2.9 Back to teenhood!

Hello!! And welcome back to more adventures with the Svartulv!

As promised, I’m not taking as long to update again this time! mostly because all of those pics were already taken months ago lol.

Anyway, last time we had some promotions, some birthdays, we welcomed baby Awstin into the family, and we also said goodbye to Salem as she finally went to the light to meet with Nina again~ it was a pretty eventful chapter and we got lots of points, so let’s hope this one is just as entertaining!

Let’s move on~

We start this update with three sad children coming back home from school, and even with a family death so fresh in their minds, Sinbad managed to bring home an A! So everyone say cheers to Sinbad for being a little warrior!


Then all three siblings had a study session together~ I just love them y’know? xD they’re some of my favorite sibling sets ever.

Skye is having some mother-son bonding time with baby Awstin, contrary to what it seams, she isn’t scolding him lol.

Yvaine still needs a couple chess games for her aspiration so dad is helping with that! Even if he looks like he’s falling asleep for some reason lol.

Louis: “You have 5 kids and then we can talk about it!”

Hey! I technically had six kids last generation! Technically!

But speaking about having six kids, time to go for baby R! And by the way, we officially can’t get twins! Can you believe it? We made it through six pregnancies with no multiples! Watch the game compensate by giving me tripplets next gen lol.

But anyway, this time we decided to mix things up a little and have some observatory fun!

But it looks like it wasn’t our best idea, no baby yet!

And we  couldn’t  go for rounnd two because someone had no energy left… I guess we’re waiting until tomorrow.

Later tomorrow, the job a primary parent never stops! Specially when you have a doggie on top of five children lol.

just a random pic of Ludvig because I love him~ He’s working hard on skilling with our kitty friend!

But saddly hw was interrupted for his bath time. “Saddly” because he looks happy as ever so I guess its not much of a loss xD

These two keep being total best budds! Ans also they’re eating popcorn for breakfast lol I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

See? Yvaine is having some actual breakfast, our girl is so smart!

Yvaine: “Everybody knows boys are dumb!”

Yeah girl, you get me! Also, she looks adorable with that dress~

Whoops! Forgot to have him work from home today lol I guess that means we’re gonna have to wait before trying again for baby R.

At least it’s a good thing that Skye is a freelance now, so the babies didn’t need to go to daycare and we can keep working on their skills! Ludvig is taking full advantage of having mommy home just for him.

Or almost all for him, because after he went to sleep it was time for some cuddles with Loki~ Skye may not be a Dog lover, but I mean, who can really resist this good boy?

Max passed by the house running! Hi Max! I miss having you in the house!

Max: “And I don’t miss you in the slightly!”

… He’s still just like I remember him lol.

Louis came home from work and instead of letting him sleep I sent him to take care of Awstin lol Poor guy couldn’t make it tobed afterwards. And yeah, I’m overworking him because it doesn’t lose me points in this challenge xD.

Sinbad was so sad (he was still mourning Salem’s death) that he walked straight through the bushes xD And I don’t think I should find it so funny.

But anyway, Sinbad was outside at night because I saw this boy walking by and I wanted to make him introduce himself, he’s getting close to his birthday and I’ve been slacking at having him meet future spouse candidates xD

Also that’s Elijah walking beind him! In very light sportswear… in the middle of winter… #SimsLogic.

Louis took a small nap and then we finally went for round two! Again in the observatory because why not? xD

And this time we were successful!! Guys, this is the last baby on the way! we’re soooo close~!

Louis and Skye have been in this position so many times before that they aren’t faced anymore lol they just want some food.

And then it was back to chasing strangers down to get more votes

Apparently Sinbad woke up because there was a mosnter under his bed, but as you can see, there’s no monster there! Also there are three Coolala nightlights in this room so there can’t be any monsters!

Sinbad: “Maybe I just had a nightmare…”

Oh… yeah that makes sence *hugs* poor kid,

Ludvig is always wanting to imitate Loki, and Loki doesn’t look very impressed lol this reminds me of my little niece and my dog IRL.

We have another mystery mess… Which feels like nothing after dealing with the twins in my ISBI lol.

father-son time~ For a fussy toddler, Ludvig is actually pretty well behaved! It also helps that I usually make him ask for the things so he gets that happy moodlet for bending grown ups to his will lol It’s one my favorite fussy details.

Yes, I keep being a bad watcher  and sending my sims out during snowstorms lol I’m sorry, I blame the dumb townies that keep passing by the house while I need more votes!

… And I officially declare Yvaine guilty of mess-making! Last one was probably also hers.

Yvaine: “You have no prove of that!”

True, but you’re the only one I have caught making messes lately, so your our main suspect!

Also, As you can see there’s a cake over the counter! we’re waiting for the birthday sim to appear!

Yup, Is Louis’ adult birthday! He has accomplished a lot as a YA, so let’s hope the same for next stage!

Aaand we had a double birthday! who else is ready to meet toddler Awstin?!

Here is he! His toddler trait is Fussy, oh joy! xD

Also don’t know why but Louis just striked me as a mustache dad, so he’s got a mustache to celebrate his adulthood lol

Goodness Awstin is so cute! I feel like he looks like a tiny boyband member or something like that lol He must be one of my favorite toddlers from this generation.

And looks like I’m no the only one charmed with him, he already charmed dad into playing with him for a little while~ That’s our boy!

Salem came to haunt us while being maaaaad, I hope she doesn’t break up too much stuff.

Oh, well, looks like she was just angrily dirty lol she got happy as soon as she entered the bathtub.

… And then she still decided to smash our dollhouse?? while not being even angry anymore?? What the hell dude?!

Salem: “The dollhouse was asking for it since I entered.”

That doesn’t make sence! But at least it was the only thing she broke *sighs*

Family trip uptown for another speech! I’m honestly a little tired of them lol after this I want no more politics for a couple generations at least!

But first trying to get this paparazzi to vote for us! Meanwhile Skye does flashcards with Awstin and Ludvig is watching daddy. Thinking is the last skill he needs to master before his birthday!

After thatr I sent the rest of the family home and Louis went to the fashion district to take care of his other task, I think he needed to promote his politics there.

Back at the house Skye prepared a salmon gourmet meal for Loki! It looks pretty fancy, lucky doggie! … who took forever to come and eat it for some reason lol

But he finally found it after a little while, enjoy it buddy!

This was the moment I randomly realized I gave Awstin the same pajamas that I gave to toddler Yvaine lol I mean it kinda make sence for younger kids to get their siblings clothes but its the sims xD

He looks perfect with that onesie though, so he’s keeping it!

Next morning, we got the notification that it was finally Sinbad’s birthday! we’re about to go back into teen territory!

Aaaand we have our first teen! He looks a lot like Skye and he definitely got Nina’s lips! I kinda love it xD

His adult aspiration will be Master actor yaaaay! I love that one! and his teen trait is Art lover, I thing it goes pretty good with him!

And we’re stopping right here for today! Next time we’re meeting the last baby of the generation!Will we finally have a redhead from Louis genetics? Hopefully! And we will get into more sims shanenigans, maybe meet some future boyfriends and girlfriends for the kids!

For now, thanks always for reading!

See you then!

Points so far: 267 (seriously? we only got one point this update? Man I’ve been slacking off lol)

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3 thoughts on “2.9 Back to teenhood!

  1. Sinbad looks great! I’m not sure how much I want to try for the politition career some day. It looks like a lot of work. It’s going to be so hard to chose the kid to take over, they are all great!


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