2.2 We’re almost there~

Yeah, I’ve been watching The princess and the frog and I got Tianna’s song stuck in my head xD

Man, you have no idea how much I’ve missed my sims!

xD Hey there everyone! I’ve got some crazy weeks lately, so I didn’t had much time to play, but now that things are kinda setting up (updates are gonna keep being sporadic for some weeks) I needed to go back to playing!

So let’s see, last time we started Skylar’s journey as the heiress of this legacy,  worked on her aspiration in Selvadorada, and ended up with Aric having his YA birthday and moving out of the house with his new husband Mathias! Leaving us finally with enough room to move a certain redhead in!

And we’re working on it inmediatly! We’re still gonna have to wait a couple days before having any babies, but I’m a little too excited to get the next gen going so I’m doing what I can for now lol Also I don’t get their relationship culling like it happened with Aric.

So… I wanted for Skye to propose, but before I could do anything these two decided to woohoo automously… and they decided to do it in this far away bush lol! I don’t get this obsession sims get with the bushes.

But anyway, now they gotta go all the way back to the house before we can move things along, I don’t want a wedding in the dark xD

And we’re back in the house! And inside one of the kid’s rooms because Louis was already doing a beeline for the computer *sighs* these sims y’all.

But anyway, it’s eloping time~ because I’m too lazy to have a proper wedding~!

Didn’t caught the “just married kiss” but here’s a pic of them saying their votes. And also by the way: I love them together! They make a really cute couple!

And here we have Louis after his make over! I decided to keep the sweater because I got used to seeing him with it lol I just gave him some better pants and shoes, and of course a couple extra outfits.

Louis is a Dog lover (which is a shame because we have no room for pets xD), Art lover and Geek, and he came with the Successful lineage aspiration, that one is gonna take some time to complete xD

And then it was time to properly celebrate the wedding with some woohoo.

Side note: I really love that tiny sun Skye got in Selvadorada xD one of my favorite idle features from the pack

So, I downloaded this mod that tells you if your sims are right or left handed because I never notice on my own lol and it turns out that Salem is left-handed! Funfact: I’m actually left-handed IRL so I was super happy when I saw this!

Also right now we have three left-handed sims in the house: Salem, Max and Louis! Just a funfact xD

After celebrating, it was time to get Louis his job! He was working in the Manual Labor part-time job, but because I want those career points, we found him a full time job as a future Polititan! I thought that it made sence for him to be the one working from home since he has a family aspiration, that way he can spend more time with his kids~

And then it he went to practice some speaches to raise his charisma as it’s the skill he will need the most. Also because everyone else was sleeping but he wasn’t tired at all xD

Next day, and this is how Salem and Nina enjoy their mornings now that they’re not the main couple in the house xD I still make sure to make them do their work stuff, but they have a lot more time to themselves now.

Skye on the other hand, is hard at work with the skills she needs in the jungle temples, I’m aiming to get another trip to Selvadorada before her kids start coming, but we’ll see.

Kids are back from home! And Elijah brought home an A! and Effie didn’t, that’s weird.

Elijah: “Well, she kept winning everything when we were kids, I thought it was my time to get first place.”

He has a point, and I’m happy about that +1 so… cheers to Elijah!

The kids came home with low fun so now they’re having a game sesion before homework. Also this is the closest I’ve been to a whole family pic in a long time lol Salem is the only one missing because she’s at work.

This pic conmemorates Nina finally mastering the cooking skill!!! I’m so proud of her! +5 more points for this chapter!

And now she aparently decided to celebrate by going outside to follow those strange green lights…

Aaaand there she goes xD I’m really happy that A) I don’t have female alien pregnancy turned on, and B) We’re at a full house, we don’t need more babies from Nina and Salem xD

And meanwhile Louis is the only one awake in the house because he insist in being nocturnal, and he didn’t noticed a thing xD

Next day Max was working on his mental skill before school, and he somehow got stuck there! I couldn’t cancel the action so I ended up reseting him.

And he appeared here… with no option to go to school. kid really doesn’t want to get his A! His birthday is coming up soon and at this rate he’s not gonna have time to complete a second aspiration *sighs*

Max: “Well, I don’t want to complete another one! Stop overworking me!”

… And here I thought Elijah and Effie were the lazy ones.

But anyway, Max got to stay home for today, so he’s talking to Salem because that’s one  of the last things she needs for her new aspiration. After this is only waiting for grandbabies to spawn~

Also, I noticed that I never counted Salem’s point for mastering the parenting skill, it took her a little longer than Nina, but she got it! +1

I also sent him to meet this boy who’s apparently a little brother of the Bjersgsens, I just love their genetics too much to let it slip without trying xD

Nina’s work tasks keep including “make money advertising” and I hate it xD it always makes her lose followers and half the time she doesn’t even make money *sighs* it’s frustrating

It’s Larry’s birthday!! And also it’s the first time I notice I didn’t change his hot weather clothes lol! *dies laughing* I can take those short tank tops seriously.

Also, Effie brought home her A this time! +1~

I sent the kids to do homework and for some reason Effie decided to do hers standing outside the house lol at least she has Louis to help her finish it sooner.

Meanwhile, inside the house Larry is blowing his final candles in this house! And Nina is there to see because she’s an amazing mom as always.

Larry got his YA make over and moved to the Fashion district in San Myshuno, not sure why but he strikes me more as a city guy xD Also, he couldn’t get married to his high school sweetheart because when I checked to invite Emma over, it turned out she was already married. I thought having them being official as teens would stop MCCC from doing that, but nop…so I guess we were reaaaally lucky that Louis didn’t got married before Skye grew up.

So anyway, Larry is gonna be living alone for now and we’ll see what MCCC has in store for him!

When I came back into the main house I decided to take a look into Louis’ family tree, and I didn’t expect him to have so many siblings lol his parents were really busy! (sriously, I got notifications of at least two more kids being born in those families xD)

Aric is always calling to come visit. so here we have Nina saying hi to him. Also, that pretty blonde over there? Yup, Yang is finally a teen!

Effie was promptly sent to say hello! I really want her in the family xD

And looks like we’re on a good track for that! They didn’t need much effort on my part to get the flirts going and even the first kiss was autonomous, those are my girls!

And since Effie was having such good luck in the romance department, I decided to try it with Elijah too, so we called Irene over.

… And it didn’t go great. Yikes. Better leave it alone for now xD

Max finally mastered the mental skill!! But he still needs an A in school before he can completes the aspiration… and it’s the weekend… and his birthday is on tuesday

Max: “I told you I’m not gonna work in a second one!”

At this point, I think the kid is gonna win this round *sighs* at least we got this +1 from him

So anyways, Louis had work stuff to do at the city, so I had him take the kids with him so Salem and Nina have some free time.

Elijah was tasked to buy some produce from the stall, it’s a easy way to get tomatoes and pomegranates for the garden, in case you need to know *winks*

And Effie is helping Louis with his political mural. As much as I love painting murals, I also think they take too long to be completed.

Max was left to his own devices, he went to met some kids and, surprisingly, didn’t start a single mess around xD I still remember the little terror that Larry was.

I saw Irene walking by and sent Elijah to say hello inmediatly! Just to learn that she’s now a YA… Elijah still has a little less than a week as a teen, so it looks like she’s a little too old for him, poor kid doesn’t have the best luck so far xD he probably inherited that from Salem, seriously, my luck is just awful xD sorry Elijah!

Back in the house we’re making a project with Max, I’m determinated to have him get his A on monday!

Max: “Still no time for any other aspiration!”

I know, I know… I feel defeated lol

But at least I have Louis promotion to cheer me up a little xD not a bad way to end the week!

So I think this is where we’re gonna leave it for this update! Still no babies from them because I want to keep the age difference shorter this generation, so we’re waiting until the twins birthday is around the corner.

If everything goes according to plan, we should be having baby S next chapter though! So wish us luck, and I hope you enjoyed this little bit of filler lol!

See you soon!

Points so far: 144

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3 thoughts on “2.2 We’re almost there~

  1. I would say you should feel accomplished by having so many kids get through 2 aspirations. That’s crazy to me! It was an accomplishment to get it with the one kid I did it with. 😀 Great job with everyoe, excited to see baby S.


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