2.7 Moving on

Hello there! And after a little hiatus caused by a quick Asylum Challenge in Boolprop which you can read here, but be aware is a mess lol and then some real life stuff… I think I’m ready to go back to this challenge! You have no idea how much I’ve missed my sims, specially these sims~

Last time we ended up on a sad note as it was finally time for our first generation to start passing away and we lost Nina *sniff* I still miss her y’all. But we also had some good things, lots of promotions, a couple birthdays and the arrive of our new doggie, Loki (who I still totally love!). And well, as the song says the show must keep going on~ so I guess it’s time to do just that.

Let’s dive in and see what our simmies are going to get into today…

Salem is just like me, she’s super sad because she misses Nina.

Salem: “I should’ve been gone with her!! She was my soulmate!!”

I know, I know, but you still have some stuff to do around here! I couldn’t just let you go so soon! Specially without getting your last promotion!

Louis and Skye, on the other hand, are moving the challenge along with some help of the flirty decor I put on their room just for cases like this one xD We still have three babies to produce after all~

Another promotion for Louis! Also, is it weird that I found it hilarious that he unlocked the “kiss baby interaction”? lol I hope I remember to try that.

I have no idea why I took this picture… but hey, breakfast time~? xD

Maybe it was to explain why I don’t have a reaction pic of Louis about the new pregnancy xD Because yeah,  baby #4 is already on the way! Again, pray with me for no twins please lol

You know, I think it’s pretty sweet of Elijah to check on Skye after her mom passed away…but she was your mom too dude, don’t act like she was a stranger lol.

Louis needs to have some social interactions for work at the arts district, so I decided to send him alone this time, mostly because the house is kind of a mess right now so we both needed a little rest from all that sadness xD

He took the chance to try and secure Pierce Delgato’s vote, I’m trying to work ahead on that.

And then he just hung around and talked to this mixologist. Can you see how much I was avoiding the house? lol seriously it’s tiring to see all your sims sad all the time.

But when we finally went back to the house, we were welcomed with the sight of a very sad Salem wearing a new outfit! what does this mean you say?…

It means that she finally got her last promotion! With this she topped her career and gave us some sweet +5 points!

And because she still has around six days to be with us according to MCCC, I made her quit and join the freelancer one instead! I wanna see if she can get the reward laptop from it!

Sinbad is working on the last tier of his aspiration! He’s a champ, thanks for giving me a lot less troube than your uncle Max did!

Sinbad: “Uh… you’re welcome?”

He’s also a good big brother and takes care of his sibblings while doing homework~ Also I still belive that Knox and Yvaine are secretly twins lol

awwwwwn Loki found his toy chest and is playing~

But we had to interrupt that so he could take a walk with Louis, during the night lol

Also this made em realize that taking a medium walk takes a lot longer than going for a jog lol hours later I was wondering where Louis was and I found our they still weren’t back home lol I got a little too used to having active dogs.

It’s nighttime and only the toddlers and Louis still out with Loki are awake~ time for some skilling~ Knox birthday is getting close so we have to get serious about it!

Contrary of what this looks like, they aren’t watching the sofa, they’re watching eachother through the sofa lol

Louis came back and was tasked to give baths to the tods before bed~ Knox is still hard at work as you can see.

Oh no, Loki got sick! Don’t worry buddy, we got you!

Is it something that screams more “pet owner” than a visit to the vet while it’s raining and the sun hasn’t even come out? yup, I think nothing lol I’ve actually done this a couple time with my real life dog.

Of course it would be great if real life medicine worked just like in the sims! I wouldn’t doubt to pay the expensive treatment if it meant that my doggie was gonna be good as new in just five minutes xD

It’s havestfest today, and for some reason the gnomes keep having their halos and throwing seeds around…? I’m guessing they’re glitching somehow, because we also didn’t get anymore gnomes to randomly appear!

But anyway, we still can do the rest of the holiday traditions so let’s hope that’s enough! Skye starts by making Grand breakfast for the whole family.

And we get our first whole family picture in a long time! It’s always easier with less kids in the house lol

Sinbad is letting his Dog lover trait show and giving some love to our buddy Loki.

Also, Sinbad has only one thing he wants to do for this holiday. Can you guess what is it? Yup, he wants to appease a gnome… now we have to buy some so he can do it *grumbles*

And done, we got one for everyone… and then it turned out that Harvestfest is definitely glitched in this save because I couldn’t get Sinbad to appease one! The option didn’t appear… So just don’t say it’s my fault you had an awful holiday kid, I did my best *sighs*

The good thing about the holiday was that it gave time to get the family back into shape, and these two finally got some time to try the Great kisser trait Louis got~

…And then they got flirty for all those kisses and decided to have some autonomous woohoo… I really can’t leave them alone for five minutes.

And with this pic we conmemorate Sinbad finishing his first aspiration! Those are +2 more points~ He’s now gonna be working on Social Butterfly.

We got the notification for Knox’ birthday, and he’s still missing a liiiittle bit of imagintation, so Louis decided to read both of his kids a story.

And the because he’s independent, Knox was left alone to play with his toys while Louis plays blocks with Yvaine. I’m gonna miss having this two looking like twins~!

And with everything done, Knox gets his cake! +5 for another top-notch toddler! And I’m super excited to see how he’s going to look like!

But before… guess who just decided to become our new Nina and took a plate of our birthday cake instead of putting back the candles?! What do you have to say for yourself Skye?

Skylar: “My mom was right, it’s a really good cake!”

… I hate you.

But anyway, here’s the birthday boy after his make over! He’s a total cutie and I love him! And Just like his big brother, he got the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and the Dog lover trait.

Hanging around with dad~ thought he loks like he would rather be doing anything else lol seriously Louis? You’re the family sim!

Nina keeps being the most awesome grandma even after being dead! I love her so much!

The negavitve part about the responsible trait is that, with Saldem’s royalties coming in and all that, I don’t have much of a reason to paint, and Skye still needs to master the skill to get her final promotions lol! So time to get serious about it. kind of.

Yvaine here is one of those toddlers who’s ALWAYS hungry for some reason xD I feed her just before bed and she still wakes up starving a couple hours later.

Louis is helping Knox to start with his aspiration. For some reason I spent a loooot of time in this game not knowing that an adult mentoring a kid would make them inspired lol but now I’m fully taking advantage of it!

And meanwhile Sinbad is gretting people passing by for his own aspiration.

And now he’s enjoying some time with mom before school~

And maybe it was a little too much time lol I’m sorry about that Skye!

Good thing about this is that she got us the achievment for having a sim have a bladder failure on a lot with 5 or more bathrooms xD so thanks for that~?

Skylar: “Leave me alone…”

Moving on~

Loki got really dirty for rolling around on puddles, so time for a bath~ And yup, Louis does most of the work around the house xD

I just took this pic to show you how lovely the light from the fireplace looks with all the lights off! I don’t usually have fireplaces so I didn’t really expect it!

It’s Nina’s first haunting!! Hey there Nina! I missed you!

Nina: “Wait, I’m on a mission!”

She just came out to eat our food lol that was her mission.

Also she’s flirty because she encounered Salem on the way and they started flirting xD At least that’s what I got from Salem’s moodlets. They’re still so adorable~

I love how classy Sinbad looks with this outfit~

Aaaand looks like it’s finally labor time for Skye! Yay for that, i was starting to feel this chapter was getting too long xD

We decided to go to the hospital for this one… and there wasn’t anyone on reception to let us in… this is off to a great start.

But after waiting for a little while she just randomly got the heart over her head and  walked to the machine…so yaaaay? xD

Louis: “Why is our doctor still a ghost?!”

Hey, after all of this, be happy that you have a doctor lol.

So anyway, the doctor did an awesome job and we welcomed baby number 4,,and third boy, to the family! Everyone say hello to Ludvig!

And because as I said this was getting a little too long, we’re leaving this chapter here! I hope you enjoyed it and join us next time to see this family keep growing!

Happy simming~

Points so far: 215

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3 thoughts on “2.7 Moving on

  1. I had no idea a parent mentoring a kid made them inspired! I must use that later. 🙂 This is why it’s great to read blogs, you learn new things all the time. Yay for Ludwig being here. Just 2 babies left to have. I’m getting so close to being caugh up so I can vote in your heir poll!


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