3.4 Ok, I’ll take the hint

Hey hey! I’m finally back for some name game fun!

I’ve been playing quite a lot lately, but not writting enough, I know soon I’m gonna have to take a break from this family for the next heirpoll lol yeah, I’ve been playing that much, considering we barely have the first kid in this update. So I better squeeze a couple updates soon!

Las time, as said before, we say the birth of the first kid of this generation, baby Khaliq! We also worked on some aspirations, saw Awstin grow up and move out with his new husband, and met some cousins for the family! Lots of things happened, so lets hope the Svartulvs keep making things fun for us!

Also, I realized I totally forgot to count the point for finishing the round of toddlerhood for Skye’s generation, and the extra point for Ophelia being born an alien! So I’m gonna add that +2 here!

Now, let’s get into the game!

We start today with Rupert taking care of baby Khaliq. He was already Inside the room when I entered, so he was chosen for the task lol.

Ophelia seems to really like being outside at night, I’m gonna go ahead and headcannon that as an Alien thing, just for fun.

Also, I’m gonna say it again: she’s sooooo cute! I just love her~

Oh hey! We ended up with two Growfruit trees by accident lol so I sold one. Also this is my first time growing this tree, is there any reason they glow like that? Are they special?

And looks like our current MS is finally awake for some breakfast~

Then he hangs out with his last brother in the house. It feels so weird knowing that all of Skye’s kids are almost all grown up!

Aside from Ophelia but … I’m still kinda counting her as Knox’s generation lol.

Dirk Dreamer came to knock at our door randomly lol I usually ignore most of the random Sims that come by, but I was curious because he’s a Celebrity, so I sent Knox to let him in.

And he literally stood there posing like that after we let him in and didn’t interact lol I mean, he looks pretty good and all that, but what the hell? xD

Lol that tv was on from the start of the chapter because Rupert was using ir when I told him to feed Khal, and I just now noticed it was autoplaying a videogame lol that’s what I call a smart tv!

Knox finally got to the programing level where he can make apps! We’re another step closer to complete his aspiration!

Mmm… The stove got bugged again. That ir Louis is really hungry and is making double food lol.

Dirk finally moved like three hours later. He cleaned this single plate, and then left lol.

… I know that we have the fast internet lot trait and all that but, as you can see, Skye isn’t doing anything near a computer, so I have no idea about that moodlet lol.

WTH?! Now our family portraits got glitched! You know that the point of moving savefiles was to avoid the bugs from the last one, right?

And it isn’t even just the old portraits. That one on the far right is Rupert’s portraits that Skye just finished today!

Javon came back with a promotion! He’s doing pretty great so far! Also he keeps just needing Logic skill so far, and I keep refusing to look up what he’s gonna need once he branches lol we’re going blind~

Random woman walks into our house… What’s happening with my game today? lol.

Rupert tries to make Javon laugh for his badge, still no much progress on that lol.

So, turns out going out of the game and then back in fixed the portraits, thankfully! But still, what the hell is up with my game? I feel like this house is cursed or something…

So anyways, that’s +2 more points for adding both Rupert and Javon to the wall. I may try to get a better portrait for Javon later, but we’ll see~

For now, we make another quick trip to Selvadorada because Skye just needs one more rare treasure chest! She also needs three more Omiscan treasures, so I’m hoping we get lucky with the door pop-ups for that.

Also, I just brought Skye today to make ir quicker, She’s gonna be living on moodlet solvers for the lenght of this trip so no reason to bring anyone else lol.

Made it to the temple and we actually had that pop-up that gives you an extra relic once! We’re at 3 out of 5 now!

As you can see the jungle kids society keeps going strong lol we have a jungle toddler here…

… And a jungle child hanging around the temple’s pool lol.

Ok, what? This is a handiness trap, and Skye has handiness maxed, how is it possible that she didn’t learnt anything from this trap? lol!

Oh well, at least se still were lucky enough to guess the right thing to do with the first try lol.

We even found of the things where you have to stand while being in a specific emotion! They’re My favorite traps, but they don’t appear very often for some reason.

And check! Treasure chest number 3 and that part of the aspiration is done~ we’re still gonna need another trip to get the final Omiscan treasure, so I’ll see when we can squeeze that in!

We’ll take care of that later though, for now we’re back home after a pretty successful vacation express~

Ophelia has completed her aspiration! I gave her Social Butterfly next, but She’s pretty close to her birthday so not sure if she’ll complete it. All this travelling with Skylar have been letting me with less time to work on skills with the rest of the family.

Knox finished his app! That’s another milestone complete! And now we only need 50 more hours on the computer to complete the entire aspiration! I hope I don’t end up procastinating on that lol. I can already see myself doing it.

…I was just gonna show that I gave up and bought a normal trash can to help Rupert with the Good deeds badge, and in that exact moment aliens came to get him lol talk about great timing.

Oh well, have fun Rupert! Tell them to go for one of the young adults in the house next time!

Speaking of said young adults, they’re having an important conversation right now. Khaliq should be growing up in a couple hours from now, so it’s about to keep going with the challenge.

It’s baby time!! We’ll see if they were successful tomorrow though, because Javon’s needs are a mess thanks to that vacation bug that doesn’t let him take care of his needs, so better let him sleep for now.

Knox, on the other hand, was doing a lot better, so he was ready to wake up when we got the notification for Khal’s birthday! We’re back to toddlers!

OMG! He’s a cutie!!!

I’m kinda bummed he doesn’t have blue hair, but he’s just so adorable! Also he did get Javon’s green eyes! His toddler trait is Fussy, because who needs an easy trait am I right? lol

Rupert was inmediatly sent to entertain him with some flash cards while his dads sleep. That way he gains badge progress and Khaliq gets started on his skills, so win-win!

I heard some thumping noises around, and turns out it was Nina haunting one of our paintings lol! Definitely better than the plumbing!

Rupert reads Khal a story before ves, and all of this is actually counting for his badge so finally some progress!

Javon took a pregnancy test and confirmed that baby N is on the way! Ignore how sad he looks lol he still has like four needs on the red/orange right now, but he’s happy with the news.

At least Knox shows the right emotion about the news, that’s my boy!

Took a trip to buy mode because it was Rebate day, and bought us a keyboard~ now I don’t have to get throught the terrible children violin music lol.

Javon and Louis finally managed to get almost all of their needs back to green~ the last one is Social, so they share a little chat for that, and Javon takes the chance to give him the news about baby N.

Javon is working from home again for his terrible needs, so we take another quick trip to Sulani to take water samples and clean around.

We even took the chance to have a little trip on the canoa that Javon got as a career reward. It really made things easier for us, Javon doesn’t have much fitness skill right know, so he swims pretty slow lol.

Back at home, and looks like Knox is channeling his intern dad lol I love how obsessed with grills sims are.

And looks like Khaliq is being a champ and skilling without me needing to tell him! You’re the best Khal~ and adorable~

Rupert earned his last badge! Surprisingly, it wasn’t good deeds, it was young scientist lol. But anyways, he’s now a llamacorn scout and that’s +1 for us! Thanks Rupert~

Family news~! Wolfgang and Awstin are having their first baby, and Yvaine and Nixon are going for their second!

Salem plays videogames while haunting us, I’m so proud of her!

Seriously? Again? What’s with Rupert and aliens?

Also, what’s with the aliens never going for Knox or Javon? They hate me…

Awwwwn Khal came all the way outside to eat his dinner where daddy and grandpa are chatting! That’s so cute!

And then, after he returned from his second visit to the sixamians, it was time for Rupert’s birthday~

By the way, look at that! We have four generations of the Svartulv family un one picture! It’s so weird being already this far!

But anyways, happy birthday Rupert! His final trait was Bookworm!

He was promptly moved out to a premade house at Willow Creek! And as you can see, he isn’t alone!

I was still feeling a little bad that I never had him meet some teens around, so I decided to cheat a little for this time…

… And I made him an alien girlfriend in CAS! This is Traci, she was totally randomized aside from clothes and haircut, as I usually change those myself with any spouse!

My story here is that Rupert met her during his trips with the aliens, and they liked eachother so now that he’s an adult, she decided to leave Sixam and come live with him! I hope they’re happy!

And again, around this time my game started feeling cursed again lol I’m serious, tons of glitches were happening around the house, sims would get stuck, go again to the “not going to school/work” thing, and needs were generally a mess. Like, i’m talking about playing for around two days, and Khaliq didn’t make any progress on his toddler skills becasue he was always misserable, so it was just feeding him, bathing him, putting him to bed and then again, it was terrible… and it all ended with my game getting stuck when I tried to save, so I had to restart my PC and lost mos of that two days gameplay…

And so, I finally decided to take the hind my game was giving me, packed all our collections in my sims inventories…

…And I moved the family into a newly built house. And this is how I lost another two days of my life building lol and this isn’t even the last house I had to build this month, but you’ll see the others in other blogs lol.

I’m really gonna miss our other house, and I really wanted to stay there for at least one more generation, but I’m hoping this is gonna help with the glitches!

Also, I ended up really liking how this house came along in the end, so that’s a good sign!

This is the back view. A very Open back view because I wanted to show that we match the neighborhood! That’s honestly a first for me lol. And I was feeling like living in Oasis Springs for some time now, so it feels like everything fell on its place with this house.

Let’s have a quick tour:

The entrance, as always with some useless sitting places lol.

Living room right by the entrance. As you can see, the theme this time was red and yellow. At first I wanted to go with lilac, but then I noticed there’s an annoying lack of lilac and violet furniture in this game, outside for children/toddler stuff, and I’m still a little mad about it honestly lol.

But I still think the plan B came out pretty ok~

The other side of the room is the kitchen and dinning área, exhibing a couple of our collections~

Also, apparently the moving savefiles somehow erased a couple ítems from our completed collections. We’re missing three holiday plushies and one snowglobe. I’ll see if I look for them again later, just to have them lol.

This little room next to the kitchen is our storage/laundry room. It also has the double purpose to “hide” the door to the basement, where our maussoleum is gonna be now. Is not an entrance as cool looking as last house’s, but I didn’t feel a whole room like that fitted with this build. And also, I’m not sure why but I feel like I have less space un this lot, which doesn’t really make sence because they’re both 30×40 lots, but I’m weird like that lol.

Moving on~ this is the entrance of the new Maussoleum, with our favorite cowplant painting, I feel it goes well with the theme lol.

And here are the urns, back on their place~ I really like that Shiny back floor btw, I think I haven’t used it before.

And going back up, here we have the stairs, and a look to our playroom area~ I think it’s really pretty, I don’t even care that I totally forgot about building the toddler room downstairs because I used the space for the play area lol.

Seriously, I totally forgot, I just remembered once I was doing the upstairs and was thinking I could get two kids per room this time and bang! Finally realized I forgot something lol.

Main couple room~ I really like how open and spacious it looks, and they even have a private terrace area with an easel behind that door.

And here’s also our almost completed artifacts collection! We’re only missing four more if I remember correctly~ hopefully they’re between what Skye still has to uncover.

Going upstairs with a second computer, skill items and some more collections. I’m hoping to finally start with the crystals and metals collection, so we’re preparing for that with those shelves.

Our posters collection is also already placed. As a fun fact, for some reason this it’s the only collection where I have the conmemorative plaque so far lol I think I forgot to take the others from the mailbox before moving houses.

Previous MS and spouse’s room~ I put the archeology table here because it’s always Skye who uses it anyway lol.

The quickly improvised toddler bedroom~

With our almost completed MySims trophies collection. We’re still missing one common trophy, and I can’t believe we still don’t have it lol.

First children bedroom~ it has a Hidden bed spot because it ended up with an awkward shape thanks to the bathroom I build in that space lol. But it works just fine so yay~

And second bedroom~ this one is violet  and blue just so I can keep being salty about the lack of lilac living room furniture lol.

That’s basically it! I think I did a good job with the new house, I like it, so hopefully it works glitch-free for us!

At first the idea for this chapter was to play until baby N was born, but then the moving got on the way and I think the chapter is long enough already, so I’m leaving you for today with this cute picture of Khal enjoying his dinner on one of our outside benches~ let’s hope the new house helps him do a little better with his needs and skills!

Next time, baby N is joining us! Also I think Ophelia will be turning into a teen and I’m excited about that! Maybe we’ll finally complete Skye’s aspiration? Hopefully!

Join us then for more name game adventures!

See ya soon~

Family Updates:

Seth has grown up into a child! I love him guys, he’s the cutest!

And this is little Lance, Lía and Holly’s first kid!

Points so far: 356

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