2.4 Double birthdays

Hello again! And welcome to a new chapter of the Svartulv name game!

Las time we went into a flash trip to Selvadorada to work on Skye’s aspiration, had Max turn into a teenager, and welcomed the first baby of the generation, completing Salem’s second aspiration! Lots of things happened, and lots more are gonna happen now that we’re getting toddlers back in the save, so let’s dive in!

And here’s the new little one of the family~ Louis is really happy to start his family, as you can see!

Nina is writting a letter to her new PenPal~ we decided to start working on that collection already, we had one that Larry found in his time as a dumpster diver kid lol so let’s hope we can find the rest~

And we’re also trying to complete the holiday cracker’s plushies collection, we’re missing 2 because I got tired to opening them lol!

Skye and Louis were super tired, so grandma Nina steps up to take care of Sinbad~ Because she just keep being that awesome~

Salem keeps working out, mainly because I’m still a little worried about her not getting her last promotion, so I want to give her a couple extra days to work on that, hopefully!

Both Skye and Elijah were feeling a little lonely so they’re chatting while eating and watching tv before he has to go to school~

Btw, I love multitasking so much~ it saves a lot of time!

Meanwhile, Max woke up angry… probably angry at me.

Max: “Yes, I am! You’re making me get a job! that’s unfair! Why didn’t my siblings get a part time job too?!”

Honestly? Because I totally forgot about it lol But anyway, you didn’t complete a second aspiration so this willl make it up for some of those points.

Max: “I hate this.”

C’mon! You’re only working like… three hours on the weekends, don’t be dramatic!

So anyways, Salem is suuuuper close to maxing Gourmet cooking! she’s level 9 currently, so she’s in charge of most of the meals. Seriously, Louis and Skye have barely touched the kitchen so far xD

And after finishing the food Salem went up to play her way into level 5 logic, that’s all she needs to get her final promotion, so now we’re only trying to up her perfomance! Saddly she only works three says a week, so it’s still slow going *sighs*

Don’t worry, this was actually all planned xD Nina needed to record an Angry rant for work, and because getting sims angry is usually really hard, we kinda used Max’ mean trait to get her angry xD they can make up later!

It worked! Nina’s hot-headed trait made her angrier so now she can complete her task, even with the nice decor in the room xD

And after the kids were back from school, we decided to take advantage of “night out on the town” I think that’s how it’s called…? to celebrate Nina and Salem’s birthday with a fancy dinner! And also work on the Experimental food pictures collection~

Out tho the Fallen Star, the restaurant I built ages ago for my drifter challenge lol

Family pic~ and sorry Elijah for accidentally covering your face with the flower vase lol!

Elijah: “You don’t sound too sorry about it”

I kinda am, but it’s also hilarious lol

There was a mess in the kitchen (this was my first community build so it isn’t great honestly xD) so the food took ages to come out, and while waiting for it Nina ended up aging up on her own *sighs* I’m sorry honey! I really wanted to give you a better birthday!

Nina: “My back huuuurts!”

I guess she has more important things to worry about right now lol

But soon after that, food finally arrived the table! now we own a total of seven experimental food photos~

And Salem was given the chance to blow her candles! I can’t believe my first generation couple are already elders *sniff* it will be hard to see them go…

Also, notice Salem’s red plumbob and Elijah doozing off in his chair? yeah, at this point it was almost dawn! That’s how long the food took! And everybody was pretty misserable and almost passing out. That’s why I usually don’t take my sims out that much lol.

But we’re finally back home! and right in time for Max to go have his first day of work! Don’t worry, I wasn’t that bad with him, I made him take a mood solver before going out. Good luck Max!

Max: “I still hate you!”

Ah, hot-headed mean sims, am I right? xD

We hung out our new photos on the dinning room walls. And as you can see, they somehow got glitched and don’t display what they’re supposed to be… that annoys the hell out of me so we may take new ones later *heaaaavy sigh*

But here we have the collection so far~ not bad for out first try,

Next day it was finally the twins’ birthday! so we invited Beverly and Yang for a private celbration! … And then we discovered that Elijah can’t romance Beverly because shs’s apparently Dina’s adopted daughter and I didn’t notice that before… Oh well, I guess he’s gonna have to do like Larry and find true love on his own!

This two on the other hand, are still going strong with eachother and I love it~ those are my girls!

But anyway, time to blow the candles and of course Elijah goes first!

And then Effie~ Yaaay for more young adults and more space in the house!

And after aging up Yang too, Effie didn’t lost time! Seriously this was quicker than Aric with Mathias xD

Woow, I must admit Effie is stronger than I thought xD she looks soooo slim!

Effie: “My muscles are powered by love!”

Awww that’s… really, really corny xD

But extra honey aside, a quick elopement was needed~

And done! Everyone say hi to mrs and mrs Svartulv! They moved out inmediatly and got very slight make-overs, I left most of their stuff the same but I changed a couple outfits and also gave some new clothes and hair to Yang.

And I decided to send Elijah with them, it feel like the right thing to do because I hate splitting twins up, Yang and Effie will take care of him~ The moved to New crest and now live in this cute house I found them in the gallery, made by Player_844waent!

Aaaand this is what greeted me when I went back into the main house… not the sight I was hoping to see honestly xD poor Skye.

And I’m not sure if waking her up for this was my better idea but… we still have five kids to produce and I don’t want to wait! so we’re trying for baby K now!

But I’ll be good with her and let her sleep xD she can take the pregnancy test in the morning.

This lazy sims and they’re naps lol I swear Nina wasn’t even tired in this pic! her energy was just hitting yellow x’D I kinda love it, I didn’t use to play with the lazy trait that much before Nina.

We recieved the notification for Sinbad’s birthday late at night, and because I’m impatient, I woke Louis up- Time to see what our first kid this generation is going to look like!

OMG he’s adorable!!! And he somehow pulled Nina’s green eyes from the gen pool!!

He got the Angelic trait, which is another blessing~ and he’s currently sad because there’s a thunderstorm outside xD poor baby.

Also this seems like a good place to warn you about toddler spam comming from now on xD you know I can’t help myself with how cute toddlers are!

And because Skylar had a little more energy this time, I made her wake up and go for that pregnancy test… and I still suck at getting the conffeti in pictures, but we’re expecting baby K!! now everyone join me again in the prayers for no twins lol this pregnancy is scary.

Skylar: “Louis, honey, we’re having another baby!”

Louis: “W-whaaaaat?! But how?!”

Skylar: “What’s with that reaction? I thought you wanted a big family.”

Also what did you expect after using the try for baby interaction?

Louis: “Hey! I just got surprised, that’s all! But it’s great news!”

Me and Skye: “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Now I gotta find the beby they already have…

And bingo! that was easy! He went to look for some confort from grandma Salem~

I love this interaction so much~!

And now that Sinbad is feeling better, playtime!!

Salem: “Oh god, I didn’t remember toddlers being so heavy!”

Well, you were younger when playing with yours, so I think it makes sence xD

There, potty training seems like a better idea for an elder, also better start early with that skill~

And then daddy woke up and was called to take Salem’s place. Surprisingly, Sinbad ate the whole meal in one sit! It’s been a loooong time since that happened with my toddlers xD

And it was finally time to lay him down to sleep, so you’re safe from the cuteness overload for now *winks*

I knew that you could make angry spaguetti when a sim was angry, but I had never tried it so this was a good time xD I love how it is in literal flames!

I make the protein plate and the gummy bear pancakes a lot, and I know there’s some flirty cookies too, but I wish there were foods for the other emotions too! I love sims food!

Max is being the moodiest teenager I’ve had in this save! He comes in a different mood every day xD he’s deffinitely gonna get the Emotional control character value.

Louis needed to talk about neighborhood changes with two neighbors, so we’re basically stopping every sim around to see if they’re neighbors lol so far we only found one.

And meanwhile inside the house, this pregnancy is being a lot harder on poor Skylar! She never had to run to the bathroom with Sinbad!

But she doesn’t let that stop her from being a great mom, so far I think she’s being a little more “hands on” than Salem was, so I’m proud of her!

Westley Bjergsen grew up and now Max is trying to befriend him! I still don’t know who I’m gonna try to set Max with, he knows a good number of teens, but he can start working on frienships and we’ll see later.

Also, Westley definitely got a lot of genes from Bjorn!

Remember that back in like, chapter 1, I told you that Nina had 8 skill points in violin? Well, this moment reminded me of that xD I didn’t even knew that adult sims could also play the kids violin! But she makes much better music than kids do xD

We couldn’t find our second neighboor, so I gave up and sent Louis visit another house to complete the task xD just a quick trip and we’re back home!

Where apparently someone invited Larry over and he decided to repair our stereo, how sweet!

Larry: “I’m a criminal, I can’t be sweet!”

Yup, definitely he and Max share those “tough guy with a soft spot” vibes. Did I mentioned Larry is already married?  He finally found his soulmate! I’ll show you at the end of the chapter!

Max may be mean but he still can be a sweetheart with his little nephew~

Max: “Leave me alone!”

… See? Tough guy with a soft spot!

Aaaaand Nina got to the top of her career!!! and with many days to spare, so she’s now free to do whatever she wants~

This is +1 for Nina topping her career and +4 more for being the first with this one! yaaaay for points!

An with all the money we’ve been getting I started to work on furnishing the backyard and that stuff, I still need to buy a lot of stuff, but I really wanted to give them a pool, so scratch that from the list!

And we took back out the gnomes from the household inventory, I wanna see If I can deal with them until the end of the legacy, a little trial for when I do an EPIC xD

We also added Max and adult Skylar’s portraits to the mausoleum!  +1 for Max!

Also, I recently noticed that I never gave me the points for doing a heirpoll at the end of last gen, so I’m gonna add that +5 now~ That’s a good way to end the update. At first I wanted to wait until baby K was born, but this is getting super long already so we’re leaving that for next time xD

I’m just gonna show a little update on the rest of the family~ btw, I’m probably gonna stop following all of the family xD they’re having waaaaay to many kids lately! But I’ll let you know anything important.

Anyways, this is Enrique Romeo, he’s Larry’s new husband! He’s pretty handsome if you ask me, looks a lot like his dad.

And this is the little girl they adopted together, Kassandra.

This little guy is Jermaine, he’s Larry’s son with his early fling, and as you can see he looks nothing like Larry so far xD

This is Kaily, third adoptive kid of Aric and Mathias.

And finally, Clifton, first child of Effie and Yang, they sure are moving fast xD

And with this, I finally let you go *winks* I hope you had some fun with us today, join us next time to know it my prayers for a single birth were heard and what baby K (and possibly baby Y) are gonna be!

See ya soon!

Points so far: 171

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3 thoughts on “2.4 Double birthdays

  1. Look at all those cutie kids the spares are having!!! Also good job Lance! Things seem to still be going really well with the family, and congrats on finally getting Nina to the top of the job. That one was hard for Kynzie too, in fact I dont’ think she ever actually made it.


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