3.3 It’s baby season!

Hi there! And welcome to more adventures of the Svartulv family name game!

Last chapter, we moved the entire family to a new save to deal with sime computer problems. We kept working into some of our goals, specially Skylar’s aspiration, and we finally grew up Lia, leaving the family in a point where we can finally start having gen 3 babies! And that’s exactly what we’re gonna be doing today~

So, are you ready to statt meeting Knox and Javon’s babies? ‘cuz I am! let’s get right into it!

This is where I found Rupert when I entered the save.  I think he wanted to celebrate that we don’t need to eat vegetarian anymore now that Lia moved out lol.

Not really mad about it, he already has 3 levels of cooking and this helps with his scout badges.

Oh, speaking about Lia and Holly! These girls move faaaaast. Like, it’s been literally around three hours since they moved out lol.

Ophelia decides that this picnic table is the perfect place to do her homework. I would hace chosen a place with a little more light or something. But I mean, she’s an alien, maybe she has dark vision and I don’t know about it lol.

Awstin is chatting with Wolfgang on the computer, because it’s the easiest and more productive way to get relationship with a sim with such negative traits as Wolfgang lol seriously, they are already half full on friendship levels, so that will make it easier to work on romance next time he comes over!

Skye really needed fun and social, so I gave up and had her woohoo with Louis. I wanted to avoid it until she turned into a elder to make sure we wouldn’t get anymore oops babies, but it’s only 5% so I’m crosding my fingers.

And Knox is working on a videogame mod, trying to get his skill up to the level where he make apps for his aspiration.

Then he got stick using the PC lol it’s been happening a lot lately, at first I thought it was the computer si O had bought another, but nope.

So I decided to buy a new desk and chair too, it was about time I update them anyways, they were the same ones we had from the aparentment where Salem started.

Also, I moved the easels from Knox’s room out here when I went into build mode…

… And bought this for his room! I want to try the mixing music skill with him for some extra money and points, we’ll see how it goes!

Salem is haunting! Welcome Salem~ I’m so happy we got to keep our ghosts~

Javon got another promotion! He’s doing pretty well so far!

He was extremelly tired today, so we had him work from home so he could catch a couple extra Zzz. And after he was feeling better we made a little trip to Sulani for work. And seriously, this is the most beautiful world they have made in this game, I just don’t get tired of it!

Taking samples from the water, which kinda take a lot of time between one and another. I guess you’re supposed to take them from different neighborhoods or something? It was my first time doing this so no idea lol.

Javon also took some time to clean the beach, not for work but because it’s what a Good sim would do~

And then he socializes with Makoa and this old lady that he found under the waterfall..because sims love to hang out in the most uncomfortable places lol. The pic is taken with the UI on because I wanted to say that I love how he just completed a whim to be mischievous and of course his next whim is to go volunteer lol I feel like poor Javon’s traits and aspiration are a little conflicted.

While tormenting Makoa for awhile we gotthe notification for the Humor and Hijinks festival, along with the notification that Knox’s had come back home with a promotion!

So of course I had to take both of them to the festival! We’re gonna be needinc another Voodoo doll for the aspiration, and also I love this festival!

They both joined The Pranksters of course, because Knox supports Javon’s aspiration lol. Time to get the mischief in~

At first we tried with Markus Flex, but I think the playful aura of the festival made it so he would take things good lol! I always have this problem with mischief aspirations, Sims just don’t want to dislike my sims for some reason.

Then he tried insulting Baako Jang lol I left the UI un this picture yo show that he’s apparently insulting his clothes …which honestly I agree with lol.

They at least got some negative relationship, but saddly not enough to have them officially “disliking” eachother.

And I couldn’t resist yo have Knox annoy Geoffrey meanwhile lol I still love having the original Landgraabs alive and young at the same time that Javon is already married and about to have children lol.

The festival ended and we won for a really small difference! I think it was like 2 points lol but it was enough! And right before we left San Myshuno I caught a glympse of Nixon! Apparently he decided to become a vendor. I wonder which works are the other spares and spouses gonna get…

But anyway, we went back to Sulani to finish Javon’s work task…

And took the chance to try the waterfall woohoo option because it’s time to try for baby K!

I check with MCCC after and looks like we’re not pregnant so far…

So we quickly go for round 2~

Even if this random old lady decides to go and stand right next to the boys lol Lady, that’s reaaaally weird!

Sadly, we still aren’t pregnant after round 2, and both Javon and Knox had work si se couldn’t go for round 3 right away. This actually works well, because I later remember that I totally forgot to unflag Javon for no offpring and that’s why it wasn’t working lol.

Javon got that glitch again where he couldn’t go to work. He would dissapear from the lot but never show as working. But we discovered that travelling yo another lot would help fix it, so I took the chance to take him and Skylar to the San Myshuno gym.

As soon as they got there, Javon was sen’t to work with no problem.

And then Skye took the change to get her fitness skill up a little bit. I love that she also got the chance to talk to Yvaine! It makes sence that they would find eachother here since she loves working out.

We left a little bit later though, because I remembered I had recieved the notification for Skye’s birthday earlier that day and when I checked her age bar it was already bubbling.

And then, right when we got home she spinned into elderhood… I had already taken out the cake and everything, she just couldn’t wait and walk inside to blow her candles lol. Just kidding, sorry about not getting you to the cake in time Skye!

She got a small wardrove update and a haircut as an apollogy. I think she looks like a pretty cool and adventurous grandma!

Rupert is the moodiest teen of the generation and so he’s sent to workout right after comming home from school. I wonder if it’s a thing of being the youngest, because Max was the same lol.

Meanwhile Awstin and Ophelia work on their homework together. I love this pic, it kinda looks like Awstin is tutoring his little sister~

Back to Selvadorada! Again, leaving the kids back home lol sorry Ruppert! I want to keep working on Skye’s aspiration before kids start coming, and also she’s already an elder, so I’m a little worried we’re running out of time for that.

Skye needed to tend a couple needs before going to explore, so Javon’s flag situtation fixed, we took the give it another try to got for baby K.

Oh hey! I think this is a first time with this family! Awstin wants to be our overachiever this generation! Also, that’s quite an impresive bonus!

But going back to the main show: we’re expecting!!

Javon got really surprised with the news lol you know, because it’s super unexpected to know you’re having a baby, after trying for a baby three times lol.

Javon goes back to sleep, and Knox works on making some dinner. He already has level 5 cooking skill, which is pretty impressive knowing Louis is doing most of the cooking back at home lol. I think it must be for the Creatively gifted trait.

And he also shared the news with Louis, and he looks more excited than Javon lol it makes sence, he must be really wanting grandkids at this point.

Finally exploring with Skye~ and this guy randomly comes to talk to her, making her work slower…sometimes I really hate sims being aggressively social lol.

Today, instead of a wild jungle toddler, se had a wild jungle child lol I still wonder why does this happen literally everytime I’m playing in the temples lol..

Also, this time we decided to take nvite Inox along to have him dig some more stuff while Skye worked on the treasures. Gotta max what You take from these trips!

For some reason I don’t have anymore pictures of Skye exploring and oppening the rare chest, but I mean, you aready know how that is lol. And once things were completed, it was inmediatly back home~

Where most of my sims were being misserable. I keep getting this bug where sims that I’m not playing while exploring the temples just can’t take care of their needs, it mostly happens to Javon and Louis somehow, and it’s a nightmare!

So i took the decision to give everyone a Moodlet solver for today, so they have their needs met before going to school/work.

… And then, after driknking his Knox had to take a bath because he still wet his pants even if his needs had been filled… I kinda feel this game hates me lol but oh well, we took the change to have him take a citrus infusion so he gets focused.

And we can take the chance to keep looking for space prints. Am I the only one who has her sims getting the same five printes again and again? And some of them aren’t even the common ones lol I just can’t seem to get any new ones lately.

Louis comes back home, and I finally remember to have him retire. Time for him and Skye to enjoy their final years spoiling Ophelia and their grandkids~

Awstin is gonna grow up today, to se invited Wolfgang to make us company! I’m surprised I didn’t take many pictures of these two hanging out laet couple of days, but we’re going pretty well with romance even with Wolfgang’s traits!

Also, I love how they look like this Bromance type of couple lol.

Javon has a promotion again~ he’s really killing it at this job honestly. I guet Knox moving up so fast with his extra traits and all that, bur Javon doesn’t have them!

He needs some more Logic for next promotion, so we get to work on that inmediatly~ I’m still not sure what skills he’s gonna need further down the career, but I’m kinda doing a point of trying to keep blind about it while I can lol. It’s fun to do it for a change.

First kiss babe~ I’m honestly surprised they get along so well lol but deffinitely not complaining.

Ophelia finally completes the first tier of her aspiration lol having her inspired while drawing on the table was a lot harder than neccesary, I don’t even get why lol!But she finally made some progress!

Birthday time for Awstin! I’m gonna miss my snobby boy so much! He gained Art lover as his final trait.

And then lost no time to propose to Wolfgang, and he said yes~!

So they had a cute, quick wedding right at the backyard. Still not the most romantic setting, but I really like this pic!. Also, it’s betten than the front door lol.

I decided to leave them in the Munch house. As you can see, lucky Gunther married Nalani in this save! I love Nalani, not just because she’s a mermaid lol.

I sent Javon to fix our broken stereo, and just when i got the notification that he had discovered the handiness skill I remembered he could have died from this and got reaaaally scared lol!

Thankfully, it all end up well, but never again!

Holly and Lia had a boy! Welcome baby Lance~

Also, I’m a little confused, I could swear we got a notification for Sinbad and Marisol expecting their second child last chapter… but I haven’t gotten notice of it being born so far. I’m gonna have to look into that.

These two always look for eachother, they’re so cute~

That’s a really big pile of dishes! thanks about that Javon!

Everybody went to work/schoo, except for the retired grandparents, so we took the change to take a peek at Sinbad’s family. As you can see, we got a pretty nice welcome wagon with little Seth and Pacino coming to say hi.

Also, this isn’t the same house Sinbad had in the previous save, and I didn’t write down how built this one because I really didn’t thought we would be showing them lol I’m sorry!

Louis takes the chance to bond with his grandkid for a while~ Seth is a charmer, so he doesn’t get scared about this being the first time he met his grandparents.

And meanwhile Skylar goes inside to talk to her son. Marisol isn’t around at the start, maybe working or something?

But she appears after a little while, and bassinets start appearing around her, so I guess she’s about to have the baby. We promptly left  the house to let her continue, I’m gonna monitor the notifications tonight to see if everything went well~

Louis is fairly close to maxing the dancing skill, so he’s dancing almost every free minute he has lol me wants the points~ Spoiler: This actually makes me realize that I didn’t keep up with this in next chapters lol got distracted with other things.

And Knox gets his branching promotion today! Even while he’s in his third trimester of pregnancy! He’s a champ!

We finally decided for the Entrepreneur path, I feel like it suits Knox a little better, he doesn’t really give the Gamer vibe lol.

And meanwhile Javon it’s working on his aspiration again! We finally got Baako Jang to dislike us! Only one more sim~

Mmm… I’m pretty sure I have fame turned off, si not sure how Louis got dame here lol. Best part about it? He got it for selling Rupert’s painting, not even one of his own lol.

I think pregnancy does strange things to men lol Louis kept eating spoiled food, and Knox randomly decides to walk here to eat his dinner lol.

We’re just hanging out waiting for Knox to go into labor, so meawhile he works on his programming and talks to Rupert who keeps working hard on his badges. He’s doing really well with that btw, he’s only missing three one of them is the annoying Good deeds badge…

Aaaand this is apparently Knox’s labor face lol! well, time to meet our first kid for this generation!

A little trip to the hospital~ with Javon of course.

Our doctor has some wonderful facial hair lol! Just had to say it.

Javon controls his panic enough to talk about Conservationism with the doctor, because honestly I always forget about doing his work task lol! A little to used to having responsible sims lol.

Wait…that is not our doctor with awesome facial hair! I feel cheated! Even if he’s a really good looking doctor lol.

But anyeways, he was actually pretty competent! No hearts outside the ribcage or anything, so I guess it was a good change.

And we welcomed a boy into the family! Everyone, meet Khaliq Svartulv! +5 for K letter.

Khaliq is an arabian name meaning ‘creator’, and it could help us get rid of the Q so yay!

Louis is the first one to go take care of the baby, I feel he must be ecstatic ay finally having a grandbaby un the main house, Louis loves children!

As you can see, giving birth got our boy Javon very hungry lol he’s having double breakfast today.

At this moment I finally got the birth notifications for today…and nothing about Sinbad and Marisol, so I guess we better go check on them before finishing the chapter.

This is how I found the house when I came in lol I think Marisol’s pregnancy is deffinitely glitched, but once I entered the family she inmediatly started labor.

And we finally welcomed the new cousins to the family! Twins Ivanna (in the pink bassinet) and Iker (in the blue one). I took a moment to erase the rest of the bassinets and get things in ordee, and then I went back out and “unloved” this family again lol I love the term.

So this is how we’re finishing today! we got baby K, also got a couple new cousins that are gonna be growing up next update, and advanced with Skye’s aspiration, maybe next chapter we get to complete it? I hope so!

For now, I hope everybody is having a good day and had fun with us!

See you soon~!

Family Updates:

Yaritza, Yvaine’s daughter, grew up into a toddler! Isn’t she lovely? ❤

Points so far: 351

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