1.10 Chief of Mischief

Final update for SimNaNo 2019! We did it guys!

Hi there! I’m super excited to bring this update to y’all! I finished my goals for SimNaNo! and also we’re getting for the end of the generation, just this and one post more before the heir poll! Do you already have a favorite? I’m excited to see who will carry on the legacy!

Anyway, last time we got a lot birthdays, and we welcomed home the last baby of the generation, baby Max! We’re probably gonna see him as a toddler today, and also have some more birthdays, so let’s dive into the sim world!

We start this chapter with a shot of the newly arranged kids rooms! As now I knoe we’re having four boys, I decided to move Skye and Effie together to the smallest room, and the boys are gonna be sharing the big one. I also bought better beds for everyone now that we’re not struggling with the money thanks to book royalties~

Awwwn Effie and Aric are sharing a hug! They’re probably celebrating that they’re my favorites.

Larry, Skylar and Elijah: “They’re what?!”

Oops! I didn’t say anything! Just that it’s a cute hug!

Oh yeah, and I also bought a treadmill so Salem can work out a little. I actually like working out, and she’s been putting some more extra pounds that we can work on lol Nina has too, but she’s lazy so I really don’t feel like forcing her, she’s still super cute of course~

Soeaking of Nina! This is probably my favorite from her new outfits, I think she looks good in thar cardigan’s colour.

LOL I never noticed that these are Thorne Bailey’s hot weather clothes! I’m crying guys, he looks ridiculous!

As you can see I was watching around the neighborhood looking for collectibles and interesting people xD Here’s another funny pic of the day, this time of Lucas Münch and Max Villarreal wearing the same outfit lol

*sighs* Well, it actually took us long enough to start having this type of incidents in the bathroom, I’m kinda imressed… And also not at all because this is ridiculous.

Aric: “Aaaah, my eyes!”

Yeah, that’s why I had told you to stay outside talking with the kid you brought home from school!

Aric: “I wamted to take a bath!”

You didn’t even need a bath, just go out!

Effie: “Please do! I’m getting tired of standing here!”

So Aric was kicked out of the bathroom and went back to making friends with this kid. I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea what his name is (I had all the kids “make friends” at school today, so the names are totally mixed inmy head) but I remember that his last name is Rocca, so I asume Paolo is his dad.

Aric has now two possible boyfriends for the future~

Salem is trying out the treadmill! In the wrong outfit, but at least she’s trying lol And Skye is here too, working on painting as her school skill because she’s an art lover.

… I’m not even gonna bother trying to discipline him again, it just never works and I’m over it at this point.

Also both of his moms are busy right now, helping the twins with the “do homework while focused” part of their aspiration.They sure are moving fast on that!

Effie and Salem share the geek trait and they’re now having geek discussions over breakfast! I just tought that it was super cute.

Nina collected us another poster! now we’re only missing one to finish the collection! Also she was super excited to get it lol she couldn’t even wait to finish her food.

Nina: “I knew it was one we didn’t have, I wasn’t going to let anyone else take it!”

That’s why I love her.

And she’s now also working on her mischief skill again, I’m determinated to have her finish her aspiration in this update! She’s only missing one point.

But it’s difficult to skill when you have to be running back home to take care of your infant *¨sighs* We better try with trolling dah forums from now on.

This pic is to conmemorate Salem finally writting her third Bestseller! She’s one step closer to finish her first aspiration! She now needs two points of writting skill and some more royalties, so we’re getting closer!

Apparently nothing very exciting happened after last pic, so now we move into Max’ birthday! As you can see, he’s another readhead! He actually looks a looot like Elijah, same eye color and and all!  But as you can see, he’s wearing glasses.

And here is our baby boy after his makeover~ He got the silly trait (again, just like Elijah!) so I gave him that avocado shirt because I think it’s a pretty funny one.

The neighbors were back at it last night and nobody got enought sleeo, so now all the kids are headind out in their pajamas lol this time reaaaally looks like they’re gonna have a school spirit week at school lol

Hey, this is the first time I actually see a kid comming out to go to school! Or at least I think that’s what she’s doing xD but anyway, that kid is apparently Salim’s daughter, just a funfact.

Nina keeps being an awesome and cute mom! I took the food out so Max could take a plate, and before I could put it away she came to take a plate and sat to talk to him~ yaay for antonomous motherhood~

Oh yeah! And between all of this Salem also had her adult birthday the same day Max grew up! She was a little younger than Nina because she was pregnant twice before her birthday, and I was distracted with something so I forgot to take her picture, but here is she now as an adult. She looks pretty much the same honestly lol I wasn’t sure what to change on her so she’s keelping her YA look for now.

Nina is teaching Max to dance!

The kids are back home! And I have no idea why Larry and Skye aren’t wearing pajamas anymore, but both of them now have As so who cares?! +2 points for me!

Skye brought home the mess maker girl! She’s now a teen too, and she’s showing a lot more of her genetics, she’s apparently the daughter of Judith Ward and Marcus Flex.

Aaaand while they were all at school I recieved the notification for Aric’s birthday! Time for him to grow up!

And here is him, still rocking the pink glasses! He added geek to his traits and his new aspiration is Bodybuilder. I had fun trying to find a style for him lol I wanted to keep the pink and blue theme I have going with him, and also needed to make him look kinda like a jock and kinda like a geek, so the glasses actually helped a lot xD

Also he’s currently tense and that’s why he isn’t showing his best face lol but I think he’s very handsome when he smiles!

Skylar and Crystal are hitting it off great! I really like Skye and Louis, but honesrly this is making me consider changing my spouse choice for her and make them date xD

Mmm Larry, why are you looking at your brother like that?

Larry: “I was just wondering in the flower bunny is gonna hide some eggs in his hair, it definitely has enough room.”


Larry: “I’m gonna check it out just in case!”

Elijah: “Keep away from my hair dude! It takes time to make it look like this!”

Not sure why, but I feel Elijah as the vain type so it’s funny lol

Nina finally got some free time to work on maxing mischief! She’s not leaving this chair until I have a completed aspiration!

Nina: “That’s really rude. Also you don’t tell me what to do! I’m trolling because it’s fun!”

Whatever you wanna tell yourself Nina.

The first spring in the game brought us the first easter holiday~ so now the kids are looking around for eggs before going to school. Elijah already found two!

Time for school. But before, enjoy my favorite of Aric’s everyday outfits. That jacket is one of my favorites.

Hey, look! Emma grew up! She’s really pretty as I thought she’ll be! And she’s still a bad influence to Larry lol This time I had him pass her offer, there’s still a lot to do at home for the holiday.

Like talking to the flower bunny, I honestly love this npc lol I think it’s so cute!


Aaaaand it’s done!! Finally! +5 points for Nina! Also, that reward trait sounds super fun to use, remind me of going to Salim’s house and sabotaging everything before we move out!

Nina will now be working on the painting aspiration, so let’s see how far we take her in that one.

Larry invited Emma over after school! It’s nice to see that they’re still getting along even with the age difference.

we didn’t finished the Eggs collection today, but he got super close so I’m satisfied! Also kinda showing our snowglobe collection down there, that’s only missing two more!

And we also started working on the kids portraits! +1 for Skylar playing videogames and +1 for Aric playing chess! they both possed pretty well for their paintings.

Nina has become a total star in the kitchen! Is another thing were she has a lot more points than Salem lol

She made this and honestly it looks pretty yummy for videogame food! Effie seems to agree, Nina had barely settled down the plate when Effie was already there eating lol

I have no notes of this pic or anything, but hey, it’s a cute picture of Salem hanging out with her older kids!

And is finally time for Larry to blow his candles! Hooray for no more messes from him! I think I didn’t mention it before, but he actually finished the social butterfly aspiration before growing up! so those are +5 points for that and +5 more for the social skill!

He also maxed creativity due to some super weird glitch while he was chatting on the computer, it went from 3 to 10 in less than an hour lol but of course, we’re not counting those points.

But anyway, here is Larry all grown up! His child hair wasn’t curly enough to me but I was too lazy to change it again lol so now he’s back to short and curly, and with those super cool stripes on the sides because teenagers make some questionable fashion decisions all the time lol

Larry: “Says the grown up woman with half of her head shaved.”

Well yeah… he has a point with that…

But anyway, this is where this update is gonna end! As I said before, we’re probably only having one more before the heirpoll, I want you to meet kid Max for a little while before voting. I’m gonna try to post that chapter soon, but for now, have fun simming and see ya next time!

Points so far: 102

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3 thoughts on “1.10 Chief of Mischief

  1. YAY for all the teens. They all look great, and it’s super fun to see them. I figured the blond was Judith Ward, although I couldn’t remember her name to save my life. lol Her daughter really is quite pretty! Great job with the snowglobes, that is one I haven’t gotten close to finishing yet, but I need to make some trips to the city.


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