1.6 A very buggy update

Hello! And welcome to a new chapter from my Name Game and the fourth update for SimNaNo! with this I’m officially half-way done with the update count, though I’m a little behind in pics, but we’ll take care about that.

Anyways! Last update we survived to the scary three toddlers for a day, aged up our first kid to child with the Top-notch toddler trait, and dealed with some of the bugs that the pre-Island Living update brought to us. This chapter was actually played right after last one, so as you can guess from the title, the bugs are gonna continue showing up xD

Buy we’re diving back anyways! No bugs are gonna hold us down!

We start this chapter with Skylar finally getting her second Inspired picture done… or that was the idea, but the “noisy neighbors” moodlet kept sohwing up and getting over her inspired moodlets again and again, so it actually took her three times to get the milestone dealed with.

I seriously need to annoy Salim a lot more after this.

Because we’re a super artistic family, Nina is also working on her painting! she’s doing great, and we still have awhile to go before Skye turns into a teen, I wanna wait until then for the portraits because is when the kids really start showing their face features.

And the two little ones of the household are currently following eachother around to “watch” and get their thinking up. They ended up in our brand new second bathroom! as we are getting close to having these two grow up, a single bathroom wasn’t going to be enough very soon.

Not pictured: Salem, who was still at work.

Skylar finished her project! it was “Good”, I think excelllent is the highest level they can be? *seriously always forgets to do these things* But it looks pretty well do to me!

Then she heads up to the dinner table to do her homework totally ignoring the nice and comfy desk I put on her room, thanks for that kid and Nina decides to come and help her again, she’s always crushing it at the motherhood thing!

Salem came home in another of her gloomy moods, so we’re taking advantage of thar to have her write a Sad book because she just needs another Good book to finish this milestone of her aspiration, then we can finally publish them!

She named the book “Mommy doesn’t love you anymore” and damn… that’s a pretty dark title girl.

Salem: “It’s called a “sad book”, what did you expect?”

She has a point…

We interrupt your writting evening to bring a proposition from your wife~

Salem: “Please don’t narrate like that. It’s weird.”

Nina: “And you’re ruining the mood!”

You know it’s true love when they’re both hating on the same thing  at the same time~ even if that thing is me xD

Anyway, time to woohoo for baby E! we’re close to getting done with baby making for this gen!

Also as you can see, they didn’t changed into their pajamas. This was before the MCCC patch was released so I spent all this update getting the “last exception” everytime one of my sims went to bed because they wouldn’t change clothes.

But anyway,… We were successful! Baby E on the way~ … Also Salem, you look disgusting.

Salem: “That’s no way to talk to a newly pregnant woman.”

It’s still true though.

Nina took the news really well! Perfect ending for the night.

Or it would have been… But I decided to try and squeeze a shower for Salem before going to bed… and it didn’t end up well, she didn’t even got clean enough for the mud stains to disapear. But sorry girl, it was my bad.

Salem: “I was….gonna… blame you… anyway… zzz…”

Geez, this girls are seriously getting more comfortable with arguing with me… I’m kinda proud.

Next time is mother and daughter breakfast time for this two. It’s also the first time Skylar is seen with her everyday clothes  because San Myshuno is really cold lately and we’re too broke for a thermostat.

Oh yeah, I was also getting the “Last exception” thing everytime a sim took a bath or shower because they also don’t take their clothes of to do it, hence tihs pic of Larry getting his bath with his whole cold weather outfit on.

He’s still super adorable, toddlers always are when they’re getting a bath.

Salem finally finished her sad book and it turned out excellent! So now we can officially start sending our books to the publisher and get those simoleons rolling in!

Another annoying thing with the update was the fact now my screenshots don’t show the UI thing. This pic for example was meant to show that one of the books Salem published was nominated for an award! Let’s hope I don’t forget about that this time, it’s just wednesday and I have never gonne to the awards ceremony because when sunday rolls around I already got distracted with another thing lol

Aric mastered potty! He’s getting pretty close to master all of his skills and still has some time before his birthday! Thanks clingy trait~

Larry is a little behind him because he’s wild, but even with that I’m pretty confident now that I can get them both to top-notch! Not let’s watch the game prove me wrong, because the world loves doing that to me lol 

Some bonding time while skilling for Skye and Aric! And also Skye finishing another milestone of her aspiration! That why I love artistic prodigies, it’s the easiest one of the bunch.

Guys… she’s… She’s actually doing her homework at the desk!! My money wasn’t spent in vain! She’s probably only doing it because the toddler beds, her favorite sit, are currently occupied, but still, I’m so proud of her!

Skylar: “From all the things I’ve done, THIS is the one you’re proud abour?”

Hey, I’m a simple person, let me enjoy my victories.

Skylar: “My moms are right, you’re weird.”

Moving on… as I said, the toddler beds were in use because Nina and Salem were reading the boys to sleep, but i had to make Salem read to Aric like, three times because he just wouldn’t sleep, and it was until this pic when I noticed he got stuck with the toy he was playing with before *sighs* easily dealt with by reseting him, but it’s still annoying and I hope they fix it soon.

Nina is trying the Livestream option! That’s a first time for me. It was fun, but I feel like it takes a little too long, I ended up cutting the stream short after a while because I needed her to do other things.

We’re finally getting some extra money from Salem’s royalties, so I went ahead and bought the unbreakable toilet first thing! Toilets breaking down are really annoying, even in games like this were repairfolks are not forbidden.

I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea why did I take this pic of Skye having breakfast…. Maybe just to say that I really like that outfit? who knows xD

But please take a moment to look at Aric’s face on the right, poor baby looks super scared of what Nina is doing with him! Put that kid down Nina!

Nina: “You told me to play with him for starters!”

I know, but now I feel bad…

Skylar is already on the last step of her aspiration, making ears bleed with the violin lol I really love violin music, and I don’t know why the kids one always sounds so bad.

Also as you can see behind here, we’re ready for the boys to grow up!

So, turns out that Aric was no scared, he was just hungry. But he couldn’t eat because he was stucked with a toy again… fixed!

Then working on thinking by watching mommy paint~

Also, looks like I didn’t get rid of Larry’s bassinet after he grew up. Woops, gotta do it for the money *kaching~*

If you ever doubt that I’m a terrible controller, remember this time I decided to send Skylar out to look for snowglobes and posters right in the middle of a snowstorm. I always do stuff like this because I keep forgetting about the weather lol

You probably can’t tell, but we’re inside Salim’s house right now. at least, how Salim’s house looks like from our own house, I never noticed before that sims actually appear inside their apartments before going out to the hall, so I needed to take a pic.

Salem is having another Loner moment just like I like to have them: playing sims while the rest of the house sleeps!

And just like in my own house, the moment didn’t last LOL Skye was feeling a little lonely so now they’re having a chat before she goes to school.

And then time to have some breakfast with little Larry, because you can’t always be a loner, specially when you’re a legacy founder and mother of three!

Skylar is angry at the neighbors again. I feel like she looks a lot like Nina while angry by the way xD I knew that she got her lips and chin, but in this pic I think I also see a lot of her in the eyes!

Aric’s age bar is bubbling! he just needs this tiny last bit of thinking to master it…

And then a last play sesion with Nina and bam! Another Top-notch toddler in the house! Those are +5 more points!

Now it’s birthday time! Only Larry is missing it because he was sleeping at the time.

And here’s my boy! Looking really shocked about something Skye said to him lol He grew up with the pink glasses! As my personal rule: if a kid grows up with glasses in their everyday outfit, then they keep the glasses! I thought about changing the color, but Aric was rocking the pink since he was a toddler so I don’t see why he can’t keep doing it now!

He got the kleptomaniac trait (which I love!) and the Whiz kid aspiration, that is my least favorite one, but I can’t deny it’s super useful for adult skills.

All the family in a single pic! Salem is chatting with the eldest kids and Nina is watching some tv with Larry. Contrary to his siblinfs, Larry’s lowest skill so far is imagination, being wild gives him an extra push for moviment.

Aric chose his bed himself! After seeing him napping in this pic I made him claim that bed and then properly sleep, I don’t get why sims love to nap instead of deep sleeping.

Nina had a whim to be mischievous to Salim you really get me girl so we used the “summon” option on the voodoo doll. Very useful to torment somebody!

And then when Nina got tired Aric ropped him to play chess with him. Which is funny, because now almost all the house has a negative relationship with him, but Aric is starting to become his friend LOL

So…this is awkward. That’s Salim’s apartment door, and the hearts are coming out again… but Salim is still in our house… And I know MCCC married him to some townie a couple nights ago so yeah… REALLY awkward!

See? Salim is still playing with Aric. And Nina is working on her videogaming skill for a worktask, I hate it when the tasks are to raise a skill, it’s usually a skill that I just raised so it tooks a lot of time to do… but at least it makes me remember that she has a job xD

Owwwwwwn I think I pushed Larry a little too much! He’s still missing more than one point in imagination skill and his birthday is tomorrow so I wanted to keep working a little longer before bedtime.

On a funny note, two pass outs in one chapter, it makes me really happy that this is not an ISBI right now xD

Aric, I’m not even asking you to use the dest, but there’s a whole table with chairs in the other room and it’s probably a lot more comfortable to do your homework there.

Aric: ” I thought you’d like an excuse to show the new bed you bought my moms.”

Well… yeah that’s nice I guess. But still not the place to do your homework.

Sweet baby Larry woke up because he was hungry, so he’s now taking dinner on his bed. I took the pic and then I saw that the toy monster Aric got stuck with the first time is floating there LOL I just thought it had dissapeared when I couldn’t find it on the floor!

Larry isn’t that sleepy anymore, so he’s back to going around watching people. we’re getting our third top-notch toddler or so help me! xD

Salem goes into labor a little before midnight! I decided to stay home this time because it’s too late and everyone but Larry is already sleeping, I don’t want to mess up with their schedule.

And because I sold the bassinet now we have to wait fot the labor to end naturally. At least she has the time to get a midnight snack, and hopefully give Larry a bath before it’s time.

Wild toddler on the run again! I think he doesn’t want a bath lol because he got up and started running as soon as Salem had finished her plate.

And by the time she finally caught him he was already outside the building! Kid’s gonna freeze being out in the snow with no clothes!

By this point I was already sure we won’t have time to get his bath dealed with before childbirth, but I still tried…and that’s why we’re having this baby in the bathroom xD at least is the big one so I can get a good picture.

Everyone, meet our baby E! Elijah Svartulv! +1

Aaaaand our second baby E, Effie. That’s right, we got twins… just as I feared from the start xD +1 more!

Oh well, at least is just like my sister told me: they were just twins, no tripplets! Specially because this still leave us the room for baby M once we’re ready. Also, I really wanted to use the name Effie.

I went into buy/build mode to get the bassinets in the main room and took the chance to buy the thermostat now that we have money! Now hopefully we’ll see everyone in their everyday clothes a little more.

And we finish this update with a shot of Salem and Nina doble-teaming the twins, and Larry dancing in the background, he was really happy to have new sibblings!

Next time we’re having some more birthdays! Join us to see how Larry is gonna look like and also if we’re finally gonna get a readhead out of Nina’s genetics!

See you soon!

Points so far: 30

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4 thoughts on “1.6 A very buggy update

  1. Congrats on all the top-notch toddlers so far! I understand about the game handing you twins, but you handled the other 3 really well, so I’m sure this won’t be any worse than Larry and Aric. My poor name game was in much too small a house with nowhere near enough bathrooms and a bunch of mermaids…..don’t do a name game with mermaids and not live directly on the beach. 🙂 Stil, they survived as you do apparently since you go through the second gen already. 😀


  2. Aw, the game could have given you twins on M – you would have gotten more points that way. Though I love the names you’re choosing – you’re going to get a lot of unique letters in the next gen, whoever is heir!


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