3.14 A glitchy alien and a future actor

Hey there! I’m bringing one more update from the Svartulv family!

Last time we got a surprise allien baby, I still can’t believe it lol we also sadly lost our girl jellybean to old age, and we basically just kept going with the last weeks of the generation. we’re probably still around three to four updates from Xzavi turning into a young adult, but we’re making progress, so let’s keep it up with that!

Time to see how the family is doing~

Javon: “Aha! I know! Aliens are getting better at mixing with us, that’s why Astro has human skin!”

Knox: *Looking at the sky* “That makes sence to me. You’re a genius my love.”

Lol these two are so cute ❤ Also don’t worry too much about the baby, just accept him like I do.

And Knox does just that~ look how cute ❤

I remember these two had A TON of ‘try for baby’ whims, so I guess it’s cute they ended up getting their extra baby.

Also, Knox can get more parenting~ I love the Parenting skill, but I think it’s very non-useful how it levels up *sighs* if you could start getting it since teenhood we could actually use the high level rewards it gives you while having kids!

Anyways, moving on, Oz keeps working on his final scout badges. I love how the treadmill is in front of a window lol you can run and spy on your neighbors at the same time.

These two keep working on their skills to get maxed skills points~ also Javon is back at wearing a hospital robe lol I seriously think this should’ve been adressed already.

Damn! That organic food thing really makes stuff pricey! Like… woooow!

It’s not that money is a problem for this family or anything, but I was already gonna repeal this thing because I got tired of the energized moodlets from the food, so it’s just an extra reason lol let’s go back to the common, non-organic cheap food lol.

Xzavi gets started on his after school ‘job’, because I remember it took me a while to complete this with Sinbad, so let’s get a little headstart.

Jaleesa came from school with Oz~ so we keep the romance on~ and also, Oz keeps working on his badges, that bright light is the sociability badge filling up lol.

And it’s finally Javon’s time to join Knox at elderhood~ three days later lol. I’m really gonna miss his blue hair </3

Javon: “And what about the rest of me?”

That too, but it’s not like your dying right now! It’s just your hair that’s going away!

And then I got this notification and was like ‘WHAT?!’

I didn’t tell them to do this, it was their idea! It really took me by surprise!

I couldn’t caught the actual ring exchange, but here’s a cute picture of them being happy ❤ ugh, I love them, they’re so adorable as a couple…but next time try to let me know before you do something like this kids!

Jaleesa: “That wouldn’t be as funny.”

Oh, she’s a joker, of course she is. Have fun with her Oz lol.

Oz: “I will!”

So, anyways, after that adorable but rude interruptiom… Here we have elder Javon…still in his hospital robe.

Javon: “well, it’s comfy!”

I don’t know, doesn’t look that comfy to me with that back opening and all that lol. Anyways, I updated a couple of Javon’s outfits, but didn’t give him a major makeover like Knox’s.

And speaking of Knox, he and Javon decides to go straight to properly celebrate lol I mean, do as you want boys, now we can’t have any more surprise nooboos, so have fun!

While they were in their bedroom, Jaleesa and Oz decided to mess around in the observatory too lol I mean, I think I’m just glad they didn’t chose the closet. It’s where all my sims seem to like to woohoo, and it would’ve been veeeery awkward lol.

And where is our heir in all of this you ask?

Right here, being a good boy and practicing his typing, totally unaware of the adult shanenigans happening around the house lol never change Xzavi ❤

Progress for Oz’s scout badges! He’s doing great, we just need to get a little more serious with a couple of them.

Oh, wow! I seriously thought Knox still needed another skill to level 8 after Painting, but nope, looks like that was his last one! Congrats Knox! Also I need to re-learn counting apparently lol.

This is another new aspiration completed, so +5! I don’t remember what I gave him next…probably something random since we’re not gonna be working on it anyways lol Knox deserves to rest his final days away.

Xzavi gets no rest though, he keeps working on his third child aspiration. I still don’t think he’s gonna complete it, but he sure as hell is getting close lol.

With aspirations out of the way, Knox goes around the house upgrading some more of our appliances. Gotta take advantage of his high Handiness while we can!

It was the weekend, and so our gardener doesn’t come to work. I believe the plants can survive a couple days without its care, but they were looking a little brown, and Javon was free, so he’s watering around a little.

Night notifications come in, and we find out both Rupert and Lia are having more kids, and from generation 4, Nitza and Laurel are too!

You may remember unless I forgot to say it last time that Laurel was already pregnant thanks to risky woohoo, so now these two are gonna have two kids very close in age!

We still haven’t gotten any notifications for Khaliq and Keisha, but I’m hoping we will soon.

Anyways, look who’s haunting tonight! Hey there Jellybean!

I had to send Knox out to welcome her back ❤ they were both very happy to see eachother.

Also, this made me notice that Loki never came to haunt after the savefile move </3 I’m guessing something went wrong while trying to make him a ghost again, and I’m still sad about it, Loki was an amazing doggie

But hey, at least we have Jellybean, and she’s being very entertaining lol she went into the bathroom and randomly attecked Nina lol! I’m gonna allow it, because Nina was terrible this visit! She broke us like three tubs and two sinks just tonight!

Another day, another sugar skull offering to keep working on that collection. I think this girl gave us our fourth.

And while upgrading the tv to get better reception, Knox maxes another skill! +1 for that! You’re the best Knox!

Xzavi met this girl while working on the Social butterfly aspiration, and she asked to come over today, si I said yes. Her name is Aubrey something, an Even though she has Fabulous hair, she isn’t actually Izzy’s kid as I thought at the start.

While I was trying to fix the ‘human looking Pollination Technician’ issue, I ended up deciding to have all my aliens be undisguised, and let me tell you: You have many more aliens than you think in your game! And I mean waaaaaay more! I’ve seen like ten different ones walking around, and like  five more while going through families in the overworld lol.

Speaking of aliens, our little one is having a birthday tonight! Everybody say ‘Happy Birthday Astro!’ :’D

Yup, he definitely has human looking skin~ lol Nice to know.

He’s also even more bugged than I thought lol I tried to put him un humano clothes because I really don’t like the alien suits, but if I do that, his feet dissapear…somehow lol. Man, this alien sure is a whole new adventures.

So, because I really, really don’t like the alien suits, I decided after a while that Astro is gonna keep his desguise in for now. We’ll see if he’s still bugged when he grows up again.

Also, both his desguise and his normal forma had brown hair, I think it’s cute both our alien kids decided to look a little like their non-blood parent Knox ❤

Speaking of Knox, he has just been killing it this update! Here he makes his last Gourmet meal to max the skill! Another +1~

Javon: “So, we have another.”

Yup, it feels more real as a toddler right?

Javon: “Kind of. He’s pretty adorable though. Sleep well little angel.”

I’m really, really happy we have Astro around now ❤ little troublemaker alien *sighs* also, he’s actually Angelic, I feel that’s kind of ironic lol.

That’s a very weird picture Oz painted today lol. But anyways, he’s still working on his last badges.

Javon decided to retire from work. He deserves time to rest and also take care of his new kid.

Moar painting for Knox~ I mean, he’s already level 8 on that skill, si we may as well max it if we can lol.

… I mean good for her, I guess? But why did I get this notification? Lol? None of my sims even know Julia! No idea.

We make a stop from painting so keeps working on his robotics skill, just because he finally has enough pieces and mechanisms and all that stuff, to make a CleanerBot! This will be my first time doing one of these, I’m excited!

But he can make países to go get to know his future daughter in law. Yep, that’s Ellen, she’s already a teen and she is C-U-T-E! Also her second trait is Cheerful, which really suits her ❤

Oz has completed all his badges and it’s now a Llamacorn scout! Congrats Oz! +1

Xzavi and Ellen bond over dancing~ because the couple who skills together stays together! I guess? lol.

Also Xzavi has made it to level 8 Motor skill! His birthday is tomorrow though, and he can’t take a day off because kid still doesn’t have an A somehow, but we’ll see if he can complete the skill before blowing candles!

Ellen is a keeper ❤ she just goes and takes care of the laundry all on her own! I already love her, can’t wait to make her part of the family!

As usual, this kid is gonna be spoiled rotten lol there’s already a queue to play with him! But I mean, he should enjoy it.

And after his parents have their turn with him, big brother Oz joins him to watch tv. They’re watching the newly unlocked Music Chanel! It apparently gives you guitar skill which is a cool detail I didn’t knew!

Salem visited just to go nap on our floatie lol not complaining, at least she didn’t broke anything.

Knox has finished our Cleaner Bot! I believe you can name them, but honestly I’ve gotten too used to calling him Cleaner Bot lol so that’s kinda his name now?

Javon maxed the Mischief skill and completed his aspiration!!! +2 for that!

Like with Knox, I don’t remember what I gave him next lol but he’s probably not gonna complete it, we’ll see next time.

So, Laurel and Nitza’s babies are also not gonna let me name them lol good to know. Anyways, we welcome the first baby of generation 4 and she’s a girl!

Once she turns into a toddler she will be renamed Namaari, because I recently rewatched Raya with my BFF and I just adooooore Namaari of Fang ❤

Owwwwn look at Cleaner Bot going up the stairs ❤ he’s cute, I love him already.

Well, Xzavi finally brought us his Elementary A! +1 for that!

He’s sent to practice his lines for Drama club because we have been neglecting that a little lol, and I’m laughing so much at the fact he’s way too small for the mirror lol it kinda looks like he’s trying to loon himself but just can’t with how he’s bending back lol it’s adorable.

Anyways, since it’s his birthday today, we invited Ellen over to celebrate after Drama club.

And it was birthday time!!

Or at least that was the idea… But apparently our cake got bugged too lol Xzavi just wouldn’t grow up after blowing the candles. We tried three times!

And finally, I had Javon bake him a new cake to see if that worked, and it did! I think Xzavi just wanted to get a fancy cake lol!

He ended up being one point too short from maxing Motor, but I mean, he completed two full aspirations, and I didn’t want to risk him growing up with no cake and getting sad about it.

Now time to meet our next main sim!

Here he is! And damn, I think we got lucky with genetics here, look at that! He does have that actor charm doesn’t he?

Xzavi: “You can say that again! I’m hot!”

I never said you were hot lol but I do believe he kinda is, honestly. But I would totally believe you are Self-absorbed if I didn’t already knew your new trait is Loves the Outdoors lol.

Xzavi: “It’s not Self-absorbed if it’s the truth! Also I’m gonna be a Superstar, I do need to have a bit of an ego!”

*sighs* gotta go ahead nad say it already: I love him. He has been one of the sims with more personality I’ve ever had in what I’ve played so far lol I hope you come to like him too as we play!

Anyways, after the whole birthday thing we went on a trip to flag some cousins. First: Val and Yaritza!

Yaritza actually wasn’t home ay the time… She’s grilling me! But we did met her husband, Rohan. I’m a little sad they’re not gonna have kids, because look at that: Rohan has green hair!

Also since Yaritza wasn’t around, we instead flagged Rohan for no offspring. He doesn’t look happy lol.

Then we move onto the Münch house to flag Anthony.

He was the only one hiding inside lol sorry Tony, you can’t escape it.

Anthony: “Well, you can’t blame me for trying!”

Back home, Ellen was still hanging around the house, so I was gonna take a cute picture of her and Xzavi here, and just as he sat down, she got up to leave… Mixed signals who?

Ellen: “You left me alone in the house to do that ‘flagging’ thing and then just come back and want romance? I don’t think you can say much about mixed signals!”

… Touché.

I still can’t believe these two have a toddler lol this is ridiculous. But also I gotta admit it would be really funny if this family actually decided to make this into a tradition lol having alien middle/late crisis babies.

This is the only bad thing about this though *sighs* I know they don’t have that much time left, but I want them to at least see Astro as a child! Hopefully a teen, but that’s probably too much to ask…

Later that night, we get the notice that Ophelia’s daughter was born! Welcome, baby Ocean!

Toddler bathtime ❤ ‘cuz you know I can’t resist how cute it is!

Skye visited tonight and made a painting all on her own! It’s the same one that Diamon painted in my Perfect genetics challenge, I still like it a lot lol we sold it in this case though, we already have a ton of wall decor thanks to the Space prints.

Just a cute picture of Astro being cute~

Javon has been tasked with working on the microescope prints collection since he has maxed Logic, and that means he can analize fossil and crystal samples. I believe we need some of those to get all the prints right? I’ve never actually completed this one.

Knox was promoted to level 7!

And I inmediatly had him retire lol I had been meaning to do it for some time, it’s time for him to rest~

And also keep working on upgrading stuff around the house. If I remember correctly he was getting a better video card for the PC. Also, I saw Javon go upstairs with his food and thought that he was going to talk to Knox, but Noe, he just randomly decided to eat sitting on Xzavi’s bed lol!

… Are you guys having a jumping competition or something? lol!

Both of them: “…maybe?”

Lol boys will be boys, right?

Contrary to the other generations of this challenge, the youngest kid hasn’t been the moodiest. Instead, that title currently belongs to Oz here lol he comes back in a mood almost every day. That’s doing wonders for his emotion control though, he spends a lot of time writting in his diary.

Hey Xzavi! What’s up?

Xzavi: “Do I have to go to school? I feel my talents are being overlooked! Not like this Drama club though, they even gave me a promotion to Line learner!”

Well, yeah, that’s usually how school is lol. Buuut I still want you to go to Uni, so yeah, you need good grades for that. Also congrats on your promotion!

Xzavi: “Rats! And also thank you.”

Hey, I know what will make you happy!

Xzavi: “You know what? It’s true! Showing the world how great of a cook I am DOES make me happy!”

Lol I’m gonna ignore the fact he’s cooking on top of the only dirty counter in this kitchen. He looks so proud.

Xzavi: “See? That’s how you do it!”

He literally made a Normal quality garden salad. But shhh, don’t tell him lol.

Jaleesa is visiting again~ I love having her around. I think it’s super cute how close they are since Oz has the Soulmate aspiration ❤

Looks like these two have become fans of the observatory lol it kinda make sence, maybe Oz likes to show Jaleesa the stars he comes from.

This kid is called Baby… This reminds me of the dogs called ‘Dog’… But like… he’s a sim baby, why game? lol.

Rowan has reached young adulthood, so we pay him a visit!

Rowan: “Ah! Get away from me!”

Lol not sure if hes paranoid, if it’s a thing of the thunderstorm outside, or if he really didn’t want to be flagged lol but sorry kid, gotta do it! *Flagged*

And then we’re back in the house to keep skilling with Astro~

Javon: “This used to be a lot easier with the older kids!”

Well, you weren’t an elder back then Javon lol maybe you guys should try other skilling ways.

So they do! Also, this update is getting quite long already, so I’m gonna leave you with this cute pic of Astro playing with his blocks!

Next time, Astro should be turning into a child! Also probably Oz will become a young adult. Maybe we’ll start to make some progress with Xzavi’s aspiration? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

See you guys next time!

Family Updates:

This couple of pictures didn’t come out alright lol I feel like Isander, on the right, is a bit of a trickster, I like that thought. Of course on the left is his twin, Isaac.

And then we have Uriel, Rupert’s second, as a teen!

Points so far: 475

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