1.8 It’s winterfest!

Update #6 for SimNaNoWriMo! I’m almost done, only two more after this one!

Hello again! Welcome to more adventures of the Svartulv’s Name game! Las time we got Larry to top-notch toddler right in time for his birthday, the twins turned into toddlers and we got our first aspiration completed thanks to MVP Skye!

I’m hoping for more aspirations completed this chapter, so let’s hope that I’m right!

We start the update with a couple of very happy boys having breakfast. Why so smiley guys?

Aric and Larry: “Winterfest is almost here!”

Oh yeah, it is! But i’m honestly more excited about starting spring after that, I’m getting  a little tired of my sims going outside to see the snow. I’ gonna consider get the seasons back to one week, it’s just that one week seems to go so fast…

And the little ones of the family are also bonding over breakfast before starting their skilling for the day~

Look guys, we have an invisible kid! I have no idea why did this happened because now they don’t even change clothes before going out, but Larry turned invisible while leaving the house lol I can’t deny that kid is special.

Larry: “I’m gonna be a superhero!”

Sure you will!

Toddler dance party! They’ve been alternating between dancing and watching eachother today, gotta get that thinking up!

Then Effie got some me-time with the blocks.

Also, god I love how she looks with those pajamas! I’ve gotta use those pants a little more! Also she kinda reminds me of my little niece lol she always wears her pants like thar because she apparently hates anything below the knees.

Meanwhile Elijah is having bath time with mommy, this is seriously one of the cutest interactions with toddlers!

And he’s now running around with his super cute overalls!

Also Skye already has all the requirements for the Whiz kid aspiration except from mastering the mental skill! so she’s also hard at work skilling! I think she’s 3 points short here.

Side note: I totally forgot to give her her point for getting an A at school last chapter, so better late than never! +1

And of course our little girl also needed a bath! Two clean toddlers coming up! And I still feel like Nina works too much with the kids while Salem is at work lol Nina is already leven 9 in the parenting skill and Salem is still like… 6 I think.

Back into working on her mischief skill~ this woman is actually Salim’s wife! For everyone who wants to know. Next time I’ll try to get a front picture of her.

At least Salem is home to help potty training the twins~ I love when sim couples put in the double effort!

So, Skye had to take a break from chess to go take care of her needs and do homework, and instead of her mastering mental skill it was Aric who did it first!

Aric: “It’s because I’m the best!”

Skylar: “It’s because you’re a nerd!”

He kinda is… but as great as it is to have him earn me those +5 points for mastering mental for the first time, he’s still missing his A from school so he’s far from completing his aspiration!

See? he still needed to do his homework while being focused one more time, hence Nina helping him. But now it’s just making the potions and getting that A!

Larry is also working hard on his aspiration, he already got his four hours of typing done! The motor skill is one that always takes me a long time to master though, so it may take him a while.

Seriously this too are relationship goals to me guys, just hanging around making art together and flirting from time to time? sign me up for it!

And Skye finally got her last point of mental skill!! That’s my girl, that’s +1 from mastering the skill and +5 from being the first one completing the whiz kid aspiration!

Aric: “Congratz Skye, now you’re officially the nerd of the family!”

Skylar: “Shut up Aric, you’re just mad because I took the achievement from you!”

Oof, that’s hard.

Random pick of Elijah being all adorable~ I love how comfy and squeezable toddlers look in those clothes!

Winterfest came around~ and since everyone is hungry and it’s morning, today we’re making a Grand breakfast~ someday I’m gonna make turkey, I actually love turkey but I always forget to cook it… or when I remember is right with the family that has a vegetarian so I need tofurkey…

Look guys! All most of the family in a single picture! except for the twins who are too little to sit at the table of course. Also I’m so dumb that this is literally the first time I noticed there are only six chairs at the table. Gotta remember to buy a couple more.

Decorating the tree as a family! And because I discovered that you can’t hang decorations around the apartments with the box *sighs* I mean it makes sence, but I mis having christmas lights hanging outside.

So, Aric came home with a B on wendnesday and winterfest means no school on thursday, so if I want to have a shot at him finishing his aspiration before the weekend, I need to give him all the help he can get. He already did his homework and extra credit and is now working on his school project.

Skylar is being and awesome big sister and helping him out because their moms are bussy.

This pic of Nina ding flash cards with Effie is actually mostly to show off our tree. Since the whole room has this yellow and blue theme I tried to use only blue and gold decorations, I think it looks cute!

Aric’s projects turned out excellent quality! Those are my kids!

Now they deserve to spend their winterfest as I used to spend mine as a kid: having a sibling session of party games!

And the youngest ones are gonna be put down for a nap. Effie is just waiting for Nina to finish taking care of her own needs.

Dance party in front of the gifts pile, which I had to put in the main bedroom because it was honestly the only place where it fit lol

And opening presents! I think nobody got nothing really worth mentioning, one of the kids got an activity tably but they already had one lol But al least nobody got coal or “emptiness and lies”, so I think it was a good round.

And we’re back at the park so Larry can go across the monkey bars~ we’re super close to another completed aspiration!

Meanwhile Aric is making friends and Nina is playing sea monster with them because that’s adorable~

And also, after she finished her last aspiration I gave her Social butterfly. I don’t think she’s gonna complet it because it’s just like three days before her birthday, but she’s still trying~

Aaah, there kids and their making messes at parks. Glad it’s not my kid.

… But this one it’s my kid! Damn Larry!

Larry: “Hey, language!”

Ha. ha… And he looks so pleased with himself too…

It’s probably still to early to do this, but I must admit that I’m already keeping an eye out for some potential future spouses lol this kid is Mathias and he’s pretty cute, time to send the kids to talk to him.

But before we make a pause to have Aric and Skye become BFF for her aspiration~

Aric: “Now I feel like I’m being used…”

LOL this lady who I later found out it’s actually Bella Goth with some questionable winter gear fashion choices is asking Aric if he was good or bad and looks like he isn’t very sure what to say.

Today on “Salem being a total noob in the sims” I had never seen a kid do that! But apparently Larry likes to dumpster dive because he’s a slob lol! He didn’t get anything cool thought.

Back at home Skylar is being an awesome big sister again and helping Effie with her blocks. I’m sencing somebody’s trying to earn herself extra points for the future heir poll~

Twins time~ Because they’re super adorable.

Aaaand here we have Larry getting his last point of motor skill! And another aspiration completed~ +5 for mastering the skill and +5 for the aspiration!

We’re swimming in new points this chapter!

Elijah was eating in his room with Effie, and randomly decided to get up and walk out so I followed him to see what he was up to, and he went to sit in the kitchen so he can talk to mom! That’s so sweet! Even if he left Effie lol

Effie: “Taitorr!”

Nina is still painting in her free time, and aparently this is considered a confident painting? it’s literally a couple paint splashes!

Nina: “Shut up. you don’t understand art.”

Well… she’s right actually, but I stan my point.

Salem, I know I told you to teach flash cards to Effie, but don’t you think you could have picked…any other place that could’ve been better to do it?

Salem: “Teach now, questions later.”

Effie: *happily splashes in the water.”

I never play that much with the videogaming skill so I honestly hadn’t seen that game before! but hey, look at those graphics~ Also Nina is back to livestreaming!

Larry is now working on the Social Butterfly aspiration so he’s downstairs meeting new people.

Aaaand this kid here didn’t brought home his A in friday as I hoped *sighs* now we have to wait until monday so he can finish his aspiration. He’s already skilling for his second one at least, I want to complete two aspirations per child.

I have absolutely no idea why I took this picture… and I also have absolutely no idea why Nina is just standing there watching the kids in the sofa lol

Nina: “Can’t a mother just look at her children because she wants to?”

I guess I can’t say anything about that…

This kinda looks like when two siblings are fighting or just making a mess together instead of doing homework, so mom makes them do it right where she can keep an eye on them LOL! Just a random thought.

Noisy neighbors again, and because I just discovered that kids can also pound at the door to make them stop, I sent Aric to do it. Then I remembered that he could get seriously traumatized with this and now I’m not sure if it was a good idea.

Aric: “Wait, what? Traumatized?”

Ooooh ok it wasn’t as bad as Salim’s I think lol trauma avoided. Also Larry is always following Aric around and it’s kinda cute! He admires his older brother.

While calling out the neighbors make them stop making noise, I found out that the angry moodlet the household gets don’t dissapear, so now they’re all just hanging around until it wears out and they can get back to bed.

And then is just the twins staying up because they’re not tired, so Effie is now watching Elijah while he learns to build towers with the blocks. They both have some pretty good levels in their skills so far! I think I’m finally getting the hand of this top-notch toddler thing!

At first I didn’t remember why I took this picture, but then it came back to me: it was to say that everyone was running a little late to school/work because of the noisy neighbors last night, but for some reason Skylar was the only one that took some time to eat breakfast before going out xD Salem and the boys just went without eating even if I told them to do it. Maybe Skye feels really confident that she can go a little late because she’s already the perfect student?

I don’t know if you remember that a couple chapters ago Nina was chatting with this mailman? Well, apparently she doesn’t remember lol her task included being funny with five sims again, so I tried to talk to him and turns out the game says they didn’t know eachother.

And then we got interrupted with this. That girl is the mess-maker from the park during winterfest, and it looks like she’s trying to be a bad influence in Skye’s life lol I said no, because I think Skylar is a little too responsible to be ditching class.

Because Nina ate our last cake, she’s now in charge to cook another one! We’re having her birthday today, and then Skylar’s is tomorrow, and the twins are the day after. So many birthdays!

Aaaaand so far we had been having such a good luck with our dollhouse… but if you look at the door you can see Elijah running away from the crime scene. He was angry because he wanted food and the poor dolls paid the price. Then he was sad for the “poor dolls” because #SimLogic!

Even if Skylar and Larry are the center of this picture, this is actually conmemorating that Aric finally got his A! +1 point for that and +1 for completing the whiz kid aspiration! He’s now working on Rambunctious scamp.

He also brought home Mathias from school, and the boy was so angry that he walked straight to the dollhouse Nina had just repaired and smashed it again… the dolls are certainly not being lucky this update.

Aaaand Salem finally got to her branching promotion! She’s now officially an Author!

Thankfully Aric was able to calm Mathias down after that, no more dolls were harmed during this visit.

Now all the kids are hanging around and doing homework. I really like Aric and Mathias together, even if they have the same hairstyle right now lol so he’s a possible future boyfriend for Aric.

Aaaand we’re closing this up with Nina blowing her candles and spinning into adulthood! I’m gonna give her a make over, but I wanna wait until Skye grows up to do it for both of them. So for now she’s gonna keep showing her belly and all that xD

And because this update is already getting a little too long, I think we’ll leaving the rest of the birthdays for next chapter! Join us then, and have fun simming!

Points so far: 69

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3 thoughts on “1.8 It’s winterfest!

  1. Great job with the kids. Working on 2 per kid is rough for me! I have done it once, but usually it takes them until 2 or 3 days to finish one. I think I’m too nice to my kids. 😀 The social butterfly is the hardest one for me, I hate how long it takes to build up friendships.


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