3.6 These Dumb aliens!

Hello there everyone! It’s been a while! not that it surprises anyone by this point lol. 

As always, i don’t have anything to say for myself, so why waste time when we can be enjoying the Svartulv family adventures? Let’s dive in!

Last chapter we started our journey in the new house, we sadly said goodbye to Skylar as her time came upon us, and we also celebrated a couple birthdays for Ophelia and Nitza. It was an eventful chapter, and though with some bad things included, I think the good was more, and I hope I can keep saying it after this chapter, so let’s see what the family is doing!

We start with Javon trying to cheer up little Nitza, she’s sad about Skye’s death last chapter, poor girl </3

And apparently Grim decided to hang around after reaping Skye’s soul lol amusing, but at the same time I feel he’s not welcomed here, he just took our previous MS!

Knox and Javon are eating together~ and by eating together I mean standing next to one another and giving eachother the side eye while they eat lol.

With Skylar gone and still needing a couple more relics for the collection, Ophelia takes on the task of uncovering the rest of the things she had in her inventory. Thankfully I was smart enough to transfer most of the stuff to Ophelia’s inventory ahead of time, that doesn’t happen often lol.

Khal really, really like this chair lol he’s always eating here. Also, at this point in the playsession there’s like two days before his birthday and his skills are still a little short, so not sure if we’re gonna make it a top-notch toddler in time.

But he’s super adorable so…I can’t be mad lol.

We try to make it a little better with Nitza, so she’s getting started on her skills with Ophelia’s help! She looks super unnimpressed that she was tasked with potty training lol.

That’s a…pretty interesting piece you’re painting Javon lol I love the illustrative paintings.

I’ll never get tired of saying this: Grandparents are true life savers when it comes to having toddlers! So glad to have Louis still with us!

Also Nitza and Khaliq are both so adorable~ this generation is having some of my favorite sims ever, seriously!

Nina, I love you, You know I do, but why do you have to haunt our plumbing and break it everytime you haunt us? 😭

There, that’s much better, you can haunt the eggs as much as you want!

Nina: “It’s not so fun when you’re ok with it!”

… I’m speechless.

The plants collection is sooooo big! we’re still missing more than 10 and there’s almost no space lol. Also, I think this is around the time when I decided to hire a gardener, Knox and Javon have so much in their hands with work and the kids!

Mmm… for some reason we weren’t able to name Rupert and Traci’s kid, how strange! Oh, well, I’ll just rename him when he turns into a toddler. for now, we welcome another little cousin to the family! And with this all of Knox’s siblings have their own kids too!

Lucas Munch grew into this hair lol I think this is the worst hair I’ve seen him get in any of my saves lol he’s usually rather handsome as a teen/adult, at least for me.

Javon still needs to be disliked by two sims, so he goes to annoy Brytanni Cho here lol somehow, he was able to talk to her normally and that was only so we could annoy her lol.

But the annoying got intgerrupted because Lia called to invite us to the flea market! We had to say yes, I’m never skipping the chance for collectibles!

Hey, looks like Wolfgang is a vendor here! Hi there Wolfgang!

Today, we got fossils! There are not so many, but every one counts so of course we bought them all! except the broken one lol.

So, funfact I learnt today, apparently aliens can’t tan! I guess it makes sence they didn’t program any tanned versions of the alien Skins…but I’m still dissapointed honestly lol I was hoping to try the beach life aspiration for the first time with Ophelia.

So instead of that she decides to spend her weekend trying to master the ball~ she seems to really enjoy it, so I let her keep the ball in her inventory.

Weekend off from work means Knox can start working on the media production skill! I like this thing btw, the beats are pretty cool lol.

And Javon works from home…at least I think he’s doing some work stuff lol either that or he’s trolling da forums, but that doesn’t look like the forums screen to me.

And Louis is back at his fishing spot! This is a very productive hobby day for the Svartulvs!

Javon takes a break from work to play dolls with his little girl~ I love my blue haired sims~

These are Khal’s needs the night before his birthday *sighs* he’s sooo close! But I still don’t know if we can make it!

We do try at least, Ophelia reads hi a story before he’s put down for a couple hours of sleep.

And then once he wakes up ok, I woke him up, I admit it, Salem is out haunting, so I have him go and try to talk to his great grandma. Then, i notice he has the “ask about being dead” interaction, and I click it out of curiosity lol

And then this happens and I almost choke laughing lmao! I’m guessing toddlers aren’t supposed to use that interaction lol!

Promotion time for Javon! While he’s taking a bath lol I love work from home.

It’s been a while since I took these pictures, but I’m pretty sure Khal was responsible for this destroyed dollhouse. He gets a pass for this time because I know I’ve been overworking him too much, sorry Khal!

Oh! Here is when I hired the gardener! I just knew we had one but not since when lol!

Oh, come on! This is the last thing we needed with Knox being so close yet so far away from the top of his career! Back at not being sure if he’s gonna top it before Louis is gone…again.

Guys… we did it! I don’t know how we managed, but he has all his skills ready or practically ready! And just it time too, he should be growing up anytime now!

To make sure we don’t go through the same problem with Nitza, Louis keeps being the best grandfather and helps her with her thinking skills~

And meanwhile, Knox works on getting a couple points in painting in one of his spare moments. I’ve been procastinating on the painting skill again, and we’re gonna need those portraits soon!

Aaaand just like that, Khal has mastered his final skill right in time for his birthday! +5 for another top-notch toddler!

His agebar was already bubbling, so we lost no time to celebrate his birthday, Happy birthday Khal!!

We interrupt this cute family moment to bring you…an unwanted alien abduction.

Seriously? Did they have to go for Louis again?!

Ugh, aliens are really, really dumb in this game! That or they are just trolling me… Honestly I see that too possible… ugh…

OMG, Sinbad and Marisol had twins again! And again the game didn’t let me name them for some reason, dumb game!

Also Holly and Lia had a baby girl, and I did get to name her, so hello there Isobel!

And now that we’re finished with these little interruptions…

I want you to meet first kid of the generation! Isn’t Khaliq a total cutie? He rolled Cheerful as his first trait, and he’s gonna be working on the Artistic Prodigy aspiration!

Also, I gotta say, can we talk about how strong the Malcolm Landgraab gens are? Like, you can’t look at that kid and try to tell me he isn’t gonna be another Javon, just with Knox’s hair! Not complaining though, I love him, and I love Javon too!

Speaking of Javon, he and Knox are taking the next step on this legacy! With Khal already being a child, and the aliens being dumb and refusing to abduct the right sims, we have no other choice than move things along ourselves. Time to work on baby O!

…Ok, maybe not, Knox is a little more tired than I had anticipated lol.

So instead of going for baby O, they both go to bed. I guess the aliens get one more chance to give us a baby, so they better take it!

Meanwhile, I’m back at my favorite part of the game: watching my toddlers being all adorable 😀

As always, I’m looking around the neighborhood for possible future SOs for the kids, so I snapped a pic of this kid! He’s Travis Scott’s son if I remember correctly, maybe we’ll get lucky and Khal or Nitza will meet him at school!

Nope, I never get tired of seeing Louis playing with his grandkids~ the good thing about giving him so many extra days with the life potions is that he can spend lots of time with them.

And meanwhile, Khal decided to get himseld a new bracelet…a very smelly and probably very heavy one lol but you do you Khal.

Remember when i said that Louis loves that rainbow floatie? Well, he still does! I’mm very glad he’s enjoying his retirement.

Ophelia brought Orange Bailey-Moon from school today, and as many townies, he has some questionable fashion choices lol Though he does have some pretty impressive legs, so I kinda understands if he wants to show them off.

Anyways, Ophelia works on making friends with him. I’m not particulary fan of Orange, but if Ophelia likes him as a future spouse, I’m not gonna complain lol.

Knox and Javon are back from work! Aaaand as you can see, they’re both in terrible moods… I guess baby O can wait a little more lol.

These two were playing with Ophelia’s football, but I’m laughinh my head off because it just looks like Orange tried to show her some weird dance move or trick,and Ophelia is trying hard not to laugh at him lol.

best boy Khal meanwhile works on his aspiration, because it’s never too early! He’s doing pretty great so far.

The weather was pretty warm today, so I took the chance to have Louis take Nitza to the kiddie pool. Best decision ever, just look at this adorable shot!

Still making friends~ I’m kinda liking them together, but I’m a little worried because Orange is a lot older than Ophelia, she’s been a teen for around three days here, and orange only has two or three before turning into a young adult.

Yes yes yes!! Aliens abducted Javon, again! Victory!!!

I mean, I still need to wait to see if he comes back pregnant, but I was already giving up hope on alien babies this gen!

Yvaine and Nixon are giving us one more cousin! everybody say “yay!”

Nina haunts tonight! And she decided to eat spoiled food… you know there’s a lot of perfectly fresh food in the fridge right? Javon and Louis cook all the time!

Nina: “I like the green fumes of these, they look a lot like me!”

… I mean yeah, but still, the fresh food is probably better!

Yep, I know we all saw this coming lol I just can’t resist an excuse to give pets to my family, and I mean, Knox is a dog lover, and we don’t really need the full house space this generation, so I had to get us a new doggie!

So everyone, meet Jellybean! (named with a J to honor Javon of course). Honestly, at first I was gonna get these two a fully grown small dog, I just feel like it fit them, but I was looking around today’s puppers and I saw that Jellybean is apparently from the breed “Goldendoodle” and I couldn’t resist that name lol I don’t even have any idea what a goldendoodle is, but I guess we’re finding out!

Also she’s gonna be a BIG troublemaker! Her traits are Agressive, Hairy and Stubborn, so wish us luck with her lol!

Louis escapes me just to go and mourn Salem lol When I can’t find a sim around the house, i know for sure that I’m gonna find them down here, sims are so obsessed with urns!

But anyways, Knox officially adopts Jellybean! Welcome to the family!

Hey, the pregnancy moodlets spoiled the surprise for this pregnancy lol But honestly, not complaining, I’m currently ECSTATIC that we’re getting an alien kid!!!! A lettered alien kid!

Javon: “I would be way more ecstatic if I didn’t feel like a bus ran me over!”

You’ll get over it and then you’ll share my happiness! I’m sure about it, but for now, I guess I should let him rest…

So I’ll leave you guys today with this cute picture of Jellybean to close the chapter! Look at tha cutie~

Next time: Alien O baby!! Also Jellybean growing up, probably Nitza growing up too! Maybe some promotions and points too? Hopefully!

I’ll see you then~!

Family Updates:

Lance, Holly and Lia’s first kid as a child! We’ll probably be meeting his sister Isobel in the next update!

Ivanna and Iker are now kids too! They’re Sinbad and Marisol’s first set of twins!

Anthony, Wolfgang and Awstin’s only baby so far!

Valentine, second of Yvaine and Nixon! I think so far he’s the one who resembles their Svartulv parent the most lol

Rupert and Traci’s half-alien baby. He was re-named as Rowan to go with the theme!

Points so far: 369 (Not much happened today point-wise, but we’re still going steadly up!)

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4 thoughts on “3.6 These Dumb aliens!

  1. A Goldendoodle is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. I used to have one called Dalwhinnie, she was a big goof and loved people. It’ll be interesting to see if a sim Goldendoodle looks anything like the real thing.


    1. Oh, that make so much sence! I never did the connection with the names lol! Owwwwn Dalwhinnie sounds like a sweetheart ❤ so cute
      I think the dog looks pretty similar to the RL counterpart! At least from the pics I saw!


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