3.9 All the points!

Hi there guys!

I really felt like writting updates today, so why not put out another one from the Svartulvs? I’m still trying to get to the poll fast lol! I hope you’re enjoying the frequent updates too!

Anyways, last chapter we enjoyed the first Founder’s day on our save with a family reunion. We saw little Ozbej turn into a toddler, and Ophelia finally turned into a young adult and move to start her new life in Sulani! I already miss her so much!

This time, as you can guess for the title: Points galore! which I’m happy about because honestly, we’ve been doing a little slow on that department lately lol. Also, we’re getting the last baby of the generation today! So let’s jump right in, because I really want to meet them!

We start today with Ozbej having dinner, sitting right next to Destinee. I’m still a little sad that she didn’t want to marry Ophelia, so i believe she shouldn’t be allowed in our house now lol please leave.

Destinee: “Rude!”

You broke my favorite sim’s heart! That’s rude!

Our sink got so dirty that it has come to life lol. What? that’s not something that happens in this game?

Oh, then it was a thing of Skye visiting and hainting it lol Hey there Skye! I miss you! Also not happy you broke our sink again!

I’ve been starting to get aaaaall the notifications about Louis’ time being almost over. He has lived a lot longer than he had to already, but it’s gonna be so weird to see the house without him in it!

Anyways, since I don’t think he’s gonna be around for more than this update, I honestly spent a lot of time following him around lol He’s just the best.

See? the best! He always has time to take care of his little grandkids.

Our repairwoman doesn’t look happy to be here lol like at all.

Repairwoman: “It’s literally 3 in the morning and there are ghosts in this house, I’m just not looking foward to all this work.”

…Yeah, that makes a lot of sence actually. Also as you can see, Salem is also haunting us today.

She behaves a lot nicer than her daughter lol See Skye? Haunting the popcorn machine is good! try that sometime!

Whoops, I think walking right into our main couple having some fun times isn’t gonna do much to better repairwoman’s humor lol Sorry about that.

But anyways, yes, Knox and Javon were currently on the process of bringing us the last baby of the generation, and they were sucessful! Who else is ready for baby X? 😀

Javon aparently is not lol he looks suuuper annoyed that Knox is giving him the “happy” news.

And even when he does this happy little dance as a reaction, he still looks terryfied lol Dude, you already have three kids, i don’t think one more can be so bad!

Specially with such good-behaved kids as they’d had so far, even when Nitza looks like she’s angry and Khal also looks worried for some reason lol. This family is bringing out their best expressions today.

Oh hey, this is the first time I see one of my toddlers eating like that! They usually sit on the bed, but this is adorable!

Nitza isn’t a dog lover, but who can resist the cuteness of Jellybean, am I right? It’s just too much!

Mmmm game? That’s a pool we have behind the house, not the ocean. Also this is super random! he hasn’t been in Sulani on days! why does he get that mood now? lol.

Is saturday, so the whole family is sent to work on their aspiration and skill goals to take advantage of the day. Here we have Nitza completing her needed health potions! now she just needs an A in school to complete that aspiration!

Knox keeps pushing through the last couple hours of computer time lol I still can’t believe this is the part of the aspiration that’s dragging us behind.

Javon takes some time to teach needs to Ozbej, little guy needed some extra attention.

And since Khaliq is just waiting for his birthday at this point, instead of skilling he was tasked with giving some love to our puppy. He’s definitely living his best life right now!

But since kids can’t walk dogs, that part of the deal goes to Javon~ I love how happy Jellybean looks everytime they take her out! That’s how all doggies should look!

Finally!!! God this took way longer than it needed to lol! Congrats on completting your aspiration and become MVP for this update Knox!


He was switched to the Renaissense Sim aspiration next, so he’s reading the three books he needs for his first milestone.

Khal and Nitza are sharing secrets lol They look adorable.

Oz really likes this couch, is where he usually chooses to eat whenever he can lol.

I found more stuff we hadn’t identified on Knox’s inventory, so we’re working on that. We’re still missing four objects for that collecion!

Louis and Jellybean keep being best friends, and thanks to that Louis just gave us +5 more points! That’s right, he just completed the Pet Training skill!

Khal decided to play with the blocks table, and I was looking at what he was gonna buld, but he didn’t do anything in the end lol this has been happening a lot in my saves lately, poor table.

Ophelia knows what we want: she invited us to the Flea market! And there was a blizzard while we were there lol I always have this luck with the Flea market.

As usual, the kids were smart and decided to take shelter inside the karaoke bar. They had fun while the adults dealt with the elements lol.

I was a necessary evil for them though, because today’s collectibles on sale were crystals! this gave us like, half that collection completed at once lol that’s why I love this festival.

After buying literally everything, Javon decided to practice his mischief on the vendor lady lol I’ve been kinda slacking with his aspiration because it will only give us one point, while his work gives us 5, but we’re still working slowly but surely!

Geez, Ophelia, do aliens have some kind of weather resistance I don’t know about? lol Because I totally would be freezing if I was dressed like that on the snow!

And we’re back home. The adults where quite tired at this point, so I enjoyed watching the kids spending some time together. And as you can see, Oz enjoyed it too! He’s working on his last skill points to get top notch toddler before his birthday.

Then he joins then on the couch to chat and ask them why about a million things. Khal actually took the questions really well, he’s a great big brother!

Toddlers reading/looking at books melt my heart! Also, imagination down! I think he just needs to finish movement and comunitcation at this point!

This was right after the update where they added all those latino recipes, so i had Javon cook some Elotes. I love elotes!

And then we got the notification I was waiting for! I’m super excited to start having teens again!

Happy birthday Khal! I hope you keep being awesome as a teen!

And here is he all grown up! He’s so cute, still looks a lot like Javon, but he got Knox’s chin and hair, so that’s enough to make him different, I really love his looks!

He gained the Dog lover trait, which surprises no one lol and his adult aspiration is gonna be Leader of the Pack.

His first teen action was to get a job. He entered the fast food career because I think it kida suits him lol.

And since he needs cooking skill to get promoted, he gets started right away! by making salads of course, becasue we don’t trust teens and stoves lol.

I think Knox is starting to feel a little self-consious about the pregnancy thing lol This is where i found him today. You know Javon loves you no matter what right?

Knox: “I don’t know! He didn’t look happy at all when I told him we were expecting!”

Well, yeah, but I think that’s just a little preparental anxiety lol Doesn’t mean he doesn´t find you attractive!

Knox: “You sure?”

Totally! He has already seen you pregnant before Knox!

Knox: “O-okey I guess.”

That’s my boy!

Will Louis someday stop being the best grandparent ever? I highly doubt it! I don’t think even death will stop him!

Now that Khal is a teen, he can be in charge of taking Jellybean for her daily jog! He’s a dog lover now, so I”m sure he likes it.

We took Louis and the kids to Sulani because Javon had work stuff to do.

While he went to take pictures and samples from the water…

Khal and Louis helped cleaning the ocean! and Nitza enjoyed doing laps around. She’s already working on her motor skill so she can complete Rambunctious Scamp once she gets her A in school.

Back at home, and Keisha decided to come visit, showing us that she’s already a teen too! She’s really pretty, I think I see a lot of Oliana in her.

Looks like Lia and Holly are giving us another cousin!

And Knox maxes out another skill to secure his place as MVP of this update! We have already maxed this one with Nina, but it’s still +1!

Awstin’s baby S is finally here! She’s the first girl in that family, and we named her Stella

Guess who’s having a birthday today~? Yup, is our little alien baby!

Happy birthday Oz! can’t want to see you as a child!

But wait will we have to do, because literally just as Oz was blowing his candles, we got the notice that baby X is ready to meet us!

So we were off to the hospital! Time to meet our last little one!

Our doctor for today was pretty competent, no hearts being pulled out or anything! Also notice Javon is not in the room lol I think this pregnancy still has it way more tense than it should.

At least is the last one.

We have a boy! Not really surprised about that, this family has some strong Y-chromosomes lol. We named him Xzavi! +8 for an X name!

Am I cheating by calling him Xzavi instead of going for the full Xzavier name? Maybe! Do I care? Not really lol still trying to keep the pregnancies per generation under six. Also, we already got points for E and R, so not really necessary!

And we end this update with a very proud Oz smiling at us at the top of the playground! He’s adorable, and he’s also sporting my first try look at the Snowy Escape new CAS items lol I love getting new CAS assets!

Anyways, as said before, this is where we’re ending! I think we only have two updates more before the heirpoll! Still super excited about that! Join us next time to see how baby Xzavi is gonna look like once he grows up! final baby of the generation!

Have fun guys! See ya soon!

Family Updates:

Here we have Nora and Neville, Sinbad and Marisol’s second set of twins! As a funfact about them, Neville is a dog lover, and Nora a cat lover lol loving the opposite twins!

Lance, Lia’s first kid, is now a teen! He loos soooo much like Holly! But those lips and chin are definitely Lia’s

And this is his little sister, Isobel!

Finally, here’s Uriel, Rupert and Traci’s second baby, he’s a cutie!

Points so far: 414 we’re past four hundred now, yessss!

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