1.2 S stands for…

Hi there! and sorry for going silent so long, I’ve been preparing the updates for SimNaNo and I got a little carried away with playing xD

But anyway! Last chapter our founder moved to San  Myshuno to start her life, she met lovely Nina Caliente, and both of them started a cute and very fast relationship that concluded with the news that they were expecting their first child!

I’m excited to find out what are we having!

We start this update at GeekCon! Nina had a work task to play videogames here, and Salem is a geek so it sounded like the perfect date idea for them. Salem even had a day off of work, so it felt like fate!

… And the idea ended up in failure pretty quickly. I usually don’t go to GeekCon so I didn’t knew that nothing works in the rain xD I hope they fix this somehow because festivals in the rain aren’t very fun in general.

We hung around a little while in case the rain stopped, but at the end we went home and left the work task go unchecked *heavy sigh fro work perfomance lost that day*

Just a random pic to show our small collection of snowgloves because I just noticed the Plumbop one is rare! Once I get more I think I’m gonna buy a couple shelves to put them on, the dest doesnt have much space xD

And speaking of snowglobes, Salem is trying to get a couple more before going to work! I think she just got a toy though, so the future baby was the lucky one there xD

With Salem off to work it was time to get some eta attention to Nina. Her work task for the day was to check in at a park, so we went to Myshuno Meadows, I think I had never been there, it’s really pretty but kinda boring, I feel it needs more activities to do.

But since there’s nothing important to do back at home either I decided to let Nina hang around there a little longer. She was getting hungry so she went to buy some food because I love my sims learning new recipes from the food stalls~

She aproves that chiken burrito, good for you girl xD

By the way, Supriya Delgato is another favorite of mine~ I was seriously considering to marry her, but I really like Justin and Pierce so I would’ve felt bad to break that family xD also I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the “convince to divorce” thing xD

Katrina was at ther park too! Perfect time for some quality time between mother and daughter!

… Or it would have been, but they barely talked before Katrina headed home, ‘cuz #SimsLogic xD

So then I made Nina left my her frustration out on Dominic Fyres that was passing by. We still need another sim disliking us for the aspiration, so this time I went directly for the rude introdution to make him angry.

(I’ll be honest, I’m still pretty new playing with the mischief skill because my sims tend to be all polite-ness xD but I’m having too much fun with this so yay for Nina for making me try new things!)

The rude introduction worked! soon they were both being mischievous and mean to eachother and I was having a blast xD

And Nina officially completed the first milestone of her aspiration! success!!

And then this happened, Dominic started a fight! Another thing I don’t have a lot outside the Neighborhood brawl day, and that is really fun.

Aaaaand Dominic won! I knew it would happen because Nina has not fitness skill, but I still had a little hope for her.

Don’t worry honey, you’re still my best girl!

And we concluded this really amusing series of interactions by making Dominic out enemy! I kinda see Nina as being the resentful type, so it felt like the right thing to do after he defeated her xD

Dominic went away and the first thing Nina decides to do is practice dribbling… It was all autonomous and I was so surprised I had to take a picture! Further proof that she’s mad at Dominic: she’s now training for the rematch!

Nina: “It looked like a good idea at the start. but now I’m tired. Can we go home?”

Easy comes, easy goes… the motivation to exercise *sighs*

An that was the moment I noticed her work task to check in at the park never registered, I tried it again and it still didn’t count so we made a really quick stop at the Willow Creek park before heading home! Later I found out that Myshuno meadows is a “Central park” and that’s why it wasn’t counting for the task. Sims can be so oddly specific.

The happy couple being all cute~ this interaction is always so lovely.

Also, Salem is huge! I think she was just in her second trimester at this point! Please don’t have twins in there!

This is the deffinitive proof that I chose the right career for Nina! One of her work tasks is to be mischievous, it couldn’t be better xD

Y’know Salem? I really like your spirit and enthusiasm to get these five kids out here, but you’re currently pregnant girl, you two can wait a little more before thinking on the second!

Day off from work so Salem finaly has some time to sit down and write! Pregnancy has been rough on her energy so she usually comes home too tired to do much more than eat and sleep.

Also sorry for the opaque pic, aparently when I went into picture mod to take it I didn’t realized the window was in the way xD

And while Salem enjoys her alone time, Nina is downstaris completing her work task by annoying anyone who’s around xD

Giving fake bad news to Katrina

Nina: “Saddly, our little cat Whiskers died in the fire…”

Katrina: “Noooo! No little whiskers!”

Nina: Relax mom, we don’t even own a cat, don’t be dramatic.”

… I’m not sure if she should be mischievous to her mother though xD

And work was done thanks to this townie~

Also, around this time I got a message from Katrina saying that she got a call from a sim that dislikes Nina telling her what she’d done to them, and that. as Nina’s reputation is falling for so many mischief, she was starting to doubt if she should stay friends with her. So yeah, don’t do pranks to your mom guys, she could stop being your friend that quickly (?)

Then it was back home just in time to have dinner while watching the season premiere with Salem. Then both will go to bed.

That’s deffinitely not bed!

Apparently Katrina went over her “not being friends with Nina anymore” really easily, and she invited her to take a drink at the bar. “Checking in” is the interaction that gives more followers from what Nina has unlocked at this point, and she needs followers for more promotions, so off to the bar they went.

I mean. who needs sleep anyway? Not them!

Salem: “I’m pregnant and it’s over midnight, I can  asure you that I would love some sleep right now.”

Sim-Salem is weaker than real-Salem, point for me!

I leave them alone for five seconds and they start flirting with eachother. I guess it makes sence because Nina is romantic and she was feeling flirty. She serenaded Salem and now they’re both flirty. Take note of that for future reference!

Oh! Also just as a random fact! I have some CC that makes unnatural hair colors inheritable, si when I started the game I rolled a couple YA with those hair colors and left them roaming the sim world to see if MCCC gives them kids. That way some genetation in the future could bring those genes in!

Aaand remember when I said to keep the fact they both were flirty in mind? Yeah, apparently while I was having them interact with some sims to make friends I left Salem unsupervised for a little while and SHE STARTED FLIRTING ON HER OWN. Like, seriously girl, your wife was right there and she would’ve been happy to return your flirts!!

I checked her relationships panel and aparently she was flirting with Siobhan. Get it together Salem!

Yeah, and now you’re there looking all guilty. Except that she’s actually just uncomfortable because sims don’t even feel guilt. *sighs again*

Also, I’ve noticed Salem lives mostly on grilled cheese sandwiches lately, there are like three or four different meals on the fridge but she always goes straight for the grilled cheese xD just a random though, I like to tink sims can have a favorite dish.

Nina got promoted! I’m super bad at picturing promotions, so this is probably the only picture of that stuff you’re gonna get for a while xD

And this is what I was waiting for, labor!!

Saddly, she came early from work to give birth though, I have to try to time the pregnancies a little better next time so this doesn’t happen, the writer career is already super slow to get promoted in!

Off to the hospital! And the always epic shot a the “father” panicking xD it’s one those things I just don’t get tired off.

Nina stopped panicking pretty quicky though, and then she decided to…go…dancing?

Nina: “It helps me deal with stress, leave me alone.”

Well… that’s certainly new, my other sims usually either make a beeline for the computers or go grab something to eat/drink.

But I still interrupt her so she could attend the delivery of her first born.

Aaaaand IT’S A GIRL!! A single girl so thanks plumbop for that!

Please everyone, met little Skylar Svartulv! +1 point for S letter

Back at home Salem takes care of the baby while Nina updates her status to let her followers know her baby was born healthy!

Nina will be taking care of the kids most of the days because Salem goes out for work, so it’s fair that she gets some free time now.

The Spice festival was in town that same night, and at the time going sounded like a very good idea… until we arrived and I was reminded that there was a thunderstorm at San Myshuno xD My bad.

But we where already there, so we stayed a little while. I made Salem buy a snowglobe we didn’t have.

And collect some plants because it’s always nice to have them in the inventory or the fridge.

And then they were back at being all cute and in love with eachother, I’m glad the “flirting with Siobhan” thing didn’t ruined their relationship, it barely took a hit with how much they flirt!

They took the chance to become best friends because I always forget that step xD

And then partners in crime because I want to know what that does!

Omg that evil laughter is always great xD

Funfact: this mixologist is actually a young adult! I wonder what made her spawn with that gray hair. She’s still really pretty though.

Back at the house Nina takes care of Skye because she was a little less tired than Salem.

A day that starts with breakfast together is a good day~

And it’s another day off for Salem, She’s still a young adult and I’m already doubting she’s gonna top her career at this rate xD

Nothing better than a whole afternoon of writting while keeping an eye on your baby girl.  At this point Salem has written like three books and is level 4 in the skill, at first I was waiting until she got the option to “sell to publisher” before starting to send them, but then I remembered that tier 3 of the aspiration needs to publish 10 books and that always takes me forever so I think we’re gonna wait a little longer and publish them all in a row.

Meanwhile Nina is playing videogames in the new console we got, she needed to raise her skill for work.

Also, that plate? Yeah, that’s hers. Dirty plates around the house are actually the only sign of her being lazy xD other than that I’ve even caught her taking out the trash or cleaning automously.

Salem reads the charisma book she found in a box to complete her “read books” task. Yeah, she’s still low enough on her career to still have that as her daily task.

No idea while she decided to read standing there instead of using one od those eight chairs behind her, but you do you I guess.

Work tasks dealed with, we can move on to some other bussiness! It’s baby “A” time!

And this time they were successful on the first try! thank god, they’re finally making things easier.

Salem’s face of  silent panic still cracks me up everytime I see this pic xDDD I mean, you were the one who was wishing for more kids even before the first one had arrived, you have no right to put that face now!

Salem: “I deffinitely wasn’t thinking before, I’m not ready for this… We’re gonna have two toddlers!!!”

Oh, right, that’s scary. But it will be only for a couple of days! it’s not that bad!

Salem: “Says you!”


Anyways, better to stop here and give Salem some time to assimilate this news xD I hope you’ve had fun and join us again in next update!

Next time we will have out first toddler in the house and hopefully the second baby will be born!

Se ya there 😉

Points so far: 16

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