1.11 Young love

Hello there! It’s time for what can or cannot be the last post of generation one of my name game challenge! All depends of who’s gonna get chosen heir at the end of the chapter because that’s right, we’re into heir poll territory now! I’m excited!

But of course before any polls, we’re gonna play trought the rest of Skye’s teenhood today! So buckle up and prepare for a ton of teen and kids antics in hands of the Svartulv family!

We are starting this chapter with Skye saying hi to Louis again! while I seriously considered Crystal for her, Louis is always calling her and  I think they make a cute couple, so time to make some moves on him and get him roped in before he turns into a YA and is married off by MCCC lol

Also I just noticed he’s wearing sweatpants, a cute nerdy sweater and dressing shoes… why do EAxis do this to the townies? lol

Larry over here is also planning on having some romance~ As you can remember, Emma is already a teen! and with their relationship being already so good, I’m pretty set on getting them together.

Also she’s a neat sim and that will balance his slobness if he’s chosen heir xD

And here she is!

Also props to Louis because he’s already fitting into the family and taking his Big Brother roll, he’s checking in PRETTY CLOSE with the younger teens to make sure everything is kept PG-12 for Elijah who’s there working on the chemistry table.

Then he takes it a little too far by having a conversation with Skylar who by the way, decided that this was the perfect time to do her extra credit homework for some reason! right across Larry and Emma. This seems like a pretty uncomfortable way to flirt guys.

Aric had to be left outside the fun saddly. He got attacked by the “relationship culling” monster, and when I looked around his relationship panel it turned out that he doesn’t know any kids/teens outside the household! Thank you very much MCCC *eye roll*

So for now he’s just gonna work on getting his fitness skill up to 3 for his grades, and we’ll see if we can have him meet a guy later.

Also side note, am I the only one who’s in love with the Pride T-shirts? I’m trying not to use them too much because I know if I let myself start, I’m gonna give them to all of my sims lol

As you can see here, Emma and Larry are still hitting it on great! For some reason, even better than Louis and Skye lol I think this confirms my suspisions that Louis is more of the shy type.

While these two aren’t shy at all! It goes well with their personalities so far.

We got to first kiss territory! And Larry moves a lot faster than his two older siblings lol That’s my boy!

Don’t let his smiley face fool you, this is the moment when I got the notification that Max was very hungry and he’s angrily heading to the kitchen to grab some leftovers. Sorry Max, I… kinda forgot about you because I was watching the teens having fun.

Max: *side eyes angrily*

And as you can see, now that Louis excused himself to go home, Skylar is keeping his work done by cockblocking her brother lol Seriously girl, if you’re so jealous of them you could have listened to me when I was trying to have you flirt with your guy!

Skye: “I’m not jealous! I’m just taking care of my little brother and watching a movie!”

Larry: “Go away Skye! there’s a whole empty couch over there!”

And while all of this happened, Effie is working hard on her aspiration. She and Elijah are taking turns between playing chess and experimenting, I’m kinda curious about who’s gonna be the first one to start a fire in the chemistry table lol

Effie: “I feel kinda offended you have this little faith on us!”

Yeah… Sorry kid, but not that much lol

Emma went home, and then I remembered that Larry still doesn’t have a skill for school, so he’s now “trolling da forums” to up his mischief skill. He did great by the way! he was feeling playfull so it all went down easily!

Oh yeah, and this is a front pic of Salim’s wife! She’s a pretty lady in my opinion, I love blonde hair with dark skin!

Awwwwwn look at Aric being an awesome big brother and giving a bath to Max! I had totally forgotten how great it is to have teens in a house with toddlers!

These two are super close to one another! It’s like an unspoken rule with me; if they’re twins, they are bound to become best friends, it just can’t be any other way!

Since the teens can take care of Max as needed, Nina has some extra time to work on her own things. She isn’t focusing that much on her aspiration but we get a painting done from time to time. Our focus right now is her career… And it’s gonna take a while because se now needs 10M suscribers and she has just one million…

Awwwwn Elijah randomly took this toy out of his inventory and started playing! That’s a much better use of his time than making messes as a certain someone…

Larry: “Are you never gonna let it go?!”

Let’s just say that if you’re chosen heir, I’m gonna leave all your kids on free will so they can make as many messes as they want…

Larry: “That’s not gonna work out you know? You’re gonna be the one cleaning them up at the end.”

… Larry is a smart kid guys.

And here we have Effie maxing her mental skill! That’s my girl! I’m gonna count the points once she gets her A and completes her aspiration though, that way I’m not gonna get that confused with points.

Aric took charge of bathtime, so now is Skye who’s being a good sister and reading a couple stories to Max~  This kid is gonna get spoiled rotten y’all! That happens when you’re the baby of the family I’m talking from my experience as the youngest of three sisters lol four if you count my cousin who lives with us.

Skye made friends with Bella Goth as a child and now she invites her to hang out from time to time. Tonight she asked her to go sing karaoke and it was the perfect time to have a little outling with Louis, so we said yes!

Aric is also here on the hope that there are some teens around he can meet, and Nina is kinda “chaperoning” while trying to gain more followers for her blog.

The soon to be couple singing a duet! It was super funny because Skylar actually has like three or four points in singing and Louis has nothing lol the contrast was glorious.

The rest of the group also tried they’re luck at the machines, but for some reason the “sing karaoke” task never checked out, weird.

There wasn’t any teens around, But the mixologist was really good looking, so Aric went to introduce himself. Then I went into CAS to change his hair because I don’t like YA having those “going gray” colours…and while I was there I found out that he’s aparently Cassandra Goth’s husband *sighs* better luck next time Aric.

Awwwwn, I knew that Louis was gonna get more receptive out of the house! Look what a cute couple they make!

Aric!! I know you’re not happy about not having met anyone, but that doesn’t give you the right to ruin your sister’s first kiss photo!

Aric: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I was just gonna go outside and do homework… Like the loner I am…Not knowing anyone my age and all that.”

Teens are so dramatic.

*Sighs* Well, at least the second pic came out pretty alright. And we had a successful night out!

For Skye at least. Last bartender turn was over so a new one came in and he was also really hot I think this file has something with mixologist lol just like I have another one with the hot mail carriers but he was also married… Time to go back home.

Back at home is Effie’s turn to dote on little Max and help him learn shapes and numbers with the blocks.

Nina… Is that a piece of our birthday cake you’re eating… again?!

Nina: “I was going to go bad if nobody ate it. And it’s really good cake.”

But it still had around a whole week before it went bad! It could’ve lasted a couple birthdays more!

Nina: “We can always make more, you want us to max more skills don’t you?”

She knows me guys… she knows me.

This two are just as cute as always~ And also our computer is broken.

Fun fact: for a while I was super confused about our pc breaking because I was convinced that I had already bought them the unbreakable one, but obviously, I hadn’t lol I rectified that inmediatly after this.

Cute sibling moment! I really love Larry, and I really love that he has the public enemy but is always such a sweeheart lol that tends to happen a lot with my kids, even the uncontrolable ones.

And because he doesn’t want to fall behind his siblings at the “taking care of toddler Max” thing, he was put in charge of bedtime stories! I kinda looks like Nina is supervising to make sure everything goes well lol but worry nope, she trust her boy and is only watching because sims are drawn to toddlers like moths to the light.

It’s Flea market sunday!! Time to give another try to the “exchange collectibles” thing!

Elijah decided he’s not interested in buying things and went behind the bar to do his extra credit lol this kids are a little too studious if you ask me. Aside from when my whiz kids need their A, I never tell them to do extra credit but they all do it on their own lol

Guys, Thorne Bailey is the street performer today lol! He must really be struggling with his career to have to resort to this xD

Also you can see Nina in the background trying to convince Pierce Delgato to give her some new posters, but nope, he said that he doesn’t want to trade right now *groans* at this point I’m getting impatient with the collections, but nothing to do I guess, Time to go back home.

Who’s this boy you ask? Well, I was looking around Skye’s relationships and I found that she does remember Mathias, and not only that, but he’s already a teen too!! And boooy did he got skinny lol! I later learnt through MCCC that he’s Gunther Munch’s son, so that explains a lot.

And also, he and Aric hit it off great again! We discovered that Mathias got Geek as his teen trait, so now he’s sharing that trait with Aric! I’m so happy we found him again!

Teen boys dance party~! Larry and Aric are really close, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Larry wants to approve his brother’s new interest.

Yup, Salim is still having fun *sighs* This time Nina is trying the “Sabotage” interaction. I didn’t saw it do anything special I think, But Salim’s expresion was totally worth it lol Maybe that will make him learn!

The nerve guys… a little after last pic Salim’s wife came out to pound at our door and say they we’re being too loud! I’m really soooo over the neighbors at this point xD

Also, as you can guess she was in labor at this point, maybe that’s what got her in a bad mood lol she went into her house and later that night we got the notification that gave birth to tripplets, I call it karma!

Hey, this guy is not bad looking! He’s aparently the son of our other neighboor, Dustin Broke. I’m just gonna keep him in mind in case any of the kids needs another love option.

Emma invited Larry on a date! And as soon as we got to the place, she just disapeared… Not sure what to think about that, it was underwhelming lol

So… The kids had gone to school so I decided to go to Salim’s apartment to sabotage his stuff, but for some reason when the apartment loaded all the kids were there with us… And they lost some responsability points for leaving school early… I have a feeling things shouldn’t work like that!

But as we were already there, we got to work~ Saddly Salim only let us sabotage like three or four objects before he kicked us out lol but it was totally worth it! I may try to comeback again another day xD

Back into out own home it’s time for homework sessions! today the kids are gonna be doing their extra credit to make up for the lost classes!

All the kids: “But it wasn’t our fault!”

I don’t care, you’re doing it anyway! Specially Elijah and Effie because they do need those As now!

To make sure they get those As, they also made the projects I found in Skye and Larry’s inventories! Effie made a castle and Elijah a volcano, and both of them came out excellent quality!

You know what this is? This is a complete posters collection!!! This is my first collection completed ever! AND it’s worth +1 point for me!

Everybody say thanks to Larry for going down to look for posters and finding us the last one!

Toddler beds are always the favorite sit on the house lol I think it’s cute, it’s like Effie is keeping an eye on Max in case he has a nightmare.

This is a really bad photo of it, but this is actually Nina getting into a fight with Salim xD Aparently he didn’t learnt with all our sabotage, so he decided to come again and complain about the noise…in the middle of the night… with most of the kids sleeping…

So now Salim and Nina officially “despise” eachother lol oficially, I’m pretty sure she despised him ages ago.

The kids are helping a lot with Max, but that doesn’t mean that Nina is less of an awesome mom~ At this point she has Parenting mastered, and that means +5 more points for us! Thanks Nina!

Elijah is going through the bear phase!! It’s my favorite one lol I think those suits are adorable.

The portraits wall has been updated! +3 points for Salem, Nina and Larry getting their paintings done! Also now you can take a better peek to Aric and Skye, I need to stop take pictures in the dark lol

By the way, little tip: the digital sketchpad is super useful to get the portraits done! it’s so much easier to get the sims in good poses!

So… while I was getting the paintings on their places I decided to buy new couches, and since I had “moveobjects” activated, I placed the new couch in top of the old one, and the old one disspeared… or at least I thought it was gonna, but looks like it just turned invisible lol! I feel like I’m in a Phineas&Ferb episode!

So well, that’s why we know have Larry and Elijah sitting on an invisible couch xD I kinda love it.

And it makes for funny pics like this one! Larry can turn invisible and now Max can float lol I need to change this into a superhero legacy or something!

Nina spends a lot of time livestreaming, it’s the option that gives her more followers. Good thing it’s that I discovered you only need to do it for a couple of minutes and then you can cancel the option and get the suscribers. It’s kind of cheaty, so I still only use it two or three times a day to feel a little better xD

Max got all his skills to 5 and still has a whole day before his birthday! hooray for Max! Now he’s mostly on free will until it’s time~

Also +5 points more!

I know this is not gonna be interesting for anyone else but me, but I want you to meet Dustin Broke’s daughter, her name is Yang!

And Yang is also the name of this beautiful lady who she actually kinda looks alike! lol This Yang is my favorite character from my favorite webseries RWBY! shameless advertising because I just love that series this much. Take my word y’all: I’m getting Yang Broke to marry one of my kids!

Kids are back from school and we got three As today! Elijah, Effie and Aric all came with raised grades! +3 more points!

Also this completed both of the twins whiz kid aspirations so those are +4 more! They’re both gonna be working in Social butterfly next.

Here we have Effie working on the “meet five new sims” part~ Elijah is also doing it, but out of the picture. For some reason I have a lot more pics of Effie than him, but I swear is not about favoritism!

Elijah: “Yeah, right, you already said that Effie is your favorite!”

I know… but I love you all! it’s true!! it is, really, but Elijah is lazy so he spends a lot of time sleeping OR walking around sleepy xD

Aric came home with Mathias today, and this time we went straight for the romance stuff because I want the kids to have partners for Love day this friday.

First kiss scored!  They make a cute, geeky couple! And also Mathias doesn’t look that skinny anymore, I think that first pic I took was a really bad one lol

And tonight it was finally Max’ birthday! With this we have oficially survived a round of toddlers! so +1 point for us!

Here is little Max all grown up! He got Nina’s Hot-headed personality, and took the whiz kid aspiration. I feel most of my kids got that one just because I don’t like it lol

And he goes right to do his homework before bed~ He doesn’t have school tomorrow because he grew up late, but there isn’t much to do right now because everyone else is in bed, so better start early.

Don’t let this pic fool you, Nina is already level 8 in cooking skill and she still sneezes on the food and almost set it on fire lol She also literally broke the stove before getting this eggs and toast done lol!

Nina: “Do you have to tell the readers everything we do wrong?”

Not everything, just the things that I find funny!

Like the fact Salem totally ignored Nina’s cooking and decided to make caprese salad instead lol As a funfact, while he cooking skill is a lot lower than Nina’s, her gourtmet cooking is like three levels more than hers!

All the older kids are now at school, so Max enjoys breakfast time with his moms~ spoiled rotten~

… I didn’t plan this well at all.

I really wanted the kids to meet Yang, so I decided to go visit the Broke’s apartment so Max could introduce himself, and the glitch that sends all the kids back early from school attacked again… This was totally my bad guys.

Even worse, As I visited on school hours Yang wasn’t even there! Dumb Salem…

But anyway…at least we got time to work on this two’s aspirations and they are now beast friends forever! now they only need to make friends and meet some kids, they now like, one each lol

guys, I’m in heaven… this selling table has snowglobes! And not only that, but I can spot exactly the last one I need at the lower right corner!!

Effie was already downstairs talking to one of the food vendors, so she made the honors to buy it for us!

And our second collection is now complete! +1

while we waited for school hours to be over so Yang comes back home, Max got his siblings to play chess with him and scratched down the first tier of his aspiration! we’re moving smoothly.

And we went to visit again! According to MCCC, she’s more of the twins’ age, so she’s probably gonna date one of them, we’ll see who gets along better with her.

For now Effie took the lead, I think it’s because Elijah was dead tired and went to take a nap as soon as he could lol! Seriously that kis is always sleeping!

Random cute Aric-Skylar hug! I think Aric knows her sister’s birthday is tomorrow, and she may have to move out after that.

And as I said before, friday brought us  our first Love day~ I sent Nina and Salem to a date at the Stargazer Lounge while the kids were at school.

It was a gold date in no time! Six kids later and they’re still as in love as they were back in chapter one.

Small funny blooper, this lade tagged along with them for a while during the date and we couldn’t get rid of her lol I had to make Nina tell her to go away and now they have negative relationship lol

Effie brought home Yang from school! and the girl inmediatly started cleaning the house. She’s a keeper Effie! get her!

It’s Aric’s turn on a date! He took Mathias to Planet Honey Pop!

Also Aric looks sad because just as the kids came back from school we got the notification that Katrina died *sighs* thanks for dying on love day and getting sad for two days all the grandkids you barely knew…

Another gold date in no time! If you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda trying to cut down the pics at this point lol I feel this chapter is already too long, but we’re almost there!

And because it was already kinda late, Aric came back to the house just as Larry was going out lol He’s more of the rebellious type, so he took Emma out of town and they headed out to The Solar Flare in Oasis Springs.

I was really sure I took more pics of their date, but apparently I didn’t! Sorry Larry, it was a nice date! Even if they barely had some romantic interactions because Larry was too sad to flirt… thanks again Katrina.

But whatever… it was time to go back home because it was finally time for Skylar’s birthday! I was hoping to complete Salem’s aspiration this chapter, but that last point of writting it’s avoiding her. Oh well~

She added Goofball to her traits, y’know, because being gloomy and a goofball isn’t odd at all lol But we love you anyway Skye!

Skylar: “I don’t feel too flattered by that…”

Well, you should!

And this is where this update is gonna end because it’s time for our first heir poll! Who’s gonna continue this legacy?

You can head up to This Boolprop topic to vote now!

Points so far: 121

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  1. Whew, a lot going on there with relationships and teens, and kids growing up. 🙂 Another great update, and I’m all the way through Gen 1. Now I just have to get through Gen 2, but that will have to happen tomorrow or the weekend. 😀 Congrats on the collections, those are 2 I have not done yet, so I’ll have to see about finding them now. 🙂


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