooo!!

Listen, I had the chance, I had to use it ok?! Javon had a Death flower in his inventory and the option popped up… And I just want Knox to see Astro grow up a little more!

So he was brought back to life! I didn’t gave him any life potions or anything, I just want a couple more days with him!

Oh, I didn’t knew sils can get a sentiment about this! Nice touch!

Grim, my friend, nobody’s dying today. You can stop hovering over my elderly couple!

Grim: “Shhh, this is the part were the dog finally reunites with his owner *voice cracks*”

Yup, Grim stayed to watch the sad dog movie lol I love Grim Reaper.

Next morning Awstin invited us to the Flea market! I thought it was a great moment for Knox to catch up with his brother, so they did just that.

And meanwhile Xzavi tried his luck with the chopsticks and I had a lot of fun watching him lol I gotta hace my sims eating with them more often.

Today’s collectibles were crystals~ we bought every one of them, including the doubles lol we then tried trading with the vendors, but no luck with that.

And Xzavi challenged his uncle to a hops competition,I love how sims throw when they don’t have a high fitness skill lol.

Also since this is where I discovered that Xzavi didn’t have the guitar in his inventory, he’s singing to get his fame up lol singing veeeery badly, but hey, people still gave him some tips!

Back home, Jaleesa came to visit~ her and Oz are enjoying what’s probably gonna be their last kiss for a couple days…

…Because it’s time for Oz to become an adult! Happy birthday!

I may give him a makeover later, but for now he’s perfect just like this~ Oz gained the trait Loner as his last one, and as said before, he’s gonna be staying here with us until Xzavi reaches his birthday too. We may even work on his Soulmate aspiration once Jaleesa grows up too!

Our celebrator for today was a celebrity… Which meant we couldn’t make friends with her because we couldn’t introduce ourselves to her…which means she wouldn’t give us any sugar skulls because we were ‘strangers or enemies’ *sighs* I’m snnoyed guys.

Knox was feeling a little bit cupped inside, so we sent him do some gardening, and he decided he likes it! It suits him very well!

Am I just taking more pictures of Astro because he’s adorable? Yes, yes I am ❤ just look at those cute curls~

Xzavi gets started with yet another skill for the future lol music is also good for fame and gigs, so he picks up the guitar and ends up losing it somehow. At first I thought it was in his inventory when I couldn’t find it, but nope, wasnt there!

Oh, looks like Nixon passed away and Yvaine decided to remarry, good for her for moving on~ wonder if they’ll have any kids or something since she’s still an adult.

Skye came out to haunt tonight, decided to do some autonomous gardening,and also decided she likes the activity lol I remember she was our first sim to master the skill, so it makes sence. Also I still find it funny that you get those messages for sims who are no longer part of the family too lol I remember Salem got me a pop up about liking fitness too.

Xzavi decided to do his homework outside at the backyard at like 3:00 AM… While wearing sunglasses… I’m not really sure how he can see anything lol.

Look, mother and daughter painting together! And also, they’re making the same exact picture lol!

Since Xzavi was awake anyways, he was given a sleep replacement because he spent the night skilling and all that stuff, I sent him to meet his grandmother and great-grandmother~ still can’t believe we’re about to begin generation 4!

Ha! Our celebrator for today was Jaleesa! That’s what I’m talking about! This will be easy!

Of course Oz was the one to greet her, and we got another skull for the collection~

And then we took a quick trip~

Time to flag Isobel! She made it really easy standing outside here lol. Also this is a little sneak peek at her little sisters Qianna and Ariana.

And then we visited Sinbad to flag his last set of twins. Here’s Nora~

And Neville, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen! There was just Seth and Ivanna in here!

We decided to hang around a little while to see if he came home, and Oz made friends with cousin Seth.

Knox and Javon prefered to stay at the entrance and chat with eachother, Knox was feeling a little bit tense because of his Loner trait.

But after a couple hours Neville made it clear he wasn’t coming home, so we left for today. Looks like the kid got away today!

We made a quick stop at Yvaine’s home to flag Valentine, and discovered something…

Apparently Yaritza was already pregnant when we flagged her husband Rohan lol welp, nothing to do there, I guess she really wanted a kid. Meet little Katherine Han, she seems to really like color green lol.

We finished the family visita just in time! Right as we got back to our lot, Xzavi came back too bringing us an A! +1 for that!

He also invited Ellen over, so I had them try a Romantic scene together because I remember them being so much fun lol.

And fun it was lol! Ellen looks so terrified that he’s gonna make her fall!

Inmediatly after they ended Xzavi had to go to Drama club, but Ellen stayed receiñving the applause lol I think she’s also liking the fame thing.

Lol sometimes you just gotta go against your theater profesor~ I feel kinda proud of Xzavi honestly, I don’t do good with authority lol.

And Ellen was still around, so romance time~! I love how shy and unsure Xzavi looks her, our little actor still gets nervous~

First kiss~ Ellen was taken by surprise by it~

Xzavi: “Wooow! So that was… Wooow!”

Lol let me remind you that you two had a much more passionate kiss outside earlier.

Xzavi: “That was acting! It doesn’t count! This was awesome!”

Yeah, somehow the game didn’t count that as a first kiss lol good to know. Also Xzavi is still a dork and I love him ❤

Ha! Good look trying to troll us again Aliens! You can take Javon as much as you want now!

Javon: “Please don’t encourage them!”

Oh, right, sorry lol. But I mean it!

Guess which little boy is ready for his birthday~ congrats for completing your skills Astro!

And it’s just in time! Grandpa Louis also comes to celebrate with us~ time to see if things are better now with our little alien!

And they are! Now I can keep him undisguised like I like to do! He’s such a handsome boy ❤ I kept the hairstyle he had as a toddler because I like how it looks on him.

Astro rolled Good as his first trait, to keep up with the irony of being a total troublemaker lol, and is gonna become a Rambunctious Scamp~

I think this is a good place to stop this update! Not sure what next one is gonna bring us, well, I do, but you’ll have to read next one to know! probably some more adventures with fame for Xzavi, maybe some more extended family updates, all that good stuff! I’ll see you then guys!

Happy simming!

Family Updates:

Qianna did us the same exact joke that Atticus when he was a kid and closed her eyes for her picture lol well, we’ll take a better look at her next time.

For now, here’s her newest sister, Ariana!

Next up we have Stella, who’s Awstin’s technically fourth child. I gotta say I adore how she grew up! Her face is very unique and charming! I’m saving her to my gallery for future use lol.

Next up is Raeleigh, Rupert’s newest addition! I recently changed MCCC’s alien settings so alien and humans have a portentage of having full alien kids now, and looks like it’s working!

Working very well, because turns out Ocean, Ophelia’s kid, is also a full alien! I’m still really happy that Ophelia finally have kids~ and she got her daddy’s hair!

And finally, generation 5 is here! First up is Namaari, with her adorable braids~

And then Imelda with a cute little afro! Man, these two look like twins! They both look a lot like Laurel, just with Nitza’s hair so far!

Points so far: 476

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