2.3 Back in the game!

Hello! And welcome back to the Svartulv Name Game! This time a lot sooner than last one xD

Last time we said goodbye to Larry, welcomed Louis into the family as the new spouse, and tried to get the twins some romance, but only succeded with Effie xD Lots of things happening even in a filler chapter, but this time we’re hoping for some game progress as we start working on the new generation! So take a seat, grab your snacks, and let’s dive in!

We start this pic with Skylar doing something that I actually always forget about: Getting an agent xD it’s not like we need the extra money, but hey, let’s experiment a little.

And then we move to working on Louis’ tasks. I want to finish this quick because I have plans for later. Thankfully he only needed to protest in a nightclub.

Also, as you can see he chose the cause “Speak for the trees”. Mostly because it makes me think of The Lorax xD I love that movie.

We made the family join the protest, because we’re all about #SupportingBeliefs xD

And with that checked off, it was time for a little vacation!

The plan is to have Skylar get pregnant once they go back home, so I want to take advantge of this flash trip to Selvadorada as much as I can!

Awwwwn Yang chose the wrong moment to try inviting Effie on a date! I was actually super bummed we couldn’t say yes xD But maybe later Yang!

Son anyway, because the main focus of the trip was Skylar’s aspiration, I decided to let the rest of the family roam their rented house freely. They were actually kinda boring lol the most they did was drink water and read books.

Except for Salem and Nina who somehow ended up chatting with Vanessa! Maybe Nina knows her because she’s a social media star and Vanessa is famous? xD Also I still can’t take thos turist outfits seriously lol!

This is literally the first time I notice this little lizard friend hanging around the plaza/marketplace! I just tought it was adorable so I had to snatch a pic of him!

And after getting some supplies, and mastering the Selvadoradian Culture skill (does this count for the points? I mean, it’s just 5 levels…but it’s still a mastered skill…I’m gonna count it! +5!) Skye was ready to go exploring!

And of course doing some arqueology, I want to try and get the full artifacts collection this gen if possible!

She made it to the temple with no problem! But saddly this time she wasn’t as lucky as the last one. She got cursed in all of the rooms he entered because we just couldn’t get the traps right! One of her curses made her feel lonely so I sent Salem to talk to her for a little while… and discovered they have the same swimsuits lol! What can I say? I really like that suit xD

We also met and befriended this happy guy! I loved how happy he looked playing music with his ribs, so I had to take a pic of him too xD

And at the end, after many, maaaaany curses and even a poison dart, we made it to the big treasure chest!

She got a new relic and some extra simoleons! And thankfully because she had some Bone dust in her inventory, we got the antidote for her poisoning before going home!

Who’s this little guy you say? Well, while Skye was exploring the temple I got the notification that Aric and Mathias had adopted a boy called Nickolas, so I went into CAS to meet him! He’s pretty cute so far~

We also got the notification that Larry got a random townie pregnant lol! But we’ll have to wait to meet his baby/babies.

And the trip was officially over~ Saddly Skye didn’t got attacked by spiders or something so we couldn’t advance on her aspiration, now that’s gonna have to wait for another time *sighs*

Also if you look closely you can see that there’s someone who doesn’t belong to the family…

This girl right here! Her name is Beverly Kitchen and she’s a teen, sooo I gues we’re gonna give it another shot at love with Elijah. So far so good!

Skye meanwhile is busy trying to uncover the artifacts she found during the trip, she had three of them!

So, as you can remember, Louis was older than Skye when they met, and with the time they had to wait to get married and all that, he was currently 12 days away from turning into an adult. So we took the executive decision to buy him a youth potion with Skye’s satisfaction points so he has more time to be with his kids.

Skye is just two or three days younger than him, but she’s gonna stop aging with the pregnancies so it’s not so big deal with her, she’s gonna be around for a while.

We’re waiting until its nightime to try for a baby to ensure Skye doesn’t leave work early due to labor, so meanwhile she’s taking care of the garden, which got recently moved to the side of the house to leave the backyard free.

And to give us some space to build this! Nina and Salem are close to their elder birthdays, so I decided it was time to build the mausoleum I was talking about a couple updates ago.

This is just the entrance though, the door guides you to a small room that’s mostly the stairs to the basement.

And there in the basement it’s where the family pics and urns are gonna be! There’s also enough room to put a couple colletions down here if needed, so that’s an extra!

Also as you can see we added Louis, Effie and Elijah to the family portraits, so that´s +3 more points!

Anyways, back to the main show, it’s finally time to get the babies coming!

Take one~

And this is the first time I notice that I gave them matching pajamas lol! Not that I’m complaining, I think it’s a super cute detail!

I don’t know why I never can capture the conffetti in this pictures lol But anyway, we were successful first try! They already are starting better than Nina and Salem did xD

Even if Louis didn’t had a great reaction xD I kinda love when fathers don’t react to the news, it’s funny.

And next day, as everyone else was busy with work or school Louis is asled to go around and collect some things. and this is how I discover that this section of Winderburg doesn’t have much in the collecting department lol just a couple frog logs and a lot of plans that we already had.

We’re working on the frog collection thought, so at teast we got a new one from this.

Larry came to say hi later that day! He stops by a lot less than Aric for some reason, so it was nice to see him!

Also, I have to say Skye is already HUGE! She was still in her first trimester in this photo. Thankfully I knew we couldn’t have twins because we only have one space in the household, or I’d be worried xD

Louis’ work tasks for today included promoting the cause to one sim, so he’s doing that with Eliza Pancakes who was passing by.

And then he had to protest at the spice district, so he took his in-laws to do it! I thought it was a good idea because for some reason they have a pretty low relationship, they need to know eachother some more.

And when we got back to the house this kid was there with us too. Why is that important? Well, his name is Leslie, and he’s a second adopted son to Aric! That family is growing fast for sure! At this point Nina and Salem already had three grandsons, Larry’s one-night stand ended up giving birth to a boy called Jermaine, but no pics of him until he grows up.

Anyway, the kids ended up not going to school on monday because the trip to selvadorada was longer than expected, so today it’s tuesday and Max finally came home witrh an A, finally completting his aspiration and giving us +1 for that and +1 for his grades!

And right in time for his birthday too! That was a close call.

Here’s him after his make-over. He added Mean to his traits which I’m still not really happy about and took jungle explorer as his adult aspiration. I like how he looks with the long hair by the way!

Skye came home with another promotion! she’s also ready for the pregnancy to be over lol! sorry girl, you still have day more to go.

Not sure if you can tell, but I took this pic to conmemorate that Max’s mean trait is already showing. He was chatting with Elijah and started saying mean things to him right away, yikes. I just hope this doesn’t ruin his relationship with the family.

I’ve been slacking off with Nina’s aspiration again, so she’s now working on her three emotional paintings to make her constant flirty moods more useful lol

Nina: “And you were complaning about Max being mean aerlier.”

He, I was not trying to be mean! And it’s the truth!

Nina: “Still sounds mean!”

Ok, ok, sorry about it!

LOL! if you ever doubt how in love Nina and Salem still are~ but no thanks girls, we really don’t need more babies from you two. You can concentrate in spoiling your grandkids once they start coming instead!.

Another day, another political mural to paint! These things take ages to do, so I just hope he can finish before Skye comes home, the baby should be arriving tonight!

We got this notification while waiting! Salem is now level 9! I’m so proud of my girls, they’re not even elders yet and both are almost at the top of their careers!

Mission acomplished thanks to some help from Nina! time to go back home!

Right in time for the hospital! Baby S is almost here!

Louis is trying to fake calm for you guys, he was freaking out right before I took this picture xD

Louis: “I was not!”

Yes you were!

See? this is the proof! He’s freaking out again!

Louis: “Why in heaven’s sake is our doctor a ghost?! Isn’t there someone else who can deliver my baby around here?!”

Well, that’s a pretty valid reason to freak out, I gotta give him that.

But anyway, ghost or not, she made an awesome job and we welcomed the first baby of generation two into the wolrd! Please meet baby boy Sinbad Svartulv!

+1 for S name!

And with this Salem has officially four grandkids and that completed her second aspiration! I wasn’t sure if the other three would count because she doesn’t know them officially, but I’m not complaining, +5 points for that!

And this is where we are gonna stop for today! This was an eventful update!

Join us next time to see how little Sinbad is going to look like! and hopefully to meet at least another little one into the house!

See you then!

Points so far: 160

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3 thoughts on “2.3 Back in the game!

  1. YAY for baby Sinbad!!! This family is so sweet! I love them. I’m getting close to seeing all the kids so I can vote in the heir poll, but it might take me one more day. lol


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