1.7 Three down, and two more ready to go

Hello again! This is update #5 for SImNaNo 2019! Taking a little more than usual because busy week *sighs*

Anyway! Last time our second kid Aric grew up, and we had the birth of baby E of the generation, who turned out to be twins, Effie and Elijah! They’re gonna become toddlers in this update, so let’s hope that I’m ready for it xD let’s dive in!

We start this update with Nina taking some time to read a story to Larry, he’s still a little too short on imagination skill for my liking but we’re doing what we can to turn him into a top-notch toddler.

Just a random pic of Aric to show his everyday clothes, I really like how he looks with this outfit!

Also, as a side note I have something to say about him: Do you ever look at one of your sims and just go like “well, this sim deffinitely has a gay vibe”? Well, that’s me with Aric xD it happened since the moment he grew into toddler and now as a child is just much stronger, so after commenting it with my best friend, he will be flagged to only be attracted to males once he grows up!

Brother and sister bonding~ and Aric is making that shocked expression again xD I love it, it’s so cute!

After that he moves to work in his aspiration and Skye decides to ask Nina for some advice while she makes dinner. Nina helps her of course, because she’s that awesome.

Also side note that’s gonna sound really bad: I love how you can leave your sims playing chess for hours when they’re playing alone lol great and cheap way to build logic/mental skill with no fire risk looking at you chemistry table.

And then Nina was left to her own devices and her first instint was to go and be romantic with Salem, I really love them!

Aaaaand then this happened and almost gave me a heart attack! I had to double check that they weren’t trying for a baby and that I didn’t have risky woohoo activated, because I can’t deal with almost-tripplets again so soon xD But we’re safe, this was just some autonomous recreational woohoo.

Next day and while Skye is at school Nina finds some time to read to Aric the last hour he needs for the aspiration.

Then once that’s dealed with Aric decided to go dance in her moms room and discovered that he has new siblings in the house…

…. And he was pissed! lol I was surprised at first because Skye never gets angry about it, but then I remembered that he was my clingy boy and now I feel like it makes sence xD

Awwwn poor boy. At least this gives him an excuse to use his new diary, let it out Aric.

This pic shows Skylar’s five drawings for her aspiration! that leave us just with one more point of the skill to get and she will be done with her first aspiration!

And just like that, done! I love you Skye, that’s +5 points from completing the Artistic prodigy aspiration for the first time and +5 more from being the first sim mastering the creativity skill!

She took Whiz kid as her second one and is now working on her chess games with her little bro.

Meanwhile Nina is downstairs trying to get her mischief skill because I’m kinda slacking off on it now that I’m working on the kids ones.

Okay… who of you two did this?!

Skye and Aric: Wasn’t me!

Oh yeah, and now you two are partners in crime or someting?

Aric: Hey! it could have been Larry!

Well… he has a point, but I still think one of them did it! Not that it really matters because I can’t punish them so…

Our fridge broke so we called a repairman and I’m here wondering while he looks so miserable lol

Repairman: I hate this job… I wanted to be an actor….

Oh well… tough luck man….

Larry is running out of time so we’re really trying to finish his skills lol at this point he’s only missing imagination and thinking.

Also at this point I’m super tired of the gnomes, they leave so many seed packages that sometimes Nina and Salem can’t get to their room. Next time I’m in buy/buld mode, they’re gone!

For now we’re trying super multitasking xD Larry is eating dinner while watching cartoons and asking why to mom. This at least made him master thinking, but he was too tired to keep working so we sent him to bed for now.

The gnomes are officially gone! Also, we upgraded the kitchen appliances and the counters~

Next day was saturday so it’s time for Skye to listen a couple stories for her aspiration. Apparently I read to her even less than what I did with Aric, so she was still missing the two full hours lol

I’m such a noob with reading to children thing that I didn’t knew you can read to kids and toddlers at the same time… But as soon as I realized I made Larry wake up and go listen to the story too, and apparently it was enough to make him master imagination!!

Right in time for his birthday! Cheers for having another top-notch toddler growing up and giving us +5 more points!

I came back from CAS after his makeover and I found the boys downstairs for some reason… I think Larry wanted to make it harder to take him a pic because while I was trying the building got in the way, A LOT!

But anyway, meet kid Larry, I think he’s suuuuper cute! We got really luck with this adoption. He got Rambunctious scamp as his aspiration and Slob as his trait, so we’re gonna need a couple trips to the park in the future!

Aaaand Nina decided to be super rude and take a piece from our birthday cake… Now we’re gonna be needing another one for the next ones… thanks a lot.

Nina: “It’s a really good cake.”

Why are we standing outside in the snow you ask?

The flea market is back in town! time to go looking for collectibles!

And today they’re selling frogs… we don’t need frogs! So we tried to exchange some posters with this pink haired dude, and again, we only got duplicates *sighs*

But at least is nice to see that he kids are enjoying the karaoke bar!

Seriously, all of them decided to sing a song automously

A slightly better pic of Larry, but I still need to show him with his wveryday clothes.

A snowstorm started and because it wouldn’t be me any other way, of course I decided to send the girls to collect posters right in that moment.

Nina: “And you wonder why we hate you.”

I actually don’t wonder! But it did make me feel a little bad xD

There, back at home safe and cozy, and Larry is working on his first homework for monday.

Then he starts skilling with Nina and Skye does the same with Salem.

By the way, at this point I stopped trying to get full family pics lol there are so many sims in this houshold that someone is always missing, and this is not even counting the twins.

Wooow, this is how the snowstorm looks from the top of San Myshuno, I love how you can’t even really see the bulding!

As you can see, Elijah is hungry. But it honestly doesn’t matter because there are sparkles in this picture! Birthday time!

We have a redhead!! Just look how cute Elijah is! I love him. He has the same green/brown eyes than Skye, and he rolled Silly as his trait!

And this cutie is Effie! She got Salem’s brown eyes! Also she grew with glasses, and it goes great with her Inquisitive trait so I’m extra happy!

Now let the twin toddlers roam~

Awwwn Effie’s first action was to go play dolls with Aric before he has to go to school~

As both of them were hungry when they grew up, they had to make a quick stop to go take breakfast with mom. I’m spamming toddler pics again because I can’t resist how cute they are, sorry.

Good thing about having twins is that they never have to be alone, they will always have someone to skill with them~

Skye came home with an A!! And for some reason she was stressed about it? xD

Skylar: “I don’t want to be a nerd! That’s Aric’s work!”

Aric: “Yeah with luck with that, I still have a C.”


Skylar:  “If you’re not a nerd why are you doing your homework?”

Aric: “I’m not a nerd but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my grades.”

Skylar: “Neeeeerd.”

So, at this point I had taken another break from playing and when I came back I didn’t remember what I was doing, until Larry here came from the bathroom being playful and I remembered that the plan was to have them go to Oasis Springs park so he can play in the jungle gym.

So even if I had the feeling that I was forgetting something else, to the park we went! just a quick trip because the kids are really tired.

Aric and Skye playing chess again… I like chess and all but honestly, I think I’m feeling bored of them playing so much lol

Larry is playing at the spaceship as planned.

And Nina is again being mischievous to this girl. And when I was looking at Nina’s skills tab I took a peek at her work tab…and discovered that was I was forgetting about was that Nina needed to go to the H&H festival for work… so yeah, time to go home!

I quickly had her go downstairs and join the pranksters, but sadly it was already a little too late to do much.

She got two of the five mischief interactions she needed and then the festival stuff dissapeared.

She tried to get the other three but it was no use, another work task that won’t check out, but this one is on me and not the rain lol still a little salty about geek con.

We’re gonna end this update with one of the best sights for any sim-player: All the kids sleeping at the same time, bless them!

So that will be all for today! Next time we’re having lots of kids antics and hopefully completes aspirations, so join the fun then!

See ya then!

Points so far: 45

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3 thoughts on “1.7 Three down, and two more ready to go

  1. Nice job on that last-minute top-notch toddler! I didn’t know watching cartoons helped with toddler skills. I will admit, my sims do not watch TV very often, which is weird since my TS2 sims watched it all the time. 🙂 You are doing great so far with all these kids.


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