2.10 History repeats itself

Welcome back!

I was supposed to be updating my ISBI today, but I’m really excited about being close to the next generation in this game, so I just had to squeeze one more update on this family before!

So anyways, last time we grew up Awstin into a toddler, got the final baby of the generation on the way, and also got our first teen in the house when Sinbad got his birthday! We’re 13 days away from the next heirpoll and I’m getting impatient, so better keep going now!

We start off with Sinbad gaining his skills for school, he’s practicing acting to get a good start on his aspiration in case he’s elected heir.

It’s pretty early, so aside from Sinbad, Awstin is the only other one awake, he’s enjoying his dinner for breakfast! While I’m a little worried, I feel his meatballs shouldn’t have that greenish coloring of the food he’s throwing around lol.

Yvaine is the next one to wake up and she comes down to play with the doctore set, I love that toy!

And then Ludvig was also awake, and Louis decided to show again that he’s an amazing dad and sat up to eat with him, so cute~

Yvaine keeps working on her aspiration and actually masters the mental skill in this pic! Now she’s only waiting for her A in school and she’ll be done!

Sinbad is still trying to meet some spouse prospects, but so far I don’t feel specially attached to anyone *sighs* it’s also a little harder this generation because a lot of the kids they meet are actually their cousins lol.

Ludvig mastered comunication! he won’t have any trouble becoming a top-notch toddler!

I don’t really remember why I took this picture lol I think Skye is working on a work asigment, but not sure!

Oh yeah, I remembered to get Sinbad a job! Well, kinda, I decided to have him join the Drama club just because it’s perfect for him! I’m not sure if it also comes with promotions/counts towards those points, but I guess we’re gonna experiment!

So… I have this problem with this save that causes my sims to not wash dishes… I’m not sure why, but even when I tell them to do it they just pick them all up, and then set them down on a table (usually this exact table) instead of washing them…

Skye is having trouble with this gig. It doesn’s mather how many times I have her draw this thing, even while having like three different inspired moodlets, it never turns out better than “good” quality, and then the client doesn’t accept it because it’s not excellent.

It ptobably doesn’t help that she went into labor while working on the painting for the freaking third time, I’m honestly just letting that gig run out at this point. But at least we can fix that up very quickly! Time to meet the last baby Svartulv!

And it’s a boy!! Everyone, give a warm welcome to baby Rupert! +1 for R letter!

We are officially done with baby making this gen! Everyone say hooray for that! I’m really excited to see who is he gonn a take after once he grows up, so we better keep playing to find out!

It’s two days early for this little one’s birthday and he already maxed all of his skills! those are +5 points for us!

Thanks Ludvig, now you’re free to do as you please until your birthday~

… Aaaand your freedom is gone kid. Seriously why to make a mess?! You have a ton of toys to play with instead!

Ludvig: “I’m cookin’ like daddy!”

…Ok that’s adorable, but still…

So Louis is tasked to entertain his kid by teaching him to say please and thank you. So much more productive.

Salem invited us to the Flea market! She knows me, she knows that I love this festival for the collectibles.

Main sim and previous main sim cute moment!

Yess! We hit the jackpot with this! And now we finally have enough money to buy them!

So Yvaine took the honor to buy every single one of them! With this we ended up missing just one to complete the collection, and is a common one! We’re so close~

Sinbad took the chance to play some basquetball during the outing, and I wanted to take the chance to show you that Dear Evan Hansen sweatshirt he’s wearing! I gave him a lot of those as sports clothes and pijamas, I just feel like Sinbad has this “Theater kid” vibe and I love it!

After buying the trophies we decided to make a stop to the Oasis Springs park so the kids can work on making some friends.

And also start working on more collections, time to start breeding frogs!

Louis tried to catch some in this pond, but he only got like 3 of 15 lol.

Anyway, here are some pics of the kids Knox and Yvaine managed to meet. Most of them didn’t stayed for too long, probably because of the rain, but I guess it’ll have to do for now!

Also, we found a blue-haired kid~ I’m not gonna lie, I definitely would want his genetics in the family if possible!

Yvaine was the only one who hit it off great with someone though, this kid and her chatted for a long time and played chess together under uncle Aric’s supervision. His name is Nixon and I really like his genetics, but he has the downside of being Mean… yeah, still not a fan of that trait.

He didn’t show it so much during the conversation though, so we’ll keep him in mind once Yvaine grows up.

Oh yeah, and just like his mother years before him, Sinbad just had to tease my patience by trying his hand at cooking. He made it with no fires, so it wasn’t that bad but still… why?

Sinbad: “We have been outside for a long time, I’m hungry.”

I’m gonna go ahead and consider that Sinbad’s secret trait is glutton lol. Just because.

I love the fact that elder Cassandra Goth still wears the same clothes as teenager Cassandra Goth lol it’s just epic!

Back at home, Skye is having some bonding time with her little monster~

Nina, WHY?! What the hell is going out between my ghosts and the dollhouse?!

Nina: “It was asking for it!!”

It still doesn’t makes sence!

Oh yeah, and this time she also broke this sink and one of the showers… I prefer when my ghosts only come to take a bath…

I feel bad that I haven’t been picturing much of Knox lately, I love Knox! But anyway, here’s a picture of him working hard on his second aspiration and maxing the mental skill!

Knox: “You’re so mean to me, making me work so hard and not giving me attention…”

Hey, I just said that I love you buddy!”

Knox: “I know! I’m just messing with you!”

… I love this kid.

Awstin is getting his movement skill up thanks to the slide~ though I’m not sure if he should be using it while snowing…

So I sent Skye to bring him inside and read him to sleep, and she tripped with the ice lol!

Skye: “I don’t think you should be laughing at this!”

I do think I should lol it was funny. But also thankfully she wasn’t pregnant, that couldn’t be good for a pregnant woman!

Guys..Louis is actually doing the dishes!!! Of course she came all the way to Salem and Nina’s bathroom to do it…but he’s doing them!!

I’m guessing that means it’s the kitchen sink what’s not working properly?

He also managed to get his promotion to level 9! Louis is on fire this update!

Louis made a quick stop at the San Myshuno gym again for work, and I snatched this pic of the roof courtyard because I just think it’s funny how that tiny one square line is the only part that doesnt have snow lol.

Yeah, I’m easily and strangelly amused lol.

Knox and Yvaine keep proving to me the fact that they are secretly twins by coming home with an A on the same day! +2

This also completed both of their aspirations! +4 more points! And seriously I’m gonna keep being convinced they’re twins.

I saw this pretty redhead passing by the house and she’s more or less Yvaine’s age, so I had Louis stop her while Yvaine came down the stairs. Looks like Nixon has some competition now lol.

Louis tried the “kiss baby” interaction on Rupert. It looks pretty much like the normal “cuddle” interaction, but Louis got a happy moodlet from it so great!

Meanwhile, outside it was time for another birthday! Yay for Ludvig no making messes again!

Because now there’s no more Ludvig~

So yeah… just like it happened with the twins in my ISBI, Ludvig rolled a 10 in my gender non conforming roll, so she was then cosidered transgender! So now you get to meet real fourth kid in the family: Liaqat “Lia” Svartulv!

Honestly, you have no idea how happy I am that I got to use that name, I’ve been having some trouble thinking on names that include a Q, so this could give me a chance to get rid of that letter lol. And with this we end up in the same place as last generation, having four boys and two girls! I kinda love it, but I wonder why are boys so prominent in this save xD

So anyway… Lia got the top-notch toddler trait, rolled the Goofball trait, making her the first now having Dog lover so far I don’t rule out she may get it later lol and her first aspiration is Whiz kid!

Going back to the resto of the family, I just want to say that I loooove Sinbad’s drama club outfit! He looks like he came right out of Newsies lol yes I’m a teather nerd, I know.

Louis gets  rid of my theory of the kitchen sinks don’t working by finally washing the dishes at the kitchen! And I’m unnaturally happy about it lol I just like this house too much and I want it working for at least one or two more gens.

Lia still needed a little more reading with an adult for her aspiration, so Louis is helping her with that!

And then she goes to bed early, because my toddlers have basically no schedules so they need to get into that as kids lol.

Also, I found out I have everything ready to make a full relic, so we did it! It’s nice to have a little advance on Skye’s aspiration for a change lol I still haven’t got time to go back to Selvadorada because I want to wait until the kids are a little older.

And the house is always so full of things to do… but we’ll get there, I promise Skye!!

Actually we’re having a moment of progress right now! While Skye was bathing Loki we got the notification for Rupert’s birthday! I’m not sure were the pic of the birthday is, probably got lost in my myriad of screenshots at the time lol

But anyway…

This is Rupert all grown up into a toddler! And you can’t tell me he’s not the cutest little thing! He rollred charmer as his toddler trait, I think is pretty appropiate because  he’s charming for sure!

And by the way, we officially didn’t get any redheads from Louis’ genetics… I’m slightly dissapointed about it but oh well, wouldn’t change any of my kids anyway!

I think this is the perfect place to stop for today! I’m not sure if it’s going to be one or two updates more before the heir poll, but we’re getting there! Next chapter we’re meeting teenager Knox and child Awstin for sure! Maybe teen Yvaine and child Rupert? We’ll have to see!

Happy simming until then~ See ya soon!

Points so far: 278 (that’s what I’m talking about! Progress!)

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3 thoughts on “2.10 History repeats itself

  1. You have been so lucky with your ghosts, not coming in and breaking everything every night. I just had a family going through the pickup dishes and put them back down over and over again. Like on the 18th time I told the sim to “clean up” he suddenly did and then I haven’t had problems again for a while. I don’t know what it is. Also, Eddie got stuck with a couple of other drawings. I finally just started having him do a new one if the reworked on didn’t get taken, and 1/2 the time they accepted that one first try. Something to try. 😀 The kids are all SO CUTE in this generation, even if they didn’t get the red hair!


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