1.4 A growing family

Hello there! and welcome to my second update for SimNaNo 2019!

Last chapter we had our first toddler in the house, a fussy girl (who’s actually never fussy… seriously she doesn’t give any trouble!) and we also welcomed the second little one into the house, a boy named Aric!

I’m sure this update is gonna be full of funny moments and sim weirdness, so let’s jump in!

We start the update with Nina being an awesome mom as always and working on her painting while she keeps an eye on baby Aric.

And yes, that’s the voodoo doll that she bonded to Salim last chapter… if I was her I think I would try to… I don’t know… treat a little better the magical doll that can attack me for karma xD

And while Nina takes care of Aric, Salem is taking advantage of her day off work and hanging around with Skylar while she takes her breakfast, and just look at that proud mom face she’s wearing!

(Side note: I took this pics ages ago while I was preparing for SimNaNo, and now looking back to them it feels so weird having just this two kids in the house!)

That painting looks a lot like that other Origin game! I think it’s called Spore? *always wanted to play it but always forgets to buy it* does anyone knows if its an actual reference?

All the family in a single picture!! Salem is working on a new book and Nina is having a little dance show-off with Skye! That’s going to be soon interrupted because little Aric back there is in need of a diaper change… #parenting

Nina took care of the baby and then she headed to the hall to chat a little with our mailcarrier, her work task for the day included being funny with five diferent sims.

,,, Ok, seriously, I wasn’t planning for this to happen! I swear!

So…as a funfact, I usually have this personal rule when I play my Alphabetcies, that if I’m gonna adopt a child I have to check out everyday until a baby, toddler or kid with the apropiate letter pops up. So I decided I could do the same with this game.

And being 100% sure that there wouldn’t be a L baby the first time I checked I send Salem to look at the pc because we had enough money… and yeah, there was actually an L baby boy there…so yeeeey… I guess? xD

Anyway, please meet our baby number three, little boy Larry Svartulv (not the name I would’ve chosen, but now I’ve warmed up to it a lot!) +1 for L letter!

Awwwwwn Salem snuggling her new baby boy! Even if he looks anything but excited about it lol.

Guys!! Skye came into the room to look for her tablet while Larry was there, and she got a happy moodlet from meeting a new sibbling! awwwwwn *melts* seriously she’s not fussy at all, she’s just as much of an angel as Nina is!

Also, Salem there with the proud mom face again, very well timed picture!

And the crib has been officially moved into the main room next to his big brother, it feels like having twins!

Oh wait… I just realized I didn’t wanted twins… I’m gonna go crazy with two toddlers and I this could’ve been totally avoidable!! *bangs head against the table* I’m so dumb…

Salem: “And you said that it won’t be that bad! HA! Liar!”

I know… and yeah, I was wrong…

Later I made some math and noticed that not only I’m gonna have two toddlers for most of Larry’s stage, but for the timing I’m even gonna have a day with all three of them before Skye grows up… oh joy…

I needed to get away from the house for a little while and process the fact I’m having two toddlers, so when Anaya Jang called to invite Nina to “Ghost Night” we said yes!

But after a little while I noticed there was no ghosts around, just some old people… weird.

Maybe it was “soon to be ghosts” night? lol yeah, I’m horrible, I know xD

Oh wait, there’s a ghost! and it’s Jacques Villarreal who I didn’t knew already had died…. weird again.

Back in the house and into bed for some recreational woohoo! Only recreational, I can’t deal with more kids right now xD

It’s early in the morning when I spot these two sneaky visitants. That’s right, it’s harvesfest!

Salem is in good shape when she wakes up, so she starts working on a Ham Grand Meal for the family!

And after Nina’s done with her shower she takes the first try to get the gnomes to like us…and he rejects her fruitcake offering… I guess really nobody likes that cake xD

We’re lucky with the second gnome though! He wasn’t as difficult as his friend who’s by the way responsible for that puddle in front of the door and also broke our sink! and actually took the fruitcake, so thanks for your awful food-taste mister gnome!

I spent a little while looking around the house for the third gnome because I remember they usually are three, but no signs of it.

Skye woke up and was really hungry, but the meal wasn’t ready so Nina  had to step out and distract her with some wrestling!

Salem finished the meal and went to pray for forgivness to the bathsuit gnome, thankfully she succeded on the first try.

And then it was time to call to the meal! Everyone was already there ready to take it, but I really like the interaction xD I think the bell is really cute.

Family meal~ kind off, because Skye is still too young to sit at the table, but it still counts to me!

Seriously guys, this is the true twins experience™, Salem is taking care of Larry and just in the middle of that Aric decided that he needs attention too *sigh* they’re super cute though, so I don’t think I can get mad or anything. I just like being dramatic xD

Look, the missing third gnome appeared! Maybe he was running a little late because of work lol

Salem got him a toy because I thought it was ironic and he was happy about it, so now they’re sprawling seed packages around the appartment, oh joy.

Dina called on the phone and invited Nina to her house! there wasn’t anything important to do at home and Nina is in that part of her aspiration where she needs to clog the drains at three places, so off to the Cacti Casa we went!

And Dina was nowhere to be found… not even her husband J Huntington was around.

… But the house still has a bathroom so it still works out with no problem!

Except the fact that Zoe Patel who apparently lives here got really annoyed at Nina yeah. I know she doesn’t look annoyed but she apparently was xD I wonder if it’s a glitch that marks this as Dina’s home or if it’s just that she was supposed to be at work or something

Back at home, this pic marks the fact that our very tired Skylar finally mastered potty! No points added for that right now because I prefer to wait until she grows up to count how many skills she mastered.

And why do I point out that she’s tired you say? Well, just because the neighbors were again making an uproar that didn’t let her sleep! Seriously, apparments +  toddlers is an awful mix.

Thankfully Nina was ready to go shut the neighbors up!

Nina: …

Salim: …

… Well… I certainly wasn’t expecting that *burst into roaring laughter* just in case anyone wanted to know, Salim has his kinks and is really proud about them LMFAO!!!

Nina still made sure to give him a piece of her mind though, we can’t have him waking up our kids all the time!

He responded something along the lines that it wasn’t his fault if Nina didn’t know how to have fun and enjoy herself LOL

You shouldn’t talk like that to someone who has a voodoo doll bonded to you Salim.

Nina went fot the “poke” option this time, I wanted to do some more but Salim realized his mistake and went back inside his house before I could.

So, now with Skye safely tucked in her bed and the boys being calm, Nina and Salem finally had some time to themselves. Nina had this whim to make out with Salem I think since before Aric was born lol but they never had the chance to sit down together for a little bit so it’s nice to get it done now!

Salim came outside a little later and Nina took the chance to torment him again! with this she completed her “perform voodoo five times” goal and now she just needs to clog some more drains and max the skill!

Also we left the voodoo doll alone for a while after this, her last action made it attack her and I still can’t believed I don’t have a pic of that xD

It may have something to so with the fact I was distracted with this! It’s finally Aric’s birthday!!


Omg omg omg he’s a cutie!! I have a big soft spot for the bowl cut so that’s already 1000 points of cuteness~ and also, those are deffinitely Nina’s green eyes! He got the Clingy trait, so another not-so-easy toddler in the house xD

This is technically his post make-over pic, but as you can see, I didn’t change his appereance, just played a little with his outfits and gave him a couple more of the ones I use the most. Basically everyday, hot/cold weather, and pajamas.

Meeting his big sister and having some food with her!

Also, I always dread having twins and all that, but I can’t deny that my heart just melts everytime I watch two toddlers interacting, cuteness overload!

Yikes! I guess Nina haven’t had time to take out the trash autonomously now that we have three kids. That looks super nasty! another reason why I use the money-maker trash can as soon as I can afford it xD

But yeah, Nina deffinitely has some other things to worry about now, that’s how motherhood is.

While Nina gets Aric to sleep Salem is doing her share and giving a bath to Skylar, because this couple is all about the #TeamEffort!

And then taking care of Larry, who was a little bugged at this point. He was crying with no smelly-cloud around him, so I ssumed he was hungry, but that wasn’t it, then Salem tried socializing with him and didn’t do it either, then I had her change his diaper (that didn’t showed as dirty in the menu) and apparently that was what he needed.

Oh well, at least it worked out.

Awwwwn I just love this outfit of Skylar so much! she looks super cute in it! The blue shoes make a great color conteast

Salem decided to try her hand at painting too! I’m gonna need her to make Nina’s portrait after all. Also, her painting skills seem to be just like mine~ that makes me feel a little better about my own skills xD watch that turn into a masterpiece lol they’re always are the worst-looking ones.

I just noticed that I didn’t changed Aric’s pajamas when I went into CAS, but actually I really like how the pink shirt looks on him, so he’s keeping it and being awesome about it!

Mommy Nina chatting with her ñittle boy while he plays in the tablet, because multitasking is the best and specially with toddlers!

Then she heads down to work on her daily tasks that involve being funny or mischievous to people most of the days, and also to keep working on her aspiration. Did you know that kids don’t get angry when you do mischief interactions with them? They just laugh it off! A nice little hack to keep in mind while doing this aspiration!

Also I think I haven’t show that we added another bed to the toddler room, at first Aric and Skye took turns because they were in different sleep schedules, but I was gonna need another bed sooner or later, so we rearranged the room a little.

I just noticed I forgot to add the Coolala light next to the new bed though, hopefully Aric doesn’t have nightmares.

I also took the chance while adding the bed to finally buy the nano trash can! This is a CC version I got in Mod The Sims rhat comes in like, 40 colors, so it’s easier to match it with other furniture and I love it for that reason!

And I also got the girls a new bed because the old one was giving them back pains, and they deserve to have a good night of sleep! This is one of my favorite middle-range beds, the cover are really pretty and it has a pretty nice price-quality factor.


And I think we’re gonna leave this chapter right here! Next time we’re having toddler Larry and probably also the first child in the house~? Join us to find out!

Thanks as always for reading!

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