1.5 Sleep problems

We’re up to 3 entries for SimNaNo!!

Hello  everyone and welcome back to more sim adventures! Last chapter we adopted a baby with an L name, had a birthday that brought us to two toddlers, and dealed with our annoying neighbor Salim by having Nina practice her voodoo skills on him, which brought us a step closer to a completed aspiration!

It was an eventful chapter, so here’s to hoping this one is even better!

We start this with Nina sharing some jokes with her followers. I’ll be honest, sometimes I totally forget that she’s working on the Social media career because her tasks usually take like… five minutes lol so I think I got this pic as a reminder that she indeed still has a job (?

Social media things out of the way, and she’s free to help Skye get her last skills by answering her ten thousand “why” questions. I have a toddler in my own house and let me tell you: I don’t envy Nina for having to deal with that lol

Also, at this point Skye is level 4 in everything except movement and has potty mastered, but her birthday is so close that I’m still not sure we’re gonna make it to top-notch toddler xD

Then they move into some roughhousing to up her movement. I can’t fit a slide in here because apartments have limited space, so this is the skill that’s dragging a little behind with her.

Also, I took a couple pics to have a good one of them playing for last pic, and while I was checking them out to chose one I found this little diamond LOL It just looks like Skye is the one lifting Nina and that’s just epic! #Fave

And because Nina isn’t the only mom in the house even though sometimes it feels like that lol she’s seriously a lot more close to the kids because she spends more time with them Salem is in charge to give Aric a good start on his thinking skill because we don’t want no nightmares in this house!

Cute brother and sister moment! Aric needed a bath and Skye decided to wait for him to give him a hug~

Also, that’s probably my favorite from Aric’s toddler clothes, that pink shirt with toy cars is too cute for me!

Who’s this cutie-pie you say? Larry had a birthday!! And he’s a blonde, AND has curly hair! he just wants to kill me with his cuteness!

Anyway, he rolled Wild as his trait because the dice gods hate me and don’t want to give me an easy trait

And we’re oficially in toddler tripplets territory yikes.

So… I went into CAS to give Larry his make-over, and came back to find this… Just after I was thinking that for having two tods we were doing amazingly avoiding the mess-making… And I don’t even know who did it because nobody had the “artistic” moodlet xD

They’re still toddlers and they already perfected the “confusing your parents so they don’t know who to ground for stuff” thing xD And because it’s the sims, I can’t just ground them all for it *sighs*

But anyway, here is post make-over Larry hanging out with Aric while he eats! Just like with Aric I didn’t change his hair or anything, just gave him some new clothes. I thought the superhero t-shirt was perfect for him because he’s wild, I want to see him run across the apartment with his cute little cape!

And here the title comes into play and the sleep problems start. I didn’t even knew we had more neighbors until this happened lol But apparently that guy that dresses in blue work out clothes that came with Get famous decided to move into our building and make a party.

Everyone was up so I had Nina take the chance to read a couple stories to Skye while Salem puts the boys back to bed. She’s so close to top-notch toddler I can already feel it!

Also toddlers look so precious when they’re listening to stories *melts*

Aaah, is there anything that screams “three toddlers” more than a pic of a sim drinking a sleep replacement? xD She probably would’ve been able to sleep a little before work, but there was so much to do that I decided to sacrifice her points xD

And thanks to that she was able to finish teaching thinking to Skylar, so scratch that down! At this point her age bar already hit zero, so we’re running against the clock and I’m getting anxious xD

Salem also had time to bake Skye’s cake before going to work, so we’re ready as soon as she is!

Also see all those seed packages at the right? yeah, I wanted to keep the gnomes around as a personal mini-challenge and because the seeds are great to work on the plants collection, but I’m very quickly getting tired of them lol let’s see how much more it takes to get rid of them.

We make a small pause on Skye learning her skills so Nina can keep working on her aspiration! Dina invited her to the museum… and then she promptly puffed away…I’m getting mixed signals from your sister Nina.

Nina: “It’s okay, she had always been weird.”

That’s sibling love everybody~

Nina promptly clogged the sink in the museum’s bathroom and then flew the crime scene before anybody noticed…. Or at least that’s what she wants to think, there was an annoyed crowd outside the bathroom and it was hilarious lol

Nina: “Shut up, I’m stealth-y. Also if it was so funny then why didn’t you take a pic?”

Because I still sometimes suck at being a watcher, leave me alone…*grumbles*

Nina: “Sometimes?”

I would be mad  at her if she wasn’t such a sweetheart the rest of the time… or no, honestly I’m kind of a pushover and I love her lol

Anyway, before going back home Nina decided to go buy something to eat in peace, without three kids running around her asking for attention,and honestly I 100% respect that decision.

She’s also being mischievous to Eva because we’ve been slacking off a little on her aspiration and still need almost four more points of mischief skill.

Wooops, I guess Eva didn’t like Nina’s pranks at made sure to make that currey extra spicy lol that’s karma girl.

Nina: “You’re only saying that because I was mean to you earlier!”

Honestly yeah, otherwise I would’ve feel bad for her xD

But officially I can’t be mad at her anymore because she has come back to being an awesome mom, and is currently carrying to bed a very angry Larry who needs to sleep.

At this point her age bar is officially bubbling, but I don’t even care because she just mastered imagination! now she only needs the last little bit of movement and we can age her up!

Salem got promoted! and is finally far enough in her career so her daily task is writting books, it’s not like that’s gonna make that much of a different because with so many kids I doubt she’s gonna complete that task more than the “read books” one, but it feels like progress at least..

Oops, someone has a dirty diaper for the first time in this save! Serously, I never had to change Skye’s nappies… And this doesn’t make much to wash the feeling I have that I’ve been ignoring the boys lately because I’m focused on Skylar… sorry.

Nina makes up for it by having another flash cards session with Aric. You know? I’ve seen a lot of players complain about the clingly trait, but I’ve found it’s pretty awesome actually! At least with having a parent always home. Aric has gotten his skills up a lot faster than Skye did!

But speaking of Skye, this is a pic to conmemorate her last skill mastered! I can’t believe I have my first top-notch toddler ever!!! cheers to me!

Nina and Salem: “What about us?! we made all the work!”

Just because I told you to do it… but okey, cheers for us!

Of course both of her moms had to be present as she blew her candles! Happy birthday Skylar! and yey for one less toddler! 

As said before, she mastered all of her skills! so that’s +5 points for us!

And here’s the birthday girl after her make-over! I know I’m totally biased but I think she’s super pretty! She gained the Art lover trait and the Artistic prodigy aspiration to go with it. Extra points to her for getting my favorite child aspiration!

And here is the start of her new room! we’re still a little tight on money because I’m still no publishing Salem’s books, so she gets only the basics and that awesome signed poster that I found in our inventory thanks to Nina’s career!

The desk is there out of hope that she uses it to do her homework, but I already know from experience that it’s not gonna happen lol

I seriously have been neglecting the boys a little…today I found out that I haven’t even started on Larry’s potty training and that’s usually the first thing to do… so better late than never I guess?

And to better things off, Salim is caising trouble again, just as I had put Larry to bed! Seriously, the idea is to move once the next gen heir is chosen, but this man is seriously testing my nerves!

Just in case you were wondering, Salim is stil “having fun and enjoying himself” lol so at least he made me laugh again for all this trouble and getting Salem angry, but this is really tiring, specially when he just dismisses all their complains.

Apparently toddlers can also get happy about finding money thanks to the penny pixies, that’s someting I didn’t knew but I think it’s adorable xD Also look at Larry being a champ with all his needs in the green! that’s always nice to see with toddlers.

At this point I took another break, and came back to the game to this: Now Nina is the one who’s already excited to get the next letter going lol sorry girl, but we’re definitely waiting before that this time!

While we wait she’ll just keep being an awesome mom! I love when they help their kids with homework, and this time we really needed it because I totally forgot to have Skye do her and she was already running late for school. My bad!

Also, this was when the pre-Island Living update was released and I was super confused that she was going to school in her pajamas lol! Later I read that it’s one of the features they released with the update, but I’m still not sure why, it’s a little weird to me xD

Seriously this career has some of the easiest work tasks I’ve seen! I sent Nina to browse the simpedia to get focused, easy peasy~

Salem has a day off of work and she spends it just like me: playing videogames! *hi five* And that don’t do anything for my growing perception that Nina’s the one doing most of the parenting around here lol

See? She’s chatting with Aric while they watch her play! Also, the simpedia moodlet had gone away, so Aric was making funny faces and that stuff to her to get her playful, second task down and work day over!

Also, I still love that little pink shirt on Aric. but at this point I’m getting tired of seeing him always on the same pajamas lol I usually give them two or three because I get easily bored.

And yeah, this pic confirmed that Skylar did went to school in pajamas lol I still couldn’t believe it. Also, that’s not her homework, she’s writing in a diary because I want to try and give all the kids the “emotional control” character value, just to help with the death moodlets later in life.

Nina still needs more followers to get her next promotion, so I sent her to the karaoke bar to update her status. This time Salem stayed back at home to take care of the kids because I still feel she doesn’t spend enough time with them.

I actually think that mixologist is pretty cool looking, I only wanted to say it lol

But also, that other guy sitting ther is a B-lister! Sounds like the perfect person to meet at the bar if you’re trying to get more suscribers!

Nina spent sometime chatting with him I’m just gonna keep calling him because aparently I didn’t wrote his name down, and when I tried looking around Nina’s relationship panels he didn’t showed up, is that a celebrity thing maybe?

Anyway, Nina got a selfie with him to share with her followers! I love doing this little bits of roleplay while playing.

And she also made the most of her night singing a couple songs! Very out of tune, but at least she had fun xD

Because next day is back to motherhood!

Also, aparently the seed packages ran out of space on the hall next to the kitchen and now some of them are dropping here. Salem has already opened like 40 one or two days ago, but they just don’t stop coming!

And we have a wild toddler on the run! LOL That wasn’t what I had in mind when I said that I wanted to see him run around the appartment, but I love how they do this automously when they’re wild, it’s adorable!

Skye is taking some time before school to work on her aspiration, with the constant interruptions of the beighbors and with me turning my focus to Aric in order to get his skills ready, she still hasn’t done her two inspired pictures!

She actually just makes one here, she had to go to the school right after xD

Can you spot what’s wrong in this picture?

Yeah, it’s the fact that is just 11:18 AM and Skylar is already home from school. This update sure brought us a lot of bugs lol

Well, nothing to do about it anyway, so I just decided to have her work on the school project she brought home to kind of “make up for it”.

Skylar: “But my school performance didn’t even take a hit! It was just a short school day!”

True, but I always forget to do the school projects, so I wanted an excuse to start this one xD

Awwwwn look at my cute baby boy playing with Ruffy!

Wait… Aric was sleeping last time I checked out…

And for some reason a very angry Larry is stealing the food that somebody left at the table that morning…

What’s happening do you ask? Well, next pic may give  you a hint:

A very angry Skylar running away from making her project and leaving all the work to mom, ‘cuz #Motherhood. Yeah, the neighbors are back to being annoying as hell *frustrated groan* I seriously don’t want to move!

So yeah, I think I’m gonna leave it here for this update! I need to take a break from noisy neighbors and this is getting pretty long I think xD

I hope you had fun! Join us together as we navigate the strangeness of the bugs the new update brought us which hopefully get reseolved soon! and hopefully get another top-notch toddler aged up!

Points so far: 23

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3 thoughts on “1.5 Sleep problems

  1. I had that glitch with the gnomes in my EPIC. They just never stopped dropping seed packets. I threw them into the family inventory until the next Harvestfest, then pulled them out, appeased them all again and this time after the holiday was done they stopped like they should. I had so many packets I think they got 1/2 their early money from selling it all. lol What a great round, and I haven’t played in apartments, but it seems annoying if you have crappy neighbors.


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