3.8 Founder’s Day

Hey there! I’m back bringing another update from the Svartulvs, and bringing us another litttle step closer to the next heir poll!

I took a little break from witting because I wanted to play some of my other saves, and then I got sucked into the abyss that is playing Plague Inc/Rebel Inc for a while lol really fun games if you like strategy! But now it’s time to stop procastinating and write some stuff!

So, last time we had a lot of birthdas! We enjoyed the life with our new doggie Jellybean, and welcomed home alien baby Ozbej! Today, Oz will be a toddler! Maybe we’ll have some completed milestones? Also, I believe Ophelia is gonna celebrate her YA birthday, and boy I’m gonna miss having her around, but that will mean space for the last baby in the household! So, excited, but also sad lol.

Anyways, better get started!

Khaliq starts us today by going around the neighborhood and meeting people for his new aspiration.

And meanwhile Nitza gets the right foot at childhood by doing her homework first thing today.

Five people met, Khal now invited over Keisha Illes to be his bestfriend~ they’re my gen 3 otp so far, honestly lol.

Lia’s visiting! She and Rupert come around all the time, it’s really cool having them over!

Ophelia is working on getting her friend levels up with Destinee and a couple other teens she met, but Destinee is my favorite so far lol.

And here we have Javon giving some love and attention to our new little alien, Ozbej! Who else is extra happy about Oz being with us?!

Also, Javon’s hair really matches the walls lol!

Lol Jellybean is an aggresive doggie, and she aparently doesn’t like that Skye is visiting us today lol. She’s family Jellybean! Louis isn’t gonna like that you’re attacking his wife!

I have absolutely no idea why I took this Picture lol But I mean, maybe it was so I could say how cute Nitza looks with her outfit? I think She’s adorable~ Also, for the longest time since my last hiatus I believed she had the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration instead of Whiz Kid, so I was having her do motor skilling instead of mental, and didn’t looked to see her aspiration panel until a while later lol!

Awwwwwn Louis and Skye share some time together~

Though I’m not sure how much Skye must be liking their time interrupted by Jellybean wanting attention lol But hey, you can’t say no to the doggie! Even if she’s a troublemaker!

Specially when she’s this adorable lol.

Yes, I’m taking way too many pics of Jallybean lol I just couldn’t stop laughing when I saw her run around the neighborhood attacking random people lol. I’ve had aggresive dogs before and she’s actually the only one I’ve seen doing this!

Javon goes back to practicing his mischief skill so we can get points for his aspiration. Poor Alice Kim is his current victim lol.

She’s actually the sim he bonded his Voodoo doll to lol Nothing against her, but I needed a sim outside the family to do this, and she was right there lol.

Finally, another promotion for Knox! Level 9, so he’s just missing one more to finally top his career! At this point with how many youth potions Louis has taken, I’m gonna be really dissapointed if he doesn’t get to see him top it lol.

Still working on making friends with Keisha! she’s so pretty!

Aaaand that’s done! Best friends status achieved, and just one more tier of this aspiration to complete!

Around this time was when I noticed that Nitza was actually a whiz kid lol so we finally got to work on her chess games for tier 1. Also this was around the time where that patch made it so chess games lasted like 12 hours, so working on her aspiration was frustrating lol but we made it, and thankfully that bug was adressed before my next whiz kid lol.

Jellybean likes singing to our stereo!! I love when dogs do that, it’s so cute!!

Also yeah Jellybean is stealing the show today lol not sorry!

See Jellybean? That’s why we don’t attack Skye, she’s cool and helps us cleaning the house! She’s the best~

So, turns out Jellybean wasn’t neutered as I thought she was lol. Seriously, my idea at first was to get them an adult, neutered/spayed dog and we ended up with the opposite because I fell in love with the Word Goldendoodle lol very typical of me.

So anyways, a trip to the vet was in order to get her fixed.

While waiting for things to be done with her, Javon takes the chance to be mischievous around lol the mischief skill is really a lot of fun.

He also took the chance to clog the drains for his aspiration lol.

And done with Jellybean! Sadly she has to wear the cone of shame for some time, I hate seeing the doggies looking all das because of the cone!

Back at home to a very hungry baby who’s about to grow up! Toddler now, food later lol! I’m super excited to see how he’s gonna look!

Hey, I don’t remember seeing that popup with Ophelia! But I checked on Oz’s relationship panel and his mom shows up there! I wonder if we can call her once he’s older, it would be really cool for him to meet her!

And now, here we have little Oz after his makeover! His disguise was black-haired, so I randomized his hair to see if Brown or Blue would pop up faster, and apparently he wants to be a brunet like Knox, definitely not complaining about that, he’s a cutie!

Knox gets him started on skills right away with some stories.

Promotion time for Javon! He has branched out into the Environmental Manager branch, because I felt it made more sence since he’s not living in Sulani to be a Marine Biologist.

So, I finally tried to have Ophelia tan while on her disguise to see if that worked…and it doesn’t *sighs* well, nothing to do.

Also this is the first time we see her disguised self since she was a toddler lol she’s really pretty like this too, but I think I still prefer her on her alien form.

Alien baby watching her alien aunt playing with the football~ I love them ❤

And then getting movement up with out trusted slide. Now Ozbej is definitely stealing the show from Jellybean lol.

Oh yeah, this was where I looked at his relationship panel and found out his mom shows there, I still think that’s super cool!

Louis and Jellybean are best friends. With Knox and Javon having so much on their hands, is usually Louis who gives some attention to the puppy. He’s also working on the Pet Training skill, so it’s an extra for them spending time together.

moooooar infinite chess games~ Seriously this was the worst lol. At least both of them needed lots of logic skill so it worked for us.

Ophelia’s birthday is getting close, so we invited Destinee over to try and get their romance no. They’ve been hitting it off really cool!

And while the teens are at ir, Oz and Javon enjoy dinner inside. Look at little Oz being all cute and happy~

He looks a lot less excited while dad-Knox tries to teach him some basic needs with flashcards lol I think Oz has a favorite!

…Or maybe he’s just tired, it can be that lol.

Today it’s Founder’s Day! It’s a festivity I made up and takes place on the day Salem passed away, where we celebrate our first main couple.

Things to do include Invite family over, play games and tell stories (to honor Salem), Mischief spirit (for Nina), and remember the death, which is why Ghosts Salem and Nina are hanging around the neighborhood. Also, they don’t look very happy to have a holiday created after them lol.

Anyways, Nina entered the house so Louis takes the chance to fullfil his holiday by talking to her. She’s a lot less angry now lol.

And Knox takes the other route and decides to go mourn at the urns. He also takes the chance to place a sugar skull offering to his mom, so time to scout around the neighborhood for a celbrator~

Kids are back home! I think this was the day Ophelia brought home an A! That doesn’t give us points or anything, but she’s doing great!

I remember there is a Day of the death celebrator outfit for kids, so no idea why this girl isn’t wearing it lol but oh well, at least we managed to find her! Time to go get another sugar skull!

Nitza was the one sent to meet her, because I think they’re more or less the same age, and you know, early spouse hunting lol!

khal maxes out social skill! Now he just needs to make some more friends, and today is the perfect moment to work on that!

Here are some pictures from the family reunion that took place that day. It was a great chance for Khal to keep working on his aspiration, and overall it was a great excuse to bring Knox’s siblings and their familes home! I’ve really been missing this guys lately!

The reunion took a little too much out of Javon lol I think this is a good sign that it’s time to go to bed and finish with the holiday.

Awstin is expecting baby S! Yay for more cousins!

Oz woke up earlier to spend some time with the family, so Knox put him down to sleep again now that things are calm. He also has Jellybean waiting to get some extra attention, because doggies lol I love them.

And then he’s back at the computer for those last hours for his aspiration. I think he’s playing SimScuffle, what’s that game a referencie yo btw? I don’t really recognize the word lol.

Wolfgang and Awstin really want to have a big family lol now they’re not only pregnant, but they also welcome another little boy into their family! Welcome, cousin Tommy!

Louis keeps being our ‘man of many hobbies’ lol today he’s making a collection run to keep working on some more collections. I’ve been procastinating a lot on collecting lately lol.

Knox has a very high handiness skill, so before I forget I have him upgrading the dryer to lint-less to try and avoid fires~

I just took this picture to say that I really like how our staircase/second floor hall looks lol I still think this has been one of my best builds lately, very proud of it!

Ophelia is growing up today, time to tie the knot with Destinee before moving out!

Score!! Looks like Ophelia really took her by surprise lol.

Now it’s finally birthday time! Happy birthday Ophelia! I can’t believe you’re finally ready to leave the house!

Destinee is quickly aged up too, and Ophelia doesn’t waste any time asking her yo be her girlfriend.

Then Destinee inmediatly leaves the house because #SimsLogic lol. Since Ophelia’s needs are a little on the low side, we decide to let her go for now and take care of those before proposing.

So meanwhile, enjoy this adorable pic of Khaliq looking very surprised that he just completed his second aspiration! That’s a +2 for today!

I think I gave him Rambunctious Scamp next, but he’s a little too close to his birthday, so I doubt he’ll get to complete it.

Louis keeps being the best grandad ever~ And also, Jellybean keeps hanging around Ozbej a lot lol I think it’s adorable~

And then, with Ophelia’s needs back into the red, it was time to call over Destinee and pop the big question!

Aaaand she said no! Can you believe it?! This is literally the first time I’ve gotten a rejected proposal in this save!

*sighs* Well, I guess Destinee and Ophelia weren’t meant to be…

So, instead of a marriage, Ophelia gets her own little home in Sulani, and a cute little doggie to make her Dog Lover heart full! MCCC will take care of finding her love I guess, and I’m hoping, because I want her genetics to continue in the world!

But for now this little boy is gonna be her company! I gave him a hawaiian shirt so he fits right in with Sulani lol also look at those bright eyes!

And this is were this update is gonna end, we made quite a good progress I think! Next time, we should probably be getting to meet the last baby of the generation, finally! So join us then to find out if baby X will be a boy or girl! I kinda want a girl lol I feel like this family has too many boys, so we’ll see if this generation breaks that trend!

See you then!

Family Updates:

Yaritza is a teen! She’s really pretty, looks a lot like a blonde Yvaine but I don’t think she’s a total copy.

This is her younger brother Val, who we saw taking a pic with Khal during the family reunion! He looks like a really cool kid!

And this is their youngest brother, Ansel! he got those big blue eyes from Nixon!

Moving to Awstin’s family, this is Anthony as a child! As you can see, he looks a lot like Wolfgang! I think he’s gonna have that mouse-like Munch genetics lol I still love him, because I love Wolfgang!

And his younger brothers, Wren (he was renamed, as he was adopted as a newborn)

And Tommy! I left his name alone, not only because I think it’s lucky that T was actually the next letter on Awstin’s name game lol the unborn baby will be named with an S name.

And for the final update for today, here we have Rowan as a kid! As you may remember he’s Rupert and Traci’s oldest child!

Points so far: 390 (still slow, but we’re getting there!)

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