3.2 A (semi)fresh start

Hello everyone! I’m finally back with more adventures from the Svartulv name game!

I’ll be honest, for a couple of weeks I was’t even sure if I was gonna get to keep playing this family or the game in general honestly because my save started to go really slow and glitchy, so I had to spend days trying everything I could to make it work again! Like seriously, everything, I even erased the game from my laptop and installed it again, and with my crappy internet connection, it was a nightmare lol.

Thankfully, after getting rid of a couple CC I didn’t like that much, playing for a bit with the graphic settings until I can get my laptop checked, and moving the family to a new save (yes, a whole new save!) things are going a lot smoother and I was able to go back to play! I feel so relieved honestly, I’m so attached to this family and it would suck to lose them! But they’re now safe, so let’s go and see what they’re up to, ok? Time to dive in!

We start today with the family getting back to their old house, in their new save- Because I really like this house and also because I didn’t feel like building a new one right now lol. Salem, Nina and Lokie are with us for a moment because I wanted to keep my ghosts! Specially because they’re my founding couple and Best Doggo Ever ghosts!

Skye’s older kids and their spouses also moved with us of course, I couldn’t leave Sinbad and Yvaine behind!

This is how our maussoleum looked like when I put down the house… I have no problem with the urns because I need new ones anyways, but why did some of our portraits dissapeared?

At least they where easy to recover! And by easy I mean that I had to go to my past savefile, save the maussoleum to my gallery, plop it down in another lot in this savefile, move the secondary family I did to that lot, put the missing paintinhs in Louis’ inventory and then have Louis chaned into the main family throught manage worls… I feel like it may have been easier to just make new portraits lol all the missing ones where from alive, mostty still in the house sims.

So anyways, moving was a pretty tiring affair lol But we did it and our ghots are back into their places! And also I want to share a little funny bit before going into the actual gameplay for today:

I’m so awful but I found this so funny lol Nina is dying outside, but the whole family don’t care becasue they’re playing videogames inside xD honestly, I was more worried about getting them into acceptable moods, so yeah… I also cheated away the sad moods from everyone, they already mourned these three once, it’s more than enough lol.

So yeah, urns ready, family moved over again, family relationships with Yvaine and Sinbad restaured thanks to MCCC, and we’re ready to go back to playing!

And the first move of the chapter is, of course, to go and win back Javon and Holly that also moved with us. Again, I honestly cheated their relationship up with MCCC because they already had earned that relationship, but all the first kisses and official relationship are gonna be done again so I don’t feel like I’m cheating lol.

Also, just then I realized that I totally forgot to move the blond teen Awstin met last chapter with us, and I was pretty bummed about it…until I remembered that this is a new savefile so Awstin could try to romance either Wolfgang Munch or Sofia Bjersen! Time to make my dream of marrying them into my family come true!

Back at the house Rupert and Awstin are having a videogames competition that actually resulted in Rupert maxing his Motor skill and completting his second aspiration! Yay for that +2!

I then decided to have him join the scouts instead of getting a job as a teen. Scouts work a little diferent than jobs so I’m not sure if the count for points, but I kinda feel like the should at least, I know for experience that they involve a lot more skilling than  jobs lol.

Ophelia is still around and being all adorable by the way. I seriously love this kid, I still feel it’s a shame that she wasn’t elegible for heir. I mean she wasn’t even around at the time lol.

Awstin randomly decides to use the grill when I’m not looking…  at least he didn’t burn anything and he even made the vegetarian version, so thanks for that kid.

Louis keeps being an amazing parent, which makes surprising that he hasn’t maxed the Parenting skill somehow, I feel like he should have ages ago!

Knox keeps  learning the cooking skill. Most of the cooking is still on Louis though, I wanna see if he gets to master Gourmet cooking for the points.

Can you believe these are the only kids left from previous generation?   And Ophelia, but honestly I don’t feel her as part of this generation lol That’s what happens when you’re an oops baby. And Lia should be leaving us in the next couple of days, where did time go?

Obligatory shot of our MS taking care of the garden, our garden has gotten pretty big since we moved here!

Ophelia takes advantage of the sunny morning that almost never happens in Winderburg and plays with the slide. I believe this single playsession was enough to get her to movement level 3-

I think I hadn’t show a close up to Yvaine’s new appearence btw! I loved her previous hair, but I just couldn’t resist how cool she looks with that undercut!

Also, I think I didn’t get pictures of the notification, but we know that both her and Marisol are currently pregnant! The first cousins are about to arrive!

These two are the only ones home right now, and I can’t with how cute it is that Ophelia came to use her table because Skye was drawing on hers too.

Ophelia: “I’m wokin’ like mamma!”

Later, Louis comes back from work and it’s in charge of bath time! #CutestToddlerInteraction.

Lia brought Holly home from school, so we keep working on their relationship.

And then later that night Knox invited Javon over too. Also, this is the point where I realize that like 70% of our flirting takes place at the front door… I gotta remember to do something about it.

… But I’ll do it later, now it’s too late lol Also, first kiss again! Javon is gonna be moving in with us this chapter (at least that’s the plan), but I have some plans before that.

We’re back to Selvadorada! I’m still a little too far from Skye completting her aspiration, so we’re taking advantage of the time before babies start coming again. We brought Ophelia with usto try to keep working on his skills, but left the rest of the kids at home because they have school.

Oh yeah, and because we moved saves and that clears the entire of sims inventories, Skye needs to stock up again on jungle stuff- We also lost all of our frog collection because I kept procastinating on putting them somewhere lol I’m trying no to be sad about that.

Yay, progres! We’re now on the last tier of the aspiration. Still pretty far away though, this tier requires to find 5 omiscan treasures and open 3 rare chests, and you usually only get one of those per trip.

Oh yeah, but I’m still happy because Skye got the blessing that turns you into a skelleton! I love skelleton Skye lol.

Se got the notification that Awstin brought us his high school A today! +1 for that~

This is Salem taking pics of the random jungle animals again lol Sorry, I have a little too much time while Skye is working on the vines from the doors and they’re just too adorable for me.

Marisol and Sinbad had their baby first! I’m not sure still if I’m gonna be the “name game” with all the spares, I just saw the name Seth and had to use it, it was a happy coincidence that it starts with S like Sinbad lol We’ll see what I choose with next babies!

Lia got her final promotion today! Thanks for that +1 Lia! The kids are being really productive while we’re on vacation lol.

Speaking of the kids, we paid them a little visit while Skye was resting before going for the temple. Rupert’s birthday notification came in and I don’t want him to grow without a cake, so Awstin is being a good big brother and baking him one!

It even came excellent quality! Happy birthday Rupert! Make a wish!

Rupert: “I wishthe watcher take us all on vacation instead of leaving us at home!”

…Ok that’s fair. But there isn’t much for you guys to do at Selvadorada! this house is a lot better! Really!

Rupert’s make over is gonna wait a little more by the way, we have something to do before! Back to Selvadorada to put my plan in action~

The kitchen while Knox is wearing his swimming trunks is a downgrade from their last propose honestly lol but just look at them being as in love as they where in the last world. They’re one of my favorite sim couples ever!

So…my plans where to have a cute wedding here in Selvadorada to take advantage of the beautiful escenary, so as you can see they even changed into their formal clothing and all that… And the the game reminded me that you can’t get married while on vacation… So yeah, at least they can keep the pretty pics like this one and pretend this was their wedding lol. I tried to make it pretty ok?! lol-

And the I dissapointedly went back to the temple exploring lol. This was a pretty good temple run by the way! Skye was able to identify the correct traps in like three of the four rooms and corrently guessed the other at first try!

And rare chest number one for the aspiration!! Two more to go.

And with the extra time before the vacation ended, she got a toooon of new possible antiques from the temple! And of course she befriended the skelleton, but that was honestly just because this one was really insistent lol I had her ignore him all day but he just took the chance while she was excavating.

Skye also maxed the Archeology skill! +5 for a new skill! This is actually my first time ever with this one, it’s a fun one to use!

Vacation ended around here~

And back at home, it was elopement time! Yes we’re again at the doorstep. Honestly, i just wanted to get it done because I was still annoyed that we couldn’t do it at Selvadorada lol. Also, Knox had work in that very moment.

So anyways, Javon has now oficially joined the Svartulv family! So it was time to give him and Rupert make-overs~

This is what I ended up settling in with Javon! His traits are Cheerful, Clumsy and Good, so I wanted to give him some bright colors to reflect his personality and didn’t clash with his blue hair, and also wanted to find some clothes that didn’t make him look awfully skinny lol. I think I really like how he turned out!

Also, as a funfact, I was suuuper close to giving him a man bun lol Surprisingly, the Malcolm Landgraab genes look really good with man buns lol! They also don’t work with beards, just some random facts I learnt with him lol.

Also, he came with this aspiration, which I think it’s super funny for a sim with the Good trait lol it’s a shame that we already completed it with Nina, but it’s a fun one to do sooo time to be mischievous again!

i thought about his possible jobs for a little while, and finally decided for this one! I haven’t played this career so far so I’m curious, and Conservationism sounds like just the type of thing a Good sim would like.

His first task is to Research conservationism, so he gets right to it while this cute tiny shadow watches him.

And she gets the attention she wants once Javon is done with work! I like to think that he’s already practicing for his own kids.

Everyone is back from work! And here’s a shot at Rupert after his makeover. I love him! Also, surprisingly none of those green fumes where his lol it was both Knox and Louis who where stinky because they both got attacked by the glitch that makes it so they can’t take care of themselves while they’re on vacation and not at the active lot.

Rupert keeps working on his scout badges. I love that grilling gives you points for the Outdoors badge.

Skye is still working on the archeology collection that I totally forgot the name of… it’s late and my brain doesn’t work. I think we’re only missing six to complete it!

Javon gets started in learning how to cook. He got the work-from-home career this generation, so he’s probably gonna be in charge of most of the meals while Knox works.

+1 Point for Awstin maxing his teen job!!

Yvaine had her baby! And yes, we’re oficially doing de Name game with the spare kids too, so welcome, baby Yaritza! Also it is now revealed the secret that Nixon is Izzy Fabulous’ son… not that it was really a secret, I just always forgot to mention it lol.

Ophelia keeps being spoiled by the family! There’s always someone there to play with her.

And then i ran into this glitch were Awstin and Lia went to school, and then came back five minutes later and stood there doing nothing… The whole point of moving saves was to get rid of glitches and lag guys!

While I deal with that aparently making them go inside the house and then sending them to school again did the trick, and thankfully the glitch didn’t happen agan after this. enjoy another chapter of EAxis giving weather clothes to the premades: Today’s victim is Baako Jang lol!

More Ophelia spam! Am I the only one who’s in love with that dress from Island living btw? It’s so pretty!!

I got the notification for Louis’ birthday. I know he’s been with us for a pretty long time and acomplished a lot, but I still feel like it’s too son for him to be an elder you know?

Anyways, happy birthday Louis! Please stay with us for a while still!

And here he is, Looking pretty good if you ask me! I really like how the grey hair looks with his darker skin.

Javon came home with a promotion! and wearing a hot weather outfit that I think would only be acceptable in his exact career path lol I guess we chose good for him.

His daily task is to Spread conservation awareness, so he’s doing that with the teens. Also it’s been strangelly sunny in Winderburg lately, so I’m happy to see the family is enjoying the sun by sitting outside!

We where waiting for Knox to come home from work, because today is Night out in the town! My perfect holiday to work on the Experimental food pictures collection!

So we went to this cute restaurant I downloaded from the gallery and totally forgot to write down who build it because I suck …and speaking of the sunny weather in Winderburg, here in Newcrest it’s rainstorming lol I feel like rain follows this family around.

But anyways, the restaurant is really pretty to me! and it has a lot of fun stuff for kids to do so we will have to come back once we have kids again! My only “but” about the restaurant is that it only has 2 and 4 people tables, and because I had brought 5 sims (Awsint and Lia had gone to work already), Rupert ended up having to sit alone in another table, which was hilarious but somehow I don’t have any pics about lol.

I blame it on the fact I got really distracted with this table, they were being funny! Just look at this picture, Knox went to the bathroom and Javon looks super nervous to be alone with his in-laws xD Don’t worry Javon, I’m sure they love you!

Also, Skye looks like she’s drunk lol.

Can we take a minute to talk about Nancy and Geoffrey having a table outside…in the middle of the thunderstorm? lol

Also, can we talk about Nancy and Geoffrey sitting here, when one of their grandbabies from another dimension is inside having dinner with his husband? lol I seriously considered deleting all townies when I started the new save because I knew it was gonna get this weird, but in the end I didn’t do it…because it was gonna get this weird and I’m here for it lol!

Knox and Javon ate totally that couple that can’t take their eyes from eachother, they’re so cute!

Also notice Rupert on the background…doing homework lol this kids keep being way to studious to me. I was hoping he would meet someone during the outting, but there were no teens around so fail.

Marisol and Sinbad are having another baby! Yay for baby I!

I heard screaming and when I lloked around I noticed the waitress is in labor lol! I guess it’s better we leave now so she can go home and have her baby.

The pictures wall is slowly growing again! I noticed a couple of our older ones also got erased with the moving, oh well xD I think the game doesn’t want me completting this collection.

Rupert is working on his Good Deeds badge by entertaining Ophelia. This is the one badge that always gives me trouble because somehow, the “make someone laugh” task never checks it out for me! I usually work around it by having kids take out the trash, but we have the money-making trash can in this house so… I’m hoping for the best lol.

Knox and Javon are practicing for their future babies. I’m getting super impatient about it too, I want to meet next generation!

Apparently I forgot to get the cake back in the fridge after Louis’ bithday, and as you can see from this scene, Ophelia took a piece out of it, totally ignoring the food I had put out fot her! Now she’s gonna get sugar rush…

Also we’re still trying our luck with the rare seed packages, but so far the last magic bean keeps avoiding us.

Our cowplant grew up! And I quickly put it into our inventory lol I love cowplants, but I don’t really feel like dealing with the stress of keeping everyone away from it  lol I’ll get it our of the inventory once the rest of the gardening collection gets completed.

Lia brought home Holly again so we keep working on their relationship!

I even remembered to have them go inside the house today, no more romancing at the entrance! At least for now.

Ophelia wore out the sugar and is ready to go to bed. This picture also marks the point where Louis finally maxed the parenting skill! +1 point more~

Also, Ophelia’s birthday is  gonna be in a couple hours and she’s way too far from Top-Notch toddler. All the traveling around with Skye made it hard to get her skills up. I know she doesn’t count for points but it’s weird after having every onther kid until now in this challenge getting the trait lol.

Awstin finally met Wolfgang Munch! You would think that would happen sooner if you consider they’re neighbors and also that I’ve been having Awstin make friends at school everyday lol. They are now getting to know eachother…inside the master bathroom.. You know what? I think the front door was a much better choice, please go romance there.

He didn’t ever meet Sofía, but he also met Luna Villareal, so she’s a good back up if things go wrong with mister Mean and Gloomy here lol.

And meanwhile Knox is having fun just outside lol I actually made him enter a videogaming competition, but I don’t temember if he won lol that’s what happens when I play too much from too many saves without writting the updates.

I was looking at Knox playing and missed Ophelia blowing her candles *sighs* so you get a pic of her growing up screen instead. She at least got to Happy toddler level, and she rolled the Creative trait and Artistic prodigy aspiration, so that works pretty good for her!

She’s gonna get a makeover once Lia grows up tomorrow, so for now, this is how she looks like! She’s still really pretty, but I’m probably gonna change her haircut.

Rupert works on the sociability badge and Louis on his daily work task by securing his vote. I don’t think I mentioned it but none of the kids rejected Louis with that, it’s nice to know the family supports eachother!

Also, new cake in the counter behinf Louis~

Birthday time! Happy birthday Lia! She gained Art lover as her final trait.

I noticed the bugged, dirty stove and while I took a picture of it Holly said goodbye and went home. Rude! I have plans for you young lady!

So we made Lia ask her out to Myshuno meadows. i think you can guess what my plans are~

She accepted to become Lia’s girlfriend again!

And we lot no time to pop the question! I’m still really surprised that I haven’t gotten any rejected proposals so far honestly, but no complaining!

They’re adorable together! Also, who wouldn’t want a strong girlfriend who can left you up like that, am I right? lol

They changed into formal wear and married right there at the arch of the park. I’m still working on making things a little more romantic, I think I did good this time!

And after quick makeovers, they were dropped at their new appartment in San Myshuno, I think city life suits them! As you can see, Holly is really excited about it lol I love when sims do that happy jump thing.

And of course, Ophelia got her make over too! I’m super happy that I have this CC hair for children too, I just looooove how the style looks on her! She’s just super pretty honestly!

And this is where we’re stopping for today! Next chapter we’re gonna be ready to start baby making with Knox and Javon! I can’t wait, I’m too excited about possible blue hair!

But before oficially finishing, everyone meet the first cousin of the generation! Toddler Seth is soooo cute! He definitely has a lot of her mom right now, can’t wait to see him grow!

So that’s all for today! Have fun, and we’ll see eachother (hopefully) soon!

Happy simming!

Points so far: 346

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