1.9 Birthdays and a birth

Update 7 for SimNano!

Hi there! I’m taking advantage of my days of freedom to post the last updates, so hopefully I can finish the eight posts before friday, wish me luck lol

Anyway, how’s everything? Ready for some sim craziness? I hope you are! Last time we had the first Winterfest of the challenge, got a lot of points in thanks to the kids, and also celebrated Nina’s adult birthday!

This update we’re having more birthdays, we’re entering teen territory and I’m excited about it! time to go in!

We are starting from Willow Creek’s park today… tonight?…. because Aric is now working on the motor aspiration so we needed the playground games.

And Larry is back at redecorating apparently…. This kid guys, he seriously decided to be the mess-maker of the generation.

So I sent Nina to punish him to see if that helps stop him in the future spoiler: it didn’t and he’s now in time out while Salem plays a couple of games of chess, I remember you need some logic points for the author career, so we’re planning ahead.

I feel like it’s a little too late for so many kids to be at the park lol but Larry has the social aspiration so this really works in our favour.- The girl in the monkey bars is Adelaide Cho, and the blonde on top of the jungle gym is Eva Bjergsen. That’s right, she’s a little sister of Sofia and Elsa and they’re some of my favorite premades, so Larry definitely has to meet her once he finishes his time out.

Done! It was just a quick introduction because the kids we’re already super tired lol

Also brownie points for Skye who’s on the left cleaning up another mess lol that’s my girl.

Back at home Salem and Nina have something else to take care of~ that’s right, we’re finally working on baby M! I played with the idea of having them adopt again, but I really loved seeing Nina pregnant, so I want to see her again lol

No confetti in this pic, but you can see in her face that we we’re successful! The final baby is on the way!

And Salem looks like she has no idea what to say about it lol cheer up girl, you’re going to be a mom! And no more double/tripple toddlers at the same time! the twins are gonna be kids by the time this baby is born!

Salem: “Well, I guess then it’s not so bad.”

That’s the spirit.

Speaking of the twins, here they were when we returned home! I love when they play dolls together!

This isn’t my best pic, but it was supossed to show that New year’s eve has come around, and everyone is making resolutions! Aric is wishing to finish an aspiration milestone, same with Larry. Nina wished for a promotion and Salem and Skylar wished to raise a skill.

Larry is in the part of social butterfly where he needs to make a bestfriend, and because I don’t want to break Aric and Skye’s best friend status, he’s gonna befriend Eva Bjergsen! Nothing bad could come out of that.

Meanwhile the rest of the kids spend their day skilling and playing around…

And this is the moment my pc decided to crash on me! I was so mad at the start when it just stopped responding xD So I lost practically everything in this update… And I ended up deciding to just play it again without taking pictures, as it was more or less the same things happening.

There are only two changes worth mentioning: 1, I decided to have Nina and Salem try for a baby before going to the park, is just three or four hours before, but I’ll put it out there anyway xD

And 2….

Larry didn’t meet Eva at the park, so he’s now gonna be befriending this girl. If I remember correctly her name is Emma Connor.

Oh yeah, and I also had Skye talk to some teens because she’ll be growing up tomorrow, she’s gonna need some friends her age. That readhead guy is Louis, we’re gonna be seeing him again later.

And back to what I was doing before the crash, Nina is now taking some time to read stories to the twins. They still have like three days until their birthday and they have their skills a lot higher than previous kids! If I remember correctly Skye already has three mastered skills and Elijah has two, but it’s really close with imagination.

I was looking around the neighborhood when I found out Alexander Goth and just had to take a pic of his super cool guy look lol He looks nothing like he did when he was a kid xD

Here we have Larry befriending Emma. She has grown a lot on me by the way! Loving the alternative style, and also she’s a Neat sim! So Aric, if you want to go ahead and make her a girlfriend when you grow up, I’m not gonna be mad!

Larry: “But she’s neat and I’m a slob! I can’t be the only one who sees that it’s not a good mix!”

He kinda has a point… but I still kinda want her in the family so…

And I also made Skye invite Louis over, so here’s a close-up of him, he’s a handsome guy! And he shares the art lover trait with Skye. I don’t wanna say “meant to be” but… y’know!

Larry and Emma finally hit best friend stage! sucess!! And this technically should’ve completed Larry’s resolution, but for some reason it didn’t registered… oh well, gotta keep working.

I left Larry to his own devices for a little while and he made another mess… this is the reason why I always micro-manage my kids and toddlers! once they hit teenagers they’re mostly good on their own, but kids are a menace xD

I think I had never seen this painting before! It’s adorable and hilarious so I decided to keep it lol and also Llama x Bunny is gonna be my new sims otp xD

I love this intectation! Also it looks like Aric is warming up to the idea of having siblings and it’s excited for this one!

Guys, Effie mastered all of her skills, and it’s still almost two full days before her birthday!! I can’t believe it! Elijah is also barely behind her at this point, I’m so proud of myself! And them, of course I’m also proud of them lol

I didn’t know that sims autonomously went to watch the midnight countdown! I was distracted with the toddlers and when I turned around I found everyone like this. Salem is also watching, but she’s like me and prefers to stay out of the picture xD

I love this glitch LOL! At first I thought Aric was going to hug Skye, but then I say that he was actually hugging Larry from like five feet apart xD

Meanwhile the girls were sharing a couple of really cute midnight kisses~But because I’m a terrible watcher I didn’t get to caught them in pics.

And then just after midnight, it was time for Skylar to be a teen!

I think Aric got a little over excited celebrating and fell down the chair lol! That must hurt.

But anyway, here’s Skye after her makeover! She still looks A LOT like Nina! just with Salem’s body shape and nose I think. She added Gloomy to her traits (and as a fun fact, it’s the first trait any of the kids has inherited from one of their moms!) and her adult aspiration is Jungle explorer.

Skylar: “And finally, I’m free!”

Well, yes. I promised so, now she’s on her own! Aside from getting her to do her homework and get her skill up for school of course.

Skye: “Now, that doesn’t sound so free after all.”

Meh, it won’t take long to do it.

Another toddler dance party~ Here’s where Elijah finished all his skills. Now they’re both mostly on free will until their birthdays

Apparently, next day it was prank day and Salem seems to be really into it lol My favorite part about this holiday was that Nina apparently doesn’t like it because she’s hot-headed, but she has the prankster aspiration lol

Also thanks for cleaning up the potty chair Larry! Brownie points for you!

Aaaand he loses them this fast… I’m really not gonna miss Larry being a kid once he grows up!

Larry: “Yes you will! I’m adorable!”

He is indeed, but he loses charming points with every mess he makes.

We’re back at the park so Aric can finish his aspiration, and Salem is taking the chance to try and catch some frogs to get that collection started. Spoiler: She only caught two of like, fifteen.

Aric playing on the monkey bars as planned.

And Skye, left on her own, decided to try her hand at cooking hotdogs. She didn’t start any fires and they even came out normal quality, so those are more points for her!

Aric!! We don’t need another Larry in the family right now boy!

Aric: “I got bored!”

And a playgroudnd doesn’t have anything you can have fun with?!

Aric: “… I may have not considered that.”

Just go play or something kid…

This teen came to sit in front of Skylar while she ate, so I made her introduce herself, she now has another option for a boyfriend if things don’t work out with Louis.

And Nina is updating her social media status, I always use these family outlings to gain her followers, it’s the easiest way to do it.

And here we have Aric finally mastering the motor skill and completing his second aspiration! +2 points for me!

He will now be working in Artistic prodigy, but just like with Skye, I don’t think he’ll have time to finish that one.

We were back at home right in time for the twins birthdays! +5 points from Elijah mastering all his skills!

…Then a small break to stop this kid from making HIS SECOND MESS TODAY.

Aric: “I’m bored and there’s nothing to do in the hall!”

That’s why you should go inside the house and play with your toys Aric…

Aric: “…That actually makes a lot of sence-”

*heavy sigh*

Anyway… +5 more points from Effie mastering all her skills~  And let’s enjoy the fact that I’m not gonna have to deal with toddlers for a couple of days until baby M grows up!

Here is Effie after her make over! In which I just noticed I forgot her glasses… I guess she decided to got with contects lol. She has Salem’s Geek trait now, and her aspiration is Whiz kid.

And here’s Elijah! He’s super cute if you ask me. He got Nina’s Lazy trait, and share’s aspiration with his twin sister.

Nice thing about having two whiz kids at the same time in the house is that they can work together on the aspiration! They’re trying to get the chess games done while the other kids are at school.

LOL! I totally didn’t expect for Emma to be the bad influence between these two!

Buut I feel like Larry will be more into ditching class than Skye, so I said yes and they went to willow creek! There wasn’t much to do at the nightclub, and it didn’t feel very age-apropiate, so I sent them to the play area.

Larry also took the chance to check for toys at this frog things so we can start the void critters collection, he got two.

And then Emma found out the skating ring in the neighborhood and because I don’t usually play with them, I left them have some fun before going home.

As soon as the loading screen dissapeared Skye got a call from Louis inviting her over! I wanted to see who in her relationships list would call her first, and looks like we have a winner!

And apparently he’s also a city boy! I looked around with MCCC out of curiosity and it looks like he’s an adoptive son of Raj Rasoya and Gavin Richards. But they aren’t together anymore, Gavin married Mijo Ojo and Raj married Candy Behr. Louis lives now with Raj.

They were hitting it off pretty good, so we tried a couple flirts, and he likes it! They’re really cute together!

Louis went inside the house so I decided to have Skye meet his family, this girl is his youger sister.

And here is Raj with the youngest! Candy was nowhere to be seen, but it was still a nice trip! Louis and Skye already have a pink bar so I hope to get them to First kiss next time!

And to end this pretty eventful day, just as I went back to the house Nina was already in labor! and looks like this baby has no patience, so they’re comming right at the hall!

We’re gonna end up this update introducing the last baby of the generation! Everybody meet baby Max Svartulv! Just a three letters name because I couldn’t decide between Maxwell or Maximo, and my to-go option (Maximillian) was definitely too much for this challenge lol so anyway, +3 for M letter!

So we’re finally done with the baby making for this generation! Now I’s just waiting for the kids to grow a little more before the heir poll! Next time we’re gonna have two more teens, so join us to meet teens Aric and Larry!

See ya!

Points so far: 85

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  1. Great job with all the kids. I didn’t know you could only have one best friend!!! That makes so much sense why all my kids say they’ve fallen out of touch, right after becoming best friends when I have them be best friends with another sibling! So many things to still learn about this version.


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