2.5 Am I going to regret this? Yeah, probably

Hey there! We’re back into the Svartulv Name Game!

Last chapter we had a lot of birthdays! The twins finally move out to start their YA lives, and Nina and Salem turned into elders! (and I’m not ready to see them go!) We also learnt that we’re expecting baby K, so we should be meeting them this chapter and I’m excited about it! Time to go on!

We start this update with Louis being and awesome dad as always and putting Sinbad to sleep with a story, I’ll let you keep at it Louis, you’re the best!

Nina: “Excuse me?! I thought I was the best!”

… Of this generation, you’re the best of this generation!

Skylar: “Excuse me?!”

THE BEST SPOUSE! Jeez, this guys sure are sensitive today.

But anyway, I don’t really care about it because Max just came home from school, and he brought home an A! +1!

Max: ” Can I quit my job now?”

Nope! But you still get brownie points for this!

And apparently he also gets a date~

Seriously, he just came home and Westley was already calling him because “He can’t get him out of his head.”

I was seriously gonna have Max date around a little more than his sibblings, but Westley may keep him after this xD They make a cute couple.

We interrupt this cute date to take a pic of the experimental food~ xD gotta keep working on those collections.

But as you can see here, the date was a success!! The food didn’t take ages like last time, so everyone was in the right humor for a kiss, it’s the perfect ending of a perfect date!

When we came back to the house, this is where I found Salem, I guess it’s nice to know somebody liked the new pool!

I wanted to see what would happen if you gave a toddler some of the “angry spaguetti”, and apparently they don’t get the angry moodlet, but that could also be because Sinbad didn’t finished his plate again xD

K baby is getting close, and again Skye is huuuge~! I kinda love how weird the shirts look when sims are pregnand lol

More cute Sinbad spamming~ kid may be clingy but this is still the best way to work on comunication xD

Edit: I remembered that he’s also Angelic, not clingy lol I was thinking a out Zac in my RLC.

A very angry grandma Nina helping her grandson learn to potty lol I love hot-headed sims so much.

I had totally forgotten that sims can paint this! I really like real life version of this painting , so it’s a fave!

Apart from that plate that I gave Sinbad earlier, Nina has been the only one eating the spaguetti xD I guess she has a liking for spicy things~

Sinbad is wathing grandma Salem write another book, maybe he’ll want to write too when he gets older~?

Looks like aliens really liked Nina last time and wanted her to make another visit lol I seriously would love for them to abduct Louis instead! I’ve never had a full alien baby before and I want one!

Well, maybe not an alien baby, but we’re finally havin baby K! Labor time~

And it’s another boy! Everyone please meat Knox Svartulv! +5 for K letter!

And because there’s still one space in the household~


Nope, this isn’t Louis and Skye trying for baby Y. This is actually Salem and Nina having an autonomous bush fun after Nina came back from the alien ship lol These two guys, I can’t believe them xD

This is the actual woohoo I expected xD baby K on the works~!

And meanwhile all of this happens, sweet baby  Sinbad is just happily playing with his dragon toy xD gotta love inocent toddlers.

But anyways, baby Y on the way! And I even got the confetti caught on the pic this time!

Am I going to regret having all kids as close in age as I can? Yeah, probably I will, but that’s a problem for future Salem!

Skylar breaks the news to  Louis…

… And then they inmediatly start flirting lol it’s nice to see they have a lot of motivation to keep up with the challenge.

Next  morning Louis finally gets his branching promotion! We went for the Polititian one because I’ve never done that before, I’ve played the charity organizer a couple times before.

He needs to secure a couple votes for his next promotion, so he’s now trying to promote his politics to Sofía Bjergsen.

And meanwhile grandma Salem is in charge of the little ones~ She feeds Knox.

And also gets some food to Sinbad~

And the she had to leave for work, wearing the most grandma-like outfit I’ve ever seen lol! I wasn’t expecting that.

Thankfully Louis was ready to keep an eye on his boys. He needed to write a letter for a work task and he wan talk to Sinbad while doing it.

Also, notice the empty plate at the coffee table? I don’t know why but that table is everyone’s favorite place to put the plats lol they literally walk pass the dinning table and all the counters to get there.

Bath time! We wanted to try and make Sinbad energized so he can get movement up faster.

And mission acomplished! still not mastered it, but he’s getting close, he’ll have no problem to become a top-notch toddler~

Skye got another promotion! She’s already super close to topping, so I decided that once she does it I’m gonna make her quit and go into the freelancer version, just so she has a little more time to work on her aspiration.

But that’s still for the future, for now she needs to keep working on her skills xD

Max keeps being the moodiest teen I’ve had in this save, He just entered into a mortified mood, but thankfully is nighttime, so he can go to sleep and it should be gone by morning.

I’m following 108sims‘ advice and always having popcorn to deal with the hangry toddlers! it’s a real life saver with the food bug!

I love that Skye has the responsible trait, because it means that she has some extra time to expend with her boy before work~

After she’s gone, it’s time for a small family trip so Louis can complete his work task. He needs to give an inspirational speech.

Also, this was the moment I realized that I didn’t change Salem’s aspiration after she completed last one lol so she’s now working on Fabulously wealthy, and she completed three milestones inmediatly!

Grandma Nina decides to entertain Sinbad with some flashcards before.

And Salem had a chance to chat with Larry! This gym is apparently really popular lol she also talked to Effie and Aric while being here.

And then Louis started his speech, and these two are listen to him so he doesn’t get the sad moodlet for no reaching anyone xD

Meanwhile this little cutie is being a good boy and playing with the selvadoradian doll her mom bought to him~ We named it Leo.

Max brought Westley home from school~ they really make a cute couple.

Is this one of the Sims 3 worlds or something? Just curious xD I really liked this painting so we kept it! I’m already having too many things on the walls but one more couldn’t hurt right? xD

With this meal, Salem has finally mastered the gourmet cooking skill! +5 more points for the chapter!

Nina was angry, so I made her paint an angry painting to help when we need the emotion later in the challenge, and let me tell you: that’s an scary picture lol!

I’m so dumb and I didn’t realized that Knox and Sinbad have the same pajama set! cuteness overload~

And it’s a nice thing that I caught last picture, because we got the notification for Knox’ birthday! It’s adorable that his big brother wanted to be here to see him grow up!

And here he is! He’s a cutie~ and he got Louis’ dark skin and eyes! Looks like the red hair it’s gonna be difficult to pass down again this gen xD

Anyways, Knox trait is Independent~

And because I suck at dealing with independent toddlers, dad is gonna start teaching him skills anyways xD

He did for a little while, but he was tired to the kids were left to eat dinner together.

And after that awesome grandma Nina put them to bed~

Another promotion! yay for moving up!

Why do I have a picture of Salem taking a bath you say? Well, this was supposed to show her drinking a youth potion. She’s stilla little short to get her last promotion, and with five days left on her lifespan according to MCCC and only working two of them, I wasn’t very sure she would make it xD

But when i told her to drink the potion, for some reason she decided to do it while taking a bath. You sure are weird Salem.

Louis needs to make another mural, and I didn’t feel like going to San Myshuno again, so I cheated a little and bought him one of these for the house lol.

I also took the chance to buy some playground games for the kids~ now we don’t need to go to the park everytime we have a Rambunctious scamp!

And I also bought this thing! I love the space prints collection so time to start working on it!

We got one so far~

Skye keeps getting bigger and bigger~ she should be giving birth tonight!

And Max brought a new kid from school, If i remember correctly he’s a Bheeda. But he couldn’t hang out with him because Max was on a mood again. So he’s currently jogging to clear his mind. He already has emotional control mastered lol.

Skye is starting to upgrade a couple things around rhe house, mainly getting them the “auto-clean” feature because I hate having to clean all the time xD

These things seriously take too long to complete! Louis was here all day!

But at least the kids can entertain themselves~ Independent it’s not my favorite trait, but I must admit the “On my own” moodlet it’s a pretty good extra for working thinking!

Labor time on the room nextdoor! We’re having baby Y~!

And it’s the first girl of the generation! I’m glad about it because I really wanted to use this name: everyone meet Yvaine! +4 for Y name~

This chapter has already gotten a little too long, so I’m gonna stop here! We got two new babies home, and next chapter we should be getting out first child as Sinbad grows! So join us then for more fun!

See ya soon!

Points so far: 186

Little family extras:

This wowan is Edith, and she’s Elijah’s wife! She’s currently pregnant so it looks like we’re gonna be having more cousins soon!

And this cuttie is Mandy, she’s an adoptive daughter of Effie and Yang!

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  1. Love the names so far! 🙂 The kids are all super cute. I really should pay more attention to the differences in toddlers. I mostly play many of them the same, and would probably have faster luck if I pay more attention. 🙂 Also, love all the different painting.


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