2.1 While we’re waiting…

Hello there!

It’s been a while, between real life being super busy and me waiting for the heir poll to be over, we took a small break. But now we’re ready to go back into this save and start a new generation! Because our chosen heir is…

Skye! For some time it looked like Effie was gonna be our heiress, but at the end you guys chose our first born to carry on this legacy! This is gonna be a lot of fun!

And because I was gonna start murdering our neighbors if we stayed in San Myshuno, the first action of this generation was to move the family to Winderburg!

We’re now living in the empty lot on the main land, I think is called The Summer Home. But it won’t be empty for too long!

There we go! A nice big house (but not too big, mansions kinda… bore me xD) for a nice big family. Let me give a quick tour:

To the left in the main floor we have Skylar’s (and soon, Louis’s) bedroom. Most of the house is pretty bare right now but we’ll add more stuff as the money keeps coming. For now at least she has her own brand new bed! Because it felt weird to give her he mom’s one xD

Right across the small hall it’s the toddler bedroom, I love how it looks in lilac! And as you can see, there’s a door to the left that goes to the toddler bathroom. Each room has its own bathroom, because we know there’s never enough of those in this game xD

Here’s  a view of the main living area from outside the bedrooms. The stairs to the second floor are to the right and kitchen to the left.

A better shot at the kitchen, a lot of our money went away in buying more counters lol!

The pc on Salem and Nina’s room got moved to the living room, and the portraits are there just until I get money to build a maussoleum of some sort, I want the urns of past MS and spouse to be together with the portraits of their kids, so that means Skye is gonna get another portrait at some point~

Oh yeah, and there’s a little niche behind the fireplace were I put this table so it doesn’t burn anything if it catches fire lol and I just noticed I didn’t painted the walls… I always have to forget something lol.

The upstairs hall with our missellaneous items and collections, Salem and Nina’s room is to the right and the kids rooms to the left.

Here are the kids rooms, it inda look like they’re girls and boys rooms, but I’ll let the kids chose were to sleep themselves xD Also as you can guess we’re super poor after moving, so our only decorations are Nina’s career rewards lol!

Amd finally that’s the “previous MS and spouse room”, once Skye and Louis pass the charge to one of their kids I’m probably gonna redecorate, but for now I feel this suits Salem and Nina pretty good.

And that is it xD There’s nothing in the back yard because we’re too poor to afford it right now, but we’ll get there, Salem’s royalties are like 2k daily right now and the plan is to have Skye painting as she’s an art lover. Anyway, time to go back to playing!

First things first, I got Skye a little make over. Just different hair and an update for some of her outfits. My idea at first was to give her non-dyed hair, but the green in this one look too good on her to let it go lol!

As you can see, meanwhile the family is going inside to take care of their needs, Skylar is taking care of more important issues:

And she’s now on a date with Louis! I really don’t want to risk it losing him, so better make them official soon lol. Also, his final trait is apparently geek, the videogaming lives in the family!

They didn’t take too much to reconnect~

And bam! They’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend!

Then Skye follows her mother’s footsteps and inmediatly ask him to marry her, he said yes! They can’t get married right away because the house is full, but they’ll be ready as soon as Aric moves out!

Also, that didn’t stop them from celebrating with some woohoo in the closet xD it’s one of my favorite locations honestly.

And then it was back in the house, right in time to get everybody ready for school/work!

Also I finally decided and got Salem a new hair cut! I’m probably gonna get her different clothes sometime, but for now this will do as her adult make over lol.

Look guys, Skylar also painted the llama x bunny painting! I really like that one for some reason lol!

The twins are very close to their birthdays, so I’m trying to have them finish their second aspiration before they grow up! they only need to make more friends so it should be ok.

Also, it’s Neighborhood brawl day lol! I always forget to participate in this holiday, but Aric and Larry were on their own and they decided to start a fight xD Aric won, I don’t think hot-headed Larry liked that xD

A good thing about having the pc in the living room is that these two can keep working together in the same room. Nina is live streaming again and Salem tries to gain his last point of writting so I can count those points!

And at this point I realized that I just thought about getting Skye a job, but didn’t do it, so she’s getting one now! Aaaand she has three days before her first shift… maybe I should have made her an art critic instead lol.

But anyway, I didn’t had much time to complain about it because I got this notification soon after! Yaaaay to Salem for giving us +5 points from completting this aspiration for the first time and +5 from maxing the writting skill!

Next day, and Skye is taking more on her roles as MS and trying some cooking, she made it trought without any fires so cheers to that!

Effie was the first one finishing the social butterfly aspiraton! She was a little ahead than Elijah because seriously Elijah was always sleeping lol, but she now has to wait for him because he’s the older twin.

But this is still +2 more points for me so yay for that!

Kid was working hard thought, so it was just a couple hours later when he also finished! +2 more and we’re ready for the birthdays!

Also please notice Nina napping on the other couch lol lazy sims and their autonomous naps.

And birthdays! As said before, Elijah first…

… And now Effie!

And here they are~ I think Elijah doesn’t look so bad with the right hairstyle, but I still feel like his head is a little too bigh for his body lol kid decided to have stick figure body for some reason. His new trait is geek and he got the Chief of mischief aspiration.

And Effie~ I got her glasses back because I think she looks cuter with them, I still think she’s super pretty! probably fave from the generation on looks. Her trait is Lazy, so now she and Elijah have the same exact traits so far lol. And her aspiration is Superparent.

And right as I was taking the last pics this teen came to knock on our door randomly, I wonder if it’s fate lol anyway, her name is Irene and Elijah is now befriending her to see if they have chemistry.

This is the start of our garden, I’m gonna trait to get one of each plant for the collection, but we’ll see, I remember Death flower being kind of a pain to get lol. Also, i’ll get one of the kids to plant them properly later, but I’ll be smart for once and wait until it stops raining xD

our hot-headed kids are hanging around together~ also, it’s so weird to have only one kid in the house now! but his older brothers still make sure to spend a lot of time with Max.

Irene and Elijah are hitting it on pretty great! they even started flirting a little.

And man, This certainly is a teen hangout right now lol!

Also for some reason Elijah and Irene kept chatting right in front of the firdge all the tiome she spent here lol. Sims and their “romantic” choices.

Nina finally got enough followers for her next promotion! She’s currently level 9 so just one more to go! She needs 25 million now though, so that’s gonna take a while xD

Skye painted this thing and I love it! we kept it. not just because we’re still too poor to afford other types of decorations xD

Hey, look who’s at our door today! Louis is getting impatient for the wedding.

They make such a cute couple! Also it’s nice to see him here, because I have plans for these two for today!

I’ll get to them just after a show this pic of these two, still following eachother around the house to flirt xD they’re so adorable.

But here we are! in a little couple trip to Selvadorada!

I don’t know how much time I’m gonna have to work on Skye’s aspiration once kids start coming, so I decided to take advantage of the first days to advance as much as posible.

She’s also learning some new recipes to share back with her family!

Then learning the Selvadoradian culture skill and buying some supplies before going into the jungle.

That vendor looks super hipster btw lol I kinda like it.

And viewing the statue together to finish the first tier of the aspiration! not bad at all!

Second tier requires to study 3 traps at the temple, so I was not sure if we were gonna complete that this trip. it was only one day because Skye had work the next day.

But we tried it anyway and we actually made it to the temple! then it was back to the house for a quick nap to gain energy and back to explore!

So we actually completed two tiers of her aspiration just today! Also It’s so funny that she changed into her swimsuit to enter the temple lol aparently there was little pool at the entrance.

This pic is just to say that I’m super impressed, she  had to guess the right choice to pass to the next room because her skills are still no great, and she did it first try! She even got the little sun blessing which I love as a prize!

The trip ended right here, so no big tresure chest this time, but we’ll be back!

For now we’re back in the house and she’s cooking some of the selvadoradian meals she learnt during her trip~

Max brought a girl home from school! and she does not look trilled to be here lol! She kinda looks like she hates him.

So we decided to leave her alone and instead Max went inside to listen some stories from Salem. She’s now working on the Big happy family aspiration, and since Max is her last child in “read to…” age, we needed to get this tier done before he becomes a teen.

And then we change to help Max with his homework so he can finish that part of his aspiration.
Also those two are still a power couple y’all, always working together to help their kids!

And Effie was the chosen one  to go start the garden, she didn’t have a skill for school and we want those A’s! Elijah already has level 3 comedy.

Salem needed a couple more interactions with one her kids for her aspiration. After this she has everything completed until “have a child get married” and that’s gonna happen soon!

This weird amalgam of all the kids marks the day Larry came home with his high school A! And he did it just in time lol his birthday is in three days so he barely gave us that +1!

I love it when kids decide to set the table all on their own~ And shout out for Nina on the back! that meal got her to level 9 cooking skill, just one more to go!

The kids are watching a movie together to celebrate that today is Aric’s birthday! We just got the notification!

But first, Skye came home with a promotion! She’s already doing great~

Also you can see certain boy at our door, we invited Mathias so we can age him up too and get him and Aric married right away~

There, birthday time! Aric’s last trait is gloomy!

And two age ups later, right to work! fortunately Mathias said yes, otherwise it would’ve been so anticlimatic xD

Aaaand we interrupt again to show that Salem also came home with a promotion! She’s level 8, so she’s not that much behind Nina!

But Salem’s entrance ruined my try at getting cute photos of these two elopement *sighs* well, no it’s time for Aric to leave the nest~!

And here is the happy couple all on their own~ I gave quick make overs to both of them and plopped them on a lot in Willow Creek, now MCCC is gonna take care of them!

And this seems like a good place to finish tihs up! Now we have space for Louis to move in so we’re gonna work of that next chapter, and maybe even start with gen 2 kids! I hope you enjoyed this, see you soon! I hope.

Points so far: 136

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