2.6 Time to say goodbye

Title provided thanks to this amazing song xD I’m just too hyped about new season next month~

Hey there! Time for another update in the Svartulv household!

Last time we got the birth of two more babies into the household, went in a date with Max and Westley, and worked hard for some promotions! It was a couple of crazy days around the house, and this is probably gonna be even more! Let’s dive in and see!

We start this playsesion with a pic of random toddlers standing outside the house lol I still don’t know why this happens, but it’s funny.

Nina had to livestream for her work task, and it actually worked out pretty well for us because it gave her the chance to max her Videogaming skill!! +5 points for us! We’re starting good!

And then we had an special visitor in our home. Who is he do you ask? Well, he’s the pet adoption guy!

And he’s bringing us our new family member!

Remember when I said that Louis is a Dog lover, and it was a shame that we didn’t have space for a pet in the house? Well, I spent some time thinking and finally decided to add one space to the household using MCCC, just so he can have a doggie.

I think it’s the best option because… *SPOILERS BELOW* 

Literally all kids born so far are gonna ger Dog lover as their first trat. Yup, all three of them xD

So anyways, Louis now has a puppy! his name is Loki and he’s Loyal, Glutton and Jumpy. Not bad traits at all~

A couple doggie things were bought for him inmediatly. And little Yvaine’s bassinet was moved a little.

OMG he’s soooo tiny! You can tell right now, but he’s actually a Great danne, he”s gonna grow a lot!

Also yeah, now I’m gonna give you dog spam on top of the toddler spam lol sorry about that.

Max came home with a promotion on saturday! With this he topped his career and gave us another +1!

I’ve heard that grafting has become a little harder since the Seasons update (yeah, that’s how little I usually play with gardning lol) but we need to get the Death flower and some others for the collections, so Skye is plating a couple seeds inside the house so they’re sheltered and we have more chance to get what we need~

It was time for another speech at the uptown~ And for some reason this time Eliza Pancakes was protesting right in the same moment lol I guess we came right in time for this.

Louis also took the time to secure a couple votes, he’s trying to convince Larry to vote for him.

And meanwhile Skye asked the gym trainer to mentor her, and she got two full levels on fitness~ gotta prepare for more trips to Selvadorada~

Back at home, we recieve the notification that Nina’s time with us is getting to its end… and I’m honestly so no ready to let her go *cries*

But at least I’m happy she’s getting time to be with her grandchildren and enjoy teaching Knox to dance~

Salem didn’t got her last promotion, just as I thought *sighs* well, now we can only work on her books and wait until next shieft, I’m glad I gave her that youth potion.

Louis is working on a very special cooking mission today~

Yep, it’s birthday time! who else is ready to meet the first kid of our generation?

Happy birthday Sinbad! +5 for another top-notch toddler!

And here we have him all grown up! I know I say this all the time, but I think he’s really cute! His aspiration is Artistic prodigy and his first trait is Dog lover, so even more love for Loki now xD

He grew up very late at night, so he went straight to bed.

Looks like one of Loki’s obssessions is gonna be our fridge lol I love that random stuff with pets.

I literally just told Max to “channel surf” and he decided to watch the kids channel  lol I can’t say much about it as I usually do the same, but I didn’t expect it from Max.

Family outing with Effie~ She invited us to the flea market and I want more collectibles!

My sim trophies is a perfect one! We literally bought everything on the table lol

See? xD We also tried trading a duplicate with the vendor, but he only gave us another duplicate and of less rarity *sighs* this is kinda frustrating.

Back at home Louis finally can work a little more on his aspiration by helping Sinbad with his homework.

btw, notice Loki in the picture, I love how he follows Louis around the house because he’s loyal!

And then grandma Nina helps him get inspired to work on his aspiration~

LOL! Looks like Skye is a popular woman! Seriously, in the days afther this she got like another three calls like this one xD I was slightly curious about who wanted to have a date with her, but it’s now worth it to ruin her relationship with Louis xD

I feel like Yvaine was been somewhat forgotten on the pics lately, but I mean, she’s a baby and they don’t do much xD Still, here’s a pic of mommy socializing with her~

I know the rules say that every collection must be displayed somewhere in the house, but I’m not sure if they have to be displayed together. I’m gonna hope they don’t, because I’ve been hanging these things wherever they fit all around the house xD

I love seeing puppies sleeping on the big pet beds~

Aaaand baby sparkles! Yvaine is just about to become more interesting!

Here she is! She looks like she’s Knox identical twin so far xD She also rolled Wild as her trait!

Skye gets her started on her skills right away!

See? I’m almost sure they have the same skintone, and it’s definitely the same eye and hair color xD

I heard the growing up music and I got to caught the sparkles! Goodbye to tiny Loki~

And hello to big boy Loki! He’s still super cute as all dogs are~

This time it was Nina who needed to give an speech for work, I have no idea why lol And I also have no idea why she was still working, so I made her retire after they came back home.

Knox is getting close to his birthday and he’s still a little short on a couple skills, but we’re working on it!

… Not this way thought, I guess we found our new Larry xD

Knox: “Yaaay, uncl’Arry fun!”

Yeah, but he’s not the best example for you kid.

Sinbad: “I don’t even think Knox knows wgat “example” means.”


Our little wild child is also giving some love to Loki! The only thing that can compete with the cuteness of two toddlers interacting is definitely a toddler interacting with a pet~

She became friends with Loki, so now he’s sleeping on the rug of the toddler room to keep an eye on her *melts* seriously I love dogs, and Loki is probably one of my favorite sim dogs so far.

Louis needed to talk with neighbors again for her worktasks, so he made a quick trip to the Munch house. After this he’s gonna go to San Myshuno with Nina to work on another mural. They at least are finished a little faster with two sims working.

They also took the toddlers with them so we waste no time working on those skills~

And they got to work~ It was faster that when Louis does it alone, but it still takes way too long for my liking xD

Back home, we’re welcomed with the news that Salem’s royalties completed her third aspiration! +5 more points~ we’re on fire!

And then this happened… Right as I was setting everything in place for Max’ birthday…

Me too Salem, me too… *cries again*

You can’t blame me, ok? xD I’m seriously not ready to let her go! And the pleading never works for me anyways so…

But this time it actually did it! I couldn’t believe my luck! Nina was brought to life again and Salem got a happy moodlet from successfully pleading her life back!

Thanks God!

Now we can go back to our previously scheduled activities~

Happy birthday Max! With this we have officially completed generation 1!

And then time to make things official with Westley~ They’re now boyfriends.

And now engaged! I know I’m gonna jinx it, but I need to say that i’m surprised I haven’t gotten any rejected proposals so far!

And a quick elopement before moving out~

Here are them after their YA make overs. I think they both look really handsome honestly! those beards really change their appearances somehow!

Anyways, good bye Max! Have fun!

Max: “Goodbye, I’m not gonna miss you!”

That’s my boy~

I was gonna finish the chapter after last pic, but when i went to manage worlds again, I noticed someone was missing in my main family picture… so I went into the house and it turns out that Nina died again while I was taking Max and Westley’s picture! Just like that! I din’t even take five minutes!

*heavy sigh* well, at least I’m happy that she lived to see her last kid grow up and get married before passing away.

So now, R.I.P. Nina Caliente-Svartulv, loved mother of six awesome kids. You were seriously the best legacy spouse that we could’ve gotten! I’m sure we’ll see you again soon 😉 thanks the sims gods for ghosts!

But I guess this is where the chapters is gonna end, I think I’m gonna need some time to accept this xD So I hope you enjoyed it and join us next time to keep moving this challenge along!

Poins so far: 202

And to end on a happier note, some family extras~:

Aric and Mathias already have some teens! can you believe it? This is teen Nickolas.

And his younger brother, Leslie.

This is kid Jermaine, Larry’s first kid with his one night stand.

Kassandra, her first daughter with Enrique.

Jana, second adopted from them~

And this is Preston, he’s actually a biological kid from those two!

Cliffton, Effie and Yang’s only kids right now.

And finally, Tanisha, Elijah and Edith’s first daughter!

Wheeew, the extended family is sure getting big!

Happy simming everyone, and see you next time!

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3 thoughts on “2.6 Time to say goodbye

  1. All of the cousins are so cute! Great job with the entire first generation of your family. They all did so well. Bye bye to Nina, I’ve never played her, but after reading this I’m thinking at some point I should consider using her. 🙂 I like your little masoleum, it looks so nice.


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