3.5 When Death comes knocking at your door

Yes, that picture is hella ominous and I love it for it honestly lol.

Hello there everyone! And welcome back to the Svartulv Name Game! Time for more Name game adventures!

It’s been a while again, and honestly I don’t wanna waste time giving excuses lol I just wanna say that no matter how far from the Sims I decide to go, my love for this Challenge, and all my challenges really, always bring me back!

This time I was out for around three-four months and this pictures were taken like a month before that, so bear with me while I get back into track and dust off my memory lol! Hopefully, I still remember how to play this!

So anyways, last time we saw the birth of our first baby of this generation, cute and adorable Khaliq! We also saw Rupert grow and move out, found about a ton of cousins being on the way, and we ended up moving houses after a couple hellish and buggy days lol. This time we should be having baby N joining us! And probably a lot more interesting stuff hapening if the picture on top is something to go by lol so we better get started!

We start this update with Skye and Louis spending time together inside our new kitchen. I’ve really come to like this new house guys, I feel I did a good job with it!

Our MS Knox is having some fun on the computer trying to get the last 50 hours of computer time he needs for his aspiration…

Buuut he can’t escape pareting duty forever! I’m hoping Khal’s skills are gonna do much better this time around, so we’re giving him a good start on that!

Best girl Ophelia es going out to her first day in a new school! Have fun and make lots of friends Ophelia!

God I love her so much!

Whoops, looks like Khal had a little too much fun playing today! Toddler down everybody! Toddler down!

Lol this is when I just activated MCCC’s pregnancy moods, and I love them, they certainly spice things a little bit!

Also, we’re all the way out here because I just sent Louis to fish. Gotta get started on the collection and I think the man needs a new hobby know that he’s retired.

And here’s where the ominous picture from the top came into play. Just in the middle of his walk to the fishing spot, Louis’ time came up!

I’m not sure if my pictures went out of orden or if this really goes here lol it was basically to tell that the Welcome wagon came to the house, and Nina was part of it lol! I really love how strange is to be in a new save with an old family.

Back to the dramatic part of the update, I sent Knox to plead for his dad’s life as quick as I could, and somehow, it worked! Man that was lucky! *Hugs Louis* please don’t scare me like this! We still need you around! you haven’t completed your aspiration and I think you have a chance if things go alright with Knox!

To prevent other scene like this one in the next days, Louis takes his second life elixir and ensures some extra time with the family.

Also notice Knox exhaustedly walking way from the scene lol poor guy is always tired after work, and I don’t think the heart attack of almost losing his father helped!

But just like that, we go back to the scheduled plans and Louis takes on the fishing hobby for now.

Lmao! I have no idea what Ophelia just said, but whatever ir was it certainly escandalized both Louis and Rupert lol! And She’s just sitting there totally calm lol definitely one of my favorite screenshots of today!

Skye is also really happy to finally have a grandbaby in the house, so she helps little Khal with her skills by reading to him~

This was just after I first installed Discover Unoversity, so this was the first time I got this notification and it took me by surprise lol I get that education is for everyone, but honestly I thought only Teens and recent Young adults would get it, not a guy who’s almost getting to his adult birthday!

Grandma Skye bathing toddler Khal~ seriously having the grandparents around helps so much with the kids! I’m noticing this now that I’ve been playing my Baby Boom a lot and there are no grandparents there lol.

Khal is proving that he has Louis’ gens by sitting down to eat a spoiled burger. At least that’s what I think it’s happening… Man I gotta learn to take notes…

Speaking of Louis, he is really enjoying his retirement! He’s the first one to “break in” our rainbow floatie, and he keeps going back to it almost everytime I leave him on free will, which is most of the time lol.

Soo… looks like the sad news are just around the corner even after rescuing Louis… Not sure if I’m ready to let Skye go even if she has completed most of her goals, she has been such an amazing MS!

Not sure about the purpose of this shot, but knowing me it was probably to show how cute Ophelia looks in her hot-weather outfit lol. which she does btw.

She keeps working on her Artistic Prodigy aspiration, I think She’s pretty close to mastering the skill here~

Honestly I have no idea if Javon is talking this woman about conservationism, or if he’s being mischievous to her, it could be anything lol. But also, I saw that sweater + confused the mohawk with a blonde ponytail and for a moment I thought he was talking to Shailen from my Baby Boom Challenge and got reaaally confused lol!

Oh wow, six adult kids later and she still didn’t had this skill mastered? Wow! Oh well, not complaining about that +1!

Skye still has a couple more stuff to complete to get her aspiration done, so she starts that today by using one of her saved relics.

She used the one to give us an skeleton helper for today! I wish I remembered their name but…too long lol sorry friendly skelleton!

And apparently with all the extra time they have now, Skye and Louis decided to have some fun in the observatory lol

Nina is haunting tonight, she decides to relive her old times by going to the PC and (probably) trolling da forums. You should give some tips on that to Javon, Nina!

The skelleton assistant wasn’t as helpful as I thought, he just collected all the dirty dishes around and then set them on this table lol I’m guessing the kitchen sink isn’t working properly in this house either.

*Sighs* another night, another time the aliens decide to abduct the wrong sim. Oh well, have fun Skye!

Skylar: “what do you mean have fun?! HELP!”

Hey! Don’t sorry, it’s not even like you can come back pregnant like Louis did… *Grumbles*

Mmm.. I could swear it’s Javon who’s pregnant right know, why is Knox on the floor then?

Knox: “Maybe because You keep overworking me?!”

Oh yeah, that makes sence lol.

Sooo next day I accidentally clicked for Javon to go work instead of working from home, which wouldn’t be so bad…

…If not for the fact I knew he was gonna be back early to have the baby lol. Oh well, just half a workday lost.

Also look who just came to visit!

Don’t be fooled by his inocent looks, apparently he came to visit just to scream at poor Uni here. Very mature Rupert!

Rupert: “Oh yeah, and this is the thing you do remember from four months ago!”

What can I say? My memory is weird lol.

And by the way, I sent Javon to the hospital on his own because Knox wasn’t home but we had no bassinet in the house I miss our alien bassinet, I can’t believe I was dumb enough to forget it!

Soon after he was back, and everyone, meet or baby N for this generation: baby girl Nitza! Can’t wait to see her grow up!

please have blue hair!

Nitza is an arabian name meaning “Flower bud”! I think it’s pretty adorable~

Also +1 for N name!

She was promptly moved from the Lilac bedroom to the main one! And I took this very open shot because I wanted to say that I loooove that space print over the closet! Probably my favorite from the ones I own so far!

And Javon is quickly sent to take care of her needs because he’s an awesome dad~

Well, looks like Knox made it up from missing her daughter’s birth by coming home with a promotion! Not bad, I forgive you Knox.

Javon: “Well, I don’t! That was painful as hell and he wasn’t there!”

Owwwwn, I think Knox is gonna have to make it up to him too.

And now we go back to the “Khaliq being adorable and Louis being an amazing dad show” it’s my favorite!

I thought the skelleton would only show once! I didn’t had Skye use another of those relics but another one came to help next day, that’s good to know!

FREAKIN’ FINALLY!!! Please come back pregnant!

spoiler: he doesn’t *groan*

Family news! Marisol and Sinbad are having a fourth baby, and Lia and Holly are going for the second!

Oh hey! I didn’t know the skelleton assistant could take care of the babies! Extra points!

Random shot of Louis fishing again~ he’s getting good at it, the only bad thing is that the fishing spots are a little far from the house, so he almost always comes back with his needs tanked because I forget to call him back lol.

Again, not sure what’s happening with Knox un this picture, he probably just completed some milestone of his aspiration but… yeah… Gotta take some notes.

We’re taking advantage to the maxed Handiness skill to upgrade a couple things around the house. The bad thing about moving is that I bought all appliances new, and so I have to go throught the upgrades again lol.

Skye is getting pretty close to death, so we’re squeezing the last trip to Selvadorada we need!

Quick stop at the market to stock up a little~

Apparently, a very depressed Bjorn was visiting too this time, no idea why I found it interesting at the moment lol.

But anyways, back to the temple exploring~ I had a little hope that we would find the last treasure before getting to the temple, but no such luck, we gotta work for it lol.

She got some trouble with this door, so I decided to use the Golden relic she had un her inventory because I’ve never done that before, it’s a cool little cheat when you don’t feel like breaking your head lol.

And the final Omican treasure is finally found! Now just one more relic use, and we’ll be done!

We welcome two little cousins more to the family! And yes, that’s a very dramatic name Yvaine’s baby has lol.

This is the sight that welcomes us back when we finish the micro-vacations, Ophelia and Khal spend a lot of time together trying to kill me from cuteness overload lol.

I sent Skye to use her last relic on somebody outside (don’t remember who, but I linda think it was Supriya Delgato…no reason why lol), but then she took so long to reach them that I hoy distracted with one of the kids, and bam! I lost the shot of the activation *sighs*

But anyways, finally, aspiration completed just in time! +5 points~

Then I cheated a little and I gave her Fabulously wealthy which se completed inmediatly lol I don’t think it’s so bad, just one extra point +1.

I don’t remember what I hace her next, so I assume she didn’t completed anything else.

A little later, it was time for Ophelia tu turn into a teen! She got a pretty fancy cake~

Here is our girl! I’m gonna wait until Nitza grows up tomorrow to give them both a make over together so this is just temporary. But hey, She’s just so pretty! I can’t with how pretty she is! Definitely saving her to use as a MS/Spouse in some other challenge!

She grew into the Beach life aspiration, and her second trait is Gloomy, just like Skylar!

She makes sure to let Khaliq know that just because she’s older doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy spending time with her little buddy, She’s sweet like that!

And then, because apparently one featuring in this chapter wasn’t enough for Grim, Skye’s time came upon us, so she laid down inside her bedroom…

Louis and Ophelia where there to see the moment. Ophelia’s blue glow makes me so sad </3

I ended up deciding not to plead for her life *sighs* she completed all her tasks and ir was time to move on and keep working on the new generation, so she was laid to resto next to Loki.

RIP Skylar Svartulv, mother of seven amazing kids and coolest Selvadorada adventurer! You were an amazing family leader!

Poor Ophelia took it so hard, she spent a while her crying it out.

And so, all this happened just as I got the notification for Nitza’s birthday, so even throught this sad tomes, we have some good things to look to! Time to see how our second toddler is gonna look~


Yes! This is a great start! And she also looks like a total cutie~ time for a quick stop in CAS!

And here we have our little princess! She got the trait Wild, so I gave her a kinda messy-looking hair to go with it, I think she looks adorable!

And also,here we have our still mourning Ophelia, she decided to grow her hair a little more, and she’s seriously stunning, even while sad!

She’s now gonna write her feelings out on her diary, let’s hope that helps her.

Even more cousins are arriving soon! This time from Rup and Traci! Can’t wait for the half-alien babies!

And with all that taken care of, I’m gonna leave you today with this adorable pic of little Khaliq playing with the dollcastle! Next time, we should be seeing him grow into a child! Who else’s excited? Also, hopefully next time we finally will be welcoming a lettered alien baby! If aliens just stop being dumb and finally abduct Knox or Javon lol! Wish us luck with that!

Thanks always for dropping by guys! Let’s hope we see eachother soon!

Family updates:

Yvaine’s first kid, Yaritza Fabulous as a child! She’s extremelly pretty!

And here we have Sinbad and Marisol’s twins, Ivanna and Iker Svartulv. They’re both cuties~ and I love how little Iker got Skye’s eyes!

Points so far: 364

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