3.7 Everbody gets a birthday!

Ok, not everybody, but it sure feels like it lol!

Hey there! I’m back a lot earlier this time!

I’ll be honest, I’ve already played until this generation’s heir poll moment lol so basically, if I want to keep playing, I need to post these updates first so you guys can vote for our next MS, and I’m excited about that so I better get going lol! We have like five updates to get through, so better start soon!

Buckle up guys, we’re in for many rides lol!

Javon is still pregnant with our alien O baby~ I’m super happy! can’t wait to meet them and know what color are they gonna be!

Knox is back here giving some love to his new pet, tiny Jellybean~ aren’t they adorable? I’m already in love with Jellybean and she has only been her for a day!

Javon is back at the easel. we’re gonna be needing those portratis soon as the kids keep growing up fast!

Louis keeps being an amazing grandpa and taking care of the needs of the kids~ Louis is the best guys, we chose great as Skylar’s spouse!

Ophelia keeps making friends wih Orange, even though I’m still on the fence about this relationship lol.

Nitza: “Kitty!”

No baby, she’s not a kitty, she’s a puppy lol.

Nitza: “Kitty! kitty!”

Jellybean: *looks confused but happily*

Knox keeps working on getting his last 50 hours using a computer lol he’s also developing an app, and I’m still having blast with this skill!

This is the first time I play a controlable alien (I had two in my drifter save ages ago, but they were uncontrollable), so I’m playing around with Ophelia’s powers lol I do believe aliens should get an uograde, but they’re still a lot of fun!

Whoops, I totally forgot Knox’s adult birthday! I’m sorry Knox!

He’s still handsome as ever! He also doesn’t get a makeover, because I really like his look lol. It’s jus so him!

Ophelia and Khaliq are close as ever, they even do homework together!

Me? Dying of cuteness overload at Jellybean trying to eat from her giant food bowl? Never!

…Ok, maybe a little, she’s adorable!

Ophelia decides that the master bathroom is the perfect place to wash her dish lol I’m not complaining though, at least she’s washing it.

Lmao this pregnancy mood sounds a lot different when you remember he’s expecting an alien baby lol!

I gotta say that waking up to have a magic gnome staring at you would probably scare my heart out of my chest lol so let’s hope that Jacon doesn’t decide to open his eyes right now.

Also, stalking gnomes mean one thing: it’s winterfest!

I was looking around for Jellybean and I couldn’t see her, then I notired she’s taking a nap under the table! isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

Look at my two geeks, having geeky conversations over breakfast while wearing their geeky t-shirts!

And then Knox is back at the pc. If I remember correctly this is just after he finished modding Incredible Sports, another cool little feature of the programming skill that I had been missing lol.

Oh hey, Knox maxed the programming skill! That’s a new one, so +5!

Also it’s another step closer to a completed aspiration!

Khaliq is a good brother, he los playing with his little sis.

And also teaches her the shapes and numbers with the blocks~ I always forget that kids can help toddlers with that!

It’s been ages since we had a full family picture! Even tiny Jellybean managed to fit in! And we also have Rupert included as he was visiting us for dinner!

Also, can we talk about how warm Harvestfest is in Oasis springs? lol half my sims gave their hot weather clothes on and it’s almost winter!

Awwwn I didn’t caught the birthday sparkles~ But here we have Jellybean all grown up, apparently that’s what a Goldendoodle looks like, and I looooooove it! She looks so fluffy and huggable!

I’ve now look up pictures of real life Goldendoodles, and I gotta say my new goal in life is get one of those IRL lol they’re just adorable.

Like, adorable.

Knox goes straight to Jellybean to give her some birthday snuggles~ I think she’s happy.

And she also gets her adult makeover. I wasn’t sure what I wanted her to wear because her coat is just so pretty and fluffy, and then I remembered that our last dog Loki wore a scarf, so I guess that’s gonna be the theme with the Svartulv doggies!

I was having some trouble with the Mixing music thing lol for a long time, I wondered why I could never continue mixing a track when I stopped the action for something, then I realized it works like writing songs with the other instruments and you need to click the music track from your sim’s inventory lol problem finally solved.

Opherlia has gotten so good with the soccer ball that she can now juggle an invisible one lol.

Only bad thing about Jellybean so far? Poor thing is scared of the computers! I think we dind’t chose the best pet to live in the house of a tech guru!

Knox ask for forgivness for scaring her by taking her our on a jog though, so things are ok again!

And while he’s out Louis is tasked with taking care of the toddler~ I hope he enjoys watching the kids chanel lol.

He probably doesn’t, so he prefers to distract Nitza with a story lol I don’t think she’s gonna complain so it’s all goood~

Kids are back from school! Ophelia brought home an A! It doesn’t give us poins, but I’m really proud of her!

Khaliq on the other hand, brought home a friend! Gotta get a headstart on friendships for when he gets the Social butterfly aspiration.

Aaaand looks like Nitza escaped her grandpa and decided to wreak havoc in the garden~ Maybe she wants to be a gardener when she grows up?

Javon is getting big! I can’t wait to meet our baby O!

Another night, another fishing trip for Louis that ends with him having his needs crazy low lol I’m sorry Louis!

I took this picture to say that Jellybean was totally stealing the show this update, and she chose the moment to look straight at the camera with that happy tongue out face! She knows what she’s doing! She loves having all the attention!

…Oh wow! I didn’t even remember that I had Louis take another life extender! I thought for sure he had only drank one lol. Now I really, reaaaaally hope Knox tops his career soon!

I always forget that having a new dog means we have to go through the whole training thing again lol Jellybean went around the house that night awakening everyone lol I guess she was really excited that she’s a fully grown dow now.

Owwwwn that’s what I was afraid of!

I mean, he didn’t get married, but if he already has a kid, MCCC will probably marry him off soon lol.

And this cute girl still has like a full week before growing up…so I guess we’re gonna be needing to find her another SO.

Khaliq keeps being a good kid and working on his aspiration~

It’s the weekend, so Ophelia takes the chance to meet some teens that walk around the neighborhood. The first was… this guy who’s name I don’t remember lol As you can guess, things didn’t really work for them.

Nitza really seems to love her big brother, she’s always looking around for him! Bad news for Khaliq about this are that he got trapped answering her ten thousand “why” questions lol.

This is the first time I use this thing! Khal wanted to present a puppet show thanks to his new aspiration, so Ophelia and Nitza were his public!

Ophelia, like Khaliq, has a pretty ermm…original way to carry the dirty laundry lol Looks uncomfortable.

Louis becomes our first master dancer in the family! I think it’s so weird it took us three genrations before somebody mastered this skill lol but no complaining for that +5!

Unliky the last two sims that we have met in this update, I do remember the name of this girl, so you know that she’s probably gonna show up again lol. This is Keisha Illes, and as you can guess by that name, she’s a daughter of Leila and Oliana! I loooove Leila and Oliana so…i’m just gonna say that if Keisha wants to become part of this legacy as Khaliq’s girlfriend in the future, I’m not gonna complain!

Nitza was showing her wild side today by running around only in her diaper, she’s a cutie~ And she apparently doesn’t want no more clothes, she refused to dress before Ophelia read another story to her lol.

I’m keeping on my mission to take pics of all dogs sleeping on couches I can lol I just love how comfy and happy they look sleeping on the couches! Extra points for chosing the one closer to Knox~

Family updates! Traci is expecting another child with Rupert! And Wolfgang and Awsting decided to adopt, and for some reason the game didn’t let me rename their adoption…oh well, I’m refering to this baby as Wren already, so we’ll update his name once he turns into a toddler!

For now, it’s time to meet our own new baby! To the hospital we go!

Tnhe parent freakout nnever gets old lol

Knox escaped while waiting for the baby to be born, and next thing I knew, he was spending $15 dollars in a precooked meal, that he didn’t even got to try lol.

Knox: “Because you stopped me!”

Yeah! because you’re supposed to be watching your kid’s birth right now!

And just now I remember that last time Javon had a baby, Knox was also not in the room lol He’s definitely not the best partner.

Knox: “Hey!”

You’re missing this for pre-cooked food!

Javon: “Can you guys wait until after the baby is out of me?!”

…That’s probably a good idea lol Sorry Javon. So, time to meet baby O!

It’s a boy! Everybody meet little Ozbej Svartulv! +1 for O name, and +1 for giving birth to an alien!

Ozvej is an slovene variant to Oswald, a very cool name that means “God is powerful”, It has a J! I really want to get rid of the J letter as soon as posible lol.

Also, As you can see he’s the same purplish/blueish shade of skin that Ophelia has. I think that’s very curious, specially taking into account that we switched savefiles after Ophelia was born! maybe O-aliens always have to be this shade of skin lol.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones having a baby that night! Yvaine and Nixon welcome their third child into the family, welcome Ansel!

Now we move back to the house~

I seriously love when doggies do this thing where they dance/reach for their owner’s hands, so cute!

Ophelia meets another teen! Her name is Destinee and she’s really pretty. She’s also just around ‘Lia’s age, so…guess whos gonna be our next try for love~?

I had Louis leave Skye a sugar skull offering today, and our Day of the death celebrator was Wolfgang! Nice to see he’s getting in tune with the family’s customs.

Oh no! I forgot Javon’s birthday too! Man I’m bad at this on this update!

Javon: “And even after I gave you that alien baby!”

I know, I know, I’m really sorry! But hey, at least know Knox isn’t the only one with a forgotten birthday today lol

Aaaand Khal has finally gotten his last point of creativity skill! +2 for another skill mastered and aspiration completed!

He’s now officially working on Social butterfly~

I sent Javon to collect our new sugar skull, and this is how he did it lol At least we can say that my sims are applying social distancing lol they’re in tune with real world.

Oh hey, I hadn’t noticed Aliens get that cool looking birth certificate! Aliens get all the cool stuff around here lol.

Khal works on introducing himself to some people, at least this part of the aspiration is super easy to complete lol.

And inside, is now time for Nitza’s kid birthday! Happy birthday Nitza!

She had no problem to get all her skills maxed, so that’s +5 for another top- notch toddler!

And here we have Nitza all grown up! Her first try is Outgoing (so totally opposite to Knox lol), and she got the Whiz kid aspiration, but since she was a wild toddler I couldn’t help myself to give her a kinda outfoorsy style, she may complete Rambunctious scamp later lol.

She’s also beautiful, and looks a lot like Javon, seriously the Malcolm Landgraab genes are crazy strong!

And this is where we’re stopping today! Next chapter: Toddler ozbej! also hopefully Ophelia’s adult birthday, I’m not sure if I’m ready to see her go, but we’ll need the space to have baby X after all! And hopefully, lots of other fun stuff too! I hope you join us for it!

Happy simming~!

Family Updates:

The first teen of the generation is here! Seth has grown up, and he’s really handsome, just look at that smirk! he’s a pretty good mix of Sinbad and Marisol.

These two are his youngest siblings, who were renamed as Nora and Neville! I still can’t believe that Sinbad had two sets of boy and girl twins lol.

And finally, this is Isobel, Lia and Holly’s second kid! She’s adorable, i think I see a lot of Lia in her!

Points so far: 388

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