2.8 End of an era

Hey there! And welcome back once again to the Svartulv Name Game!

Big, big apologize for being absent for so long! I started playing and playing and playing (which, on the bright side, means I have a lot of updates to post for a couple of my stories lol) and then I got a new job right before christmas so… really bussy and tired while I got used to it lol

But anyway, the important thing now is that I’m back! And I’m very excited to continue with Skylar’s journey, time to dive back in!

Last chapter we ended up meeting baby #4, little Ludvig! And looks like Loki was the first family member to come introduce himself, that’s a good doggie!

Meanwhile, Ludvig’s older brothers are apparently too bussy to go meet him lol

Sinbad: “You say it like you aren’t the one who wants me to make a bestfriend ASAP.”

… I mean he’s right. The points!

Aaaand Skye and Louis were also sent straight to work in my pointslol I”m still trying to keep the kids as close in age as posible.

Success!! Baby #5 on the way! And only two more to go! I can see the light at the end of toddlerhood~

No pic of Louis’ reaction though, because I got distracted by the fact this two oficially became best friends! Now Sinbad only needs to make a couple friends and he’ll be done with his child duties!

We’re back Uptown for another speech from Louis~ This time we took the kids so they can keep working on their aspirations before bed.

Here’s a basic pic of the family outing, Sinbad is making friends with this paparazzi, Salem listens to Louis’ speech (and by the way, is there any ocassions where other random sims actually stop to listen to your speech? I think I’d never had it happening and it’s a little frustrating lol) and Knox is about to play with his toy to raise some imagination.

It was pretty late so it was a really quick trip.

I can’t believe this is the first pic of Yvaine I have in this update xD I’m a really bad watcher, even with her being the only girl in the household right now!

But anyway, as you can see, our little wild toddler was on her way to mourn grandma Nina for some reason, it’s a good thing that we spotted her on time, I want to avoid sadness as much as possible xD

And this pic shows the moment Skye finally mastered painting!! +1 more points and she’s now a step closer to maxing her career! Hooray for best girl Skye!

I felt a little bad about not getting more pics of Yvaine, so I decided I’m not letting the same thing happen to Ludvig lol so here, here’s mom giving some cuddles to her baby boy.

Yvaine is also getting more attention now, daddy is reading her to sleep because he’s still the primary parent around here xD

Salem is being a greant and overprotective mom and making sure Sinbad is safe while making friends for his aspiration, you’re the best Salem!

Aaaand we have another Artistic prodigy! Congrats for Knox who has given us +2 more points~!

He will now be working on the Whiz kid aspiration, because I hate that aspiration but I love how useful it is for future skills xD

And we also got another completed collection! Thanks collector trait from Skye~ +1 more!

Aaaand it finally happened, one of my sims got lost long enough to make it to the maussoleum… it was bound to happen sooner or later because I’m too stubborn to close the doors lol I love asking for punishment.

So since she was already there, I decided to have her leave a sugar skull on Nina’s urn to see if we can get that collection going… but then I realized that with a neighborhood as big as this one I’m never gonna find the Catrin/Catrina lol so yeah… that collection is probably gonna wait until out next moving.

funfact, Nina came to haunt again and she painted this all on her own! it’s a funny pic, I like it lol

Sinbad came home today with cousin Kassandra! I believe she’s Larry’s daughter, and she’s a cutie~

Also why does Larry gets to have a redhead kid and we still don’t have any readheads from Louis? Sims genetics hate me lol.

Salem decided to try roughhousing with the kids again, now just don’t complain to me when your back is hurting miss!

And apparently all that playing was  little to much for Yvaine, so cute! I say, because I know this is not my ISBI and I’m not losing points for this lol

But after her nap, she was ready to go annoy ask why to dad a couple times, and finally master her last skill! I’m gonna go ahead and count those +5 points while we wait for her birthday~

I feel like Skye es getting a little bigger with each pregnancy xD But she still lookin’ cute of course~

We got the notification for Yvaine’s birthday! And thanks to Skye, Louis was put to work on a new birthday cake *sighs* I’m still a little salty about it.

Damn those bills are high!! Like… it’s not really a problem thanks to writting royalties…but still, those are some scary numbers lol

Aaaand cake ready so time for a birthday party!!

Loki is being best dog and coming to celebrate too!

Which is perfect because it’s a double party! Cross fingers for a redhead this time!

Here’s little Yvaine all grown up! I really love that curly hair so it´s great to have a chance to use it! Also she’s back to being Knox’ secret twin and i love it xD

Her first trait is, of course, Dog lover and her first aspiration is Whiz kid.

And Ludvig was not a redhead, but he’s still super cute so i can’t even be mad~ His trait is clingy, because clingy toddlers love me for some reason lol. Also he got Nina’s eyes like Sinbad did! Yay for genetics!

And he was sent straight to work on her skills because he’s a champ! I really love the toddler slide, it really helps a lot with movement!

Can you believe that Skye is not even an adult and she already got to the top of her career? She’s a queen! those are +5 more points for this update!

She inmediatly quitted her job and started a new career as a freelance artist! Now I hopefully focus a little more on her aspiration, we still have a long way to go on that!

Knox was busy doing his homework so Sinbad took his big brother role and is playing with Yvaine for her first aspiration tier!

Then he goes back to working on his aspiration, and completes it! +2 more points for us thanks to the little cheating that is chatting on the computer lol

Just a random pic showing that Louis is still best dad ever and is taking care of his little boy~

Nina keeps haunting just to come and eat our food lol! At least she surprisingly isn’t breaking anything, she’s a good ghost.

Louis is also going up his career really fast! He’s now level 8, so two more to go!

Aaaand then this happened… I mean, I knew it would be time to see her go soon but still… I’m mostly upset because she didn’t get to max the freelancer writer career honestly lol I wanted that laptop.

I decided not to pledge her life or anything, she deserves to go back to Nina after all :’3

So yeah, RIP Salem Svartulv, first main sim and founder of this challenge. I’m gonna miss you girl!

Also now my simself is dead and that’s a little weird lol.

So yeah, as said before I decided  not to beg for Salem’s life, so instead of that Louis is securing Grim’s vote lol I just couldn’t let the chance go. I mean, who can refuse a politician that is Grim Reaper aproved? lol.

And just a little after that, Skylar went into labor again! I was getting the kids ready for school, so we decided to go for homebirth again…

…And we welcomed the fifth child and fourth boy into the family! Everybody say “welcome home!” to baby Awstin Svartulv! +1 for A name!

And I think this is a very good point to leave this update! We just saw the end of our first generation, but second one is still going strong and so we’ll do!

I hope you had a little fun with this, I’ll try not to take too long with next update! 😀

Happy simming everyone!

Points so far: 266

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3 thoughts on “2.8 End of an era

  1. I love the name Awstin, that is just too cute. 🙂 Bye-bye Salem. 😦 It would be weird to see your simself die, but Salem did good, have a terrific family! I’m sure Nina will be happy to have her back full time. 🙂


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