1.3 Sweet toddlerhood

Hello there! Welcome to the first entry of SimNaNo, and third chapter of this challenge!

Last chapter we had a couple festival-fails thanks to the weather, then Salem flirted with Siobhan Fyres while I was distracted, the girls welcomed home their first kid, a girl named Skylar! And finally they recived the news that they’re now expecting the second one!

Lots of things happened and hopefully a lot more are gonna happen now, so buckle up and dive in everybody!

We start this session with Dina inviting her sister out to the Flea market! I love the Flea market, specially in earlier gens of games since you can get things for cheaper.

Nina is buying that pink and green lamp to put in Skye’s room once she ages up! I feel like Nina is a really maternal person despite she doesn’t looks like it with her traits and all that, so I really love those little moments where it shows.

Awwwwn, I was hopping they would be selling snowglobes or MySim trophies here, but it was just metals… we’re still not working on that collection so, another time maybe!

Nina did get a new poster at least! that collection is good on its tracks.

Look! Father Winter is also at the market! Maybe he also needs to take advantage of the disccounts so he can get gifts to every sim in the world? xD I remember he does give a lot of chairs and collectibles.

Nina got a poster she already had, so I decided to try the “exchange” option with this lady.

And for some reason she sent us to talk to Katrina instead?? I don’t use that option very often so I don’t know if that’s how it works. Also Nina didn’t get any new posters for the interaction so I guess it must be a bug of some type.

Also, you can see here that Katrina is pregnant! there’s another Caliente in the way!

I was gonna hang around for a little longer, but then I got the nottification that it was Skylar’s birthday so we rushed back home to take care of that!

Both of her moms where in the room of course, and we have a brunette as our first toddler! She rolled Fussy for her trait, so that will be fun *just a little bit of sarcasm*

OMG trait and everything, I already love her!! And are those Nina’s green eyes I spy over there? Time to get her a make-over and find out!

Here is she with her new haircut and clothes. Also, her eyes aren’t actually like Nina’s! she got a slightly darker green, kinda like a combination of hers and Salem’s!

And here we have the new toddler room! she’s gonna stay here for now and once she turns into a kid she’s gonna move to the bigger room at the right.

First order of bussiness with toddlers: Starting potty train, Salem looks as excited about it as I am xD about it and all the other toddler skills, I think I’ve never got a toddler with the top-notch trait, so I want to try it with their kids but… we’ll see I guess xD

Look! a Raccon is roaming the city!!

Yeah, I know it’s not that interesting but it was the first time I’ve seen one in my games so I had to take a pic xD

At this point I had made a pause, and next time I opened the game this is where I found Skye, you would think she’s a wild toddler!

Not sure why did she changed her clothes back into everyday, but it’s now time to have breakfast with mommy-Nina and talk a little to raise communication.

And then time for a bedtime story! I always try to have my sims read to their children to sleep, it’s a pretty good way to raise imagination and. in my experience, it helps them with the annoying nightmares, so double win!

Ignore Salem being sad, she’s like me and gets into a bad mood when you interrupt her sleep. This pic was to announce that Katrina’s baby has been born, and now the Calientes have a baby brother!

Awwwww… Nina looks so cute with her baby bump~ She’s also looking pretty big for her second trimester!

I want to do the mini challenge to get portraits of all the kids, so Nina took painting as a hobby! Photography may be easier to master, but it’s also a lot more boring/tiring.

And here we have a pic to prove what I said about her just randomly taking out the trash. She saves me a lot of the time with this honestly, I always forget to have them take it out because I’m used to have the money-making trash can in most of my saves xD

Nina needs charisma for her work tast so time to practice!

And she has a little shadow following her around and being all cute! I didn’t knew that “watching” was that good with raising thinking, but it’s totally a life-saver as that’s the hardest skill at the start!

The humor and hijinks festival started down at the plaza! and I couldn’t get this opportunity to do more mischief slip away! Also, I remembered that they give you a voodoo doll if you win this thing!

So Nina went down of course…

Even if I felt kind of bad for leaving Skylar upstairs alone *overprotective mom mode activated* but it was just like and hour until Salem came back home and she had Ruffy with her, so it was fine… right?

See? Nina is totally a family-sim! it’s just so cute that she keeps rolling those kinds of whims.

And also, Salem was back home just like I said! Time to confort her little girl who got herself sad playing with dolls.

And then her bedtime story before going to bed herself.

Next day Nina apollogizes by having a flash cards session with her girl. At this point she’s finally on her third trimester and I’m bubbling woth emotion to meet the next little one!

Nina watching funny videos for her work task while Skye takes a nap.

And then making prank calls for her aspiration! She tried with Dominic Fyres first but he didn’t buy it, so she then called Don and J Huntingtton (who by the way, is now married to Dina xD) and that completed her milestone.

Now we move into the voodoo stuff! Thankfully she did win one at the festival, because those things are expensive!.

Anyway, I decided to bond it to Salim Benali, becuase he’s thier neighbor, and has been pretty annoying lately waking them up- I don’t mind that much with Nina and Salem, but I hate having Skye waking angry all the time!

Doll bonded and now we can payback to Salim! He’s now uncomfortable from being tickled xD

Salem is back from work and having some bonding time with Skye while she eats her dinner.(sorry about so many pics of them doing random stuff with Skylar, I just can’t resist toddler cuteness~)

And then some wrestling! Because since I can’t fit a toddler slide in the appartment her movement skill is falling a little behind the other four xD

After Skylar was put to bed the girls have some together. At this point both of them are pretty tired, but I know Nina is just about to go into labor so it’s not even worth it to send them to bed xD

And there it is! Off to the hospital to meet our next baby!

Turns out Salem is part of that group of parents who make a beeline for the computers at the hospital xD I found it funny that she decided to “troll da forums” and those forums look a lot like Boolprop, coincidence so much?

Anyways, meanwhile, Nina is ready for this to be over and probably wondering where her wife is.

She finally makes he entrance…just as the doctor takes out Nina’s heart by accident.

Salem: “I’m here, I’m her- Oh my god what’s happening?!”

Nina: “What are you talking about? We’re having a baby!”

Salem: “Not about that!! I’m talking about-”

Doctor: *slightly panicked and trying to distract them* “And we have a boy!”

Well, yes! we indeed have a baby boy! Meet baby Aric Svartulv! +1 for letter A.

I don’t know if you can tell, but right now his skin is a little paler than Skylar’s, I wonder how much are they gonna look alike once he grows up!

Also, see both of those doors opened behind Nina? Salem just ran away as soon as the baby was born xD I think she’s still no over her fear of having two toddlers lol

Back at home and I sent Salem straight to bed because she was dead tired at that point. She changed into her pajamas, laid down, and a minute after she was up again just so she could pass out. Because #SimLogic!

And Nina had no time to look after her spouse because baby Aric needed attention, Salem’s gonna have to get it together and take care of herself!

We’re gonna end up this update with this random pic of Salim cleaning the house. Apparently, he took Nina making voodoo to him as an invitation to hang around the house or something like that… so at least he’s making himself useful xD

So, that’s all for ths time! I hope you had fun, join us next time to watch me struggle with toddlers and try to get Skylar to become my first ever top-notch!

Points so far: 17

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3 thoughts on “1.3 Sweet toddlerhood

  1. I saw you posted the second-gen heir poll and was like, oh shoot, I haven’t caught up with that….lol….super behind, so here I am catching up. Can’t wait to see baby Aric as a toddler!


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