1.1 A very good start!

Hi there! And welcome to yet another challenge by me: A Name Game Challenge!

So this is slightly like a legacy challenge but with a little twist: your founder/MS needs to have as many pregnancies with their spouse as letters are in their names, with the kids resulting from said pregnancies being named after each letter. For example, a founder named Clay needs to have four pregnancies, and the kids would have to be named things like Cooper-Lucas-Andrea-Yuki. Then you chose one of the kids to carry on the legacy.

The challenge is won once you get to have kids with the 26 letters on the alphabet, and there are a lot of mini-challenges to gain some extra points. but we’ll worry about that in time. Right now, I want to play!

I decided to start with my Simself for some of those extra points *wink* so here, meet Salem Svartulv, the sim! +15

My name is not actually Salem, but since it also has five letters and it would give me more or less the same points, I decided to go with my internet/writer name xD

Anyway, Salem is a Geek, a Loner, and is a little Gloomy, her aspiration is Betselling Author! And don’t let her serious face fool you, I’m sure she’s as excited as I am to start this!

Because I’m a city girl myself (and because I really didn’t feel like building the day I started the challenge), Salem moved to San Myshuno, to the 930 Medina Studios in the arts district!

And because I suck at being a watcher I didn’t take any pictures of the appartment. But you know it! The one with Penny Pixies and Gnomes! It’s one of my favorites, lots of space for a growing family!

Usually my first step would be to get my MS a job, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get Salem into the normal writer career or the freelancer one, so I decided to hold onto that a little and instead I sent her to look for snowglobes while I people watched searching for a posible girlfriend. As real life me is a lesbian, we’re gonna take advantage of MCCC to make their babies, and hopefully even adopt one or two once our finances allow it.

Victor Feng is selling MySim trophies! Another collection I love, but with limited funds right now I just bought the Zombie Carl one because is rare, and it’s cute

Who do I spy over ther? Just my number one townie option for a girlfriend! I’ve had a soft spot for Nina Caliente since Sims 2, so she and Candy Behr were my top choices.

Nina was walking to the performing set right there, but we caught here befoere, time to see if they hit it off!

Salem: “Look at these guns.”

You’re dreaming girl…

Nina: *impressed gasp*

Well, she likes it so it’s good enough I think xD

We move into the romance department, and she’s into it!

Salem: “I have a pretty big apartment in this district. It’s kinda lonely, living there all by myself. Maybe if I could get somebody to move in with me…”

I mean, you’re a loner so I’m guessing you actually like it this way…

Salem: “Not the point… Also I thought you wanted me to date her.”

Ok, I’ll shut up!

Salem: “Thanks.”

Nina: “Who are you talking to again?”

Salem: “Nobody! I must just be tired. Maybe if we go somewhere else to have a drink or something I’ll feel better?”

Real smooth there.

So they went to the café in Winderburg because I love cafes.

I wanted to take a pic of Moira Fyres to say that she must have a really hard time with money to have two jobs so early in the game xD if you check the pictures before she was making a street perfomance while Nina and Salem flirted.

But then I noticed that Baako Jang was there and he apparently already had a negative relationship with Salem so I wanted to take a pic of that too xD I was confused at first, but then I remembered that Salem ignored the welcome wagon to talk to Nina xD I’m so bad at the welcome wagon thing.

Anyway, the hopefully soon-to-be couple took a sit in one of the outside tables. And the conversation soon turned awkward after a couple of failed flirts. They really don’t want to make this easy to me.

But turns out that the flirting was failing because for some reason Victor Feng decided to tag along. Other sims can be so annoying during dates.

It started raining anyway, so the date was moved inside the cafe, and things started improving inmediatly! Nina even tried the first kiss interaction on her own! I was so surprised that I didn’t take a pic in time.

So cute~ I really hope they work out!

So, I said Nina tried the first kiss before, but for some reason it didn’t count?? Well, we took care of that anyway and this time I was able to get a proper picture!

Even if that annoyed townie was in the way xD

Katrina was also in the café and she didn’t look to pleased about the events taking place behind her. Maybe she’s worried that Salem could hurt Nina? Or maybe she just doesn’t want to let her go so soon.

Well, it’s not like there’s much to do with that last option, this is a legacy after all.

For some reason in all my games Don Lothario has a npc job and looks pretty miserable in it (with the exception of my kissing booth were he looked happy being a gym trainer). This time he’s a barista.

I have to admit that those clothes look really nice on him though, Don’s handsome.

Sim-Salem is definitelly a lot smoother that I am tbh, I don’t think I could ever get away with a move like that!

I’m also super clumsy so it’s probably for the best if I don’t even try it.

The date ended (with a gold!) so we went back to the appartment and took Nina with us. Then I discovered that the welcome wagon left us some fruitcake outside and Nina took a piece, so I made Salem follow her so they could chat while filling thier needs.

Don’t you love how sims get that uncomfortable moodlet from eating fruitcake? xD I always found it hilarious that they never like it.

After dinner and moving to the bedroom because sims can’t stay away from a pc Salem felt confident enough to ask Nina to be her girlfriend.

And in the truest legacy style, she propossed two minutes later. I really love this pic btw, even with the desk chair in the way, I’m proud that I got to capture that little heart in the shot.

Nina said yes of course! Just look how happy they are!

Eloping~ because I’m too lazy to plan a real wedding and Salem barely knows any people anyways.

Lol, I just turned the camera around to get a better angle with the pics and it looks like they’re in a totally different room.

They shared their votes.

And the official kiss! Nina is now a Svartulv.

When I came back from manage worlds after making Nina move in, for some reason she was waiting by the elevator while Salem was in the living room watching tv. Honey moon ended fast, huh?

But it was a place as nice as any other to get Nina her new job. I played with the idea of having her in the Criminal career because of her Chief of mischief aspiration, but the idea didn’t feel right. Then I remembered that she’s a lazy sim and I thought a work-from-home career would suit her better, so she’s getting a job on the Social Media career!

Also, small funfact: Nina came with 8 skill points in violin! I guess it was because she was going to be a street performer when Salem met her. It made me also consider the musician career, but I really liked  social media for her.

Then she heads up to the computer to create her social media profile and start gaining followers.

While Salem enjoys some alone time and reads a book for her own career. I finally decided to get her into the “normal” writting career.

Nina had a whim to watch tv after she finished her work task, so I took advantage and send her to watch the cooking channel. We don’t want no fires in this house!

We’re gonna need to have at least five kids this generation, so the night ends up with the first try.  They were both super tired at this point, so I decided to let them sleep the night instead of having Salem take a pregnancy test right away. She’s carrying their first child, Nina will carry the second, and so on.

I’m so excited to see their kids! specially because I’m using Pinstar’s legacy roller for the traits, and with the not-exactly-good traits these two have, they’re probably gonna have some interesting children xD

I was really tempted to have one of them wake up to go buy that Grimm Reaper snowglobe though, it was probably for the best that Victor Feng was nowhere to be seen so they couldn’t do it xD

Nina is trying her hand at cooking breakfast next morning, and it doesn’t go too well, that must hurt for sure!

While she was doing this Salem was taking that pregnancy test, but apparently I forgot to take a picture. It was negative anyway so it’s not that much of a lose xD

There wasn’t time to go for round two as Salem needed to go to work. so I just made her grab a poster before heading out.

Also, Sofia Bjergsen is so pretty~ She’s another favorite of mine, but a little too young for me.

Nina’s work tasks for the day included going to a nightclub, so she called Mina Dina to join her at The Narwhal Arms for some dancing.

She made sure to update her social media status to let her fans know that she saw Brytani Cho at the club.

And then she decided to work on her aspiration by being mischievous to Paolo Rocca… but for some reason he found her really funny and didn’t get angry at her pranks as I wanted.

Also, I noted at this point that Nina already had one sim disliking her: Victor Feng. I guess she really didn’t like him crashing her date with Salem lol.

With everything she needed to do at the club taken care of, she went back home to work on her second task of raising her videogaming skill by playing the best game.

It’s so funny that I took this screenshot right when there’s a fire on the screen, because while I played I was thinking that Nina would totally be that kind of player who set her sims on fire on purpose xD

It’s the first snow in San Myshuno! right at the start of my two-weeks Fall, but whatever lol.

And I guess that’s why Salim decided to play his guitar in the hall instead of going out~?

Salem’s back from work and Nina has something to propose~

Nina: “I think that we have like… five babies to make?”

five at least, I’m seriously praying that they only get single pregnancies.

Round two babe~!

And it was another negative… seriously they don’t want to make things easy for me.

But third time’s the charm and we’re finally expecting baby S!

We’re gonna end up this update with Nina crying of happiness when Salem gave her the news.

At least I’m hoping is happiness because otherwise I’ll be worried.

Also I don’t know why she changed her pyjamas for her other pyjamas.

Join us next time to find out what our first baby is gonna be and hopefully a lot of other fun things around!

Points so far: 15

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